A-PHP Roca from Spain. Quality Product. Free Shipping and Worldwide Express Shipping (next-day delivery within Europe) are possible. A brand new shop: The Cathinone Nazi [Trusted Shop Review]


Please note:
While the [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] usually tell the history of a vendor of which some seem to have been around forever and show photos of products usually from at least two separate orders, they are still snapshots of a short period in time.

Vendors and their products are unpredictable
Quality, service, communication, and reliability change all the time. All vendors have their ups and downs. NPS / Research Chemicals always bear an immense risk to your health and have caused thousands of tragedies and even fatalities in recent years.

Cathinone Nazi is a sneak-peek into the future. He might not be well known yet, but will definitely rock the suburbs no later than in December when the Dutch will have banned A-PHP and many more NPS.

He offers free Express Shipping which means next-day delivery within Europe and a maximum transit time of about 7 days to the rest of the world.

He accepts payment via bank transfer which is good, I think. And even more: His bank account is fit for Instant SEPA. So will be yours. This means that money sent from a bank account in, e..g., Denmark to a bank account in, e.g., Spain arrives immediately without causing any extra fees! I tried it, and it worked like a charm 🙂

The A-PHP / Alpha-PHP rocas/rocks

10 grams A-PHP for less than a hundred Euros – free Express Shipping already included – seem fair. The rocks have a very nice and soft texture. They are not as speedy as the TRC product and feel more subtle and nicer than Predator’s current product as well.

The rocks are rather white than yellowish, I increased the saturation on the photos to give you a better idea of how they look. The flakes scraped from the rocks are always white.

The Cathinone Nazi, an idea I picked up while watching Seinfeld

“No soup for you!” is an iconic line from Seinfeld. From the episode “The Soup Nazi” who ran his soup place in quite a strict way. You could call him a soup regime.

Just yesterday, I mentioned Ukraine to be an unlikely place to operate NPS shops; Now, guess who protested? Ukraine Cathinone Nazi is who protested. Not that he would operate his brand new NPS webshop from there, but he grew up in Ukraine and is damn proud of his heritage.

Cathinone Nazi operates from Spain, of course.

This comes with many advantages like easy access to Express Mail services. Within Europe, if you order and pay before 15:30, your order will arrive in less than 24 hours. For the rest of the world, he estimates seven days of transit.

Cathinone Nazi is different from all other vendors mentioned here. He is not about the money at all; he is into haggling. That’s why he became a businessman. He loves the game.

“It’s all about making friends and customer satisfaction. Customer is king,” he told me. Now, guess who is not good at haggling at all? I suck at haggling. “You want free samples? No Cathinones for you!” was, according to the Google Translator, his reply to my humble request to maybe not charge 50 Euros minimum for each of his five (!) different samples of 3-MMC, and, to, perhaps, if possible, propose an offer smaller than a gram.

Well, all I know about haggling I learned from Monthy Python. Remember Brian from Life of Brain? Not the best haggler, either.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979)

The second half of this article (more about products Cathinone Nazi offers, as well as a link to the Cathinone Nazi webshop and contact) is currently availabble only to friends who support both the Art (Support the Art!) and RC SCENE.

Your choice.

Any other forum/site/place discussing Research Chemicals (NPS) serves you sponsors only, lies, and even worse: Considers you the product: Admins team up with scammers to screw you.

Remember Plant4Foods/RCVP and their mods enabling to scam you? Exactly!

If you want and enjoy better – which is what you get with RC SCENE and no one else, then please help it make happen. Thank you.

Peace! A friend in need is a friend, indeed. A friend with weed is better. (Placebo); 5 Lego Star Wars Storm Troopers standing next to each other, one of them holding a picket sign with the symbol for piece.
Agitprop (/ˈædʒɪtprɒp/) from Russian: агитпроп, “agitation” “propaganda” [maybe also “pop”] refers to intentional promulgation of ideas as seen with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. (Wikipedia)


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108 responses to “A-PHP Roca from Spain. Quality Product. Free Shipping and Worldwide Express Shipping (next-day delivery within Europe) are possible. A brand new shop: The Cathinone Nazi [Trusted Shop Review]”

  1. It this still legit? I’ve sent the payment to the right destination 2 days ago, but the order is still “Waiting for Payment” and impossible to get in contact. just mails with no reply. I’m getting a bit worried.

    1. You complained after 2 days. (Saturday & Sunday!!!)
      You complained after 4 days. (Monday & Tuesday)
      Your order arrived after 5 days? (Note to self: Disallow oh-so-agitated Twitter aficionados from spamming the comments section.)

      1. My apologies if the message came off wrong. The 2nd comment was sent as I thought the first got denied from not sending proof to you beforehand, so I sent proof and commented again.

        As shown on the screenshot, the payment was sent Wednesday December 1st, and included the order number. Since it still said “Waiting for payment” days after despite the funds being sent, I got worried, having nor received any information about it.
        Today is 10 days after the payment, I have still not gotten any kind of update or refund. I understand I may just be unlucky and he missed my payment and mails, I still thought I should at least inform that this can happen. Thanks for your time.

  2. Kinda upset they won’t ship to usa

    1. Did you ask them? Someone told me they wouldn’t, but I checked and could place an order.

      1. Since you asked:

        Cathinone Nazi is offering convenient bank transfers again.
        He switched back to his wife’s more reliable German business bank account.

        He increased the price for 10 grams of A-PHP Rocks Barcelona from 93,35 to now 116,49 Euros which he, weirdly enough, claims would involve a price reduction already. Also, you can place A-PHP wholesale orders (up to 100 grams) now:
        Click the link above, place an order for 100 Euros or above and find out that Free Shipping is an option also to the US. This might be a bug in the webshop; I do not know. Only orders below 100 Euros display the following message that includes a link to a contact form: “Shipping options are not available. Favor Contact us to assist you!”
        WHOLESALE orders for 3-MMC and Hexen Crystals (250 grams) are possible:
        He has 89 units of O-PCE (2-Oxo-PCE) left in stock:

        According to Daniel2CB, the product would be “Good crystal, a vape sends you to another dimension for about 2 hours and you are gradually returning to the base state.” Daniel also applauds Cathinone Nazi: “He Good chemist.”

        He also stocks 4-CMC now. FUCKING AVOID 4-CMC AT ANY COST! 4-CMC is an analogue of 4-CA, a poison selectively destroying synapses in your brain. 4-CA was designed to be neurotoxic. Don’t be stupid, say no to that shit!

        Cathinone Nazi has become a search term referring visitors here. Last month, his vendor portrait was viewed between 7,000 and 25,000 times. I opted out of all advanced tracking options by claiming from Europe. Google still recorded and sold tracking data, only hid all details from me — until October when I posted a link proofing Google liars. To my surprise, they stopped selling your tracking data after that posting which feels scary, but, finally, your tracking data are not being sold to other companies anymore. Now that these other companies cannot provide me detailed statistics, I do not have access to such anymore and can only guess. My best guess would be that everything above 1,000 views/clicks slows down order processing.

        Again: An EU-based online shop is allowed to take 30 days to deliver.

        Compliance Details

        Unlike Rechemco,, who got recently busted and now have some retarded asshole jerk police sophomore annoying me, the team at Cathinone Nazi’s truly respects my high moral standards and has rejected each and every attempt of mine begging for discounted samples.

      2. I asked and got no answer. It looks like you can place and order but at the bottom it says in red “no shipping options” or something

  3. They sent me the following message explaining the currently slowed-down order processing:

    We try to give good service, but it is not always easy.

    At the moment, the Spanish bank account is blocked because we need to prove we pay taxes.

    And we do pay taxes, of course, but banks in Spain just block whenever they feel like it.

    They will soon find out. We have good lawyers in Barcelona.

    Also, 1,500 customers within a month exceeded expectations.

    They are no scammers. They have plenty of stock. NO NEED TO PANIC. Please be patient.

    1. One more thing:

      This vendor operates multiple – identically looking – webshops.

      Please scroll down on any page, on the bottom right you find these links.

      While the shops look identical, they are not. Some do not ship to every country, some have more, others have fewer products in stock.



  4. Bonjour de France j ai commander aussi ils m ont demander une preuve du paiement dimanche matin 9h je leurs ai envoyé et pas de rep je ne m inquiète pas pour l instant je vous tiens au courant . Merci René pour ce travail que tu fournis 4tje suis prêt à t aider à ma fasson comme je le peus.regarde tes mail et répond moi je t en dirais plus en privée…je suis un certain loic ,;)

    1. Bonjour,
      As-tu reçu ta commande?

  5. Hi. I ordered for a hundred euros saturday { with the tax on shipping ) and i tried to email the site multiple time … No response. . I really hope this silence is because of the business day off. Other thin the number on the site doesn’t exist. I really. Hope you didn’t advertise a selective scammer. Iam in [ too much information, my friend 😉 | K. ] so if what you wrote is real ( i don’t doubt thtat) but several red flag here. I keep in touch if the situation i change. Thanks.for your work anyway

    1. Bonjour Samir,

      For fuck’s sake, calm down, please. THX!

      You ordered on Saturday, commonly referred to as the Weekend. You expected a response one day later, which happened to be Sunday, which happens to be the Weekend as well.

      Most businesses work from Monday to Friday.

      European vendors tend to not scam if they are real businesses. Scamming is fucking severe crime. Acting in a grey area already involves some risk.

      Also, this is RC SCENE. Get used to it. I almost lost faith in humanity when dealing with the US, but the EU vendors here are fine. If anyone should get scammed and let me know, I will not hesitate to support the scam victim and, of course, categorize this vendor a scammer.

      The list is not exhaustive. Yet, the best and most original (or most popular) vendors all are there.

      I know: I had had no idea about what fucked up place the USA are. In the US, everyone seems to try to steal from anyone without the slightest sign of regret involved. Have a look at the substance test results in North America and compare them to Austria and Switzerland: https://drugsdata.org/

      In the US, people are considered shit. Americans (that includes the government – either of both parties) believe in money. They would do anything to make a quick buck by stealing. They lied to me, they stole from me, and they stole from you and I am terribly sorry for that. I had no idea that NPS in the states is organized crime, Draknet people, and braindead scum.

      That “I got scammed thing” is something that Reddit and US drug dealers somehow managed to make Europeans believe EU vendors would scam as well. I got never scammed in 15 years, once, my mistake, a letter did not arrive. Another time, I tried a site expecting it to be a scam, out of curiosity. A British DN scammer advertising NPS on a Russian forum scammed me. He also advertised hard drugs like Meth and Ket, which I had not realized; He thought that would be clever. Well, I still reported him for fraud. I even tracked him down. I even managed to decipher the way my stolen money was routed (I decrypted an illegal coin mixing service, took me two weeks). Although accepted by the police and by the state attorney, #!****&% Europol (the UK block) seem too busy although I proved that he had scammed hundreds of victims in only a few months.

      Either way, Europeans do not accept being scammed or blackmailed. There is no such thing as a European Scammer Alexander A. aka “Selkies”. Such a douche Would be imprisoned in Europe.

      No list is a hundred percent safe. We lost Lisergia (they got busted I am afraid) and two Polish shops – both categorized UNKNOWN -> DO NOT ORDER – possibly exit scammed afaik.

      There are scam shops claiming to be from Europe. A few years ago, especially Polish shops (WOLF) used to be copied by scammers all the time. There are many scam shops in the German language.

      I try to not waste too much time with such, I believe the positive list approach to be the better idea.

      Please stop spamming Cathinone Nazi, he will be in the office on Monday again and then see your order. 😉

      Just in case, keep me updated, please. They belong to a group of vendors that is reliable. Otherwise, I would have placed multiple orders over a year. Did not seem necessary here.

      Thank you. You’re welcome! 🙂

      EU vendors – this law – are allowed 30 days from Payment to Delivery. Then you set them a deadline, approximately 10 days.

      I don’t mind if an order takes 1 day or three months. After three months, I contact the vendor and I always received the forgotten/lost order as a free reship.

      Don’t worry.
      Stay away from their bad batch of 2-FDCK.

      I see not a single “red flag” here.
      Maybe a junkie desperate for a quick hit, though? Don’t wanna know.

      Kind regards,

      1. Bonjour de France j ai commander aussi ils m ont demander une preuve du paiement dimanche matin 9h je leurs ai envoyé et pas de rep je ne m inquiète pas pour l instant je vous tiens au courant . Merci René pour ce travail que tu fournis 4tje suis prêt à t aider à ma fasson comme je le peus.regarde tes mail et répond moi je t en dirais plus en privée…je suis un certain loic ,;)

        1. Hi,

          They received so many orders in the past two weeks that their bank does extra checks now and holds payments temporarily back.
          They added an option to pay via BTC.
          They don’t work on the Weekends.

          Cool! 🙂
          I will send you an email. Thank you!


          Ils ont reçu tellement de commandes ces deux dernières semaines que leur banque fait maintenant des contrôles supplémentaires et retient temporairement les paiements.
          Ils ont ajouté une option pour payer via BTC.
          Ils ne travaillent pas le dimanche.

          Cool ! 🙂
          Je t’enverrai un e-mail. Merci !


      2. Apparently the Nazi is totally swamped. His websites also seem to be changing a lot as to what addresses/countries will allow a shipping method to calculate. I emailed him to ask about that – as in, to confirm he would ship to Canada before I fork out a stack of coins – but did not get a response this past week. He really should just update his landing pages or “FAQ” so we know right up front what to expect.

    2. PS: Would you maybe be interested in co-authoring a short shop review?

      Your hometown would be perfect. We share the order 50/50, and you will (hopefully, money is a tragedy right now) receive a 20~25 Amazon/Spotify/Qobuz/Whatever coupon at the end of the year to say thanks for your contribution.

      If interested, please simply put “Interested” in an email to sk-fr-photos@safenotscam.com.

      Thank you so much!

    3. Hi Samir,

      I hope you have meanwhile received your order.
      Same-day shipping is currently not possible, but they process orders in time afaik.

      Have a happy day!

    4. Hey Samir,
      Did you receive your order?

      1. He did. He placed an order on the weekend and complained about the vendor not working on weekends…

  6. Any chance he stocks IPPH? Ill snag a premium immediately if so. Been looking forever, crazy non0functional stims these days.

    1. Hi,

      No, not that I was aware of. I saw IPPH at other places, though, but I cannot say anything about quality. I am under the impression that Isopropylphenidate had only been available for a short time. Whatever they sell you now is not quite the same anymore. RareChems still offer a batch they imported in early 2019. This substance won’t return.

      The premium content approach is not intended as a lure to make you order anything. I want to see if and how it works, yes. It’s a playground because I have no idea how you use the site. I lack the money to finance the project and need to think of something. Still, the vendor won’t vanish too soon, and the article will be open for all and for free shortly.

      I hope to provide merchandise (like t-shirts) together with a premium subscription for the website with little profit that will help cover the loss the site causes. By asking for donations, I am afraid of possibly waking false hopes. Also, it feels weird to ask strangers to help me with a hobby that I do not consider a service. If anyone (please get in touch with me if you have an idea for a design) comes up with a friendly Sujet/theme and I find an affordable manufacturer offering comfortable quality wear, ideally made out of organic cotton, I think everyone would be happy. Asking for money like a beggar is not quite the spirit.

      1. Yea, my order from rare appears to not have made it, over three weeks from the shipping date atm. Maybe it comes. IPPH isn’t that strong anyway. I specifically will only do functional stims and the stuff out know I won’t go near. L flourish sent me a fluorinated amp and I was like wtf, dude no. All aight well thanks.

    2. skokuums / dutchcitysales still have some. Amsterdam.

      1. Dont know who skokuums is and dutchcity reviews look pretty whack and NL seems like nothing gets through. Well see. Thanks

        1. Yeah, they have lousy shipping habits. Unless you lived en France, they would ship untracked only.

          Good news: EU webshops are legally obliged to DELIVER within 30 days. EU consumer protection (no police involved) would help you get a refund or reship 100% sure.

          1. Yea if you are in the EU i am sure, they make it pretty clear they have a 70% clear rate through customs and they wont reship. I knew it was a risk. Oh well.

            1. Correct, within the EU. Whatever those greedy douchés write on their websites CAN AND WILL NEVER OVERRULE THE LAW. EU consumer protection legislation was aligned a couple of years ago and is identical everywhere except for Denmark.

              If they ship untracked only and untracked should not make it, it’s their fault. Webshops are legally obliged to deliver, no matter what. If they know they cannot deliver, then they should not have accepted my money in the first place. You pay for a delivery, not for the shipping.

              I never encountered a vendor not offering a free reship, to be honest, except for chem_eu. In his defence: I never asked him for a reship. He could have offered one, though.

              I see more and more vendors of course offering free reships on tracked orders at least. I just discovered one who even accepts returns. I am not kidding. Not everyone is treating customers who pay a fortune for cheap shit like they would be annoying beggars.

              Alex’s Boys from The Real RC Finnland seem to have investigated this matter further. They offer a free reship if an order has not arrived in time, and time is depending on the destination:

              Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg: 2 weeks
              Germany/UK/Ireland/Rest of Europe: 4 weeks
              The Middle East/North Africa: 6 weeks
              Canada: 7 weeks
              South America/Asia/Down Under: 8 weeks
              Sub-Saharan Africa: 10 weeks

              TRC offers a free reship within Europe after only two weeks now. I call this the RC SCENE EFFECT 😉
              He also paid 6 million in taxes in cash recently. What a man!

              Yes, Europe…

              I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT NONE OF YOU COULD FIND OUT if there are treaties defining consumers’ rights and vendors’ obligations between EU > AUSTRALIA and EU > USA as well. I was about to look that up, but would not know where and I am not going to call the US too soon again. In some areas of your country, people speak faster than I can think. Feels embarrassing…

  7. The Paid Content Part of the Cathinone Nazi Trusted Shop Review was finally fixed. Had forgotten about the additional product photos, now they are in.

  8. Hes site is down, maybe stop charging money until its back up

    1. My mistake again. The UK fun domain for redirecting is gone for good now. I added a mirror address, so you have two links to this vendor now pointing to different domains. Sorry for the inconvenience & Thank you so much for your support!

      1. Where is the link for this vender? Thank you.

        1. Always on the bottom of the page above the music clip.

  9. I will do this in 2 months. I have a large settlement coming in less than 60 days and will be making a nice donation along with large purchase on the new site after a few test orders. Hope this sticks cause all the aphp sucks everywhere else except overpriced Coolguys

    1. Hi,

      Thank you!

      By December 7, the NL will have banned A-PHP. I consider it a service to provide alternatives, so the article will soon be free for all. I hope to make ten sales. I know 25 USD is quite a bold request, but I have no idea how much fees WordPress and the payment processor will keep to themselves. I need a little money for a soon-to-pay software subscription (Switzerland = insane prices) and was curious if this works. I do not plan to make this a habit or get rich or die trying by the means of offering premium content. Since some of you lose thousands per year to scammers, I somehow think that 25 is not that much after all…

      TO ME, it is important to communicate that I have no money and that I do not care for NPS as much as some might think. If I dare an order with a new vendor, I risk money, I use my private money (legit or scam, the money is gone), I spend forever working on photos and words, and on emails. Behind the scenes, the project causes immense stress.

      I think the worldwide exclusive original content on RC SCENE is outstanding, there had never been and there will never be anything like us. I will never make a dime with RC SCENE (can’t be done) but I do not want to cover the immense loss when already working for free all by myself.

      I BELIEVE that access to information, art, entertainment is a human right. I have never and will never work on anything hiding behind a paywall. I have never and will never do marketing or spread lies or propaganda.

      Guess what: Drug dealers have never before seen anyone refusing to spread lies in exchange for money. Also, drug dealers seem incapable of understanding that there are people who are not making millions. RC SCENE is the only site discussing NPS and vendors making a loss. It will always make a loss. Still, next year, I will set myself a limit of 500. The backup alone is 700 per year, do the maths.

      I will try to find a sponsor/media partner, ideally two. I will ask for donations again. I hope to be accepted by a merch distributor and maybe make money by selling t-shirts.

      If I look at the A-PHP Roca from Spain article, I don’t care about a vendor, I enjoy the photos.

      The British Guardian is one of the most respected newspapers in the world. They still make a loss. They would have gone bankrupt already seven years ago. They believe in independent journalism, they like what they do. They came up with a brilliant idea: Knowing that quality journalism by their standards will never be profitable, they started developing websites. These websites are brilliantly done and a huge success. They sell these websites and use the money to cover the loss the newspaper makes.

      I’d like to try something similar.

      The working title is “SUPPORT THE ART”. Anonymous donations (and hopefully t-shirt sales) that explicitly intend to support the artwork of RC SCENE and possible spin-offs yet to come should allow accepting money from anyone and keep me safe from possibly interfering with US/EU legislation. I will always work for free. The project will always remain non-profit. It will still mean the world to me because that some mention they donate for a reason (e.g. the new US project) causes me headaches. You have no idea how hard it is to find somebody willing to provide their names to register the project. As long as I have registered it, they cannot monetarize it. Walking in quicksand here.

      Regarding the A-PHP:

      PV-6 is such a weird substance (upper, dissociative, hallucinogen?) and has not been available for about a year already. Or maybe half a year, Predator somehow managed to source that thing they sold as “A-PHP Deluxe”. The Spanish Roca is a third of the price of what Coolchems charges and while maybe a little mild/underwhelming, I cannot really tell, to be honest, it still is a kind of A-PHP and the adverse effects (paranoia, hallucinations) are neglectable. I find the rocks spectacular from an aesthetic perspective. It’s an interesting compound.

      I decided to not waste time on shit substances, Chemical Collective was the exception to the rule. What’s the point in spending time on an article about bunk stuff? I believe this A-PHP is interesting. I like the photos a lot. 😉

      If a substance was too good, I would not mention it at all.
      RC SCENE is all about mediocrity.


  10. Finally caught one on the first day, paid for a premium account because I appreciate all of your hard work, and was met with a dead link to the website :(. Oh well

    1. Hi,

      I am sorry for the inconvenience, the link is fixed now.

      I wanted to create something funny, but my IT skills would not tolerate funny ideas, unfortunately. The link worked fine all afternoon, and only after talking to a technician did I come up with an idea which I will try tomorrow again.

      Thank you for sticking with RC SCENE!

      The A-PHP rocks are really not bad by the way – but forget the 2-FDCK. It’s not worth it. It’s horrible.

      Have a happy day! 🙂

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you René! I appreciate you reaching out and fixing it. I’ll keep in touch with you when I finally am able to research their supply.

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