RC SCENE is sorry (Preview)

RC SCENE - Safe NOT Scam - Logo on black background with many sorries surrounding it
RC SCENE – Safe NOT Scam – Logo on black background with many sorries surrounding it

Yesterday, I made fun out of a guy going by the nickname “petroTHAcreator“. It was brought to my attention that this guy is indeed mental, and I do not want to make fun out of handicapped people, of course.

Also, “petroTHAcreator” is said to be notorious for aggressive behavior and even breaking the law by hacking into other people’s servers or computers or phones. That is just one nut too much, and the last thing I need now.

I could not remember ever having written an apology to somebody, but I will think of one tomorrow and update this text here.

I would be happy to hear that “petroTHAcreator” deleted or at least edited the lies he says he has spread all over the internet.

No idea, what’s going on with him and why somebody I had never heard of would be mad at me, but whatever…

His comments will not be deleted, a lawyer will have a look at them. That a guy who works for the government is best friends with a criminal who deals with opiate replacements, is another thing that nobody would believe, if I told them about.

If anybody had an idea why the hatred towards RC SCENE never stops – there must be more people spreading lies than just Sellkies and Proximo, please leave a comment below, thank you.

3 thoughts on “RC SCENE is sorry (Preview)

  1. Hi RC Scene! I love you and appreciate all the work you do to keep RC consumers physically safe and protect us from scams. I don’t know where I would be in my research or in my life if I didn’t have this reliable source for information. Have a good one and fuck the haters.

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