We’re oldschool. FX – CHEM LABS [ Trusted Shop Review ]

A new vendor contacted me. Time went by. They have no clue that we did a test order and would publish a review.

Screenshot of FX Chem Labs website, March 2021
Click the Play button, this video took a lot of work and you will never have seen anything similar before. Promised!

Solid vendor.

  • FX’s A-PiHP was a pleasant surprise. Really good.
  • FX’s A-PHP feels mild. The Real RCC‘s current A-PHP batch is by far better.
  • FX’s 4F-MPH powder is okay. Then again, if you were to order 4F-MPH from anywhere else than Rechemco, then you are a fool. Their reinvention of 4F-MPH is unmatched.
  • FX’s Flubromazolam blotters seem a bit mild. That’s okay because this substance is too extreme anyway.

They have more products, but you stopped donating and I have no money, do the maths.

If it wasn’t for Alex, I could never afford to host RC SCENE. There would not be a video. RC SCENE – the only unbiased and reliable site of its kind would standstill.

Don’t believe a word coming from any US scammer motherfucker’s mouth who claims European vendors would be selective scammers and RC SCENE would be a marketing platform or whatever. Everybody works for free, and, in case you didn’t notice: This is fucking art.


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Find FX Chem Labs’s shop description and address here.

More sightseeing, a journey through Spain, and more detailed substance information

31 thoughts on “We’re oldschool. FX – CHEM LABS [ Trusted Shop Review ]

  1. FX labs had very nice packaging came through customs just fine. Fast shipping made it to the us in 9 days very surprised. I’ve been out of the Rc game since the hay day when it was as easy as Amazon. Stealth is the best I’ve seen it made me smile. Etiz seem a bit mild which I was surprised it was on the menu. 1 mg used to test fine back in the day. Tested 2mg because I’m sure their supplier isn’t 99% any more. Miss Those days. Anyway half hour latter test 2mg more and feel mild effects. Will be doing more testing. Overall company was great to work with and the stealth would take a lot of the stress out when ordering again maybe a different product this time. FX very helpful and professional


  2. I had been burned 3 times by scammers. I had decided to give up. I couldnt tell you why but I decided to send a message to these folks on their website. My message: I have been scammed 3 times “…if I get a reply to this message it means that a minimum a live human being is involved in my transaction.” The response “Hi firstly I can assure you this is a human lol” That is more than I got from the other 3 sites. The email went on to give me Rx-scene’s website to check out their references. What I truly truly appreciate about these folks is that they totally understood my timidness/fear after having been burned 3 times. I sent at least a dozen emails regarding my first order. I was nervous. Every email was answered the same day or next day. One email took a day and a half for a response. It was sent with apologies for the delay. These folks are the real deal. The ordering process is straightforward. If you are new to cryptocurrency, they have a good tutorial on their site. Their products ( I have since placed a second order) are great…well amazing actually. Their customer service goes well beyond what someone should expect from ANY company. FXChemicals is an absolute 5 star gem. It they have what you are looking for I strongly urge you to get it from them.

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    1. I hope your address isn’t “burnt”. I believe that customs are aware also of the NPS letters that make it through.

      Generally speaking, EU vendors do not tend to scam. If there were doubts, they would not be mentioned here.

      Again: These are no random lists of EU and CN vendors here.

      That not every letter makes it and that quality-wise there are ups and downs, is an issue even with rechemco.

      In the states, you would hardly have access to worthwhile products anyway, but the shop portraits here are the art part of RC SCENE. We think to know when fresh batches will make good pics which makes them not showing a 365-days/year reality, but nobody wants to waste time with bad batches, a trusted shop review involves a lot of work.


      1. Hi Dahood,

        Thank you. I don’t know about Relachem’s 4F-MPH quality, tbh.
        If possible, maybe ask Rechemco – I still think their reinvention of 4F-MPH is unmatched.

        Yes, shipping to Australia is a stunt. I am not sure about your legislation, but customs seem rather strict. RareChems, Chemicalplanet, Predator and a few more might also ship to Australia. Not sure how they handle reships in case your order did not arrive, though.


      2. RealChems must not be discussed here. There is a vendor portrait dedicated to them. The challenge with Australia is Australian customs. This comment will be deleted, feel free to re-post it on an appropriate page again.


  3. Just received my order of 1p-LSD today from them and they threw in bonus after the first shipment got lost in the mail. Unfortunately after reagent testing it there was no reaction and not what they claim it to be.


    1. Hi,
      Firstly i can assure you we sent you 1p-LSD we buy the raw salt from LL and lay the blotters ourself. Please send us an email with your order number i am also curious to what reagents you used to test it? We actually made these a little over 100mcg

      Please send us an email so we can discuss this further as this make no sense i am also interested in what extra gift we sent? I dont remember any of this to be honest.

      We are working around the clock 7 days a week to try and bring you the best possible service so to see stuff like this kind of puts a downer on all the work we are doing,

      We look forward to hearing back from you,

      Kind regards.
      The Fx Team

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      1. Hi,
        My apologies. You are correct. I used the Erlich reagent and was expecting a similar reaction to traditional LSD-25. Instead it is a much slower reaction and turns a light pink which it did after checking back a few hours later. Thank you for your response and my apology for the confusion.

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  4. ordered etizolam from here

    and it was extremely weak

    it took 8 – 1mg blotters to get knocked off to sleep / my partner took 2 blotters who never takes benzos, to try get to sleep, and it had no effect on her

    they have been kind to do a reship – but unless the first batch got damaged during transit – this is weak etizolam

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    1. The maybe last Etizolam ever came in a bag with a sticker with my name and address etc. on it and might become the imprint here.
      I do not see that India could deliver, tbh. Let’s hope, I am wrong.

      Flubromazolam (my last resort emergency benzo) is dead. Sure, they still advertise it, they might do so forever, that does bring it back. It’s just something-something now.

      Fluclotizolam was the thing I once received without having ordered it and while I always had been hoping to someday find something that could really mean help to me – I liked it, but I am afraid it might lead to psychoses. It appeared around 2017/18 and by 2020, had completely disappeared already. Whatever they sell for Fluclotizolam now… I might give it a shot, but Labsense.NL is usually a reliable source. If they can’t restock it, then it’s gone.


    2. Hi,
      We have now strated to produce our own etiz blotters instead of buying therm pre made we now make all our own blotters infact.

      Hope you got your reship they were fresh made,

      Kind regards.
      The Fx Team

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      1. Have u gotten your order? I placed on the 17th and it shipped on the 21st. My order says completed but I haven’t received? Will be great to hear when u get yours lol


      2. Mine was too lmao…
        Came today, so if your still waiting I can bet itll arrive early this week, if your an american.

        I was fonna ask for a reship yesterday, part of me wishes i had cause id have a free 2nd order coming, and no one would know if I lied but thatd be dirty…

        Be safe everyone…

        even you scumbag fuck yankees who.scam your fellow.americans as if they deserve it…
        Americans are scum, mostly, but I am not..

        At first Itook offense and then concluded it is very true lol


        not that any1 cares or that it is relevant to this reply…but my aphp came so it is to be expected

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        1. Don’t fuck with NPS shops. They know you. If you tried to lie vendor A, then vendors B, C, D, E, F and L with certainly know.

          I don’t if I ever told, but 2 years ago, I had no idea that anybody would indeed be dumb enough to scams customers and even be protected to do so by the fine people of the definitely not corrupt DEA.

          I was also surprised to learn that people in France think they would get selectively scammed. But they also thought I would work for Alex (TRC) because they did not understand that this page I created for everyone to receive an account without having to ask around, was only because I was so fed up with this marketing trick and since I happened to know that it was possible without being referred by anyone, b/c Alex checks forums himself and had told me, so I thought that was a job for me.

          Since no one keeps talking about stupid invite codes anymore, keeping the shop visible in forums, and because he later gave up on that idea completely, in my book this a “problem solved”. 🦸‍♂️

          In a few weeks, TRC will be a transparent shop that you will not need to register for anymore.


    1. Yes they do, and you get a trk # but it will not update beyond leaving the NON-NL country.

      It comes in a timely.manner, with proper documentation and takes not too long to arrive.

      The APHP is not as underwhelming (imo) as I expected from seeing it reviewed here, and the new batch of APHP rocks is good, and is the one that is sorta underwhelming.

      A delay in USPS (100%the most reliable delayed mail service, but always delivers :), forced them to wait 2 extra days to ship some orders (which arrived a week later than my 1st order but still half the time as predator or many others) in which they gave whomever affected 10% off the next order, which I found very decent and I will surely use them as long as possible.

      Top notch folks, the aphp is still very much worth it, isnt diff in appearance than other batches, or in taste, and as for effects may be more potent than i give credit for as my roa is diff than the batches i am comparing it to, so please treat any of the batcges they have exactly as you would had you seen it was “the best” batch as to not absent mindesly overdo it feom the start.

      Made that mistake with a predator order(THE NON-DELUXE batch, and was shocked when it turned imto.a nightmare because i tripled the amts 2x more often and because i saw a review that it was weak.

      That is super-retarded of me, but if ya need an order from FX, def dont hesitate.


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  5. no even close. FX is reputable and doesn’t need to feed lame wannabe Pulitzer Prize winners ego’s.. 1st order thru FX based on RC scene post. showed up with tracking 14 day…. [ edit, K. ]


    1. Twilson, darling,

      What did you racist fuck mommy say about Polish people? Now show me how clever you are. You got of course banned. It does not matter who you insult, the insults are the problem. Show me how clever you are and comment here again, without the need for registering a new Proton account. It’s possible. If you behave and because everybody hates your racist mommy, to feel less lonely, the cool kids will allow you to comment here again.


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