Chance of Perspective: CHINA

A colorful city nightline with a beautiful bridge in the city Guangzhou in Southern China; Also, a transparent Chinese Flag repeated vertically six times, half-transparent to not completely hide the part of the beautiful photo saying: China -A Chance in Perspective
Cable stayed bridge over a river at night in Guangzhou City, China

Ermelinda, who had initially gotten blocked by the spam filter because her message was posted through a proxy service that is considered to bear high risk, since anonymous and recorded to often be abused for fraudulent activities, sent an interesting collection of links to YT clips and sentences you might not hear on FOX too often.

Even though she could be a bot respectively a computer script that spams, I would like to share her ideas, because a change in perspective can be chance of perspective and fits the RC SCENE philosophy.

Yes, this is counterculture, inspired by exceptional artists who challenged the mainstream, by Victor Adler’s Worker’s Newspaper and Noelle-Neumann’s “Spiral of Silence” Theory.

A premiere

Finally, after the two headaches from the US Opioid dealer webshop, Paracelsus had let me know in endlessly long and insulting emails that I would either post all comments here myself or would have bots programmed to – and that’s actually a funny term Joel’s partner in crime coined: do “reverse shilling”, because they would never – never would they dilute substances or send teenagers to the hospital; Well, today, a bot not only posts all the comments, calls me in the middle of the night, and, of course, sends all the emails, but, and this is a premiere: even co-authors an article.

A Better Bot vs. Bad Opioid Dealers?

A: The Opioid dealers

Now that you got a feeling for how bright the candles in some drug dealers’, heads shine, please, don’t judge them yet. To find out if our bot Ermelinda may have submitted more interesting content than those two Opioid crisis patriots, you need more information:

  • Para’s partner in crime asks me for a favor, that he hid behind weird shit ideas like RC SCENE were about to collect millions of Bitcoins in donations and would then “exit scam”. Sure, that had always been the plan, from second number one. Finally, he tells me that his sales have skyrocketed since RC SCENE is online and how proud he is of himself. (Stay off the drugs, kids!)

  • Para, more friendly but an LSD head, let me how much he hated me for being a Russian spy. I am sure that rant would never have ended, if I had not told him to fucking stop it, because it made him look like a fool since I not only once had explained to him that the KØMPRØMÆT signature is an artwork, a design, and the characters are all taken from the Icelandic alphabet. I do original content only. (Say no to LSD, kids!)

For those who could not yet figure it out: It’s a homage to the French electronica duo Kompromat which I fell in love with on a Tuesday afternoon. Their lyrics are a mix of French and German, btw., which was exactly what I had been looking for since the inspiration for the lists of real vendors came from France and I speak German. This might be important news for vendor wannabes who are afraid I wanted them in prison: NO! #WTF, why should I? I am afraid you will end up in prison. I spent almost my whole life in a prison cell. My parents had been sociopaths, just like you.

US mainstream: The Opioid crisis worsens every single year.

US mainstream: Fucked up white trash Opioid junkies too dumb for everything

Again: No one got “doxxed”. Joel used and uses his real name. All you need to find him is Google. I was NOT wrong but the only fucking source on the planet that had the story right. Only after PedroTHAjerk threatened to sue RC SCENE, I needed to post the link to the sheriff’s office that had all details about the arrest, including name and photo. If PetroTHAretard threatens me with him – according to his description corrupt – friends at the DOJ, I do what every journalist does: I provide proof. The source was public and open for all websites run by the government. Nobody is randomly posting about arrests. Someone in Para’s team had sent a hysteric mass email that read like Joel would have died. Paracelsus had let me know before that they are not anonymous at all. My first headline was partially misleading, that was an honest mistake. Believe it or not: Police codes seem to differ from state to state. How many of you – living in the US – would have known that? I didn’t. Joel contacted me and explained the story and while I have not yet found time to contact him again and work on a vendor portrait with him (and maybe I am fed up with US Opioid dealers), no detailed story but an erratum was published in a separate article, of course, as well as the original article updated.

PS: That you trust some stupid fuck scammers is not my problem. Doucheberg could already be in prison, all I asked for is to stop the lies and the hate speech and the bribing trash junkies to mess with me. He would never have been categorized as a scammer if he had not admitted that this was his business idea. I thought he meant vending when he said business. I enjoyed talking to him. That he is a thief was a disappointment. That he started spreading lies and bribing junkies, even more so, especially since few trash people are so crazy they cause me nightmares.
A street in the inner city of the Chinese city Ningbo. It is night, there are lampions and lanterns shedding light, tough. There are restaurants in the street, on both sides you can site outside. There are no cars. People are walking down the street.
Old Street Night Scene in Ningbo, China

B: Our Ermelinda Spam Bot

If you consume CNN and BBC’s coverage of China, I am sure you are under the impression that China is a really screwed-up country. The West has a very biased view of China.

  • China’s rise is bad for us? Is our system superior? What is good for the West’s government is good for Wall Streets and the bankers, but not necessarily good for the people.
  • China has a lot to offer to the average guy in the West. Do you have a business? Consider selling to China.
  • Do you want an incredible life experience like no others? Perhaps you can relocate to China!

What is China really like?

We share some YouTube videos of Westerners living in China. Check the videos out and perhaps it will change your view of China. Perhaps you can visit China and seek out new opportunities there!

The Great Wall of China was built far away from cities it seems. On the photos you see hills. You can walk on the Great Wall, it looks like a path, a way.
China first! The Great Wall of China at sunset in Jinshan Ling

The Most SHOCKING Street Reactions of Foreigners living in CHINA!

Jason (from the UK) China vs the USA – Who Would Win? 2021 Military / Country Comparison

How China Became So Powerful

Am I a Commie? – Question for YouTube Content Creators in China


Loosely based on Trump: There are good people and Opioid crisis idiots on both sides…

flags of half usa _ half china with handshake
Handshake USA & China?

PS: Ad USA: To anyone who ever thought this was a scam scheme or RC SCENE was a marketing platform or would be operating shops or charging fees from vendors: GO DROWN YOURSELVES IN THE WASHBASIN. If you should realize you made a mistake, RC SCENE has become a charity project for millionaires anyway, you all know how to reach me and that since two vendors almost died no one else will pick up the phone or despairingly try to keep up with the communication. “GET YOUR MONEY BACK – scammers afraid of the FBI finally came back to senses and refund you” would make a great headline and I am in if you need and ask for assistance to make up for the crimes you committed.

Unless we make the US scammers afraid of the FBI will refund your project happen. The whole US scene is waiting for a few stupid fuck scammers. Just saying. Also, did you know that I am allowed to submit scam reports to the FBI? 😱 Uh-oh?

If those stupid attacks don’t stop, it will be more than that.

Descriptions for US Opiate dealers will be changed from links to screenshots without exception. The US page is buggy and needs attention anyways.

All EU and CN vendors mentioned on RC SCENE are reliable shippers unless stated otherwise. CAN may be as well. US vendors order with them. Yes, with the legendary U.S.S.R.

So, now you know.
Do the math.




I’ve reached the third day of a seven-day binge
I can already see your name disintegrating from my lips

I’d rather be your victim than to be with you
Rather be your victim, than be with you




I hate today, who will I wake up with tomorrow?
The dopes show

There’s lots of pretty, pretty ones
That want to get you high
But all the pretty, pretty ones
Will leave you low and blow your mind



Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival


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