Emjoy the sun! RC SCENE wishes all of you a nice summer time!

Wear sunscreen!

RC SCENE might stand still in August and only return in September.

No emails, no comments, no Trust Pilot – we will be on holiday.

Thank you for your understanding.

PS: In case of emergency please contact us via Threema, Telegram or on our mobiles.


Weezer covers Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” @ Del Mar 8/6/11 HD

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3 responses to “Emjoy the sun! RC SCENE wishes all of you a nice summer time!”

  1. pr21@tutanota.com Avatar

    you an say mail predator, we always open to talk D: 

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Dear Darling Predator,

      You may, of course, always contact me!

      Please, either call (any number I provided you with will do) or use Threema or Telegram, which, btw., makes you family.

      I already asked you to do so weeks ago, but sister Predator seems to be too shy to speak to a real Kossak? 😉

      Kind regards,


    2. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      To who(m)ever it belongs:

      QOTSA – Little Sister

      QOTSA – No One Knows

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