A-PHP Roca from Spain. Quality Product. Free Shipping and Worldwide Express Shipping (next-day delivery within Europe) are possible. A brand new shop: The Cathinone Nazi [Trusted Shop Review]


Please note:
While the [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] usually tell the history of a vendor of which some seem to have been around forever and show photos of products usually from at least two separate orders, they are still snapshots of a short period in time.

Vendors and their products are unpredictable
Quality, service, communication, and reliability change all the time. All vendors have their ups and downs. NPS / Research Chemicals always bear an immense risk to your health and have caused thousands of tragedies and even fatalities in recent years.

Cathinone Nazi is a sneak-peek into the future. He might not be well known yet, but will definitely rock the suburbs no later than in December when the Dutch will have banned A-PHP and many more NPS.

He offers free Express Shipping which means next-day delivery within Europe and a maximum transit time of about 7 days to the rest of the world.

He accepts payment via bank transfer which is good, I think. And even more: His bank account is fit for Instant SEPA. So will be yours. This means that money sent from a bank account in, e..g., Denmark to a bank account in, e.g., Spain arrives immediately without causing any extra fees! I tried it, and it worked like a charm 🙂

The A-PHP / Alpha-PHP rocas/rocks

10 grams A-PHP for less than a hundred Euros – free Express Shipping already included – seem fair. The rocks have a very nice and soft texture. They are not as speedy as the TRC product and feel more subtle and nicer than Predator’s current product as well.

The rocks are rather white than yellowish, I increased the saturation on the photos to give you a better idea of how they look. The flakes scraped from the rocks are always white.

The Cathinone Nazi, an idea I picked up while watching Seinfeld

“No soup for you!” is an iconic line from Seinfeld. From the episode “The Soup Nazi” who ran his soup place in quite a strict way. You could call him a soup regime.

Just yesterday, I mentioned Ukraine to be an unlikely place to operate NPS shops; Now, guess who protested? Ukraine Cathinone Nazi is who protested. Not that he would operate his brand new NPS webshop from there, but he grew up in Ukraine and is damn proud of his heritage.

Cathinone Nazi operates from Spain, of course.

This comes with many advantages like easy access to Express Mail services. Within Europe, if you order and pay before 15:30, your order will arrive in less than 24 hours. For the rest of the world, he estimates seven days of transit.

Cathinone Nazi is different from all other vendors mentioned here. He is not about the money at all; he is into haggling. That’s why he became a businessman. He loves the game.

“It’s all about making friends and customer satisfaction. Customer is king,” he told me. Now, guess who is not good at haggling at all? I suck at haggling. “You want free samples? No Cathinones for you!” was, according to the Google Translator, his reply to my humble request to maybe not charge 50 Euros minimum for each of his five (!) different samples of 3-MMC, and, to, perhaps, if possible, propose an offer smaller than a gram.

Well, all I know about haggling I learned from Monthy Python. Remember Brian from Life of Brain? Not the best haggler, either.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979)

The second half of this article (more about products Cathinone Nazi offers, as well as a link to the Cathinone Nazi webshop and contact) is currently availabble only to friends who support both the Art (Support the Art!) and RC SCENE.

Your choice.

Any other forum/site/place discussing Research Chemicals (NPS) serves you sponsors only, lies, and even worse: Considers you the product: Admins team up with scammers to screw you.

Remember Plant4Foods/RCVP and their mods enabling to scam you? Exactly!

If you want and enjoy better – which is what you get with RC SCENE and no one else, then please help it make happen. Thank you.


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  1. I just went there and they had three MMC but no aphp at all

  2. So is the site still working at all FX chem Labs just shut down it seems. It says sold out on everything

    1. Hi,

      I dont know. I told everyone who had complained about not receiving their orders how to contact/report them.
      I guess nobody did, because the same few now ask for similar shops…

      The CN shop is still there, but I failed trying to get scammed and might ry again when the war is over.

      FX are taking are taking a break.

      It says so on their website.

      Also, they delivered this lovely Happy Easter card here on Friday:



      1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

        That’s pretty cool 😀

        But yeah – kind of amazing that you put in all this work and plaster stuff all over, but people do not read/react to it. Website does have a bit odd design to it…but maybe it is me using old browsers too.

        1. Your web browser is fine.

          I am excited about playing around with the new wp design feature. By playing around I mean I do a trial and error re-design based on vague ideas on the live system. Won’t be long and all pages will look better than before.

          Sorry for the inconvenience.

          1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

            No inconvenience! But really, I often even still use Windows XP ;D besides, “playing around” is what hobbies are for. It helps one to learn, and to be artistic – which is good for emotional and mental growth. My man has many hobbies – many of which include me, most usually to my great benefit – and it is truly amazing what he can do, or finds out about, and so on. None of it translates into a lot of money, but it does translate into a much more fun, informed, and “better” life.

            So do not ever feel the need to apologize for embracing personal growth, and please do not take feedback – even if it is expressed poorly , as mine was – as personal criticism 🙂

  3. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

    Yep…the Nazi definitely seems to have hit another snag. Less than a week now to hit the 30th day mark since an order hit his page…..sitting there “waiting for payment” after payment confirmed by bank same day order logged ;b Probably just wildly popular/overwhelmed again, but this time there has been no spamming of the email list with angry – but informative – rants at the uncouthness of certain customers.

    1. I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks but not even an answer. I’ve sent the 4th email now… and paid for 24-hour delivery… I’m not happy

      1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

        I am glad to see this website back up after disappearing the other day :/

        But, you will note there is now a warning banner directly under the review. It looks like something has gone wrong, and we will need to wait for further news 🙁

        1. I have since received nothing 😅 .

  4. I think it’s worth giving an update, given similar comments I see.
    I fully believe The Cathinone Nazi are trying their best and are not trying to scam anyone, that much is true. The product is of great quality and /if/ the order is sent, it comes fast.

    However, they are incredibly understaffed (just 1 person?) and have HUGE issues in communication that aren’t just customers being impatient.
    My first order paid 42 days ago on the 1st December 2021 is still “Waiting for payment” despite multiple mails sent in the proper way (order number and name in subject, proof of payment with date). I never got any update on this one.
    My 2nd order on the 14th December was half-successful, the payment was instantly acknowledge and I got my order a few days later very fast, and the quality was great. Part of the order wasn’t in stock and I was told to wait. About a month later however I still got no update on it despite the stock being there.
    My 3rd order made 2 days ago was immediately paid but the status didn’t update and I didn’t receive any kind of new 48h later unfortunately. I still hope they’re just too busy, but of course I think it’s fair to express concerns about multiple examples of not handling errors from their side and forgetting orders.
    Here are the screenshots of payments sent : https://files.catbox.moe/oyz9kp.jpg

    When it works, it’s excellent, but they really, really are struggling to handle it all and I hope they don’t just close from being overwhelmed. I sent my last mail with you in copy just in case, since the first not-received order is already 42 days after payment.
    Good luck to you all and I hope I’m just one unlucky person among many happy customers.

  5. Hi, i have ordered on 3rd of January and paid by instant sepa transfer however the order is still saying “waiting for payment”. I have sent an email on 9th, no answer. I am going to wait patiently but they really need more active customer service, otherwise it will be very funky to order from them with no way to reach out.

    1. Please mind that an EU vendor is allowed to take 30 days to deliver. A vendor must successfully deliver or provide you a full refund. That is law. It does not matter what some vendors state on sites, they cannot overrule the EU-wide aligned consumer protection law. The law is the same for every webshop.

      => There is no need whatsoever to accept that a vendor has not successfully delivered. They are legally obliged to reship for free as long they succeed or must offer you a full refund.

      We will elaborate on that matter with vendors who fully comply with consumer protection laws soon.

      If a vendor ships same-day or after two or three weeks is not a matter of concern in Europe. If you so desperately need fresh drugs that it could matter, you better seek help.

      1. I do understand the vendor can take 30 days for fulfilling the delivery according to law but it begs the question that if you are not able to communicate with the vendor due to a unresponsive customer service email, is it still a good service? Or what should you do after that 30 days ends like the other commentator in this post, since they are not responding to you even if you ask the free shipping or full refund

        1. This morning they asked for proof of paiement
          I sent them screen shot from my account
          I hope this is enought
          Because I m a bit tired of that story

          1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

            At least they are reaching out to you. I always can print the page of my account transfers and other sorts of payment to attach to emails as a PDF, and that seems to work well since it has the actual routing, etc numbers – as well as the “reference” they ask for, and the exact amount paid for cross-referencing.

            1. yes I am lucky they finally Send a mail
              I am sorry for you

            2. Please keep us updated, I’m in the same situation after 50 days of wait for an order, half another missing 30 days in, and another without answer or sign of life from a week ago. I made a long comment detailing each steps with proofs but i seems it was not approved or maybe I had a bug idk.
              Here is all proofs in one picture, the orders, the banks, the part I got : https://files.catbox.moe/2x2mpf.jpg

              I’m really lost as to what to do, I’m willing to cooperate as much as possible and be patient, but I sent mails to the correct address with order number in subject and screenshots of my bank account (and added kompromat in CCI just in case) but no reply at all, alas.
              I still want to believe they’re just overwhelmed, but I wish there was any kind of news and I’m not sure of the procedure after 50 days.
              I’m ready to show anything they want if proof if needed even a video.
              I imagine it’s annoying for kompromat to have all those comments complaining but it’s sadly the last resort to post here about it. I’m thankful for his work so I don’t wanna shit up the comments either.

            3. Hi,

              It’s not annoying.

              I’d say the vendor is gone.
              Their bank account seems to have been closed.

              I would try the following:

              1) REFUND

              If paid via BTC, I’d request a refund via their payment processor:

              “If you would like to request a refund, please click on “Request a refund” on the notification email you received and follow the steps instructed.” https://triple-a.io/triplea-support/i-accidentally-overpaid-or-underpaid-my-merchant-what-should-i-do/

              “support@triple-a.io” https://triple-a.io/contact-us/

              If paid via bank transfer, your bank can undo the transaction only after the shop agreed.

              EU Consumer Centres might be able to get in touch with them. You could file a complaint here:

              They will get back to you.

              2) SCAM

              A scam needs to be reported to the police.

              The Consumer Centres may look up company details but also draw a sharp line between looking something up and investigating a thing. The latter they consider a job for the police.

              You could file a complaint with your bank which they would forward to the police.
              You could report the incident to the police:

              “Report Cybercrime Online” provides a list of contacts (emails, websites, phones, forms). You report the case to your local authorities. If you lived in Malta, you go for the Malta option. If you got robbed in another country, you would contact the police in the foreign country; this is not the case with web shops. https://www.europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime/report-cybercrime-online

              including: web shop, order status, and money transaction screenshots, and an explaination that the shop does not answer.

              You could include information like a tracking number in case you knew someone who successfully placed an order with them. Companies would usually be registered with mail carriers.

              There is no need to mention any websites other than Google.

            4. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

              The reply by our host is why I subscribed to this site. I see many times where he goes out of his way to do investigations, and to provide FACTS to the public about what is happening so that they can be aware, and make informed decisions. That takes time, effort, and expense.

              A worthy cause, IMO.

          2. It seems they start to check their emails because i have also received notification about the order has been shipped

            1. Oh !
              Lucky you !
              No shipment for me yet!!

        2. Hi,

          You wouldn’t believe: According to EU legislation, 30 days after your payment with your order still a no-show, you would send the vendor a reminder and by doing so set him a deadline (sthg. like 7 to 10 days) for you to either have received a full refund or have received your order.

          This is the standard procedure a webshop is granted. On the plus-side, the vendor MUST deliver or fully refund you no matter what.

          If there were you good reasons for your order being late (e.g. a music album you had pre-ordered has not been released as announced) or if your order was a custom-tailored product, then webshops may take longer to deliver respectively are not expected to offer a full refund if you return sthg. like custom-tailored shoes.

          We will discuss this legal framework with a vendor who fully complies with consumers rights. As far as I understand, he even accepts returns.

          Will follow soon. The depressed people celebrate Blue Monday around this time of year, and I tell you, that is so stupid, I learned about it just recently and it’s totally true, I feel terrible for weeks already ;- D

          Regarding communication: Like Kimberly explained: One email saying it all is the thing to do. It saves everyone time and nerves. Also: One email, btw., means that whatever the conversation below says is not your latest email. Those are not CN ideas, this is what RC SCENE expects emails to look like and was repeatedly described here last yeat. ;- )

          Happy days! 🙂

          1. I hope you will get beter soon

            This yearl was almost ok but last was terrible
            I really understand you

    2. hello this is zombilives I donated on the site since this is an amazing service.
      I want to discuss about the nazi since I think hes pulling an exit scam, I had 5 lightning fast orders with him also on the 10 of January when he was restocking aphp.
      this time I sent money this week on Monday, my moneys was taken from his bank account since I received the message he cashed and from that still “waiting payment”
      I sent several mails he doesnt answer (the 10 jenuary order he answer only once) and what I find unacceptable is that he always seems angry but he’s making good money with us
      this is sucks since I talked good of him to my friends all over the world and since I know pyrovalerones his brown is good (not like preban but good) and now I’m full of mails of people thinking I’m scamming them since I vouch for him only to help a new honest vendor.

      with love and destruction
      -zombilives aka nyarlath0tep EK

  6. Thomas Alberico Avatar

    Dear rc-scene,

    In the end, actually, I did exactly what you told me to do, and here we are. Thursday my package will be delivered. One day later then scheduled, due to circumstances beyond their power

    So it’s true. Good things come to those who wait…

    Since it’s my bday, a few friends are coming over. And they are all eager to plunge into this Spanish experience!!

    I’ve tried to keep faith, did some unbeleivably stupid things along the way, but I always tried to remain calm and keep an open mind. The rewards, received for remaining patient, and towards the end of this rocky road, are clear. I have learned a lot from it, maybe most of all the simple fact that this amazing project is run by people. No robots, no 1984 George Orwell shit. Amazing people, trying to do the impossible.

    No scammers, no disillusions, just hard-working people who beleive in their concept and, even when they are slowed down or stopped by barriers and idiots like myself, will not stop untill they’ve reached their destination.

    So hereby I would like to thank you, René. And also the whole RCEU crew, for making the impossible possible…

    Kind regards,

  7. Hello
    I ordered 11 december but still no news
    They sent me an email adress to ask about orders but it is not working
    I try to be patient but I am starting to loose faith
    For those who have received their orders, did you get a number to follow the shipment ?
    thanks 🙂

    1. I think in the order history you find a link to the tracking. Please contact him again, and he should not receive your email or whatever reason, I will try to send him a reminder. Kind regards!

      1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

        One of my friends who ordered from him last week said that once the order updated to paid, and then actually shipped (which was a day after the Nazi’s site said it was), the shipping company itself sent her email with the tracking number link (of course that is in Spain, so it is all in their language – and she mentioned the carrier webpages do not have a way to translate to other languages, so you have to cut and paste into Google translate).

        1. I don’t think so. They use Sendcloud which is an app/extension for webshops that sends emails and provides tracking in your preferred language which it guesses by the country you live in.

          1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

            Well, as I mentioned, it was in Spain. She sent me the link to her package which was made through this company: https://www.correosexpress.com/es/web/correosexpress/home She was very happy with the way the system notified her, and provided updates of the status of the shipment so far as this method at this location was concerned. The Nazi’s site updated to “paid”, and then to “ready to ship”, and then to “shipped”, but the last update occurred with a notation that ACTUAL shipping would happen the following day – and that is the day the tracking information arrived from the carrier above (and those pages have no way to change language).

            1. Updating an order to “shipped” usually means that the box was put into the container which the mail carrier picks up Monday to Friday afternoons, or that the box was handed over to the shipping department 😉

              People sitting in front of screens and calling that “work” would not even know how to post a letter. The working department starts early and leaves earlier than the screensaver department. I am not saying I would know how to send a letter, but neither did my boss. No workers around and too late already for calling the FedEx guy is no reason to try to find out about the whereabouts of the nearest post office or letterbox. Our solution was finding a bike courier who seems to be available 24/7 and not afraid of long-distance trips to distant towns. True story.

      2. Thank you very much
        I ll try a gain tomorrow and i let you know

      3. In the history it is still waiting for paiement status
        I did write thé order number with the paiement
        I dont know where it Went wrong
        I hope this is just because they have too many orders
        But it’s more than 30 days now

        1. 30 days is too long, please send him a reminder. Either a product you ordered has sold out and not yet been restocked, or they might have overlooked your order.

          1. Unfortunatly
            This e-mail I was told to write failed again customer-service@research-chemicals-products.es
            So I wrote again at
            But they told me mails at this adress wont be answered
            What to do ? 🤔😄

            1. Try to find something like a link saying “Contact” on a website that you want to get in touch with.

              r-c-p_es contact page provides the following information:

              Customer Service

              E-mail Contact

              Then again: If they tell you they won’t reply to your emails although you paid for an order which they do not seem to care about shipping, then contact https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EN or https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/consumer-rights-and-complaints/resolve-your-consumer-complaint/european-consumer-centres-network-ecc-net_en


              European Consumer Centres Network – ECC Net
              Help and Advice for consumers in Europe


            2. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

              Well, I am sad to see the banner under the Nazi’s shop review now 🙁 I hope you are able to get some information on what happened to him. I do see that one of his pages is down as I write this “for maintenance”. I too sent him a detailed email today (day 33+).

            3. I finally received my order
              as I said below

        2. Could you get an update for your order that stuck in waiting for payment status? My order is in the similar situation for the 15 days and i have not received any answer to the email i sent about it.

          1. No update at all

            This e-mail I was told to write failed again customer-service@research-chemicals-products.es
            So I wrote again at
            But they told me mails at this adress wont be answered
            What to do ? 🤔

            1. Provide your correct address. Use Google Chrome or Edge Chromium to translate the website into English. Provide your real name. Provide your real phone. That is crucial to make delivery happen.

          2. All my comments are waiting for modération 🤔

            1. https://rc-scene.com/donate

              If nobody likes this then I will move on. I cannot hire anyone without budget available. Blindly running into bankruptcy is considered a crime. We dedicated thousands of hours for free to provide you something of value.

              I ran out of money. Noone will work for free again, because it is work and no fun job.

              3 USD / month
              36 USD / year

              THANK YOU.


            2. I was just wondering not judging

          3. No update at all

            The e-mail I was told to write fails all the time
            So I wrote again at
            another adress
            But they told me that mails at this adress wont be answered
            What to do ? 🤔

            1. I am on the same boat, not receiving any answer from the email they gave for contacting them. I can understand not giving answer to random question etc but I am stating the order number on the subject, providing the proof of payment but still nothing…

            2. The same with : number order on the subject and proof
              But nothing
              Let s be patient now
              That all we can do 😊

            3. Hi,

              From browsing through the mailbox I’d say it took them a little longer than expected to prepare the new a-php batch. To me, these emails read like they start shipping as usual on Monday, 24 again.

            4. Wait for 30 days, please.

            5. Can t wait more from 11 december 😂

            6. Finally !
              I have received my order today ☺️

            7. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

              WhooHoooooooo! 🙂

  8. Has anyone actually received their order in 24 hours? I bought from this site because of that reason only it has been over 2 days and item has not even shipped….

    1. Looks like their Blitzkrieg order processing of early days had lost a little steam 😉

      I cannot know which shipping option you selected during checkout but I assume you will receive your order within 24 hours as soon as it was shipped.

      1. Thomas Alberico Avatar

        Nobody mentions the product itself!!?? What is this, really!

  9. vincentpannequin Avatar

    So did everyone finally received their orders or not?
    It is right to complain but better to say if you received it or not 😉

    1. Hi,

      My order was placed on the third, my bank confurred me the money instantly got transferred, but it still says ‘waiting for payment’… So, either something went wrong (I had 3 very very nice experiences with them before. Fast as hell, affordable, and most of all great product AND concept. Or they are just temporarely out of stock. Whatever it is, I truly believe in this concept. Maybe it’s just gotten too big too fast for them?

      So (as someone here thaught me: Patience!) ‘Good things come to them who wait.’ I’ve stopped feeling dissapointed or scammed (thank you René…). If I’m correct tomorrow they close for the holidays. Give them a few days off, and who knows, maybe it will be raining tiny boxes containing white rocks!

      Tomorrow is another day,

      1. If they follow the comments as closely as those who managed to order solid Rocas to the states without paying postage, then I could imagine something like a brand-new 30-days firewall shielding the good people of Barcelona against excessive insanity.

        Don’t push your luck.
        You are discussing a concerning habit here.

        If you think you could bypass the unwritten law of not being stupid here and try to perform Reddit Substance Abuse Appreciation Glorification, thinking that, disguised as a technical issue, somewhere between order processing and a philosophical approach to redefine wherever 30 days could be before January 3, I might not find out, then you are dead-wrong, my friend, dead-wrong.

        Somebody else tried to order the whole stock recently. He also failed.

        Please wait until January before contacting them again, thank you. 😉

        1. I will, no worries. But, again, I really thought this was a private chat. So I’m sorry…

        2. Holidays are never a good time to get anything done 🙁 That, and bad weather always make the post slower than hell. That said, the Nazi really needs to hire more help (CS), and update his webpage to properly answer basic questions about his services (such as locations he will/wont ship to, estimated transit times, etc). If he did so, he would reduce a lot of the annoying chatter that is distracting him from filling orders, and reduce the anxiety of his customers. Win-win. In my case, it has been weeks now waiting on just a confirmation as to policy on shipping to Canada. I used email, and also his “customer service” radio button on his website as he instructed. The webpage confirmed that message as sent. Given the two frustrated-sounding general announcements he put out to his email list this past month, one would expect him to be a bit more proactive in reducing the instances of what he clearly (and rightly) considers to be annoying behaviors in the customer base.

          1. Hi,

            I hear he stopped replying to random questions. Better mention an order number in the subject line or have an interesting question if hoping for a reply.

            Try to place an order to Canada, and you will find out if they ship there. Canada did not render shipping options but a link to contact them in my test. I assume they do not ship to North America, and that you might not receive a reply.

            I am in no way affiliated with any vendors, still, I’d like to state that – unless your name started with an Ø and ended in liver – people in Europe would not desperately seek failure and make a fuss about it. If I want to find out if Amazon can deliver a book to my address, I will try to order it. I am not going to search for information on shipping restrictions, I would not even expect such. I will find out myself. I will not wait for weeks to have confirmation that it can’t be done. I find out when trying to order.

            Five friends blindly trusting RC SCENE who have donated 25 each expecting something that was nowhere mentioned had early access to the vendor and now also happen to be KØMPRØMÆT.Friends — and that 4Life! I just found out myself. Is a technical

            Nobody sold anything to them, not even advertised or promised a thing, and still, they thought supporting worldwide exclusive original content with a small donation would not feel like a scam to them.

            Why would I mention that anecdote?

            Because you mentioned anxiety, and anxious describes how I feel lately. Why, why, why could I feel anxious? Too many Rocas, maybe. Not being able to send contributors a 25 USD gift, maybe. That old odd paying-the-rent project looking like game over, maybe.

            I am not just anxious but even afraid that so much original content could be too much for the masses.

            I agree: He could consider hiring additional Cathinone Shippers. Also, he could charge 1,400 instead of 140. There ain’t that many vendors offering Quality Rocas. But, maybe, that is not his idea.

            Shipping ES – CAN I’d estimate between two and four weeks.

            1. Not being fussy at all. Basic business functions are what they are. He felt pressed enough to make two large-scale emails to his entire list, so common sense says the man could save himself some traffic by just putting 1/3 that much effort into updates on the web pages so people can act intelligently when dealing with him. As to your comments addressed to myself; I am certainly not going to burden someone with an order and bank transfer, thus interrupting their processing of other person’s orders, and possibly having to issue me a refund from their bank, without doing them the the courtesy of confirming in advance that I am actually going to create a valid order (and so money) for them. I want to be respectful of the policies of any merchant concerning shipping (even Amazon!), and I appreciate when those policies are communicated somewhere on the website so that I may do so. Failing that, I am forced to take the fairly reasonable step of hitting that “contact us” button that he specifically told us to use for non-order questions, and then await a reply.

              But I am also enjoying your site, and you are fun and interesting/entertaining to read 🙂 I assume there is a paypal donate button or something around there, so I will look for it in the morning…right now I have 10 cats to feed ;D If you dont have a button, you can give me a link, but if you do, I should be able to easily find it on your site – just as I should the shipping policies for the Nazi on his 😉

            2. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

              Ok – so the word for Canada is: “No cathinones for you!!!” ;b

              Blacklisted like the USA now, I guess.

              Hey – do you have a shop review for [ * | ed. ]-Planet around here? They seem pretty on the ball – although selection is limited now.

            3. Hi,

              Thank you for sharing this information! Looks like they would ship within Europe only now.

              Funnily enough, they seem to temporarily have run out of rocas. The new batch is supposed to look similar to the photoshopped brownish roca in the article image. I also noticed that he doubled up the cost of roca. What a #!**$!

              In his weekly dirge keeping everyone posted about the trouble he has seen, he mentioned something like three hundred people desperately trying to send him money every week.

              That planet dude is the only jerk on earth known for not being able to simply replying to support tickets but instead aggressively pursuing a fight, somehow involving good innocent people in arguments over something that is happening exclusively inside his head, and thus making the few remaining sane of us feel utterly uncomfortable.

              That planet jerk offers an interesting service: They accept payments from seemingly any country except for their homebase (UK) and countries known for fighting money laundering across borders (US & AT). While I believe them to be reliable shippers, I know that they send letters they know will never arrive. They offer to accept even more money for what looks like insured/tracked mail. In fact, they will tell you to go fuck yourself and delete your account if you ask for a reship or refund and maybe inform them that what they are doing is fucking fraud and considered a major crime.

              Not a big fan of that planet of jerk, I have to admit.

              I believe the reviewer was nonetheless happy with that planet, please find out yourself:

            4. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

              Bleh – for some reason, there is no “reply” next to your post, so have to reply to my own, i guess ;b
              I noticed that you edited the name of the merchant I was discussing. I am very sorry if I broke a rule in stating the name of an actual shop, and did not know I wasn’t supposed to do it 🙁

              I will share that in several times going to that vendor and using the chat, and also twice using the customer contact “ticket” system, response was prompt, polite, and helpful. Shipping from the vendor is always prompt and trackable immediately after processing, although the world mail systems are highly variable in service (not the fault of any vendor, of course). Mailings are discreet, and sturdy.

              I have not heard of any experience asking for a reship, etc, though, so will keep your comments in mind should someone I know be put to that situation.

              I did notice that the Nazi seems less stressed out, and yes, it is sad that he wont go out of Eurozone anymore, but those are the cards we are dealt. I do agree the 2x costs is kind of harsh, but law of supply and demand, right???

              Maybe you will gift us with news of new vendors soon that will give him some competition, and also ship around the globe 🙂

            5. There is nothing wrong with discussing vendors, which are mentioned here anyway. I do not want anyone mentioned here repeatedly, though. If a vendor finds out about another vendor mentioned here three times in a row, they will all try to say their names here over and over again 😉

              There is no rule about whom to mention how often. Whenever I sense the need to engage in Anti-Shilling Action, I will do so. Better safe than sorry 🙂

              I browsed through my bookmarks earlier today and found out that CN still is the most affordable option even after raising The Cost of Roca again.

              Also, I stumbled upon something you could find interesting.: FAVX and FX. One of them used to be news for being a new vendor in town, not long ago.



            6. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

              Ha! – sort of like Betelgeuse? ;D

              Thanks, Rene’ 🙂

  10. Hello,
    On the 26/11 I ordered on this site (designr-chmicals.eu) I sent the payment 4 days ago but no sign of life, impossible to contact the person, I tried every mail or contact form with no reply.
    Screenshot : https://i.imgur.com/mTmULeI.png
    I’m pretty worried and wonder if the site is even still legit.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Davy,

      Thanks for the heads up!

      I understand you paid via BTC or something the like but there was no payment interface provided, only a wallet address? So he has to pick up payments manually.

      Please allow him a couple days, he mentioned something about his bank refunding quite a few of his customers. Those customers had already received their orders since he shipped to everyone who provided a screenshot for proof of payment. He could be busy running after his money.

      If you should not hear back from him after 10~12 days, please update here.

      EU-based webshops are allowed 30 days to deliver.

      The shop is real.
      He is unlikely to have been arrested, I would not worry: The Dutch vendor chem_eu recently smuggled substances illegal both in the Netherlands and in Spain to Spain and is paying someone for knowingly breaking Spanish law by handling chem_eu orders in Spain, meaning handling and shipping banned substances. That makes 1 x Dutch law, 1 x Smuggling, Spain & 1 x Paying someone to break the law in Spain. Compared to that dude, the Ukrainian Cathinone Nazi is a saint.