Paracelsus RC vendor (US) busted, stock confiscated by LE

Paracelsus US RC vendor busted, screenshot website
Paracelsus US RC vendor busted, screenshot website (montage)

Enough is enough!

After many emails describing hospitalizations caused by products offered by Paracelsus (the methyl piperazines 2Methyl-AP-237 & AP-238, sold out of pure greed to opiate junkies should not be offered at all and especially not together with Benzodiazepines.)

After many emails describing absolut trash substances but afraid to complain about because the customers were afraid of Paracelsus intentionally intoxicating them.

After two people recently having OD’d in the scene (a Discord vendor whose Discord chat history led police to knock at his former customers’ doors; as well as a customer having died of somebody’s Fent-laced Benzodiazepine bars (Berg & Bongo, don’t expect them back, they will be hiding in a hole forever), FINALLY, something happening to end that nightmarish prison of greed!

“We lost Para this week,” “Para is gone.”

This is a description of how our dear friend S.
was scammed for a couple hundred USD
and was informed that Paracelsus got busted.
<< Thank you so much for sharing! >>

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Paracelsus busted stock seized email 2021
Paracelsus busted stock seized email 2021

A brief evaluation. Allow me to provide some advice.

Paracelsus was a big-time smuggler of toxic waste. He would have sold anything to max out his profit. He lives quite in the middle between Scammer Sellkies and Proximo Bunk Batch Sender in Texas. The latter also offers the highly toxic methyl piperazines 2Methyl-AP-237 & AP-238 and Benzodiazepines in his illegal webshop.

I doubt that Sellkies (currently offering a kilo of a schedule I analog imported from Poland) and Proximo (fucked) will keep preparing their diabolic plan to sue me for defamation now that their capo got busted.

Back to Paracelsus: I was once in contact with that dude because I wanted to explain to him how dangerously toxic that opiate shit is he is selling to children. And that it had already led to hospitalizations. Paracelsus was too dumb to understand the patent with excerpts of the scientific studies.

That’s not all: Paracelsus never paid a single cent in taxes for the profit he made with drug dealing. And he made a fortune!

Paracelsus is, like all these three such a nut, he told me he would even be allowed to sell his toxic waste for human consumption. Now his toxic waste stock has been confiscated. He thinks he would be handed it back next month, well…

My tip: Law Enforcement will have a closer look into Paracelsus’s shady tax-evading drug business. SO, DO NOT EVEN CONTACT THAT SHOP!

Paracelsus toxic waste opiate drug dealer and tax evasion master was not available for a statement for RC SCENE.

EMINEM – Farewell [Official Audio] (2020)

25 thoughts on “Paracelsus RC vendor (US) busted, stock confiscated by LE

  1. So Para got busted? I placed an order right before the Texas storm on Feb 15th. It was due to ship the next day. Then they said the next week. I tried reaching out to get my money back and I’ve been ignored. Who got an email from them explaining what happened? I sent numerous emails and have been ignored. Can someone explain what’s up?


    1. I doubt that they will refund anyone. They need to be mute. They were just recently made aware that importing and selling drugs is illegal. So, of course they needed to stop working. Maybe, their IT was seized and they could not even answer. Maybe their funds are already frozen.

      I don’t know, I am adding one to one and compare their behaviour to similar cases.

      Paracelsus will be prosecuted and and convitec and fined for smuggling non-approved drugs/meds into the country under pretense, selling them to children, supplying other drug dealers, and for tax evasion.

      If it is true that he processed up to 50 orders a day and did not pay a single cent in taxes, then he will need your money badly ;-). I expect him to face 1 or 2 years of prison time minimum. If anything Fent was involved or the recent fatalities can be linked to him, he might be locked away forever.

      I was made aware of an interesting detail: The outcome of whoever is investigating that Paracelsus case might strongly depend on who leading the investigation. If it was the DEA, he could be lucky. If it was the FDA he would still be lucky. If it was local police, he could get away with a small fine.

      However, if it was the government ordering LE to investigatehere, then he is fucked,

      Besides from being a drug dealer, being a tax evader could become a serious problem for him. Al Capone was sentenced to 11 years in prison because of tax evasion.

      Paracelsus told me he would not even act anonymously, since it would not be possible to import such large amounts of drugs by simply hoping for customs not to seize your mail or by using multiple addresses for delivery. He also told me he would even be allowed to advertise and offer these opiate replacements for human consumption.

      Then again, I do not know him.

      The three nuts vendors from Texas all consider(ed) me being a competitor.

      I did not understand why Paracelsus and Proximo would spread lies about me until I realized that Proximo thought RC SCENE to be a gigantic marketing coup to drive him out of business and to step by step introduce new vendors, identities of mine, and so would take over the over the country.

      That’s how scammers, DN, Clearnet and Discord vendors work. JBerg might run 10 scam identities and 4 more or less reliable identities. According to newbieforever, Berg was running seven businesses at the a time. His wife would be involved, as well as friends and small-time crooks he had drafted in DN or Discord forums.

      Paraclsus mentioned a business relationship with a Chinese lab that also, until today, smuggles Fentanyl into the US. I don’t know if he were insane enough to dare such a gamble. Neither do I know from where Berg and Co. source their Fentanyl to upgrade their weak benzo bars to highly addictive bestsellers.

      I have no clue if Paracelsus made up lies to impress me, since he thought of me as a competitor, of if he really believed he could be prosecuted by LE. I don’t know. I don’t care, I am curious though.

      If police started investigating after two recent fatalities in the scene, a customer dies on Fent.lazed benzo bars and a Discord vendor OD’d on probably 2-M-AP-237 and AP-238 which he had combined with his benzo habit, then I would expect local newspapers to report.

      Is no one from Texas around who could tell us?

      If it is true that the now dead drug vendor did not belive in passwords or encryption and left an open book including names and addresses of his customers, I expect changes in the scene. Most vendors have no clue how information that dead drug dealer was giving away through his Discord chat history alone. Drug dealers are not the most clever people. Only scammers are even dumber.

      If the scene will try to hide in Discord chat rooms, they will find their decision to have been a dumb one soon enough..

      If the scene thinks they were safe hiding in the Darknet, sorry, but no. Europol already three or four years ago communicated that the TOR project / the Onion network has not yet been fully decrypted but that they were in control and about to do so.

      The biggest DN marketplace, operated in Australia, was recently taken down by three local police units from Germany. They had an Interpol mandate, so the e.g. DEA would assist and criminals sll over the world would be arrested on the same day. I think they arrested 2,000 DN vendors. Again, this was not the work of any kind of special unit, three local police units were in charge and leading the operation.

      If the scene wants to remain, they better waive on adding Fent to their benzo bars, they better stop scamming or will force the FBI to step into action, and I think is crucial for the scene to be tolerated to act responsible, to have their products tested by independent labs, to not offer dangerously overdosed benzo solutions to turn their customers into terrible addicts.

      After all, claiming to not sell drugs for human consumption will not save you from being prosecuted.

      Use self-destructing messages, do not even think of starting to vend if you have no connections to a nearby lab.

      Be honest. Do not endanger your customers out greed. Stay away from anything opiates.

      Pay taxes! There are ways to do that. Sellkies discovered an interesting option, but even Dutch vendors who sometimes try to keep their drug business a secret, are clever enough to still pay taxes by registering multiple companies.

      Guys like Sellkes, who always used to scam, he might have scammed one or more of you while still going by another name, will on the long run activate the FBI. The FBI does not care about unscheduled drugs. However, they installed a unit fighting online fraud, non-delivery scams.

      Guys who think they needed to sell opiates or offer both unscheduled and scheduled substances should be erased for the sake of surviving the domestic NPS scene. Important: Not by breaking the law. There are legal ways. LE would not even be contacted. If you care, you may contact me for details.

      If anyone knew about ongoing developments in this case, please share your knowledge. Thank you.


  2. I’m confused about the whole tax thing. I live in USA and we cant tax these type of things. You just cant because they technically are illicit. The only way to tax these things would be filtering the money through legitimate businesses we call it cleaning the money but technically is called laundering.
    That’s one way to tax it and make look legal from the outside. USA is way different from europe and some other countries. If they are new compounds and arent covered in the analog act you can go at it with not for human consumption but pretty much most compounds are covered. USA sucks because they are so stringent with the drug war. They are wasting bvb time and money cause it will never end. Thankfully they are being lenient with thc.


    1. Mr. Sellkies deals with a health issue. His meds are similar to what I take, so he would not get a “kick” out of drugs anymore. So he does insane amounts of highly psychotic substances, which are a straight road to kill your brains.

      Here, doctors use such meds in case of an emergency. It depends on what you are dealing with, but I don’t know anybody with such a prescription.

      He is a clever guy, nonetheless. To avoid being charged for tax evasion, he files a 1099-k tax form. This one is for reporting profits you made by trading cryptocurrencies. That is as close and simple as possible, and I think he did a tremendous job finding out about it.

      Have a look:


  3. I put in an order on Feb. 16. When I asked for the tracking number the next day I received the following reply.

    “Due to an emergency, packages will not be shipped this week. We kindly ask for everyones patients and understanding regarding the matter. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

    We will contact you directly as soon as we are able to send your package. Thank you for understanding that this was out of our control.”

    Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

    I have not received any communication since.

    I thought I would try them out since I’m not exactly a dark web pro and lost my previous vendor (mrberg19new)

    I just wanted to do some research 😪


  4. Okay, again holy shit you publish the most ridiculous fake news ass clickbait bullshit, I’ve commented before but Jesus. If anything this is an exit scam. Or, they are telling the truth, and you know, all fucking crazy shit going down in Texas fucked some shit up majorly. There is ZERO evidence that paracelsus was taken down by law enforcement.

    Do you even know why DRC, which was 9001x bigger and more ridiculous than para got in trouble? It was back in the reddit r/rcsources days, and at first they got him on an unregistered pill press. There were tallys next to how many of each quantity of product he sold, and they were absolutely ridiculous. And he had somone do some good SEO for him so you DRC would pop like if you you typed in clonazolam or research chemical.

    The reason he got convincted and what the case was because he was on r/rcsources on his official account constantly talking about human consumption, even giving people advice on doses and things. I think there is a mostly intact archive of /rcsources and you should find it and read it, it was ridiculous.

    As soon as DRC went down, Eliteion popped up, wonder who that was. Went down like he week he was convicted.

    your 2map obsession is absurd. I got a sample of it and tried it and it was a definitely weird and mostly shitty opioid that didn’t last very long and wasn’t very pleasurable, that I’m sure not many people are even using.

    Clonazolam on the other hand is one of the worst benzos out there, and I don’t like talking shit about chemicals, but when it was first synthesized it was considered the most active compound in the whole series of benzo.

    Since then here have been studies that show that clon(itra)azolam and flunitrazolam have binding affinities unlike any other benzos.

    Having only had experiene with clonazolam, I believe that it is neurotoxic and definitely one of the worst and originally most leading RC benzos to ever exist. Back in the DRC days, most people on reddit claimed it was just 2-4 as potent as alprazolam. Which turned out to not be the case. Many reports of people having seizures after taking just 1mg single use on the come down.

    Para didn’t sell anything even close to as fucked up as things like clonazolam. The “worst” benzo he sold was flualprazolam, which is worlds better than c-lam but has it’s own issues I don’t feel like discussing here.

    Your obsession with 2map has blinded you to the fact that para offered some of the least dangerous benzos around. Bromazolam, Pyrazolam and later Norflurazepam are all literal babies when it comes to some of the other ones.

    He also sold ODMST, which is 10 x more enjoyable than 2map, has legs and is probably my favorite opioid of all time.

    Anyways, regardless of what happened in regards to paracelsus, he definitely wasn’t arrested and you are definitely wrong about everything you say, again.

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    1. Hi,

      Yes, I have zero evidence of anything and this incident will not make headlines anywhere before 2024 when he moves to prison.

      If you think it through – dead people, looks like their stock was seized -> I have no word better for that than busted, sorry.

      Para told me he would be allowed to sell that shit for human consumption even and that he does not pay taxes for it, since he is already paying taxes for other things.

      2MAP is no opiate, it is a toxic methyl derivative of piperazine that resembles an opiate’s characteristic.

      I do not believe a second that this “not for human consumption” thing was good for anything. I mean, if I were a judge, would I believe a drug dealer who claims to only have sold to scientists?

      Some people believe it was about the disclaimer, the labeling, the chat history. Whatever. If it looks like a drug dealer, sells like a drug dealer, and quacks like a drug dealer, then it probably is a chair.

      +1 regarding Clonazolam, I also believe it is the worst.

      These methyl piperazines in combination with benzos are a shortcut to the emergency room.


    2. Dear anonymous,

      Although I again need to stress that this article is no clickbait and Paracelsus is definitely not planning an exit scam, I still want to thank you.

      I think you contacted me and explained the story of that convicted benzo vendor Justin Ash. He was sentenced to pay a fine of 780,000 USD and to 2 years in prison btw.

      Everything you told me was accurate and helped me to understand the case better. Thank you for that, very much appreciated!

      I still think you got something wrong.

      Yes, Ash had openly discussed human consumption on a public high traffic forum like Reddit. That was an issue during his trial and used against him and killed his defense.

      Still, that was not the reason he had to show up at court. The offense he was convicted for was smuggling non-approved drugs into the US to sell them.

      We might find out about Paracelsus soon. After that Sellkies disappointment, I will focus on Europe for the following months. I won’t be the guy to find out.

      I am finished with this US kindergarten. I tried to show you an unbiased non-profit project openly discussing vendors is possible. I wanted to provide you food for thoughts and to make you question certain practices in this often greed-driven “business.”

      You all made RC SCENE the #1 worldwide in less than eleven months. RC SCENE outnumbered used to be famous (and always lying criminal fuck) forums, big time, is ranked millions of places ahead of them.

      RC SCENE will provide reviews of new vendors exclusively. Some don’t even know, but I am already choosing photos for their shop review. This first vendor is not yet a registered company but legit. In Europe, opening a business means a lot of paperwork and takes time.

      They agreed to provide their business papers as soon as they receive them. Identifying yourself – or someone I know vouching for you – is the only way to make it onto the Europe list.

      No European vendor ever spread lies about RC SCENE, and no European citizen ever sent death threats. No European vendor ever offered a bounty for hacking RC SCENE or publicly announced going destroy me, as Sellkies loves.

      The RC SCENE community is standing up to fight scammers. And to articulate that we do not accept being offered toxic waste.

      If nous sommes tous KØMPRØMÆT, we all are KØMPRØMÆT, or, wir sind alle KØMPRØMÆT does not matter to me. Who would be your KØMPRØMÆT of choice? The delusional US vendors/scammers, the constantly criticizing while being clueless French? I already decided on Germany. For a while, I will shift priorities. I see no point in talking to brain-dead drug dealers with US passports anymore. It leaves me depressed and disappointed. I need to take a break from here.

      PS: More on that convicted benzo dealer:

      PPS: I’d love to get in touch with you some day in the future. Take care!


  5. Dont want to burst your bubble, i know how you love to dig around and get all the facts…
    But, just a small thing, nothing too serious…
    This small fact…
    “Justin Ash, 36, pleaded guilty before United States District Judge Arthur J. Schwab on January 16, 2020”


    1. MadderDan, my dear.

      As if being a mod in a Reddit/Discord scam scheme (RCVPOLICE/plants4food) wasn’t already reason enough to flee into the mountains and never be found again – what are you talking about this time?

      Paracelsus smuggled so much stuff into the country, he sent 800 packets a month and still acted as a wholesaler for other US vendors. And that for many years!

      He never paid a single cent in taxes for it.

      His lab partners are, until today, manufacturing Fentanyl to ship into the US and Canada.

      If LE finds a relation between the fatality, the overdosed Fent, and his Fent…

      He is already dead as a dodo. Good save by the queen. Props to my hood!

      PS: This little bubble here is beyond your imagination, I think. My offer still stands: One afternoon per month would help me a lot already. I am preparing the harm reduction site for Europe at the moment. And yes, you may be compensated, but don’t expect a thousand USD per month 😉

      You know my name, pick up up the number 😄

      Kind regards,


  6. From a legal standpoint he didn’t do much to violate any Federal Analogue Act laws as they are in place for Analogues of Schedule I and II chemicals. All Benzos are Schedule IV. Most all people that get steamrolled in court (from case law/logs available from Westlaw)are fucking with analogues of schedule 1 and II drugs which is essentially handed over to the parent Controlled Substances Act laws because the “not for human consumption” vagueness can be demolished by any good prosecutor. If you stay in the Analogues of schedule III and IV drugs like much of what Mr Paracelsus, if not all there seems to be little to no prosecuting grounds. I am not a lawyer nor am I fluent in the semantic runaround of legal verbage but this seems pretty forthright. The tax evasion is a different story tho. I have never had any issue with purity of potency of his benzologue powders or solutions but cannot speak on the piperazine opioids or 2fdck.


      1. This could be an exit scam. People are saying he has died. Them saying in the future they will try to fulfill orders. it’s almost like it’s an exit scam but then they can come back and get people’s money again. There has been no proof that I can find that law enforcement is involved in this. Why are you saying that he has been busted?

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          1. Why are we throwing insults around. I have read the email and even one other email not available here that members of another forum have shared. Yes something happened. Show me the quote in that pdf where it says “stock confiscated by LE” or they were “busted”. I get that you don’t like the dude because he was selling trashy rc opioids but these headlines are seriously straight out of some TABLOID TABLOID! READ ALL ABOUT IT newspaper. Dude just be real with people. The part where it says “when we get the product back in sometimes next month.” may just mean they are waiting on a the next shipments after this long chinese holiday. You know this. Or it could mean what your assuming. But unless you have some other information your not sharing with us everything your saying is CONJECTURE. I mean no ill will towards you by writing this but I am a facts driven individual. Twisting an email to say what you want is not honest. I say all this to say, he very well may have been busted/overdosed, etc and his product taken. Steer clear. I do enjoy most of what this website represents by the way.

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            1. “However, we are actively trying to continue this business. We will send you your
              package when we get the product back in sometime next month.”

              To me, this is clearly stating that the stock has been confiscated. If it had been robbed, they would not expect to get it back sometime next month. If they were awaiting it to arrive, they would expect it to get “back.”


              I don’t find time to visit any other forums. Also, I have been banned from every single forum and Reddit sub discussing RCs and vendors in North America. I think the day we published that we already generate more traffic than all other US forums together and that dbg was cut in half after only six months was the one when all accounts had gotten banned. ;-D

              If that letter posted in another forum were of interest, it would be super kind of you to post it here since different. If it is a jpeg, please copy the link to the file or upload it to Imgur and insert the link into the comments field; thank you!
              (e.g.,×722/cut.jpg in an empty line, line above and below empty as well.)


              Regarding the insults: That’s my thing, sorry.

              First, there is an art concept part of this project to make it more fun to work on: It’s all pop culture references: No matter what you might think of RC SCENE (crazy, unfriendly, insulting, extreme, …) – the diabolic idea is, that that this weirdo typing this will turn out always to have been right. I stole this idea from a BBC radio show that used to be popular in the 90ies. I never got a chance to listen to it, but I read about it.

              Second, last year we forgot about that for a while (If you don’t talk like that in real life, then you are likely to fall out of the role.) Some assholes immediately used this moment to spread stupid lies here, and they were so successful with it that since nobody is donating anymore.


              Thank you for the kind words. 😊


              1. No worries my friend. I agree with you though. Something horrible has happened. For all we know he may have fatally overdosed and through emergency services law enforcement found his operation. Something very bad happened. Those rc opioids bring nothing but trouble for sure. 🙂 I agree its too Strange all the product is just “gone”. Very bad indeed. I’ve been checking Austin texas crime posts waiting for some lead to pop up.

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              2. He clearly says, “get the product back in” just as amy other vendor says “back in stock”. When you see a product on Amazon state it will be “back in stock” it means the product has been sold out and they are awaiting shipment from their supplier. No different. Youre literally twisting words and creating your own dialog.


  7. Once they(LE) identify the substances the benzos should be prosecutable under the analog act. And if they can pinpoint customer transactions linked to a mortality then it’s over for them. Did they seize the domain or the host?


    1. I couldn’t say if any of his products were related to a fatality.

      However, I agree that if they identify the substances and prove that he sold them like candy and did not pay taxes, game over.

      The website is still up and was just updated two or so hours ago. It says that they don’t take any orders now, they removed the email address, and they announced to provide further updates through the website.


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