gayperry – US Domestic RC Vendor (Good Times For A Change; Mini Shop Review & Discussion)


Maybe, you find time to contact him and let him know that you do not hate him?

Thank you.

Find further details in his shop description:
Shop Description & Links & Discussion

A night out at the HOMO’s.

I met gayperry in a bar in Jamestown, Kentucky. HOMO. Not quite the place you would find me on an average Monday, but as everyone knows, once you started binge drinking while still being at work because the weekend is just too short, you need to accept your talent and make the most out of it. At HOMO’s, they serve you beer at room temperature. It’s still beer. Also, Spencer Monks’ Reserve Quadrupel Ale is a brand from Belgium. That thing wouldn’t taste anything like beer at any temperature anyway.

In hindsight, I couldn’t say if it was for the two Quadrupels or that one pill the barman had offered me in exchange for a bar review, but I swear when they played the Smiths’ Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want, I felt like I was IN the song. Like Morrissey sat next to me and sang this plea, of course in the distinctive laconic way he is known for, just for me. I felt this nervous yet dreamy guitar play filling me with joy and warmth, and the bar turned into a chapel built out of nothing but love, hope, and humbleness.

Didn’t we all wish at some point in our lives there was a gayperry to join in, shaking his head to the tune, and sing with us?

Good times for a change
See, the life I’ve had
Can make a good man
Turn bad

So please, please, please
Let me get what I want
Lord knows it would be the first time

Haven’t had a dream in a long time
See, the life I’ve had
Can make a good man bad

So for once in my life
Let me get what I want
Lord knows, it would be the last time
Lord knows, it would be the first time

(The Smiths (Johnny Marr, MORRISSEY) – Deftones’ interpretation)


Imagine, we could meet in dreamland, a fantasy place without angst, nightmares, and rent to pay. Would you accompany Perry and me on our trip heading towards the next mental hospital, if you only knew it was the final escape, that one sunset you had been waiting for all the time, and if we promised you to never ever have to look back and worry?

So for once in my life
Let me get what I want
Lord knows, it would be the last time
Lord knows, it would be the first time

Click an image to enlarge

L’art pour l’art

If you really believe it, then it’s not a lie—the best advice I was ever given. Watching Seinfeld changed everything. While you would use the internet to order drugs, find some jerk on steroids for a one-night-stand, or mess with my Trustpilot account, my first thought was: THIS IS AMERICA! I am directly connected to somebody living 2,000 miles far away who tapes Seinfeld and shares the episodes via BitTorrent. I watched them over and over again. At first, I didn’t understand a word, but my English improved. In January 2021, I finally met gayperry, who happens to speak English.

Is Perry real? Am I out of my mind? Or could it be you to be cuckoo? Do you believe anything you see here? Do you think you could order drugs online and have them delivered to your doorstep like it was Pizza? And what’s that thing you think you would pay with – Bitcoins? What’s that even supposed to be? Bitcoins… that’s a hooker’s name!

Don’t be silly. Or, if you feel like it, be stupid: Ask yourself if Perry was a scammer. Or a DEA agent? Or RCLeon, having escaped from a Chinese prison. Would Perry maybe offer anything like Angel Dust, which you, of course, desperately need and will immediately try to order once I added a link to some Paste that I created yesterday, between 19:30 and 19:40?

Does Perry know someone would mention him on the by far most popular place discussing research chemical vendors in North America (close trailing to dopek and soon to become the number one in the world)? He might find out 😉

No donation action, no backup checks action. You started it. You stopped donating. You started the lies. You couldn’t cope with the fact that someone would do something out of sheer interest, even though he had not even money enough to pay for web hosting. Fuck you. Send that scammer all the money you have. I don’t care.

Good times for a change, don’t ya think?

Find gayperry US Domestic Vendor of Research Chemicals:
Shop Description & Links &Discussion

Deftones cover of The Smiths’ Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (2005 Remaster).

Camillo “Chino” Wong Moreno, Stephen “Stef” Carpenter, Chi Ling Dai Cheng, Abraham “Abe” Cunningham, and Frank Delgado went to school in Sacramento, California, were into skateboarding, formed a band, and, yada yada yada, released a 2-CD with b-sides and rarities including this cover version that is arranged and played with so much love and passion, you almost forget it’s a plea to please please please let me die. The irony is, that song is so beautifully done, it makes me forget that I never ever wanted to live.
Deftones – Pink Maggit (Squarepusher Remix, 2020)

Dedicated to Mr Sellkies’ dear friend Aaron N. – R.I.P.


02/15/2021: Vendor Perry is verified

Review: I received my package 3 days earlier than expected from GayPerry and it looks fine. I’ll give it a reagent test in the next few days once it shows up. Just to confirm there is no fentanyl. It seems legit so far though. -R.

02/16/2021: Perry tested out great

The DPT tested out great. No contaminations. Just placed another order for 2-FMA that’ll be sent out tomorrow. I am impressed with this vendor and am interested in seeing how their inventory changed and progresses. I’m interested in the 4-MeO-DMT but there isn’t much literature about it. -R.

Even more happy customers: 🙂

54 thoughts on “gayperry – US Domestic RC Vendor (Good Times For A Change; Mini Shop Review & Discussion)

    1. We are old-fashioned here. We do not like strangers that are stupid, stupid, stupid. Below your braindead comment, there is a comment that holds your answer.


      • You look stupid?
      • You are stupid?
      • You waste my time?
      • You mention opiates or even defend your addiction problem?

      That would be 4 strikes which means

      • You steal even more of my time?

      So, this would sum up to

      • Being out of here
      • Maybe let your parents know what you use their internet service for
      • Your nickname to be changed into “gaylord roanke98”

      This is not a gag, I am dead serious about getting rid of stupidity.


      1. I was under the impression that he would only accept orders from those who had previously done buisness with him, which I have not. Lastly, perry’s comment only addressed two substances being sold so I was asking if that was his only products.


      2. I rarely post any comments on here, for good reason. I only post when I am asking to get insight or give insight on the discussion at hand. I really would like to apologize if my comment’s questions came off as stupid. I should have elaborated more on what I was asking.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I do understand dealing with stupid people can be very frustrating. I don’t like my time wasted nor do I want to waste your time. Sorry for the misunderstanding and I’ll glady stop commenting on here if that would satisfy you. Nothing was taken personally, I just felt that I didn’t deserve such a hostile response. I guess you were just having a bad day but its all good.
        Take care Trusted RC and sorry again.


        1. I truly apologize for the spamming of comments. My origional message was too long I guess to be posted. Also, the duplicate responses were a complete accident since I copied and pasted my response. I really am sorry about all of this and I hope you understand.


          1. 2-strikes-and-out does not mean being immediately banned.

            Yes, Perry had to make up for someone else’s mistakes and did not accept new orders for a while. Now, there is a thing that stupid people (are with the DEA???) might not be aware of: That date provided with each comment is no random date. If Perry posts in February he is busy and in May, he is open for orders again, then do the maths.

            There is no limit, you can leave twenty pages long comments here. Just one thing: Make sure to copy your text before clicking submit, because there is a security feature enabled that times out after maybe 10 minutes or so, and then the comment will not be published but throw an error. In case that happens, simply hit the back button, paste the text you previously tried to post (and have copied to the clipboard), hit submit again, and you are fine.

            I will delete some of your comments, it’s not necessary to have the whole world find out that you look stupid, are stupid, and stealing my time. ;-D

            If you are with the DEA, please come by more often, I usually do brainstorming publicly and I am pretty sure stupid DEA wants to protect organized crime, drug cartels, scam schemes, blackmailers, money launderers, illicit pharmaceuticals (their beloved DBG forum) and I will explain my steps, you cannot stop me. Nobody will save your scam and blackmailing and tax evasion friends.


  1. Hello, world.

    It was brought to my attention that KAT, who I used to work with, is STILL scamming people using the reputation I built.


    That said, homoerotic perinold (myself) is open and back in business for a brief period of time, a small selection of products, but all great quality.

    Limited quantity with most stuff.

    Plenty of 25e nboh in tab and powder form, Diclazepam in solution or as 500 mg powder available, though.

    Thinking of handing the business over to someone who will be legit as I was back when I was regularly vending. The business structure will need to change. Less chatting, switching to forms probably, to lower the stress.

    Yours truly- gay perry

    Liked by 1 person

          1. You accessed the API. I checked every setting, and there is no option to commenting via email mentioned. Could you maybe forward that email to me, please? There is a thing about it that I find super interesting. If script kiddie did it, I would forget the lies he spammed about Perry. (BTW: I don’t know why guys could have known what his doctor had prescribed him, but he does no meds anymore, he feels better again and is making plans again.)

            If script-kiddie were a creative and solution-oriented IT expert, I would like to consult him, please. There are two things that I am stuck with, one of them being emails/contact options.

            PS: I did not forget. I would have called if some corrupt Dutch fucks didn’t have me sent an email accusing me of money laundering. To make it more of a challenge, they complained about a money transfer that I cannot recall at all, and that indeed looked super suspicious, and so it cost me two days to prove them wrong. Tomorrow, Europol will hopefully confirm that I am right. As always with Dutch companies that I spend more time on the phone with than with family, their support guy told me he had no idea, and it was not possible to talk to the case manager, and that he could not help me with anything. No, not even with a question regarding their FAQ.


  2. Actually, I meant to say we have plenty of diclaz solutions and also .5 bags of powder available. So, for those trying to taper and finding it hard to source, grab your chance.



    First of all: Perry is a verified vendor.

    I knew that Perry & Kat were friends and worked together, but I had no clue that Kat would run his own business and take orders. Kat is no verified vendor!

    Perry’s shop description on RC SCENE does not even mention him, so don’t blame me.

    It turns out it was a mistake to add Kat’s business to Perry’s paste.
    Perry offers different products than Kat and, this is important to know: Perry has no access to Kat’s finances!

    Kat is out of order atm, and will hopefully return soon.

    Perry has already refunded some of Kat’s customers with money out of his own pocket, hundreds of dollars.
    Perry also offered some of Kat’s customers replacement products out of his own stock for free.

    Perry now needs to wait for Kat to return to get ahold of the money that Kat has collected.

    Everyone who ordered with the right vendor, with Perry, will soon be contacted and/or receive his order.

    Anyone who ordered with Kat will need to wait a while.

    Kat cannot go to work at the moment; he cannot leave the bed. We do not know if Kat will take care of the orders he took money for, but we hope for either that or for Kat to allow Perry access to his money so that Perry can finally take care of everything.

    I am sorry for the confusion caused. There is a reason why so few vendors are mentioned and verified on RC SCENE: 99% of US vendors are selective scammers. Legit, Perry, Moon, and VYREN are not.

    Any serious vendor may apply to be mentioned here.
    The zero-tolerance-policy on scamming people I enforce is something that most US vendors do not accept.

    While I think it was a dumb idea of Perry to add Kat to his paste while not being part of Perry’s team, I still wonder why anybody would order with a vendor not mentioned on RC SCENE. Everyone categorized as “okay,” “promising,” will never let you down. The “headache” category should be good to go as well. With anyone else, I would think twice before ordering.


    Everyone who ordered with the right vendor, with Perry, will soon be contacted and/or receive his order.

    Anyone who ordered with Kat will need to wait a while.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Just placed an order with GP. Hoping it ships and arrives with the quickness so I can finally see what all the hype is about. Very excited and will update when received.


      1. Perry & the team decided yesterday on a consumer cap.

        They do not accept new customers right now. Anyone contacting them from an email account that has not been in contact with them before will be deleted.

        I have no idea where this hype is happening, but that Perry would reach a limit that quickly proves that a responsible and honest vendor does not need to bribe illegal forums or spam forums. Quality will always prevail.

        The crazy thing is, even if Perry was introduced as a promising new vendor, he is an absolute pro. A stable character, calm, analyzing, caring, providing top quality and service, never scamming anybody, well connected, and excellent at organizing.

        I think they will wait for how things develop and maybe accept new customers in the future again. Perry is not selling toxic waste, no watered-down shit; he cares. That word spread at warp speed, every happy customer would tell his/her friends.

        Many of his customers have never heard of RC SCENE before.

        I still want to take a little credit for his success: Everybody likes a guy who it is fun meeting for a beer and has a fine taste in music 😉


  5. order was last night shipped from one of his employees and will update upon arrival. how has the clearnet become more reliable than the darknet?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. He said he may discontinue it though, for reasons having to do ‘with science’. I think someone else said that, too. Maybe Kino. Would certainly like them to explain what those reasons are. It’s the only thing available these days that interests me & I don’t have a lifetimes supply of already. 2Fdck disappeared. The last I found was garbage & apparently China isn’t making it anymore. I would have expected flourobromazolam or other things with a longer half-life would be more problematic.


  7. After testing gayperry’s clonazolam I have to say it was some quality materiel. I know he recently posted on Pastebin the he was having quality issues, but my testing revealed nothing but quality materiel. Gayperry seems like a legit quality vendor. He almost always rapidly responds to correspondence. the clonazolam sent tested above par and was significant quality.


    1. I remember him saying something like horribly cut shit. If you are okay with that quality level, then you are my key witness that the average US vendor is a bunk batch sender in love with cutting agents.

      The material comes from one of the big labs. They seem to struggle with certain compounds this year.

      Regarding Clonazolam, however, I guess they decided to offer a weaker mix since that compound was repeatedly associated with hospitalizations. The horror report about that methyl piperazine opiate shit that psychopaths are selling to children also mentioned Clonazolam:

      Clonazolam is like a “short high party benzo” with a terrible comedown. I don’t understand why this substance is still a thing. I tried two samples, and both were unbearable. It’s a shit substance.


      1. Hey, it’s great for sleep & doesn’t leave me with a huge hangover the next day. A cup of coffee in the morning & I’m ready to take on the world. These other ones I felt a hangover from most of the next day. Short is good.
        Of course, if you take it for a buzz, that is a problem all in itself.


  8. Legit as can be. Cross mi heart the dude’s love to man kind amidst cactus jacks tumble weed or lanterns, none of that spooky ish, just the asked for and the gottenks, all with 0 folly, professional as this wii can be, my golden standard since golden’s 4f-mph… see, i can’t stop going on tangents. It’s a problem, a you problem aka a me ha me ha . . . sorry and prayers to all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dude is very legit. Proximo’s stuff seems watered down in comparison. And looks watered down in comparison. Color of the clonazolam is a few shades darker.


      1. You don’t anymore. He may be back, but it looks like something happened with his partner & he’s out of business for the time being.


    1. Zero complaints so far. I do not expect anyone to complain about Perry, tbh. The few vendors that I introduce here are not the irresponsible greedy fucks/nuts you might know from Texas. No (selective) thieves, no opiate dealers.

      Perry had become the most popular vendor in North America within only three weeks. I think that says it all.

      He had had access to a lab, he did not send diluted bunk products or toxic waste, no dangerous pseudo-opiates on his menu; Also, I liked to talk to him, a pleasant guy.

      Regarding William’s spam rain (for which he got banned and will not return here for a month) about Perry doing opiates? Don’t think so. While you won’t find any sober vendor in the US and Perry did not quite grow up on the Tony hills, he would, after work, smoke something that is not for sale and would blow me away, but he seemed to enjoy it. It was no opiate. That, I know for sure.

      However, Perry and his partners disbanded the operation.


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