+++ @ US Domestic RC vendors wanting to be added to the RC SCENE list +++

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RC SCENE will remain the #1 in North America, we came to stay.

Veni, vidi, vici 😉

While it looks like that basically every vendor in the US meanwhile has found out that I do not charge anything like a fee from vendors to be added to the lists and some vendors even successfully outsourced dealing with complaints to my mailbox, you might have already guessed: This has to end.


  • Someone else who is not me (SWIM) will launch a forum discussing US vendors.
  • Vendors may apply for a thread in that forum. To cover the costs, SWIM will charge 100 USD per year and vendor.
  • In addition, you send 100 USD to an SOS wallet which SWIM will not touch unless an exit scam happens. In that case, the SOS wallet will be used to at least partially refund scam victims. This means that all vendors sit in the same boat. If there is one scammer, your 100 USD will be transferred to the customers he scammed. So, if you happen to know a guy that is likely to scam, maybe let us know. Deal?
  • Vendors that are already on the RC SCENE US page will be categorized under avoid/sketchy unless they join SWIM’s forum. What would they have to hide to avoid discussing with customers?
  • SWIM won’t perform background checks. The forum is completely open (b/c unlike the criminal drugbuyersguide forum, SWIM won’t allow cocaine dealers.) The community will tell if a vendor is reliable and honest – or not.
  • For starters, however, you will have to call me if you want to become part of this forum. Je m’appelle René, you might have emailed me at some point in your life or have called me. You know me, I am not from the US, no scammer, blackmailer or liar, if you don’t trust me then goodnight.
  • Registration is open for all. The community discusses the vendor. Registration is free of course.
  • As soon as an authentic complaint including proof in form of order confirmation and payment confirmation (can be provided via email) was posted, the vendor’s thread will immediately be disabled and remain invisible until the issue was resolved.
  • Fake complaint => Account will be banned.
  • No opiates! No AP-238 or 2-M-AP-237, no Nitazenes.
  • No scheduled drugs! Mind that Cathinone is a schedule I in the US, so all Cathinones (e.g. 3-MMC) and Pyros (e.g. A-PiHP) are banned substances.
  • Should SWIM catch a dude offering anything Opioid-like or anything illegal, the vendor will be banned. Do not expect any refund action to happen if you break the rules, that is not SWIM’s problem.

SWIM’s team will remain anonymous. To be on the safe side, there won’t be Americans in the team. I will assist them for a while, but I won’t be involved in the project. SWIM is in no way corrupt and I will recommend to not allow any Americans join the team since they could infiltrate us while being on some scammer’s payroll. I am not paranoid, this is daily business for me.

The costs for a secure web host are pretty expensive. 100 USD from 10 vendors would probably cover the costs, but I hope for more of you to be interested so that SWIM does not have to work for free.

Some things like what to do about shilling still need to be discussed.

Why would I pay 100 USD per year to a new forum that starts with zero users?

  • Because RC SCENE will implement it. RC SCENE is the by far most popular and most trusted RC sourcing forum in North America. Forget the rest.
  • Because vendors will be featured/introduced in articles on RC SCENE.
  • Because SWIM is allowed to use the RC SCENE brand and logos and we will cooperate.

I am a vendor and want to join RC SCENE land.

  • Send a photo of your stock via Threema. There needs to be a piece of paper saying “Song 2 – 24/96” on the photos. Do not delete the GPS data or you will be ignored. The data will nowhere be stored electronically, I will write them down. You will only talk to me and I won’t share the data with anybody, not even with SWIM.
  • Provide me with a brief description of how long you have been in the business, if you have access to a lab to have substances tested, how you manage the paying taxes issue, and whatever else that could help your shop portrait. Explain how you could upscale to manage to process about 50 ~ 100 orders a day. There is no need to process that many orders, if you work with a daily gap (e.g. 20 orders per day and then call it a day) that is fine as well. SWIM needs to know though.
  • I don’t want such information stored on a computer. Let’s have a call. Use THREEMA. Thank you.
  • Prepare to offer a small sample for a shop review. You will be contacted. Could take weeks.
  • I want to see your ID. That ID will never be stored anywhere. I will take notes, that’s all. Do not provide your phone number yet, I don’t want them in the mailbox.
  • You swear to never ever scam a single customer. If you still dared to, RC SCENE will report you to the FBI for non-delivery fraud. I will place an order with you to be able to do so.

Allow us about a month before I and then SWIM will get back to you. Thanks.
Rest assured that you will talk to RC SCENE René and nobody else. I think there is no doubt about my integrity.

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Blur – Song 2 (1997)
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“Song 2” was first performed by the band on June 15, 1996 at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden. Damon Albarn told the audience:

I don’t know what it’s called, I don’t even know what it’s about, ‘cos I haven’t really written it yet. At the moment it’s called ‘Song Number 2.’

Damon Albarn

US Domestic RC vendors
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42 thoughts on “+++ @ US Domestic RC vendors wanting to be added to the RC SCENE list +++

  1. Hi I would like to donate the 100$ he’ll let me know I’ve gotten scammed so many times and the stuff I do get was not Drc I my god that place the best ever . Absolute was good I still thin there flualoprazlam is good but I don’t think it is what it is labeled .. please email me back with payment instructions. I’m just regular guy that gets stressed and my plant like the food I gave it hence gave..


    1. Hi Rocky,

      Thanks a million! I will contact you, if BTC or LTC are not an option, maybe PayPal might be?

      However, while I would like to leave you with a present like a US site that will be moderated and enforce a zero-tolerance policy on scammers, toxic waste, or idiots, and will not accept anyone allowing to break any law (no Proton, no Tutanota, nothing scheduled), my offer is to donate up to a hundred working hours. Then it’s yours.

      I do not want the community to pay for it. It will cause maintenance = costs, b/c you will never find anybody ever again to do this all for free. In the end, however, you would donate to a project that will greedy vendors make rich and richer. I don’t think that would be okay.

      I promise this is going to happen, but right now, but if greedy vendors think I would collect money from the community in order to only make them richer, then there will be a delay.

      Thanks again!


    2. Hi,

      A forum advertising/offering/selling obviously illegal things like illicit pharmaceuticals or cocaine, running a scam scheme, or otherwise being corrupt – no problem at all. We all know those US forums.

      A forum that is not corrupt does not scam you, does not sell cocaine, is not involved in money laundering, however, does not seem to be popular with US LE and US companies, since they either work with them (DEA informants are usually not undercover DEA agents but criminals) or make a fortune by enabling others to scam you (US IT companies).

      Since UPS already threatened to sue me for defamation in case I would dare to mention that they make a fortune with smuggling drugs; Dutch companies try to play an evil game on me; And, last not least, I am under the impression that the DEA is pretty aggressive when it comes to defending their illegal dbg forum – things I did not expect at all – I am not sure if I can help you.

      I thought I could prepare something, hand it over to honest folks and they manage it themselves because I certainly won’t. Now with that Legit RC incident, I would not trust anyone anymore. Even if we accepted only vendors that certainly break no law, pay taxes and accept that may monitor their sales – they immediately start to contact customers behind our backs and sell them or scam them or whatever those shitheads have in mind.

      Then, I would have created and funded (together with you) a tool that might be abused by sick-minded criminals. That is out of the discussion. That won’t happen.

      That the law is not clear on what is actually scheduled and what not is a tool that could be used against us.

      I hate scammers and I would love to do something about them. For the US, I will try it my way (media literacy, raising awareness, motivating you to report them to https://www.ic3.gov), for Europe I will prove that it is possible; but the US are an insane place. No offense intended.

      Here is something I would love to make happen, but can’t do for you. I will try to help your campaign and raise awareness for this issue, but my passport says South Africa, and I just recently moved from Iceland to Denmark, so I am not a US citizen.


      I want those newly emerging opiates (foremost Nitazenes and Methyl-Piperazines) to be scheduled. The DEA can actually schedule substances quite quickly by temporarily scheduling them. Anyone could ask for such toxic waste trash drugs to be scheduled:


      The CSA also provides a mechanism for substances to be controlled (added to or transferred between schedules) or decontrolled (removed from control). The procedure for these actions is found in Section 201 of the Act (21U.S.C. §811).
      Proceedings to add, delete, or change the schedule of a drug or other substance may be initiated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), or by petition from any interested party, including:

      The manufacturer of a drug
      A medical society or association
      A pharmacy association
      A public interest group concerned with drug abuse
      A state or local government agency
      An individual citizen

      I will contact you later this week and I would love to invite anybody who cares about that not only ongoing but constantly worsening opiate pandemic, that now also has hit Europe, to maybe provide with tips and help that petition to change things for the better to email to info @ rc-scene com

      THANK YOU.

      PS: That scammers problem asks for more brains than mine, I will see what I can do. But not today. Sorry.


  2. KOMPROMAT, we spoke yesterday and would like to recap….I have stock an a pastbin….encrypted email….hit call me back


  3. I’m a little confused on the topic, so excuse my dumb question. After reading, I’m not sure if the US vendors will have their own website or if it will be a part of RC-Scene’s website? Also will it be free for customers and a link posted in one of RC-Scene’s news articles or will it be an invite only type thing?
    Thanks so much!


    1. A) Discussing things with Alex B) Calling William C) Asking a lawyer D) It will be open for everyone, nothing hidden, and every vendor will have its own threat. We can’t embed it into RC SCENE but RC SCENE will introduce them before they join the forum. Open for everyone, but spam, lies, and shilling => permanent ban. I think of a forum, b/c Joel thinks forums would be more accurate and that he is dealing with defamation. He is also into shilling, which needs to be moderated by friends who can see and read between the lines.

      Allow us some time. I have a genius, I am thinking about taking a guy with authority and experience from team II to join team USA, it should be three of them so that no one would have check comments and what’ going daily. I can right not even guess what hosting will cost, and if it can be non-profit but still allow a minor compensation for everyone spending his time.

      If the vendors want to launch a shop or a Paste, need to be thought through. Those impersonators could ruin the idea. I tend to think that especially for new vendors, sticking to their threat would help both.

      I am giving them a third of RC SCENE’s traffic. If they should fail or be corrupt, I take them offline. I want an unbiased project that you can trust, of course. It won’t be RC SCENE, that’s me, and I cannot make money with it. But you will recognize them as being friends.

      Please don’t contact me yet, I will explain how we do it soon.

      Kind regards!


  4. This may seem ignorant to post this, but after reading the article I’m unsure on how this will start up. I’m assuming the forum of US vendors will have a new website, correct? If that’s the case will it be posted in an article here on RC-Scene? Also how will customers, like myself, have access to the forum/webpage? Sorry for sounding dumb. I’m just a little confused.

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    1. Since we deal with criminal networks that no scruples and scammed out of a shitload of money from u, I think I will consult somebody special, I’d like to hide the forum and provide a kind of encrypted links from the RC SCENE US page. I hope to find somebody who could program such a thing. The links should not be found via Google, the server should be invisible – but that is science fiction to me. Not if sure it that would be possible even. I am not a technician. But I will found out.


    2. The US causes way too much maintenance, and you never know what they are doing behind your back. I offered them to prepare a website that they need to manage themselves, those greedy fucks, however, think I would pay for their website and refuse to accept rules (no ProtonMail, no scamming, no scheduled substances, …).

      I have no clue what LegitRC is involved in, I don’t wanna know.

      I think I will still prepare a site for them (not for DN vendor & scammer friends like LegitRC) but for few vendors who are willing to not break the law, etc. The site will be open for all. RC SCENE is portraying and discussing this ugly industry, so, if they don’t fuck up by, e.g., have a scammer joining them, the vendors might be portrayed on RC SCENE, but will not be added to the list. I don’t want to deal with those retarded vendors and their pathetic junkies anymore. No one ever said thank you, btw. Everybody knows that there is no money involved, the lists were compiled without contacting any vendors – still, not a single vendor ever stood up to defend RC SCENE against stupid lies. Fuck them.

      Still, it can’t be impossible to find 10 honest people among 300 million.

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      1. Du hast keine Ahnung, wie es hier drüben ist, Bruder, die RC-Szene ist so verkorkst, dass es unglaublich mit Betrügern und Kriminellen und Lügnern und Drogensüchtigen ist

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  5. Appreciate ur response. benzo addicts can be a lot worse than opi addicts consider yourself fortunate not to see that in people firsthand so agree to disagree there. But I’m not privy to all of that background info you just gave so now it makes more sense. I’m just of the opinion that if you want less zene addicts it would help to raise awareness of newer more promising and much safer compounds on the horizon. As of now that’s just o-dsmt and dipyanone but we’ll see new ones in the future hopefully. IMO zenes are so popular because everyone’s tolerance is fucked from fentalogues already so I think that cats been long out of the bag already. Hope to see the site flourish regardless

    take care


    1. **Opiate addiction needs to be treated and not prolonged.

      **There are no safe opiates.

      Those ugly souls making money with opiates have and will never offer anything safe. They want addicts. Methyl piperazines and Nitazenes are very moreish, they seem to produce a short-lived high. Like a crack version of heroin. They make few rich and destroy many.

      The US are 300 million “legal” citizens, and, what do I know, maybe 50 million that are not found in statistics.

      The DEA employs maybe 5,000 agents and 10,000 people altogether.

      Now get this: There are about 30,000 criminal gangs (!) in the USA. I assume they are groups of at least two and that they selling drugs.

      The relation does not seem right.

      I don’t know what the DEA is good for, all I see is a yearly report describing that the Fent problem has gotten worse again. I think the most recent report even mentions a new record in fatalities related to Fent which now is also coming from Mexico. I think they insinuate that Mexican stuff would often be tainted since they lack the know-how over there and therefore causes more harm.

      I say they are underfinanced.
      The US are bankrupt. That’s no secret. I think China and the USA each have a higher debt than all other countries together. I don’t know why, it makes no sense to me. That yearly government shutdown discussion here is as absurd as unique. I could not remember ever having heard of any other country shutting down the government and not paying their staff.

      I say they are corrupt and dumb.
      Remember this one? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/dea-chief-retires-over-handling-colombia-sex-scandal-n345871

      When Greece was killed by the Deutsche Bank they needed to close schools, hospitals, public broadcasting, terrible. But they never would just stop existing, a government shutdown is like switching from democracy to anarchy. That Americans keep going to work even though the government refuses to pay them, is your biggest luck.

      That you elect politicians that dream of a space army, and lower taxes for the richest 5 percent, cannot be explained other than with your stupid media (FOX News would probably not get a license in Germany, you cannot broadcast lies and conspiracy theories all day) and an obviously failed education system.

      If stupid government bodies hate each other and your president (who left quite a mess/heritage) thinks of himself as a stable genius although he managed to go bankrupt with a casino (George W. Bush Jr. even managed to go bankrupt with an oil company), so allow at least me to warn against opiates and any form of being or becoming an addict.

      Until 2019, only Canada and the US would deal with an opiate crisis. Swiss is on cocaine which does not seem to be a serious issue, China is desperately fighting Meth, Germany seems to deal with speed addicts and therefore takes down DN markets, no matter wherever they hide; step by step, but successfully.

      This year, Europol describes an opiate crisis to be likely to hit Europe. Why? Because that COVID virus makes people feel lonesome (complete lockdowns, no parties, no restaurants, not even meeting friends and family is allowed.) Lonesome people a prone to trying opiates. I think is a fad, Europe won’t suffer an opiate crisis.

      The US, however, seem to be dealing with that shit forever already. I mean how hard can it be? Senator Sanders addressed the drug pandemic in each and every one of his speeches in 2016.

      This is a parody, but you will surely remember that he did raise awareness for that issue.

      WordPress/Automattic is a Swiss company, but WordPress.com, our dear web host, is located in the US. I am a guest here, and thankful that they host and protect the websites and I will definitely not allow anyone to spread lies about opiates here. Addiction is nothing to be proud of. Dying in poverty is not cool. You might see Reddit and think everybody does Opiates, but those hypocrites allow bubbles that produce addicts, 349 million Americans are not stupid, but they don’t meet in some Reddit sub to celebrate themselves as addicts do.

      Fentanyl and Heroin are Schedule I.
      Cocaine is Schedule II.
      Benzos are Schedule IV.

      Now tell me again that Benzos are the problem.
      Do me a favor and OD on your “safe” opiates. Maybe that will make you wake up.

      The US are losing to fucking opiates and everyone advertising them is an idiot. Period.

      I think Paracelsus and many more RC vendors will not stock such trash ever again. Sellkies took them off the menu when I asked him to have a look at what these things actually are. The new US team and the vendors discussed there will share the same ethics. They will sign with Kømp just like RC SCENE does.

      I think I can win Joel to waive on dangerous opioids and join them. If Para stops offering toxic waste, the whole market will change. You will see.


  6. I gotta say you should consider allowing any opi rcs so long as they are near morphine in potency. because we have a crisis with extremely strong zenes and toxic buccinogues there needs to be attention shifted to promising substances as they become available such as dipyanone and desmethylmoramide. Just something to consider. Opiate addicts don’t deserve to be scammed either even if some of them can be shitty

    Take care


    1. Producing addicts is not what RC SCENE is about. If you want to justify your desperate need for being or becoming an opiate junkie, the hypocrites over at Reddit will welcome you with open arms.


      1. Didn’t see you mention benzos so I guess your selective about which addictions you enable ? 😉 I suppose if you didn’t allow those you wouldn’t have much traffic tho

        It’s not for me or probably anyone who frequents ur site even considering you have the listings for the intl vendors on the sidebar. weird to have such animosity for one particular class of drug user but be perfectly fine with another that’s just as destructive and addictive and prevalent. But I guess you need those ones after ur pyro binges


        1. If you allow advertising for opiate vendors on a site like this it will only be a matter of time before there is a string of overdose deaths and the site gets shut down by law enforcement. It sucks for those who use opiates but thats the way it is. Benzos cause some bullshit but law enforcement does not have a hard-on for them like they do opiates. Its also much less likely a benzo user is going to end up dead unless they are a polydrug user and in most instances of benzo related deaths opiates seem to be a factor as well.

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        2. From my experience, I can only say that it seems impossible to get hooked on benzos. The exception to the rule is the probably very toxic Clonazolam, which is no benzo but a party drug.

          Benzo withdrawals are unpleasant, no doubt about that, but I did so much Etizolam last year, b/c Liu used to sell me 10 grams for 100 USD and not charge for shipping, but would always send 25 grams. When the first two hundred death threats flooded the mailbox, I got extremely nervous, and nothing works better than Etizolam. Maybe I do not respond to benzos anymore. To avoid a panic attack, I would insufflate a gram and feel okay again.

          I have some in the fridge, just in case, but I do not feel not the slightest desire to take it.

          That those benzo solutions are so popular in the US is probably not because of the benzo (3mg is nothing) but because of the strong liquor you mix them with. You are not hooked on benzos; you are an alcoholic.

          In Ireland, Etizolam is said to cause many fatalities. I think that is only half the truth. People might mix opiates with benzos and inject them and die. That’s why a look at https://psychonaut.wiki might be a good idea from time to time.

          Some people do not understand that certain benzos remain active for days. If you get drunk on Monday, take some benzo with a long half-life on Tuesday, and any toxic waste heroin on Friday, because you are way too clever to take Ibuprofen, then the benzo could still be in the bloodstream and might surprise you.

          I take an SNRI for breakfast that is stronger than most pyros these days. The new white batch by TRC and the cheaper one of the two A-PHP batches Predator offers are the only ones that make my heart beat faster. A-PiHP I like because of its serotonin component, but I do tiny amounts. I cannot drink coffee; it is way too strong for me and always ends with paranoia. The pyros of these days have a lower action profile than a cup of coffee.

          For binges, I am too old. My next stop in terms of drugs will be Viagra ;-D


          The elephant in the room, being discussed in the Netherlands, but, of course, not in the oh-so-great USA: Twilson opened my eyes. I then checked from where the death threats had been coming: Believe it or not: Often from public schools.

          That’s probably why Jacob used a fake sender name for letters, even when shipping within the Netherlands. That not all RC vendors are sane and responsibly acting is undoubtedly why benzos have become weaker and weaker over the past years. Children order NPS. That would explain why I receive emails from people I thought to be nuts. No, they still go to school, and their parents don’t care. Perry told me, at his school, drugs were an issue. And if you read the Predator review with the history of NPS in Poland: 90% of teenagers knew what NPS are. Many teenagers admitted doing them at least once a month.

          That Homeland is seizing letters like never before could be a good thing.

          Also, I believe that the Fent coming from China is distributed through the Netherlands. If you read a quality newspaper, then the photographer is often explaining the problem. Be it TV or newspapers, news coverage about Fent does not show parcels anymore but padded envelopes.


          In Europe, I believe many vendors report orders to social workers or police. Vendors like SI used to tell me when I started ordering too much. They offered me a refund then. Smokey’s mentioned something about a deal with the UN once. And Dutch police used to send me emails reminding me to stick to a healthy lifestyle. How would they have found out my email address?

          When I once was curious about ordering with buckled/chem.eu, Dutch customs seized that order, printed the email, and sent it all together to local police. Why did Dutch customs seize that order? Because this fine Lizard Labs affiliate sold some toxic waste that LE could not even identify. Police asked me why I would have ordered from there. Because the corrupt Reddit admins claimed they would ship from Portugal, which had made me curious. I had never heard of a vendor in Portugal. And there is none; those Reddit admins were corrupt.

          There is one vendor still shipping real Etizolam from China. 10 grams for 245 Euros. Free shipping and free reship in case it doesn’t arrive already included in the price. That vendor does not accept orders from everybody. I think they check back with the destination country, which is why new customers would have to wait two or three weeks before their order is being processed.

          I don’t know for sure, but that’s what I experienced and observed, and I have no better explanation. If you would happen to know, please share your knowledge. Thank you.


        3. A tad presumptive.
          Anyway, I would be +1 one a friend if he was hooked on benzos and not the tainted opiate supply.
          I am for real when I say over 7000 ODs within our territorial boundaries in the last 5 years.

          From my friendly local coroner (who I’ve had the pleasure to talk with)

          Table 5: Top Drugs Involved Among Illicit Drug Toxicity Deaths, 2018-20
          Illicit fentanyl & analogues 87.0%
          Cocaine 48.7%
          Methamphetamine/amphetamine 38.4%
          Other opioids 31.5%
          Ethyl alcohol 29.0%
          Benzodiazepines 5.8%
          Other stimulants 3.0%
          Drugs involved are noted by the coroner as being relevant to the death (this data is only available for concluded investigations).

          As you can see a lot of poly substance abuse involving Fent in their deaths (majority found alone at home)

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          1. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

            I was told that if you ask for dope it would always be fent these days, but those figures are nothing less than shocking. Also, b/c they describe speedballing. That’s unbelievable.

            Just two things:

            Coroners are not necessarily professionals, in parts of the US they would be elected and everyone can apply for such a job.

            Newly emerging, rather exotic substances, like Nitazenes or methyl piperazines, might not be recognized and tested for yet. That does not make a difference here, b/c opiates make 112% anyway.

            What I don’t get is: Even medical-grade fent is torture. If you once were given some in hospital you will never ever want to experience such an ugly comedown again. You crash so badly even in a hospital, where they, of course, try to help you with other meds to soften this insanity; If I were to buy such a thing then only to commit suicide. I think this aspect is not honestly discussed. More people commit suicide (drug deaths are considered accidents and not count as suicides) than die in a car crash. Since we like to point fingers, we count drug deaths, b/c drugs are considered a crime but do not talk about mental health and suicide b/c suicide some think to be a “sin”. If I suffered from depression but could not afford a doctor, then I am not a sinner.

            Thanks again and have a happy day!


    1. I just tried to call 5 minutes ago ;-D
      I am not sure if my number is displayed. I will try again later.

      However, you are no vendor. We will discuss something else.

      With the vendors, I want to make sure they are real and know what they are doing.


        1. I just figured what I did wrong; I am sorry. I need to add a 0 before entering your number.
          I’ll call you tomorrow. I already spoke for hours today; my voice needs to recover. I am not used to talking for hours.
          CU tomorrow, have a happy day!

          Kind regards,


  7. @ ALL VENDORS: This not a joke. I won’t share my brand if I can’t be sure about not getting laid by some small-time crooks. I trust you. You trust me. I don’t make money. You could, if you’re good, become bigger than Paracelsus 5 weeks after I introduced you.

    If you want to remain invisible and leave possible 300 million Americans to a handful of vendors and a shitload of scammers – your choice.

    Trust me, and we break the circle.

    Newbie/Berg scam scheme? Fuck em.

    Sellkies scam scheme? Fuck that fatty.

    dbg forum hiding you? Fuck those future prisoners. Their days are over.

    Receiving 2 orders a week? Fuck that shit. I will make you bigger than Jesus.

    If you don’t trust me, I feel sorry for you.

    If you don’t want to discuss your business via email, I understand that and have bought a phone.

    I have never let anyone of you down.


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    1. O-DSMT is the only one where I will turn a blind eye. Everything meds are no RCs!

      Don’t start with meds, even if it was Ibuprofen or Aspirin. There is an industry behind meds. I would be more cautious about ordering meds than RCs. I would rather buy real drugs than play around with prescription drugs.

      Illicit pharmaceuticals are a big issue and one reason why the DEA has infiltrated that pathetic dbg forum. I have that information in the form of a written statement.

      So no meds. We like RCs/NPS. We won’t endanger RC SCENE by offering meds.

      As long as the US and Canada deal with an opiate crisis, I will not tolerate opiates or their cheap and shitty “replacements.”
      The only reason why 2-M-AP-237 and Nitazenes are so popular among vendors is that they cost like nothing (1 USD a gram). It’s sheer greed.

      If you think greed, Dread and DBG are maybe open for you.

      RC SCENE already half a year discusses vendor responsibility.
      If I see a US vendor selling toxic waste opiates, he is none of us.


      1. Counterfeit Prescription Drugs

        This is why I advise against playing with illicit meds. While I don’t know if the DEA indeed exists, or if they happened to have paid for web hosting for years in advance and so the website still reminds of them, now that the FBI will clean up what I call a failed state, I may assure you that those guys do their job.


        They have produced an inspiring YT clip, btw:


        My colleagues, and I, didn’t choose this outfit to get rich. FBI agent is a 24/7 job. (..) What pushed me to apply was the mystique about it, that it’s the elite law enforcement in the world. (..) There are over 13,000 special agents in the FBI, they join from all walks of life. (..) The personnel of the FBI comes from a very diverse background. (..) A personality that doesn’t quit. High moral character, stamina, that wants to overachieve, that needs to overachieve. Capable of doing the impossible. And doesn’t accept a no for an answer. (..)



      2. I think it’s reasonable. if someone has a moderate pain condition or trying substitution for tapering off, odsmt can be good in a way fentalogues couldn’t possibly be a good answer for.

        sadly a great deal of USA interest in rc/nsp is a result of social institutions not designed to solve social needs.

        I wonder if you are familiar with anxiety treatment not approved in US such as 2,3 benzo or alternative gabaergics which show comparable anxiolytic potency with less or no undesirable side effects or dependence/withdrawal?

        one thing I recently noted – a common anaesthetic with an established safety profile, inexpensive to manufacture, old enough to be in public domain, is found to be effective in treating major depression as well as withdrawal from some habit forming substances.

        since these are off label uses, insurance does not cover the cost at all. so users cannot try this treatment for their life threatening condition unless they have thousands in spare cash.

        RC researchers are likely familiar with an Analogue featuring a 2-position substitution (fluoro for chloro I believe).

        no one put either through FDA trials to gain approval for the currently off label use so people could have an affordable treatment.

        one pharma company applied for rush approval. they synthesized the s-enantiomer and made a new metered nasal spray device for it. the price of a treatment course is actually higher than the original off label clinic cost.

        as long as this is permitted, people like me will always need some alternative. and I’m glad I will soon have a new reliable way to buy from trustworthy vendors. thank you.


        1. Before that smart card would not work anymore and lock me out of my computer, which probably cost about 1,000 Euros to have repaired in Sweden, I went through press releases.

          1) Tramadol & O-DSMT = prison. Used to be an uncontrolled substance worldwide, no with the opiate crisis in North America, that seems to have changed. US DN vendors were arrested, which is why – trust me on that one:

          2) DO NOT EVEN BUY A GLASS OF WATER ONY DARKNET MARKETS. According to US law, by simply registering and depositing some on a Darknet market, you become part of a criminal operation that you support financially. This escrow service is the thing. It’s not for free, so even if you bought chewing gum there, which is legal, of course, the fact that you paid a service fee for the escrow to a criminal organization that also offers hitmen and XTC pills makes you a criminal. Do not underestimate this! – GOOD TO KNOW: Not everything in the TOR/Onion network is a DN market. The BBC, Pornhub, or Predator-RC are regular websites that offer a service in the TOR network for different reasons, all three are legal. Don’t mix that up.

          3) O-DMST is opiate and will not be discussed here, please. I was not aware that it is controlled these days.

          4) 60% of DN markets do not allow Fentanyl, opiates, weapons, or hitmen. That at the same time, so many clearnet vendors offer opiates is their soon-to-come end. Guys like lowlife Proximo would not know better; that dude is a mentally challenged freak. But a prison cell is a prison cell; we live inclusion, don’t we?

          5) Opiates, SARMS, and Cannabinoids will make you get blocked for trying to advertise here.

          Thank you for your understanding.

          Kind regards,


        1. I could forward you a written statement and a customer providing me with screenshots about her Proton opened by US Feds. I won’t share those right now; Both files are less than a year old and I am no party in this investigations. Thank you for your understanding.


        2. The DEA is after Fent/XTC/cocaine dealers who are tolerated by the criminals running DBG. The DEA is motivated, as usual, they don’t believe in investigating; they usually rely on “informants” – meaning that if they catch, e.g., Sellkies, then he sells his customers and all contacts/other vendors (he archives chats and emails) to the Feds to avoid being prosecuted himself.

          The only positive thing I can say about the DEA is that they rejected this ridiculous analogue act, a proposal by the government that never became a law. There is no analogue act since that day the DEA published an update on their website, a PDF file, that clearly states that they won’t enforce this silly government proposal and so only schedule I and schedule II analogues are considered a crime.

          DEA = LAW.


          1. No one has ever and will ever be prosecuted because of that dead analogue act. This might be good to know in case some douchebag scammer tries to blackmail you for having ordered schedule IV benzos. There is nothing to be afraid of—worst-case: A fine.

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