Bogus warning against allegedly bad quality lysergamide blotters on Reddit. A smear campaign by Lizard Labs.

RC SCENE - Fact Check: LSD blotters (March 2021) smear campaign
LSD blotters, smear campaign by Lizard Labs on Reddit – Screenshot


(March, 2021)

The Reddit r/researchchemicals sub recently allowed publishing a smear campaign.
(Don’t trust any forums.)

+ + +

A Reddit account going by the name u/anonymouse8691 is warning against allegedly “bad quality lysergamide blotters” that have become available on the market: 1P-LSD, 1cP-MIPLA, 1cP-LSD, AL-LAD, and LSZ.

Whatever weird Voodoo technique he is describing, don’t bother about it. I couldn’t even tell if his testing method was accurate, and nobody confirmed his accusations or conducted a similar test to falsify his lies.

Instead, Reddit, and the sad admins maintaining that sub, celebrate that dude for his lies, for his fake warning, for his feigned effort to wanting to save the community from harm.

They all fell for and applauded to a liar.

+ + +

The industry uses Reddit to advertise its products. Reviews about new substances usually are a lure to make you aware and interested and instantly place an order once a compound becomes available.



This u/anonymouse8691 guy works for Lizard Labs in the Netherlands.

Lizard Labs manufacture these LSD analogs.
Companies may either source blotters or the raw material, powders, from them.

Now guess what: The Lizard Labs blotters are super weak and absurdly overpriced.

Lizard Labs are not the only ones in the Netherlands being able to print blotters.
So, some vendors started buying the raw material from Lizard Labs and manufacture their own blotters now.

+ + +

And here is where it gets funny:

Those vendors offer their blotters at lower prices.
So, Lizard Labs can no longer dictate high prices on those blotters.

That Lizard Labs douche posted images of allegedly “okay” and allegedly “bad” blotters.

The underdosed ones from his company he advertises as “high quality” blotters:

The other ones he warns against are made out of the identical raw material coming from Lizard Labs:

These are no “bad quality blotters”; they just happen to be manufacturers by less greedy vendors than Lizard Labs. It’s the same product, but not as expensive. These are Lizard Labs products, basically.

This is nothing but a marketing lie, the usual smear campaign.

RC SCENE - Fact Check: LSD blotters (March 2021) Photos
LSD blotters, a smear campaign by Lizard Labs on Reddit – Photos by anonymouse8691

7 thoughts on “Bogus warning against allegedly bad quality lysergamide blotters on Reddit. A smear campaign by Lizard Labs.

  1. If you had evidence to back your claims up, I would think this was credible. But in reality you have no evidence that it was LL and no evidence is provided in the article. Maybe include an opinion tag to your articles.


    1. Ask LL; they won’t deny it. Everybody knows, only Americans have no clue.
      LL are fun to talk to. They won’t bite you 😉

      I know for sure. Do you think I would spread lies for no reason? I have no time for nonsense. My desk is full, and the mailbox will take me about two years to read all your emails.

      My portrait about LL was ready last spring already. I didn’t publish it b/c I am not interested in being questioned by the police.

      The Netherlands are maybe 9 million people. The NPS scene makes a fortune and might look huge. Still, think of it rather as a village where everybody knows everyone.


    2. BTW: That soo typical of the American blueprint of a retarded person:

      Some douche from Maryland who has no clue at all calls me a liar.

      Douche, I know you are a trash junkie crowd and braindead and I will never get used it, you are just too fucking stupid. I can’t cope with it.

      Don’t you think it would have been a little more clever to ask around first, to try to have something to hold in hands to claim I had no evidence like are insinuating?

      Fuck you. This RC SCENE. Get used to it.

      This is not the corrupt fucking lie US forums you are used to.



    3. LL seem to have fun on Reddit, and I think they sometimes would just mess with you b/c they know, especially the admins, but also, you have no clue. I actually believe their post to be a fun read.

      The thing is: You see an account with many trophies and what Reddit refers to as “good karma” (the 580 likes) that seems to have been around forever and thus – of course! – must be a superhero, trustworthy and knowledgeable, devoting his life to harm reduction. Gimme a break…

      You know what Alex then did: He offers the LL blotters for less than the pinkish ones now. ;-D



  2. I received bunk 2cb-fly bunk pellets sourced from one of their retailers, they were green with LL logo, I highly doubt someone would invest that much money into LL logo mold die And pill press. I think Its not first time LL doing something like u talk about. Rarechems quality which are owned by Lizard labs dropped insanely aswell and started sending illegal substances to illegal substances to both UK and USA. Only expection Is Germany. Their shipping date dropped aswell to UK/USA maybe selective scamming dont offer tracking neither reship. After all this stuff I would drop rarechems to shops to avoid, or ag least drop them Down they arent reliable at all. Imo dont deserve to be in same cathegory like homechemistry or média even chemical collective

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lizard Labs (Synex Synthetics) is considered a serious company providing test samples of chems to, e.g., schools.

      I f you flip the coin, they are gangsters.

      Certain vendors even seem afraid of them, and those are no small shops. These are shops that have been portrayed here.

      They smuggle banned substances into the country, they sold Alex a banned substance, and when police did a check and discovered it, they arrested him. He still works with them, but more and more vendors are getting cautious about LL. They are the Dutch NPS drug mafia, in a way.

      Now, here is where it is a level too much:

      I don’t follow forums, shops, newsletters, etc. AND EVEN MORE SO, RC SCENE is not a shopping guide. They ship. That makes them better than scammers.

      We recently added a new category for better EU shops. I am not a friend of categories, but I didn’t want to see and Rechemco EU in the same category. The vendors mentioned on RC SCENE are the best on the planet. That RareChems sometimes sucks big time and then again would deliver better products is a marketing trick: Nobody wants or needs useless drugs. Since they are permanently discussed, however, people tend to become interested.

      I know 90% of you come to see the shop lists. This is weird because RC SCENE was planned to – and will be – a magazine-like site discussing NPS.

      Substance warnings; Teasing Jacob because he broke the law by not providing an imprint on his webshop (meanwhile, he does. I had the better arguments than the lawyer he consulted, and I swear I do not speak a single word Dutch 😉 ) – such things I find interesting. That I maybe reach only 10% of the community with such articles is okay for me. I write for myself, and I think everyone else does as well.

      So, thank you for that tip. However, I don’t want to change the lists unless there was the urgency to do so. It’s a shady business. Don’t order drugs. They are not healthy!

      Liked by 1 person

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