A child looking at text "ALERTA 2022" seemingly terrified screaming like in panic; the text is coming (and coming closer maybe) seen from her perspective from sharp left and slightly higher than her eyes, her head does not move to the left it looks like on an average portrait photo but her eyes focus left and up. The photographer was in front of her, just like you would do an average portrait photo. You can see she is not really scared but acting which makes it look more funny even.

Advice I was never given: When you see Fresh Prince of Orange-Nassau, a grown-up man, running towards you, with the weather in his eyes, and hollering “You need help,” then one will not look back.

ALERTA-Meme Generator

For a meme funny, best start with a pic that already fits the description. Click here to save the photo in good quality.

White text on white background. Only three twos are to see, they are pink.

We have a girl screaming and now need a reason.
Think of something that is weird, but not really scary. Or think of something that would be silly to be afraid of (e.g., because it is your dog). Don’t make this thing scary; nobody wants cancer. Even fewer will like a meme in which a child is terrified of a deadly disease.

Not sure if your idea qualifies silly or strange?
Why not try with irony then: Homework, vegetables, Miley Cyrus, …; So many things totally make sense and do not cause irreversible damage. Your friends on Facebook will like and retweet you.

An illustration of a toothbrush? Haha, those children!

Child scared of the word Paywall.
Happy New Year 2022 !
Girl scared screaming while looking at text: "Whaaaa t if mommy finds out? = 2ö22" [2022]
Save the Date.
The Fat White Family – Touch The Leather (Redux), 2014
Drug Church – But Does it Work? Live with Audiotree, 2017

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4 responses to “ALERTA 2022”

  1. Kimberly Olson Avatar
    Kimberly Olson

    Bah! This is set under “support us with your donation” – but there is no link or button to donate with! ;b

    I am unable to donate with any memes that don’t fall into the “not really scary” category >;x

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar


      Hi Kimberly,

      I want to try something new: Instead of begging for donations, I offer subscriptions for Premium+ Content now.

      While you cannot expect any new content whatsoever ever (!!!),
      subscription plans are 5 USD / month; 36 USD / year; Or, a one-time payment of 200 USD.

      If you have a little money on the side and want to help me big time, please consider the $200 option. I know that 5 years seem optimistic, but if things work out, you will not be forgotten. ;- )

      Thank you so much! 🙂

      1. Kimberly Olson Avatar
        Kimberly Olson

        Ok – found the problem…it seems that your payment thing is VERY SLOW and takes about two minutes to complete. I thought it wasnt going to do so until I did all the stuff on the WP page that opened, and that is also confusingly laid out, with several things not applicable to us on it too :/

        Anyway, I left it run this time while I was wading through asll the junk on the WP page, and it said complete EVENTUALLY.

        Might want to warn people it could take some time so they don’t throw up their hands like I did. Also, the stuff at the bottom of the WP page is for people looking to build a website with them – not your subscribers ;b

        Anyway – there you go!


        1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

          Thank you for the heads up!

          Also, thank you for being #1, the first KØMPRØMÆT Friends Premium+ Content subscriber. 🙂

          There is more than a little urgency involved because your subscriptions need to pay for three part-time workers. If someone believed I were asking for money although a millionaire who could afford to work another ten thousand hours for free or making a loss again with a project that YOU MADE HUGE BECAUSE YOU WANT IT ….THEN, MY FRIENDS, YOU WILL FIND OUT: NO! Here, the world looks so much different from whatever prejudices you might have, you would not believe.

          Thanks again, Kimberly!

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