+++ USA +++ Perry is going to ship all open orders and will then be gone for good.

NEWS & BLOG Teaser Image
A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact him and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.

Perry was a pro. A blue-collar-vendor wo cared. No toxic waste on his menu. He had earned the hype, it was mouth-to-mouth propaganda that made him big.

Huge, even. Perry had become the by far most popular US RC vendor in less than a month!

It was not incredibly clever to mention a separate business on his Paste, even for a friend. It was not the wisest move not to have waited for Perry to reply to your emails but instantly contacting Kat instead – who had not only a different stock but was even taking orders for products he did not have at all, either.

Perry refunded some of Kat’s customers with money out of his pocket. He tried to save the brand, his name, his reputation. He was the verified vendor. 

Whatever happened then does not look good. Perry broke, of course, with Freakinkat and also lost two partners as well as employees; The skyrocketing operation took a sad ending. For now.


Näh! Perry knew what chance this meant. After only three (!) weeks, Perry already received twice as many orders as the bribing-forums-and-being-around-forever Paracelsus.

Of course, people did and do notice the difference!

He could have further up-scaled, but was clever: Perry and the team decided upon a (temporary) customer cap. The greed game, Perry left to the usual suspects, the toxic waste senders.

Freakinkat – not that this could be an excuse – has seen the sun shining brighter than in recent weeks and seems momentarily carried away, exhausted even, and yet, manically pursuing happiness outside a thing we would sometimes refer to as “reality.”

Why Perry and his team disbanded the operation is not clear to me; However, if you knew that Perry has no 50,000 USD for, e.g., a Surety Bond (think of it as a release-from-jail-joker in Monopoly, TX), you could take an educated guess what they argued about.


  • Perry will, of course, ship all open orders. The orders he accepted, mind you. He is going to delete his Paste soon, I guess.
  • Kat seems to stay in business. He might ship your orders someday, contact him and ask. He is even advertising his business on Twitter.

While this article is still a stub (my computer’s main drive, the router and a backup SSD died this week, #wtf) and will need some fine tuning tomorrow; instead of Death in Vegas’ Dirge, my first thought were Maximo Park. Why? Because a glass is always half full (unless your thirst for Belgian Quadrupel knew no limits.)

We might meet again. 🍻

Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure (2005)

You know that I would love to see you next year
I hope that I am still alive next year
You magnify the way I think about myself
Before you came I rarely thought about myself

What’s my view?
Well how am I supposed to know?
Write a review
Well how objective can I be?

What happens when you lose everything
You just start again, you start all over again
What happens when you lose everything
You just start again, you start all over again

Well, you just start again

Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure (2005)
(Archis Tiku / Paul Anthony Smith / Duncan Lloyd / Lukas Wooller / Thomas English)

Find gayperry / Perry / perinold – US Domestic Vendor of Research Chemicals here:
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5 thoughts on “+++ USA +++ Perry is going to ship all open orders and will then be gone for good.

    1. would you mind providing me with details? info@rc-scene.com, please?

      This idea of reporting scammers to the FBI is heading at three ~ five idiots who thought they could lay me and steal from you.

      DON’T WORRY, I am not going to file reports without your OKAY.
      My goal is to make them up for what they did.

      Before Perry/KAT, KRAMER, Sellkies, and hopefully KINO, come to senses, there won’t be any new vendors here. This is some heavyweight I carry around, I feel like I failed big time just because those heroin/crack pathetic trash junkie freaks screwed you and me.

      #SCAMMERS #AFRAID #OF #THE #FBI M.U.S.T be a success or I am outta here.


  1. Damn, I just wasted 3 days researching the dissos I saw on there & was about to order when I saw no more orders!!! Seems like I’m always a day late & a dime short.

    Liked by 1 person

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