Meeting SSG KRAMER – US Domestic RC Vendor Veteran: “I’ll show you love.”

Teaser image: Meeting SSG Kramer. Interview with a US Domestic RC Vendor Veteran. The photo shows military with fully automatic shooting at a tiny house somewhere in an emerging country in some desert that happens to be rich in oil ressources. The subtitle says: "I'll show you love."
SSG Kramer – US Domestic RC Vendor Veteran: “I’ll show you love.”

To make up for my mistake in having trusted Trailz25/Legit RC (who happen to have teamed up with an organized crime ring behind my back) for way too long, this is the beginning of the end of the RC SCENE USA page. It can’t be handled. It has no business here. RC SCENE portraits the scene, but surely does not want to advertise it. We will portray the organized crime rings as well as interesting vendors with exciting stories. But not vouch for them!

As announced back in March already, the US page will not be maintained unless you report a scam incident regarding a vendor already mentioned on RC SCENE. For reporting anyone else, instructions will follow soon.


Mr. Staff Sergeant, you grew up in Connecticut, commonly referred to as the “Constitution State.” One of only 13 US states (former British colonies) that stood up and told those ugly Island Monkeys: Fuck off!

Was it this proud heritage that made you decide to join the Army?


Well, we, until this very day, do not, and we will never accept just any shit that some White House idiots think to be a good idea. But it was a lie if I told you I wanted to shoot people in foreign countries.

I had no choice. [ Laughs. ] My Grandfather was in the Normandy in WW2. He said, “You’re going, boy!” Best mentor I ever had. I wish he was still alive.

Also, joining the Army used to be a promise to become acknowledged, to involve benefits. The price is high, you allow your life to become property of whoever is in the government.

But, you know, where I come from wasn’t all that great. My automobile was a piece of crap; My fashion sense was a little whack. That’s just the way it was; My friends were just as screwed as me.I didn’t go to boarding schools.

Preppy girls never looked at me – Why should they? I was a nobody with nothing in my pockets.

I hate this race, this race for rats to die, this lie of the American Dream. Have you ever heard of anybody starting his career washing dishes before becoming a millionaire? Fuck me dirty…

The truth is, I didn’t stand a chance. It’s something that you’re born into, and I didn’t belong. I’m just a no-class, beat-down fool; I might always be that way.

I also joined the Army because I wanted kids, a family, and better for them. I wanted Priscilla, my one and only daughter, to be allowed options like attending a good school.

Things for an average guy like me would have been a waste of time even dreaming about.


You became a professional soldier, served the country for many years, traveled the world, and sure have seen things I would rather not. Is it all about fighting, or are you allowed life in between missions?


We used to say, “HURRY UP AND WAIT!” [ Laughs. ] An old Army joke. We were allowed a life. I had friends in Europe and even a girlfriend.


Like a sailorman…


Nooo! I was stationed in Germany for many years and made friends and met my girlfriend there. We used to be a couple for many years. Those folks over there were real people if you know what I mean. I miss those times, man.


A different culture. I was also surprised to find out. Basically, one of those shit-hole countries President Trump once referred to. As always with Americans: They think to be the greatest, and the rest of the world living in forest cities.

Corrupted thieves, lazy fucks, and everyone is on drugs; Violently aggressive, pathetic inferior minds with a tendency to, for whatever reason, feel the urge to email and insult me 24/7.

Also, probably the only country on the planet testing A-bombs WITHIN their own borders. I don’t see how anybody could think this to be a good idea. Sorry, no offense intended.


No offense taken, private. Every time I leave the house, I swear people here have become even more retarded. I hear you, man!

Every shop, every gas station, wherever you go says, “We hire.” At the gas station, you could start immediately, with no application process. Talk to the owner and get dressed up. But that is not happening. Fuckers sit at home, watching commercials all day, not moving a finger but waiting for a cheque. And that fucking cheque comes! Once a week!

They stuff themselves with ice cream, cheesecake, and XXL bottles filled with sugar, just like a damn porker while watching YouTube and dreaming about Lamborghinis, a Pop-star career, getting high on Xanax and—


—and end up liars, robbers, blackmailers, scammers; Thieves! They start chasing the dragon once they find out what such a Lamborghini actually costs and that you cannot have both: Either the Lamborghini or living an honest life.

What hits the charts these days is no art. There is no irony in it. It’s not thought-provoking, making you reflect on things. Instead, they make being hooked on Xanax and robbing a bank look like it was the thing to do. So, people imitate it.


What’s your problem with Trump, then? He was about to stop those cheques, workless income subsidizing criminals.


Just because it looks like a good idea does not mean it would be one. I am not saying, let’s have everybody eating cheesecake and watching YouTube all day. I don’t want to see people dying in poverty. That’s a different story.

Also, that jerk is a notorious corrupt liar and so stupid, I would not find words. I remember him giving an interview in front of a helicopter and defending himself by saying: “The law clearly states ‘Crimes AND Misdemeanors’, so, tell me, where is the misdemeanor?” He was live on camera. He admitted the crime and explained it would be perfectly legal because no one was accusing him of a misdemeanor at the same time.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Defending lies to be “Alternative facts,” being friendly with the KKK and White Supremacists? I bet you, he is probably even friends with Legit RC and their Darknet Alliance of scammers and Fent dealers and the Newbie/Berg scam scheme.

I don’t like Hillary, either. Two Bushs? Then, two Clintons? Is this a heritage monarchy here? In the end, it’s never your candidate; The lesser of the two evils is what you can vote for. If you’re lucky.


Did you hear about Denver? Those Black Lives Matter guys are blocking the streets and the whole city! No police. The entire damn city is ruled by protesters! Denver is huge!


No, I must have missed that. Still, I believe blocking the streets until those corrupt nazi cops will hopefully be grilled on your lovely chairs to be the right thing to do. It was not them who started it.

Corrupt, racist cops started killing more and more people of color because Trump celebrated racism. He had made it fashionable again.


Let’s agree we disagree here.


That’s fair.

Sorry, I am stupid. I promise a vendor portrait for as little as 10,000 USD in cash and then forget about the vending part…

May I sum up your story?


Sure, go ahead!


After many years of being in the Army and surviving deadly combats, you are diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) today. You are a veteran.

They promised to take care of you and to provide you with the best medical treatment possible, but real life sums up in being prescribed Suboxone, and that’s it.

You are the last one of your unit alive. You lost more friends by committing suicide back home, because your government refused to provide them necessary treatment, than you lost at war.

I had never before met anybody being prescribed opiates for breakfast. That they deny you therapy and leave you alone with traumata is fucking insane. I hate your country; you have no idea. As sad as it might sound, I think you are right. Capitalism rules the world, not humanity.


[ Takes a deep breath. ]


You discovered RC SCENE because we happen to share a hobby: We do not like scammers.


Scamming is stealing from Americans!


I couldn’t agree more. You understand that I am not friends with drug dealers. Your story is worth being told, though. If no one cares about us, then we will say thank you for your service. We take it from here.

A Tribe Called Quest – We The People….

Your wife recently passed away, and your mother-in-law basically kidnapped Priscilla. You need the money for a lawyer to get Priscilla back. Then, you will try to build a house, become a homeowner, and enjoy the promised and more than deserved peaceful sunset years far away from all those retarded fucks.

You will show Priscilla that buying her the latest smartphone before leaving her alone without a hug is not what we consider love.

You understand that if you fuck up, like Legit RC did, and stab me in the back their scammers and darknet vendor friends, then the Highlander principle applies.

You will not break the law and not use ProtonMail for vending. You will never ever scam a single person. You must pay taxes, and all your products have lab-tested before offering them. You must not accept Monero. You stay away from Facebook/Instagram, the Darknet; Basically, everyone we discussed. If you make friends with organized crime, then I will cut my throat with a ceramic knife.


That I could someday become a homeowner… Still leaves me speechless.


You understand that not all the money in the world will bring Priscilla back if you should get hooked on whatever. You know that opiate addiction is a choice. Yes, they sure want to see you dead; the US are bankrupt.

Still, it’s you who takes that shit for breakfast.

FAMILY (as defined by Woody Allen):

“When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.”

Woody Allen

Eminem – Beautiful
Eminem – Farewell

DO NOT FALL FOR IMPERSONATORS! They will only scam you.

SSG KRAMER will be introduced in about a week.


AGAIN: Don’t send money to crooks.

DO NOT FALL FRO IMPERSONATORS! Thy will only scam you.

A world map showing where visitors are at home
World Map. The RC SCENE community and where they are at home.

13 thoughts on “Meeting SSG KRAMER – US Domestic RC Vendor Veteran: “I’ll show you love.”

  1. I cant wait for a legal legit vendor in usa……..I always got to go through criminals if anything is needed……few people ruining the whole countries RC scene! Pisses me off

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you go by the U.S. governments logic all RC vendors are criminals regardless of technical legality. The more you follow legal cases when there are vendor busts the more you start to see how our government really works. Chems being technically legal does not mean much because they way our justice system seems to work is that judges and law enforcement object to drug use morally so “drugs are bad m’kay” is how the law goes. Customs seize legal chems constantly. People are charged with shit like importing unregulated drugs to side step the fact that the chems they were buying were technically legal, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am familiar with the fact that you cannot easily vend NPS in the states. However, the DEA protects this obviously criminal organization dbg-forum for many years already. Those guys make a fortune by charging insane fees for advertising RC vendors, cocaine dealers, illicit pharmaceuticals offered by South American drug cartels. Then there are those hard drug dealers on Facebook and the ongoing scam shit show.

        I discuss things with a Cyber Crime specialist from time to time and he told to me leave the US alone, your country is just too corrupt, too violent/aggressive.

        RC SCENE is also a bit of a political statement. Everyone in the US seems to be hooked on something, let’s talk about it. Everyone seems to get scammed for hundreds of dollars each and every year. Let’s do something about it. Fuckfaces like bunk batch sender Proximo sell dangerous opiates to children. They will be memorized.

        I found only three cases in which benzo vendors got convicted (one arrested, two got away with probation) and I think those guys are not comparable to the vendors I would like to invite to join the US project.

        Taking two crimes and deciding one is a badass crime (stealing) while another “crime”, vending unscheduled substances, was first thought to be an ironic approach. Meanwhile, I believe that we could do more good than harm by burying scammers and discord and darknet operations alive.

        We will see, how they are going to react, I think that under Biden the corrupt DEA will acknowledge that our approach is the better one.

        This is my goodbye present. If it should end up with vendors scamming or offering hard drugs behind my back, someone else will – without any discussion – kill it. I still have trust in finding few honest folks, call me naive 😉


  2. So… you’re publishing an interview with a future vendor who’s not an RC veteran, but rather a US Army Veteran, and the interview mostly consists of you talking? This site is so weird. Lay off the drugs Kompromat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is a vendor veteran, but who cares.

      Does it say KOMPROMAT anywhere on any of our sites?

      KØMPRØMÆT is not word, not a name; It’s the signature sign for all of you tired getting poisoned and scammed.

      Noby signs emails with KØMPRØMÆT.

      If with “K.” then it’s an editorial thing.

      I sign with my name, of course.


    1. Hi,

      Allow me ten more days.
      I cannot do everything all the time everywhere for the whole planet.

      The guy is real.
      Yes, The interview is my style.

      Find out what I did and receive a present, I am not kidding, the offer stands!
      SSG KRAMER is a quite ironically portrait. He has not yet found out the irony involved, but he trusts me. 😉

      What I know so far:

      A lawyer charges upt to 8,000 USD per hour.

      He will dreams of a small home in the countryside..

      Stock might be:

      Starting from 40 USD/5ml

      Etiz-2, Bromazolam, 3-Hydroxy-Phenazepam (take care that shit is hypnotic as hell), something with M… (?), and Diclaz.

      I spent three days writing this article. You have no idea how much pop culture references you meet here. And how hard it is to write such a text. This RC SCENE. Some people tend to forget, it seems 😉


      1. It takes 3 days when you’re whacked out of your gourds and think you’re encoding secret messages into your text that the careful reader can pick up.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We have all the time in the world and, also, a hint (I collect not stats, I have no clue how old you are):

          Weezer – Beverly Hills

          The question remains, where is the irony? What did I do to Cuomo’s lyrics, where do two sides meet and, in the end, make the porkers and the the SSG seem more alike than they would believe? I talk or watch, and while the interview is real (4 hours talking, then the writing starts), the song fits, I think.


          Have a happy day!


      2. Rene- might you discuss adding some dissociatives to the stock list with ssg kramer? I understand that the focus here is legal chems so there are some limitataions – i believe ketamine analogues to be safe legally being that ketamine is a schedule 3 substance in the U.S. potentially some of the phenidines as well. Benzos and stims seem to have overtaken the U.S. market for a long time now and it seems to leave out the crowd who tend towards less addictive and hedonistic chems.


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