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The DarkWeb

We all know we want to avoid the Darknet since already registering and depositing/sending money on/to a DN market is considered a crime: DN markets are obviously illegal, so if they ask for a membership fee or a deposit and you send them money you are funding organized crime. It does not matter, if you even bought or sold anything on such an illegal platform: That you financially support them makes you a criminal.

This, btw., is one of many reasons why the DEA will learn to accept that RC SCENE will change the game. They don’t care about NPS/RCs anyway and we definitely do not care about their Russian money laundering friends or illicit pharmaceuticals from South America friends; Neither is anyone with RC SCENE envy of the cocaine-fueled sex orgies that usually Colombian drug cartels pay for, and which DEA agents are well known to enjoy. Such scandals involving the DEA, did not happen only once or twice. Those scandals are what the DEA considers to be work, I guess. Newspaper archives can make one look damn stupid if you cannot spell a term like “corrupt cop.”

So, what is this DarkWeb?

A web shop like The Real RC that requires a login could possibly offer few substances exclusively to selected customers, imagine, e.g, Petra, Mike and João could be offered a selection of meanwhile banned Fentanyl analogs while the average customer is only offered opioids like Nitazenes or Methyl-Piperarizenes, which highly addictive, dangerous and insanely toxic – but considered legal.

I am not saying this would or had ever been the case. No, of course not! Still, it would be technically possible, and if you maybe happened to be known for having a history of shipping Fentanyl worldwide, including to unsuspicious addresses like, what do I know, maybe, Vienna International Centre, PO Box 500 in 1400 Vienna, Austria, which, seen from a business perspective, can hardly be argued against, because if you didn’t sell hard drugs to the United Nations Office On Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Headquarter, someone else maybe would, and the last thing you wanted was someone else making money that could have been yours.

You know people, they would always think the worst of you, no matter what a friendly, honest, clever and responsibly acting person you are. Those silly people… You know me, I surely ain’t a fan of theirs.

I remember a website in Germany known to be a popular invite-only METH/AMP marketplace and thus considered to be DarkWeb. Certain forums may be considered DarkWeb. Even seemingly 😉 serious services like Bitcoin and Monero exchanges providing an imprint that says Latvia might be DarkWeb.

That webshop you ordered cocaine from, and two weeks later, sent an email asking for my opinion on that shop, since it immediately provided payment instructions but ghosts you since you sent the money, and, which you say seems almost suspicious to you, the cocaine has not yet arrived, either; Well, you got scammed, of course, and I’d say it happened in the DarkWeb.

No offense, but I am under the impression that any website populated by Americans cannot help but become DarkWeb. US citizens openly offer, sell and buy cocaine on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t mind, the US government does not believe in holding businesses responsible for whatever their customers/users use their services for. So, the more of you register with Instagram to buy cocaine, the more ad revenues for Mark Zuckerberg, with no no risk involved for him, because the US are run and governed by stable geniuses.

The DarkWeb could be described as (possibly) illegal websites/services that are available on the clearnet, the internet; and thus accessible for everyone with any web browser.

They often would, but do not necessarily require a login. The DarkWeb does not hide in the Onion TOR Darknet, or behind complicated to use tools. DarkWeb criminals simply register with corrupt IT companies, are indexed and advertised by Google & Co., protected by, especially, the US government and their crazy fuck idea of IT services not being responsible for whatever their customers use their services for. The DarkWeb is accessible under unsuspicious URIs like, e.g.,

Is RC SCENE considered DarkWeb?

Is a book author describing the Catholic Church considered a pedophile? NO! Neither will RC SCENE ever being taken down, there is nothing wrong about us. Of course, I had noticed that “sourcing sites”, be it forums or subs on Reddit, all got shut down; And not only that: They are not even available in archives anymore; It’s like they had never existed. Also, there seems to be a common understanding to not to mention NPS vendors at all. Few years ago, EMCDDA publications would mention names and provide screenshots even of illegal DN marketplaces.

That stopped few years ago.

My theory: The WHO and your governments do not care about you. They know they fucked up. They allowed Fentanyl analogs to remain considered unscheduled NPS for what feels like ages and so are responsible for having caused damage beyond imagination. So they chose to rather have people overdosing on newly emerging opiates than allowing discussion.

In fact, the only country I am aware of that made mentioning NPS illegal is Bulgaria: You up to a 1 year prison if you got caught. Fun fact: This rcvendors_com forum (a scam scheme, stay away!) and their admins live in Bulgaria. That I made this public, and even provided the admin’s private mobile number (which used to be  +40 757 530 799), did not stop them from scamming you.

I tell you: Nobody cares about us.

BTW, all forums, that includes Reddit subs, had always been corrupt. They took and take money from vendors like The Real RC and Paracelsus to spread lies. They invite cocaine dealers. Some, like RCVP/Plants4Food even invite scammers.

Not to forget: It is definitely illegal for vendors to operate forums.

I actually expected to have to defend RC SCENE. Hosting offshore, hiding behind usually questionable companies, registered in, e.g., Iceland, is not my cup of tea, though. A corrupt state attorney south from here made me nervous. Just for the record: He was never convicted, he could sue me for calling him corrupt, because their justice system is based on: When in doubt, give the defendant the benefit of the doubt. I still know he is corrupt. That state attorneys, like the police, seem to be able to get away with anything, does not mean I were wrong. He is corrupt.

That the justice system must not be hurt by random lawsuits – I totally understand. But I also believe the justice system should make sure to not allow corrupt freaks to undermine them. That douchebag gave me headaches, because even though he lives in a far away town, you never know what that freak would do next.

I thought a while about whether to link to shops or better play safe and only provide screenshots, but when I realized how fast criminals would use our original content and even created scam shop clones that would have looked like the screenshots, the decision was clear. A website is not a book. you need understand the format.

To come to an end: Since RC SCENE is a journalistic non-profit project, I firmly believe that I must not be discriminated against Google who are allowed to make a fortune by displaying the exact content. Do the maths.

But you made scammer Sellkies popular!?

Just because the stupid US publish mugshots everytime they arrest somebody, does not mean those photos were showing criminals. That Sellkies was helping his granny baking for XMAS, drove to Walmart to buy Flour (a kind of white powder) and that corrupt cops arrested him because they are even more stupid than corrupt and pressed charges against him for drug trafficking cocaine and crack, without even having had tested the flour, does not make him a criminal.

I knew he is friends with scammer JBerg, but we got along well, he had a job, seemed to be a nice guy, and his website and the products he decided to offer I found worth mentioning. That he is a split personality and turned out to be a really mean criminal; A terrorist who can thank god that I am a nice guy. I did not expect that at all and still am sorry for having him introduced. Maybe, he will get back to senses.

The US, however, must go. If Legit is not willing to provide me with a loan, they can go to hell. I won’t accept donations from the community for the US project. I need donations badly for RC SCENE and I will gladly get back to you soon. Thank you so much for your trust and offering help! The US site will happen. If oh so poor Legit RC plays dumb, he has options enough: The soon to be investigated organized crime ring aka dbg forum, the newbie/berg scam scheme forum, Kindergarten Discord, you name them…

On a side note

Some of you read my diary (we have an opiate/opioid discussion page now!), and yes, I feel like having fallen of the tracks lately, demoralized, disappointed and sad; But don’t worry about me. Thank you for kind emails, I will get over it. And then outsource the US and hand it over to you folks, my dear US White Trash Junkie Crowd.

But not today.

Is The Real RC still considered Darknet?

No, the TRC webshop is okay to go now. Alex quickly reacted and changed the website. You do not need to login anymore to see the products, and instead of showing milk and vitamins, he welcomes you with 3-MMC. The shop still requires you to create an account if you wanted to place an order, but it does no longer hide the fact that it offers NPS.

That said, it wouldn’t be Alex, if he would have not gotten mad and opened a Kindergarten Discord, which is not encrypted and everybody can join, but definitely problematic. If you own a drug webshop, you must not run a forum to advertise your drugs. Does nobody remember Champ Legals?

Are other vendors mentioned on RC SCENE considered DarkWeb?

I don’t think so; could not tell for sure, either, but the problem with TRC was not really the shop design, I think. Their payment processor coinpayments_net, however, seems suspicious as it gets.

That BTC exchange closed your account?

No. They have not yet. I think they finally understood that if you prove their silly accusations to be wrong, add a lawyer in CC, provide an email address for a police officer to confirm my statement to be authentic, and, although I have not yet felt like it but will definitely do, and announce to ask Europol to back me and my findings, then I might maybe not be a criminal.

The IP address recorded to have initiated the allegedly suspicious BTC transaction points to a company based in Seattle and was provided by a company (I guess US-based, but active worldwide) that offers something like promising a new internet, I have no clue what they do, and they have not called me back, of course.

So, next step will be calling that company, asking Europol to have a look at it, maybe he finds time and cannot only back me up but hopefully even find out who this IP belongs to, and might be able explain what this service does, because splitting a single input into multiple outputs indeed looks suspicious, but what do I know.

Then, I will email LiteBit again. And maybe leave it there, maybe not.

Thing is: I think know why they tried to erase my transaction history and threatened me in a quite condescending tone. I think someone bribed them to get rid of me. The transaction they complained about was less than 250 Euros, and they must have known that there is no Coinmixer involved. Wasabi transactions look differently. is acknowledged by the Federal Banks in The Netherlands and in France and just recently joint forces with some IT company, they want to grow.

If they themselves should be involved in enabling money laundering and that payment interface The Real RC uses is what I think it is, then things not look good for them.

We will see. I am still puzzled.

Screenshot of, a Dutch crypto exchange – The most – The single most condescending Crypto Exchange everCrypto exchange in the world

Emails received from lying about allegedly high-risk transactions

From: Team CDD (LiteBit – Support)

Subject: [LiteBit] Account closure due to high risk transaction(s)


During one of our checks from the blockchain analysis of your transactions of the past months, we noticed that one or more transactions have taken place from or to risky third parties. Unfortunately, this is contrary to our trade policy and represents too great a risk for us. We cannot facilitate these transactions and have therefore decided to close the account. There are still funds left in your account. We ask you to withdraw these funds.

The high-risk transactions to which we refer concern one or more of the following subjects:

Using mixing services

Using platforms known for scams (Ponzischeme or pyramid scheme)

Using Crypto ATMs Using the DarkWeb

Our decision to close the account cannot be changed, unfortunately, no new account may be created to continue trading. Our research results are not open for discussion.

We hope to have provided you with sufficient information. If you still have questions, respond to this email.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Met vriendelijke groet/Kind regards,

Team CDD 2525 Ventures BV //


(email from Crypto Exchange, Rotterdam)

Multiple times, crypto from your Litebit account was indirectly spent at mixing service, called Wasabi Wallet. One of those transactions took place on (..).

Mixing services are used to hide the origin and/or destination of funds. Such counterparties form an unacceptable risk for us.

As mentioned before our decision is irreversible. Your account will definitvely be closed on Thursday, after that period you have no more access to your account. You can now still withdraw your funds. It’s your choice.

Met vriendelijke groet/Kind regards,
Team CDD
2525 Ventures BV //

(email from Crypto Exchange, Rotterdam, threatening to steal my money)

For the sake of erasing doubt: These are the first couple of the emails received from and sent to Rotterdam.

Please mind that this document is real and contains personal details. Do not share it, do not quote from it. You may, actually, I decided to publish it as well.

Still, please contact before you do so. Explain who you are, the context in which it will be used, and which paragraphs you might be interested in. Thank you for your understanding.

Please mind that this document is real and contains personal details. Do not share it, do not quote from it. You may, actually, I decided to publish it as well.

Still, please contact before you do so. Explain who you are, the context in which it will be used, and which paragraphs you might be interested in. Thank you for your understanding.


The DEA & their sex orgies (cocaine and hookers paid for by South American drug cartels). A non-exhaustive list, just to give an idea what they do with your taxes besides from protecting scammers, blackmailers – the dbg forum:

CBS/AP, 2010:

Colombia prostitution scandal report blames DEA agents

REUTERS, 2015:

US DEA drug-agents alleged sex parties going on since 2001

Office of the Inspector General, US Department of Justice. A report from 2015:

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) conducted this review to assess how the Department of Justice’s (Department) four law enforcement components respond to sexual misconduct and harassment allegations made against their employees. This review examined the nature, frequency, reporting, investigation, and adjudication of such allegations in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF); the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); and the United States Marshals Service (USMS).

The Guardian/AP, 2015:

Money to pay prostitutes was part of government-funded ‘operational budget’, says internal report on agency embroiled in sex scandal. Drug Enforcement Administration administrator Michele Leonhart said she could not fire DEA agents involved in the disciplinary proceedings due to ‘civil service protections’.

Die Presse/APA/AFP, 2015:

Orgies by officials with prostitutes paid by drug cartels force the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA, Michele Leonhart, to resign. Three DEA agents took money and weapons: For years, Colombian narcotics agents had organized parties with prostitutes for their U.S. colleagues in their apartments. The DEA agents should have known, according to the U.S. Justice Department, that the prostitutes were being paid by local cartels. Colombian police officials also testified that at least three DEA agents in leadership positions received money, gifts and weapons from cartel members. Holder sent a memo this month to his department’s 113,000 employees urging them not to associate with prostitutes.

WSJ (Wall Street Journal), 2015:

DEA Chief Michele Leonhart to Step Down. She also distanced herself from the Justice Department’s effort to scale back some prison sentences for nonviolent drug crimes…

AP (Associated Press), 2018:

Three agents quit DEA’s high-profile Bogota office amid accusations they passed secrets to drug cartels and used government cash for prostitutes

The highest-ranking DEA official in South America, Richard Dobrich, is accused of ordering Colombian drivers working at the US embassy to hire sex workers

Two other agents, Jose Irizarry and Jesse Garcia, are also being investigated

The scrutiny over misconduct adds to the already mounting pressure on the DEA

Cocaine production and seizures in Colombia surged to a record high last year


Anti-Money-Laundering-Laws receiving updates

According to my notes, a new anti money laundering guideline (AML) is in effect in Europe since April 21, 2021. I couldn’t find the bookmark, will be added soon.

I understand that decentralized money laundering coin mixing services have finally been made illegal. This Wasapi thing is an app that not only uses the TOR network but is some kind of P2P-thing, similar to Bittorrent file sharing, where multiple parties are involved.

Advertising on an obvious illegal platform like the dbg forum is considered a crime in Europe since 2019 already. Jacob and Alex nonetheless sent/send them money.

Does greed make one blind?


You are not a criminal if you send money a seemingly legal and honest business that happens to be a tax evasion master. Don’t allow anyone to threat you with false accusations.

Don’t use Burner phones, XMR Monero, coin mixing services or the Darknet. While you cannot know if a Dutch webshop is a criminal, using obviously illegal services like Monero or coin mixers will always make you look suspicious.

Forget those things!

If you do not break the law, why would desperately want to make yourself look like you did?

You see those links below? I don’t know about you, but I surely prefer not to make headlines like these:

EU Anti-money-laundering package 2021

EU Anti Money Laundering Update 2021

USA: Amendments to the Anti-Money-Laundering-Act in 2021

EU: Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2021. 40% of organized crime networks are trading illegal drugs.(April 2021)

ANOM is like Burner Phones in Australia. The FBI ran that company. (June 2021)

ANOM: FBI, Europol & friends arrested 800 criminals in biggest ever LE operation against encrypted communication (June 2021)

Yorba Linda Man Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Operating Illegal ATM Network that Laundered Bitcoin and Cash for Criminals (May 2021)

Individual Arrested and Charged with Operating Notorious Darknet Cryptocurrency “Mixer” (April 2021)

Europol explaining the illegal Wasabi Coin Mixing Service (April 2020)

To be continued

Hej! You are no fun! You are no fun! You are a song I never wanna hear again.

Find The Real RC‘s shop description and address here.

13 thoughts on “The Real RC (TRC) > High Risk Transactions & The DarkWeb [ Trusted Shop Review pt.2 ]

    1. Virgin Media is a British telecommunications company that provided telephone, television, and internet services in the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are at Green Park in Reading, England.[2] It is owned by Virgin Media O2, a 50:50 joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefónica.

      Since the acquisition of Smallworld Cable in 2014, Virgin Media is the sole national cable company in Great Britain and currently covers 51% of UK households. Virgin Media competes primarily in broadband with Sky, BT Group, and TalkTalk, and in mobile with EE, Vodafone, and Three.

      On 7 May 2020, Liberty Global reached an agreement with Telefónica to merge their UK businesses, Virgin Media and O2, in a deal worth £31bn, subject to regulatory approval by the Competition and Markets Authority. The CMA approved the merger on 19 May 2021, and the merger was completed on 1 June 2021.[48] This created one of the UK’s largest entertainment and telecommunications companies, to rival BT Group. The resulting company is called VMED O2 UK Limited, operating as Virgin Media O2.

      ….I hope you get my hint? I cannot help you with such.

      I have not spoken to vendors in a while, not sure if the UK, since that glorious idea of leaving the EU, might have become a sort of Alcatraz island. I surely would not order from there.

      There is a surprisingly big scene still operating WITHIN the UK. Would probably take 30 minutes ~ up to an hour. That’s 60 ~ 120 Euros. Send an email, if interested, I can do the research and call you back. I need to tell you that the blanket UK ban is nothing to mess with, though.


    2. Hi Marius,

      I would not necessarily mess with Cathinones (a-PCYP, MF-PVP, Eutylone, a-D2PV, 3-MMC, A-PHP, 4f-A-PVP, 4-MPM, NEP and anything Pentedrone, etc. = ALL CATHINONES) since Cathinone is a schedule I in the US, and also scheduled in France, Switzerland, Germany, etc.

      A-PHP is actually explicitly mentioned to be scheduled in many countries. It took me a while to find out, because while the US have PHP mentioned, other countries would only mention Rolicyclidine. Again: Rolicyclidine ;-D WHY???

      Then again, the DEA does not seem to care about NPS anyway.

      Germany, however, is likely to fine you when trying to import it.

      Don’t know about other countries.

      In Turkey, I think they hang you. I remember a flight, wenn B. came and asked us to please listen, because this would be really important: If any of us had any drugs in his or her hand-luggage, then NOW would THE moment, to put into her bag.

      So, first make sure that you are not from Turkey.

      BTW: Earlier this week, the DEA published a press release, something about that Kingpin Act. They celebrated themselves for having seized smoking blends in Afghanistan and Kuwait (or similar countries of which I neither could find on a map without having to search for them). It’s all about setting the right priorities, obviously…

      I cannot recommend any vendors if Cathinones were scheduled in your country.

      TRC = RTC (use the search function, the comments here hold quite some details, they only pretend to be silly) and have one good substance: White A-PHP powder rocks.

      FX could still have good A-PihP;

      Chemcloud could have the same white A-PHP powder rocks;

      Predator didn’t call, does not look too good with the US, from I understand, but if people are afraid of talking to me, I cannot tell for sure, and I don’t give a fuck. Why would anyone refuse to call me???

      Chem-Casino has some Cathinones, I doubt that they would make you happy, though.

      a-PCYP, and a-D2PV I would avoid. They have a shelf-life of maybe two weeks, they would probably be dead before arrived.

      GP Perry could have tiny amounts of lesser-known substances left.

      Scammer & Terrorist Sellkies smuggled about 10,000 grams of A-PiHP into the states, but I doubt he would directly sell it. I think this is his harm reduction campaign: As lazy he might be, he spent quite a while on preparing e-liquids that I believe to be a mix of A-PihP and CBD oil, but I never asked. Again: He offers a schedule I claiming to be harm reduction since Tobacco would be evil, evil, evil. Which is true, still, why would he offer a schedule I for a replacement. Too many grey hair already, I will sure die before I get 15. ;-D

      LegitRC announced a TEAM USA Vendor Alliance, which will be featured here in all details. Afaik they can even provide Fent and Oxy and Crack, I am so disappointed, I don’t know what to do with this. The first three blurry photos, leave under the impression, I was to blame for having been too naive. That they announce an Alliance about the same time, I started planning on how to have their friends prosecuted, is ironic. That they think I would even care tells me they still don’t understand RC SCENE. This is not a fucking marketing platform!

      I cannot make money with the topic, still have immense costs to cover.

      You could always use the BTC and LTC wallets provided on the donation page. However, if fees are still high, then 100 USD would end up becoming sthg. like 60, which is just stupid.

      I will email you. Not today, but sure will do.



  1. I thought you were cool with trrc? I was use reshippers to order to usa. Id rather find a european that would let me send to them then pay them.for services but idk who to trust. Might just use the office in france


    1. RC SCENE is purely descriptive.

      Dude, I did not ask to be blacklisted and dumped by a BTC exchange I am fully verified with (they are allowed to exchange and update data with my private bank!!!). That happened after three times paying for an order placed with TRC. In six or so years, they never had complained or asked questions about transactions. Read their email, now I am blacklisted for supporting a criminal.

      Alex did not offer discounts or samples for the TRC Shop Review Marathon, which, seen from a business perspective, can hardly be argued against, because if we spend more money on the review than he helped us with donations, it’s the thing to do, of course.

      In his defense: I told him how much work the shop reviews are, so he provided random product pics of really poor quality that do not even look like the actual products he offers and he thought I would use them and add some blah-blah about products I had never even held in hands, which I found insulting and disappointing.

      That does not mean Alex is/will/or had ever been treated unfairly!
      RC SCENE is completely unbiased.

      That he funds organized crime, is considered problematic due to the strict anti-money laundering laws, and that he used to ship Fentanyl (sometimes in transparent envelopes!) to any address on the planet, is all facts. RC SCENE is not a marketing platform. It’s portraying and discussing the scene.

      The idea is not to make greedy fuck drug dealers even richer but to openly talk about things, to raise awareness, to demand quality, to show shadows and lights, to warn against mislabeled rat poison, etc. – in order to help the community. Because nobody else ever did, does, and never will.

      If I tell you to stay the fuck away from coin mixers, burner phones, Monero, and the Darknet, then this is not because I wanted to promote my own Darknet or my own questionable coins or my own crypto phones or whatever illegal services I run.

      RC SCENE is the only legal and accepted website on the planet discussing NPS and vendors. Also, the only one that makes a remarkable loss. There is no doubt about my integrity. They know in Europe, in China, in India, in Africa, in Australia; Yes, few Americans are stupid beyond imagination and cannot or do not want to see that this is professional investigative quality journalism – and completely unbiased.

      Gladly, the majority of Americans are not stupid, they are friends. And where I come from, we do not let friends down.

      PS: I don’t write for idiots. 😉


    2. France has scheduled ALL cathinones (3-MMC, A-PHP, etc.) and is continuously adding substances like Lysergamides to their list of banned substances. Do yourself a favor and maybe not announce and describe a possible crime you are about to commit in all details here. RC SCENE generates more traffic than any given illegal and corrupt US forum. That is pretty much amazing for a site that is not a forum and publishes one or two articles per month.

      Maybe let’s put it this way: If you tell the world that France was a hub to bypass US customs and import drugs, then you can bet your ass that mail coming from France will soon find it difficult to bypass US customs checks.


      1. If anyone of you would ever donate, there would be more content. But I am not willing to ask friends to work for free, only to be thanked for by receiving insults and threats coming from the US and being blackmailed by idiots from Germany and Poland.

        PS: If I tell you that my mail needs to be checked you might get an idea of how popular RC SCENE is among scammers and other criminals. And how much fun it is to keep the site alive – which would not be possible without Automattic. They offer a level of protection that is unmatched. If you think you could hack RC SCENE, then I think I will see you being arrested on CNN.


      2. Oh Kino… I actually look forward to seeing what you [ edit, K. | No insults allowed. ] is up to. I think that you honestly believe that all the bots you pay for are real people whom you believe come to your website for info on the latest drama that is usually just made up in your pathetic mind.




        [ Edit, K. ]:

        Gaylord deznutzrc

        84118 Salt Lake City

        ISP: T-Mobile USA, Inc

        email provider: Proton Switzerland

        S 4800 W, Kearns, UT 84118, USA'00.0%22N+112%C2%B000'22.0%22W/@40.6499596,-112.0085836,15.91z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.65!4d-112.0061


        Insults will be reported without exception. How quickly we forget, hm???


        1. ——————————————————–

          Date: On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 8:24 PM
          Subject: Fwd: Re: Fw: Re: Fwd: Fwdv: Re: Thanks for your purchase with
          To: (..)
          Cc: Kino

          Brother I could write a best selling book on my life since I started vending (which was March 2020). And it all started with a very bad decision 2 months after that to fly a discord mod named Sellkies and his gf to my house to teach me some basic chem. Ended up almost ruining me — and he and another guy have been using incedridbly sophisticated ways to try to “beat” me down ever since (I’m talking stolen government tools, such as iPhone screencappers, camera stealers). And this is what he does, he makes me over promise shit I’d never actually say. I get so sick of it that it’s really turned me into a much different person. I’m very paranoid. I have 8 cameras around my house, a shotgun, 2 pistols, a now live-in packer/enforcer/body guard (and my Mom recently just moved in w me suddenly after a sudden bad break up).

          If you wanna shoot me $10 I’ll send you some samples though. Let me know. I truly wish I was kidding about all I said above. Lost everything in my life to vending. Making a ton of of money illegally isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

          Memento Mori

          Kino Chems (Using this address while Proton investigates the sophisticated hack on my main account.)




        2. PS: Get your head checked. #WTF! Bots I would pay to post here? Are nuts? I try to make the spam filter learn that I don’t want comments here, they mean work and cost time. Did crazy Joel again spread lies? Crazy Joel does yet know, but he will stop it.


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