Sellkies, Seek Sanctuary – SCAM Report. Portrait of a delusional Scammer’s sick thoughts.

Mr. Sellkies is not the unfriendliest drug dealer or scammer one could think of, but from time to time he surprises everyone including himself.

Some of you might already have guessed: Drug abuse is not a healthy mind’s nutrition. Sometimes, Mr. Sellkies would scam people on purpose and then even mess with them on Discord. Everything below 100 USD, he does not consider scamming anyway. He tells me he wants to be remembered as the most friendly and most generous scammer (or drug dealer, depends on the amount you ordered for). The many small orders that people had soon forgotten about and, even worse, never reported to police, sum up to a nice workless income.

Sellkies’ Lab / Sellkies’ Scam Squad – current scam scheme

Having no stock but swiftly providing payment instructions is one thing. Thinking one could get away with such theft by making the tragic play more theatrical is interesting; you cannot argue against that. Sellkies would order postage online and provide the victims a tracking ID that would never move. But it was not his fault, of course: USPS would be so slow in Texas he repeated over and over again. Although some scammed victims received a refund, in other forums, in the Discord server, or, actually, on any site other than RC SCENE, the community would just take the loss. Not asking for a refund means profit for the scammer, of course.

Pocketing money and dishing out criticism.

This is what RC SCENE makes different. Issues with (selective) scammers? Not with us! Hospitalizations because someone is just too greedy and sells toxic waste? Selling diluted bunk batches and bribing customers to spam fake reviews about other vendors? Smuggling large amounts (a hundred kilos or more) of a schedule I substance into the US? Sellkies scolding me after having asked him to refund his victims? 

Mr. Sellkies seriously asked what gave me the audacity to hide behind a screen and mess with US scammers. Mr. Sellkies posted a comment under a false name. Mr. Sellkies tried to publish a real tracking number that would have revealed his and a customer’s whereabouts. He tried it three times before he realized that the spam filter will not allow it to.

Take a look: Mr Selkies’ USPS office ain’t that slow, actually:

Some things give me headaches.

Audacity of huge

Sellkies & Kinochems

A nut rarely comes alone. Sellkies, the Discord moderator, flew to Kino to teach him basics in chemistry (what is a bag, how to use a scale, how to put a stamp on a letter?) When Mr. Sellkies explained to Kino that he needs to pay taxes and could not collect the money illegally, the party was soon over. 

Just to give you another example of how crazy Kinochems is, this is from an email he sent on August 4, 2020: “Brother, I could write a best selling book on my life since I started vending (which was March 2020). And it all started with a very bad decision 2 months after that to fly a discord mod named Sellkies to my house to teach me some basic chem. Ended up almost ruining me — I’m very paranoid. I have 8 cameras around my house, a shotgun, 2 pistols, a now live-in packer/enforcer/bodyguard [..]

 While I doubt that Mr. Sellkies was a cold-blooded criminal, an email from January 16, 2021 claims similar. Quote: “The discord rumor mill mentioned that Sellkies actively sabotaged other vendors before his car wreck to improve his sales. Hacking, doxing, etc. A bit sketchy and seemed to ruin a few lives. So all this seems true to character.

Sellkies, the liar

A thing that I can’t and will not accept is that Mr. Sellkies regularly spreads brain dead lies. Conspiracy theories so stupid, you can’t even laugh about them. He usually regains his senses after a few days and would delete his lies again. But a kind of bitter taste remains.

Stupid lies about The Real RCC – 1

In summer 2020, Sellkies received an empty envelope with a seizure note by Homeland security. Enough for Mr. Sellkies to claim a European (!) vendor would send empty letters and add fake (!) seizure notes. I searched for similar cases and was lucky: A vendor from Spain dealt with the same issue. His letter also arrived empty and with a seizure note by Homeland Security. Homeland Security, btw., supports customs, which is one of their many assigned tasks.

Stupid lies about The Real RCC – 2

Instead of hiding, Mr. Sellkies kept on ordering with The Real RCC. In December 2020, his mother received a seizure note. Mr. Sellkies had ordered a schedule I substance. To be on the safe side, he used his mother’s as the billing address. Instead of thinking for a second, he immediately posted a blog post with lies about The Real RCC. He also sent a mass email repeating those lies. I asked him to contact the vendor.

On January 29, Mr. Sellkies asked me to send a message to The Real RCC (Alex) saying he was sorry. The mistake was on his side, and he wants to apologize.

One day later, Alex replied. “I confronted him and showed him the evidence that he did place order to his mother’s address, and it also proved that I had shipped all his orders. I told him I wanted a public apology for his false arguments, but he never replied again to my mail. I guess he is not man enough to say sorry to me but oke that’s his problem, not mine.”

That was the moment where I got angry. Mr. Sellkies had lied to me, made me send an apology that had already been discussed, and refused to make up for his stupid conspiracy theories. All that Alex (TRC) was asking for was publicly apologizing, exactly like the lies had been spread before.

Did this have any influence on his category in the list?
NO! Of course not. Two scammed victims in the mailbox make him a scammer.

Finally: Some kind of public apology to the Real RCC

Yesterday, Mr. Sellkies posted a blog post and sent out a smaller mass email (“due to OPSEC reasons”).

The apology is like the lies before categorized under “Scam Alerts!” – an exciting approach. The excuse is there, okay. Sellkies still describes himself as a victim, okay. He forgets to mention and explain the absurd lies he had been spreading… Well, he is from America, they are stupid, so let’s call it a day. Ooooh… There is one thing he will remember for having been a bad idea: Two-thirds of Mr. Sellkies “apology” are lies about RC SCENE.

In real life, I wouldn’t care. The most popular site discussing NPS, however, won’t be to be shot in the knee. By no one, and never.

That Mr. Sellkies thinks he was mistreated because friends would never call a friend a scammer. Sorry pal, but NO. RC SCENE is unbiased, fair and the list design follows a scientific method. 150,000 hours on the project last year, do not scream for an exception that would make the work invalid.

Mr. Sellkies wanted to become the biggest RC forum in North America. Dealing with an entirely unbiased site that everyone contributes for free – might be challenging to deal with, maybe. Still, I do not see anyone competing with us. We are unique. There had never been anything like RC SCENE before, and there never will.

My competition can’t catch up with me, cos I don’t move.

That Mr. Sellkies does not like the tone, I deliver complaints – better get used to it. It was not me who had scammed customers.

Spreading lies about my person… gimme a break. I have never said anything about the DEA and you.

PS: I don’t expect a public apology, don’t bother!
Lean back and watch how a professional media campaign is done.

Kind regards,

For those of you who happen to have overslept the past six months:

RC SCENE took over in 2020.

Indian scammers, Asian Scammers, US Scammers, US pieces of shit vendors, Sellkies Scam Schemes, RCLeon Big Time Smuggling a Schedule I to the US, Proximo Sending Bunk Batches, Criminal Forums Lying to you and even charging money from you to read their lies…..

WAKE UP! >> It’s over 🙂

We got it from here.

[ KØMPRØMÆT – Étienne, René, Coralie, Ryan, Marcelle, Perry, trailz, Moon, Batman, Brian, et al. ]

The Real Slim Shady in: Farewell. (Fan Art, Lyrics Video)

15 thoughts on “Sellkies, Seek Sanctuary – SCAM Report. Portrait of a delusional Scammer’s sick thoughts.

    1. It’s a tragedy. One day we talk over the phone for three hours; the next day, he announces wanting to destroy me in some forum.

      Only three people had lately complained about having been scammed by Sellkies to me (most Americans just say “a loss is a loss”), and not even these three incidents have been resolved yet.

      For the guy waiting since November, he invented a new rule, now the subject line of his email reminder needs to say “NOT.” That customer deals with autism. I am not even sure if the customer understood my instruction to send Sellkies an email going by the subject line “NOT.” I will ask him again next week. I don’t know why Mr. Sellkies is doing this to me.

      And his absurd allegations, constantly repeating anyone would have been doxxed on RC SCENE. The truth is Jacob consulted a lawyer, and it turns out I was right. He needs – and he will or has already – to add a proper imprint to his webshop. Dutch RC vendors are no anonymous criminals. They are registered companies and pay taxes. I know it’s hard to believe. The Netherlands seem a laissez-faire country second to none. I once contacted Dutch police; they did not even take notes. Like being robbed wouldn’t something of concern to them. Or try calling Post NL. They told me they had no clue where the parcel could be so often, I won’t ever call them again. I will ask my cat instead; it costs less and is equally effective.

      Or those lies about TRC. Sellkies is warning others against ordering with them while himself being a loyal customer of theirs.

      WHY??????? 🤕


  1. My order from Sellkies took about 6 weeks but I DID receive it and it was heavy. The chem itself was very good. Perhaps I was lucky, either way, I felt it was important to mention my recent experience. I’m just an average customer…and certainly impartial to either side of this debate.


    1. Trust me; I am super patient.

      I gave him two months to process or refund customers that reported having been scammed by Scammer Selkies. I was on the phone with him for hours, I chatted with him – and yet, that fucking piece of shit thinks it was his good right to scam people.

      He scams people who deal with Autism and whoever would not dare to complain.

      It looks like he was shipping four orders, then scamming 20, and so on.

      This is not about being partial or taking sides. I swear our vendors’ lists are scientifically accurate.

      You need to be an absolute asshole making it onto the list of scammers. That back-stabbing swine will wake up soon enough.


    1. Hej Sellkies, you back-stabbing piece of shit.

      You told me you would immediately take care of the 200 USD you scammed from a customer in December. And what’s the status regarding scam victim #47?

      And now listen, Douchy Douchbag: We both know that you are a scammer and a notorious liar. No one here was ever categorized as a scammer without having collected enough evidence.

      What’s that shit with bribing people into messing with my Trustpilot account? What’s that shit with asking in forums to attack me? You are playing with fire, Douchy; that’s a significant crime.

      I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. Exploiting my trust while at the same time knowing that I would never share anything personal with anyone… I don’t want to see you here anymore.


  2. I got out of bed. Another day awaking in Budapest; I wasn’t hungry.

    It took us six months to become the #1 NPS site on earth.

    You might think your god was better, since faster, it took him only five days to create heaven and hell. That’s fair, yeah. Your god seems a pretty quick amateur.

    Then again, RC SCENE doesn’t give Aids to children in Africa.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. hey there,

        I apologize this hasn’t been Addressed more peomprlt. I’m sorry. if you resend sellkies another email, with “NOT” in the subject line somewhere, i will address it as fast as possible.


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