We’re oldschool. FX CHEM LABS [ Trusted Shop Review ]

A new vendor contacted me. Time went by. They have no clue that we did a test order and would publish a review.

Screenshot of colorful FX CHEMLABS drug web shop in March 2021. Powders in red, orange, green, red, blue and violet come out of brownsish chimneys.
Screenshot of FX ChemLabs website, March 2021
Click the Play button, this video took a lot of work and you will never have seen anything similar before. Promised!
Update from July, 2022: Happy Easter! In Spring 2022, R. & the FX team sent a lot more drugs to the US than they had announced would arrive there. At he same time, two or three Europol operations cleaned remarkebaly big organized crime rings in Spain. I could not know but I would imagine that might have caused some confusion. With the COVID lockdown in Shanghai still a problem, FX had ordered with the Dutch mafia who are trying hard to get rid of their extremely toxic x-CMC trash substances which they had already been selling you for MMC and under other for many years, but with the definite and worldwide banning of all toxic CMC products very soon to be law also in the Netherlands, the latest CMC-batches had been even worse than ever. Tons of that stuff got seized in Spain, Germany, and Rotterdam, in a joint effort involving even US DEA. FX Chem Lab’s letters got stopped as well. FX first said they would not reship a single order, but I am still optimistic. Fraud is a serious crime and there are not too many friendly vendors out there. 🙂🙂🙋‍♂️👩‍🎨
lnote: They do not offer any of those toxic CMC substances anymore!

Solid vendor.

  • FX’s A-PiHP was a pleasant surprise. Really good.
  • FX’s A-PHP feels mild. The Real RCC‘s current A-PHP batch is by far better.
  • FX’s 4F-MPH powder is okay. Then again, if you were to order 4F-MPH from anywhere else than Rechemco, then you are a fool. Their reinvention of 4F-MPH is unmatched.
  • FX’s Flubromazolam blotters seem a bit mild. That’s okay because this substance is too extreme anyway.

They have more products, but you stopped donating and I have no money, do the maths.

If it wasn’t for Alex, I could never afford to host RC SCENE. There would not be a video. RC SCENE – the only unbiased and reliable site of its kind would standstill.

Don’t believe a word coming from any US scammer motherfucker’s mouth who claims European vendors would be selective scammers and RC SCENE could be biased a marketing platform or whatever. Open your eyes: This is fucking art.


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Find FX Chem Labs’s shop description, updates and their address here.

More sightseeing, a journey through Spain, and more detailed substance information

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72 responses to “We’re oldschool. FX CHEM LABS [ Trusted Shop Review ]”

  1. I have ordered with fx Terry. And received every order I paid for. They answered every email sometimes took longer than I wished it would have. I just ordered my 12 order and I’m100% confident that I will receive it also. I know that orders that used to take over 7 days now don’t come got over 14 days. I was hating on them thinking they screwed me over also. But Terry assured me that it was sent and I finally received it a few days ago. Don’t give up on them they are still good as far as I am concerned

  2. I recently 15 days ago placed an order for the USA still have spotty emails stating sorry we fuvked up on order I didn’t send with tracking the.order went out they say but reshipped 4 days ago with tracking sorry they say please give us good trust pilot review after you rec. Orders thank you terry…so I still have no tracking for the supposed reship I have a buddy here also.is being told same stuff and reship with tracking this time he has used them in past all last year in fact no issues till now …can anyone help us out.here is there still orders arriving and is there communication still with fx? It’s my first time with them I hope they’re not fuvking us now it will kill my pocket book to have to.reorder I’m crossing fingers still please anyine help us I you can with hopefully positive info on recent fx orders especially to the states

    1. First things first: Fuck you.

      You are supposed to send me an email, see rc-scene.com/contact, if issues with vendors mentioned on RC SCENE should occur.

      You are supposed to provide me with your order number at least so I can confirm with the vendor that you actually placed an order.

      Also: Fuck you. Are you a Tony or a Terry now? Make up your mind, nobody believes a liar.


      – No, they hardly respond to complaints coming from the US. Too many Americans would claim their untracked order would not have arrived. The vendor estimates that 4 out of 5 orders make it. Otherwise, customers would not order again, I guess.

      – Well, actually, I would not know. Not a single authentic complaint in the email inbox so far. If you are too stupid to provide me with your order number, I won’t run after you trying to find out.

      – FX have two products left in stock. Everything else is available with oldschoolrc now. Both remaining substances are scheduled substances in the US. I would not know if that indeed made a difference, but I could imagine it would.

      Sell the A-PHP in front of schools and you will soon have more money for even more a-php.

  3. Same here. Order 134** placed in March, NEVER ARRIVED in France.
    They promise me a reship.
    I guess it’s just a joke, but I will tell if something arrive (or not)

    1. HI, as expected the “generous reship” never came (30 days after) as well as the first shipping.
      Stay away, it’s an exit scam.
      From realchems and professor I received 17 packages/17 orders. always in 2-5 days.
      So whats wrong with fxchemlab?
      I contacted RC Scene about this concern but no response…

      1. Don’t they clearly state on their site that they will not offer reships under any circumstances?

        The FX shop carries exactly two products of which both are pretty much illegal. The not so controlled substances are available in the old school shop now.

        I could not read all of your emails if I spent 24/7 with the mailboy. If you want a reply to your email, then sign up for 1 USD and use the contact form exclusively available to subscribers.

        The Auto-Reply email describes how to send scam reports. If I could not find the time reply to your previous email, then try again and use a subject line that indicates that you are complaining about a scam.

        What am I supposed to do if your untracked order has not arrived?

        We already learned that EU vendors are allowed 30 days to deliver.


        So, if your order did not arrive and the vendor refuses to issue a refund, then please have a look at all the information provided on the EU vendors page. Please complain to the EU Consumer Network, you find the link to their contact form here: yourbookmark.link/rc-europe

        If you need help with how to report that vendor, then please send an email again. Use a subject line that leaves no doubt about that your email is about a scam report, thank you.

  4. Same here. Order 13424 placed in February, NEVER ARRIVED in Sweden as of 25 working days after ordering. This is the 2nd order in a year that has NOT BEEN DELIVERED and I have NOT RECEIVED any customs letter, and other international orders arrive and go through customs without any problem. FX scam?

  5. Just to warn you: order placed for France in February, never received :'(

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