gayperry – US Domestic RC Vendor (Good Times For A Change; Mini Shop Review & Discussion)

A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact them and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.

A night out at the HOMO’s.

I met gayperry in a bar in Jamestown, Kentucky. HOMO. Not quite the place you would find me on an average Monday, but as everyone knows, once you started binge drinking while still being at work because the weekend is just too short, you need to accept your talent and make the most out of it. At HOMO’s, they serve you beer at room temperature. It’s still beer. Also, Spencer Monks’ Reserve Quadrupel Ale is a brand from Belgium. That thing wouldn’t taste anything like beer at any temperature anyway.

In hindsight, I couldn’t say if it was for the two Quadrupels or that one pill the barman had offered me in exchange for a bar review, but I swear when they played the Smiths’ Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want, I felt like I was IN the song. Like Morrissey sat next to me and sang this plea, of course in the distinctive laconic way he is known for, just for me. I felt this nervous yet dreamy guitar play filling me with joy and warmth, and the bar turned into a chapel built out of nothing but love, hope, and humbleness.

Didn’t we all wish at some point in our lives there was a gayperry to join in, shaking his head to the tune, and sing with us?

Good times for a change
See, the life I’ve had
Can make a good man
Turn bad

So please, please, please
Let me get what I want
Lord knows it would be the first time

Haven’t had a dream in a long time
See, the life I’ve had
Can make a good man bad

So for once in my life
Let me get what I want
Lord knows, it would be the last time
Lord knows, it would be the first time

(The Smiths (Johnny Marr, MORRISSEY) – Deftones’ interpretation)


Imagine, we could meet in dreamland, a fantasy place without angst, nightmares, and rent to pay. Would you accompany Perry and me on our trip heading towards the next mental hospital, if you only knew it was the final escape, that one sunset you had been waiting for all the time, and if we promised you to never ever have to look back and worry?

So for once in my life
Let me get what I want
Lord knows, it would be the last time
Lord knows, it would be the first time

Click an image to enlarge

L’art pour l’art

If you really believe it, then it’s not a lie—the best advice I was ever given. Watching Seinfeld changed everything. While you would use the internet to order drugs, find some jerk on steroids for a one-night-stand, or mess with my Trustpilot account, my first thought was: THIS IS AMERICA! I am directly connected to somebody living 2,000 miles far away who tapes Seinfeld and shares the episodes via BitTorrent. I watched them over and over again. At first, I didn’t understand a word, but my English improved. In January 2021, I finally met gayperry, who happens to speak English.

Is Perry real? Am I out of my mind? Or could it be you to be cuckoo? Do you believe anything you see here? Do you think you could order drugs online and have them delivered to your doorstep like it was Pizza? And what’s that thing you think you would pay with – Bitcoins? What’s that even supposed to be? Bitcoins… that’s a hooker’s name!

Don’t be silly. Or, if you feel like it, be stupid: Ask yourself if Perry was a scammer. Or a DEA agent? Or RCLeon, having escaped from a Chinese prison. Would Perry maybe offer anything like Angel Dust, which you, of course, desperately need and will immediately try to order once I added a link to some Paste that I created yesterday, between 19:30 and 19:40?

Does Perry know someone would mention him on the by far most popular place discussing research chemical vendors in North America (close trailing to dopek and soon to become the number one in the world)? He might find out 😉

No donation action, no backup checks action. You started it. You stopped donating. You started the lies. You couldn’t cope with the fact that someone would do something out of sheer interest, even though he had not even money enough to pay for web hosting. Fuck you. Send that scammer all the money you have. I don’t care.

Good times for a change, don’t ya think?

Find gayperry US Domestic Vendor of Research Chemicals:
Shop Description & Links &Discussion

A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact them and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.

Deftones cover of The Smiths’ Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (2005 Remaster).

Camillo “Chino” Wong Moreno, Stephen “Stef” Carpenter, Chi Ling Dai Cheng, Abraham “Abe” Cunningham, and Frank Delgado went to school in Sacramento, California, were into skateboarding, formed a band, and, yada yada yada, released a 2-CD with b-sides and rarities including this cover version that is arranged and played with so much love and passion, you almost forget it’s a plea to please please please let me die. The irony is, that song is so beautifully done, it makes me forget that I never ever wanted to live.
Deftones – Pink Maggit (Squarepusher Remix, 2020)

Dedicated to Mr Sellkies’ dear friend Aaron N. – R.I.P.

A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact them and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.


02/15/2021: Vendor Perry is verified

Review: I received my package 3 days earlier than expected from GayPerry and it looks fine. I’ll give it a reagent test in the next few days once it shows up. Just to confirm there is no fentanyl. It seems legit so far though. -R.

02/16/2021: Perry tested out great

The DPT tested out great. No contaminations. Just placed another order for 2-FMA that’ll be sent out tomorrow. I am impressed with this vendor and am interested in seeing how their inventory changed and progresses. I’m interested in the 4-MeO-DMT but there isn’t much literature about it. -R.

Even more happy customers: 🙂

A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact them and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.

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  1. So, the whole US scene is just gone? The only one I see left is albion, & they have pretty much nothing left. Nothing I could imagine anyone would be interested in. I guess this was inevitable, since you can’t get anything from China or the Netherlands anymore. That sucks. I can’t imagine a new US section anymore. There would be nothing to put there.

    1. Dear greyterrier,

      A shortage because of LF went, I assume
      . and an article to be published next week will discuss the new US page concept. We will get the old gang back together. Expect season two for 02/02/2022 the latest.

      Perry will only scam as gayperry now but thinks about wanting to know it again.
      And there are more, some with real webshops where you can demand a refund if they forget to ship

      The rules will be different: Vendors must deposit 200 we want to compensate the US team with. Also, the programming they will pay and make it tax-deductible. 1,000 maximum in the first year, from then on about 200 every year.

      Why they will want to, I will point out utilizing statistics, and big RC SCENE has become.

      A minor issue is still not falling for scammers. That’s why I want to brainstorm with them. No vendor could ever handle the many orders they would receive now.

      RC SCENE US will always be on holiday for a while. I demand vendors to act responsibly and not to produce addicts. RC SCENE takes a break to help vendors prone to drug abuse and not to produce addicts,

      I like the idea, and we’ll see how the new team will handle it.

      Tomorrow will be better 😉

      Kind regards,

    2. Joel & his Para Family, Vyren, and Moon are definitely still there.

      In Europe, a new A-PVP II is available for wholesale, 3-MMA (there seem two different products being sold under that name) some say okay. Flubrotizolam (“Fanax”), A-PiHP, Flunitrazolam II, Nitrazolam II, and refreshing 2/3-FMA from Lizard Labs (it even made it onto RC SCENE Newsletter Artwork #1 On The Air) are available. So are Eutylone (made in Europe), new Cannabinoids, and quite a surprise: Red x-LSD pellets (which might contain 1cP-AL-LAD or whatever but not LSD).

      Vendors like Cathinone Nazi (or Chemistry King or chem_eu) might all suck other than Cathinone Nazi’s A-PHP, which is not great, but okay.

      The industry is a clown network with sad people positioned worldwide.

      Maybe, something is about to happen, and LE already operating some webshops. (I don’t know, just a feeling). Or, perhaps, China waits until the recently banned A-PHP, 3-MMC, 2cl-3-MMC, 4-CMC, Hexen (including the “New Batch” Powder Power of White), etc., will be finally sold-out in Europe.

      It could be that a big lab got busted in China, but I would not know. China vendors who did not get busted would usually say things like they had absolutely no idea why they seemed luckier than a few others. It’s none of my business anyway. Some stories better remain untold 😉

      I don’t know. Whoever the people behind LS/LF are, they do not want to sell anything (yet).

      PS: Please tell all your friends because I will not send a newsletter to fewer than 1,501 active subscribers.

      PPS: Although all the newsletter issues will be available in the web archive, some things will be newsletter-exclusive: Four T-Shirts: Only for subscribers. Links with advanced chemistry knowledge and explanation will prove that I am weird: I cannot change the links, but the content will vanish after 7 days.
      PPPS: I

  2. What happened to Albion? Did they go out of business? Sorry this is in the wrong place, but there doesn’t seem to be a right place anymore.

    1. their site looks like it is still up. Guy was never particularly responsive when i contacted them and orders only went through if i made them like 1 minute or less after they opened. after that u get an automated “reached order quota” email.

      1. Perry will return. The old gang found back together again.

        I will not promote him unless he provides me with details to the damage that KAT scamming you caused, though.

        I think we will make some (partial) refund action happen. This will be the first time ever that a vendor to show he is a real man/woman, honest and and behaves as responsible as it gets.

        RC SCENE cannot chip in (I am basically bankrupt) and we need to discuss details, but I think Perry is in. I could not reach KAT lately. If Perry and team can refund KAT’s scam victims, then it won’t happen within a week. I think of something like refunding five or so of you every month.

        Don’t worry about Perry. Even with the new team he receives orders enough without promotion so so they are good .

        By the time they will have become a well-coordinated team, a website dedicated to the US should be ready and maintained. Two volunteers from the US recently contacted me. They don’t know yet, but they will manage their own website. I won’t find time to deal with US scam complaints anymore. I had to take a tough decision lately. I decided to ignore almost three-thousand emails for now and to read and reply to them only when time allows again. My number one task for now is trying to find one or two donors who would agree to give a couple hundreds every year. I think I found a way how it can be done. The donors will receive a Thank You Banner and the two I have in mind would fit here, but since they are no RC shops, and the site is a non-profit project, even if considered advertising I think I would be on the safe side. To avoid possibly facing any legal issues ever, I will always work for free and make sure that the project makes a loss 😉

        Then, the US / CN / CAN & other content will receive the announced updates.

        PS: Two red boxes explain that this vendor is gone for good. There is no point in further discussing GP. Yes, the paste and email seem to remain online/active. No, I won’t allow then to go by GP and the well-known email again.

      2. Has anyone got albion’s website address? I didn’t bookmark it, figuring I could always find it here. I don’t understand why it isn’t listed here.

        1. Please find the URI below in my reply to your question from yesterday.

      3. I hear Albion accepts new customers again. If I can win him for the US site I will try to propose a slight change in his order accepting procedure: He shall have his daily cut, such is a Great idea and a sign of responsibly handling a business (service not greed) but, maybe, he can agree on accepting the RC SCENE community requests to be handled first-comes-first-serves BUT not starting that game from scratch every single morning. SNS USA will demand a Consumer friendly approach.

        So, if you came in 21st on Monday, and he accepts ten orders from the community a day, then he can only join if is willing to handle us like this: Your request from Monday must be accepted on Wednesday.

        What Albion do here is an unethical marketing trick. He tries to keep you on distance knowing you will try over and over again and then place extra large orders.

        RC SCENE philosophy is a must to enforce for the US team. We are not doing charity for vendors but demanding improvements for the community – be it not to offer toxic waste, reporting scammers, or ethical business practices (the are European ideas, there, companies with shitty customer service will be avoided by the consumers and – this is a huge difference: Companies are legally obliged to act fair and to care about EU-wide aligned consumer protection agreement. If a company plays Wild West like in the states, government bodies or specialized lawyers at NGOs will sue, defeat, fine and even force US companies to change their practices.

        France and Austria Beat the shit out of Google and Facebook and That through all instances and multiple times. The Austrian Max Schrems (noyb) defeated Facebook together with their super expensive army of lawyers in all instances. He 36, I think. The conservative majority of the EU parliament did something disgusting then: They passed a new agreement that kills privacy protection when working with US companies even for Europeans again, so, he is about to bring down that shady agreement again. A neighbor defeated Facebook in all instances twice. The right to be forgotten fought for and won France who also are fining huge US companies for unfair practices.

        The EU is the world’s biggest consumer market. Forget corrupt US Republicans with their dead-wrong idea about a the market would regulate everything— this has been proven to be false multiple time in recent years.

        RC SCENE is a service for the community. And there are plenty vendors who are no selective scammers, nor make use of unethical practices. You are about 300 heading to 400 million. There are plenty honest vendors around, I am certain.

        I think the exchange between cultures is important and while my opinions are my opinion and based/founded on an ideology, of course – I try my best to provide the best of two worlds.

        For the vendors it will be a take it or leave it but they may manage the US project themselves as long as the editors I want to work with and who I trust ensure that the rules will not be watered and must be discussed – editors and vendors both will have to agree on any changes. The last resort will be the admin SWIM who keeps me up to date and the last one to decide is a friend.

        When they see that honest and responsible consumer-focused vendors and shops will take over the market in the long run, I think they will understand that good service is key.

        There will be battles fought again, probably.

        We will stop them immediately I am open to spend money on a PI and to investigate myself.

        No one fucks with Rc SCENE land. I think even the dumbest bunk batch senders have finally understood. If I need to protect the project and the vendors I always did and I get a little better every year. Spooky, but it was them to start it. 🐚

    2. Hi,

      I posted an article explaining that some of the content is temporarily offline since it needs to be reviewed and revised.

      Sellkies claims I would have unveiled the identity of PetraTHAbiatch who had left a concerning threat in the comments section but is a mental case that I never even googled. I still checked and noticed I had published the real name and private email of a scammer who I thought to be a friend. While it deserves him right, fucking Opiate junkie, I cannot even remember having added him to the list and I don’t think I should have because I desperately hope for him to get in touch with me and to come up with a plan on how to refund the people he scammed.

      I somewhere mention the term “murderer” in context with Sellkies which lead to misunderstandings. I strongly doubt he would have murdered or accidentally killed a friend. I did not ask him about this tragedy, but if he had accidentally killed a friend I would assume him to report the accident to the police and maybe not blog about it.

      Also, I received very helpful input regarding the way I mix facts with irony. I am used to reading newspapers/magazines and consuming TV/Radio that would of course make use of cynical comments or satire without explicitly announcing it. Reading a satirical comment in a dead-serious newspaper is fun. The fun is that it is not highlighted and you only realize that it is comedy if you are familiar with the topic AND after you head read the sentence. Discovering a funny/ironic sentence in, e.g., the Washington Post is fun. It’s fun because there is no smiley indicating irony and you have to think for a second. Well, I remembered that it took me some time to get used to this rather conservative newspaper and also, the editor in chief had replied to my only ever complaint and so did another executive editor on Twitter. Not even friends or co-workers read this newspaper, it’s the by far best (still, far from good 😉 ) but everybody seems to prefer tabloid or mid-paper newspapers since they are more easy to read. To argue with Trevor Noah or comedy actors (every actor will tell you that you need to play a funny scene as serious as possible) turned out to have been a mistake – The Daily Show is not for a general audience, and I should have known since I, sometimes, explain their jokes to Americans on Twitter. Also, both Comedy Central and Comedy movies come with an invisible smiley, you watch them for entertainment. The Daily Show and Late Night Shows demand you following the news to understand their jokes. The Daily Show is great but very demanding and since I do not always find the time to follow US & International news, I don’t get every punchline either. For (some) articles, I already use software to help me improve my writing to make it understandable to a so-called “general audience”, which, for the US means writing for a 12-year-old pupil. I am not kidding. I would not pay for that software if I could reach a “general audience” by simply typing any text. Even in my mother tongue, I sometimes need to explain what I just said in simpler language. I am happy with the level of comments posted here, I think we are somewhat elitist compared to other drug related forums, but what I do is too random. I could edit a paragraph first thing in the morning at 7 am or publish a “nightly build” at 6 am before I go to bed. I am tired of sticking to a concept all the time, this is a hobby and my writing strongly varies depending on the way I feel not considering recipients demands at all.

      This needs to change. Irony – unless it’s obvious – will be indicated by a smiley. If you read Perry’s introduction and believe we would have had a fun time at a gay bar in some Jamestown that serves Quadrupel Ale (which is a real Belgian beer brand, but I mentioned it only because the name made me laugh) then do so. I would love to go for a beer with Perry but while some of you spend a thousand USD each month on drugs, I could not even afford a one-way-ticket to the states. I would not have written such a text for someone who I would not want to share time. The portraits are accurate, even if they might read silly, sometimes. It takes me ages to publish such in a foreign language. That’s why I will never delete articles. Articles mentioning vendors gone for good come with two info boxes in red now explaining this vendor is gone for good.

      Also, gross insults (except when targeted at the irresponsible douche and ticking time-bomb possible murderer Proximo, Scamming Scum, or Opiate Crisis Patriots and Toxic Waste Idiots) need to be removed. I don’t think that any expression could hurt RC SCENE’s reputation, simply because there is no alternative, has never been and will never be, but few articles don’t read like a professional production. Just like I do not allow insults in the comments, I don’t want to read such in articles, of course. When I found out that 99% of vendors are too fucking greedy to pay for a 150 USD lab test to make sure they received and re-sell the correct substance although they make millions, I got so angry that I published few things that are not my style.

      Albion resides here

      In case you were not about to order Opioids only, please ask them for a 50% discount on the products (not the shipping fee) since you volunteered to provide photos and few sentences for a shop review on RC SCENE. Set in CC, please, I have never ever contacted this vendor, there had never been a scam complaint. A zero-maintenance vendor just as I had expected all of them to be. He will be aware of recent happenings. Maybe he is interested. Please also mention that if he was interested in a vendor portrait or shop review, I will contact him asap as you informed me. THANK YOU!

  3. […] Find gayperry / Perry / perinold – US Domestic Vendor of Research Chemicals here:Shop Description & Links & Discussion […]

  4. To give you an idea of how content will be revised in the next few days because RC SCENE has become a charity project not only for millionaires but also for Americans who seem too stupid for everything:

    • Vendors that are gone for good, will, of course, not be erased from the site but all pages mentioning them are going to open with a warning explaining that they are gone for good and shall NOT be contacted or googled. Also, do not react to emails or whatever messages you could receive claiming to be them. Those are all copycats; scammers that will only steal your money.

    AGAIN: These vendors do not exist anymore.

    • Anyone complaining about an issue with vendors gone for good or categorized as scammers will receive a reply with the heartfelt advice to please drown yourselves in the Washbasin and then be blocked.

    This is the second and last time the content will be revised only to help few view pathetic junkies too dumb to read.

    I do this out of sheer solidarity with the weakest among us.

    And, also, b/c this is always fun, to prove Sellkies wrong once again 😉
    This time about his “clickbait-theory”. RC SCENE creates so much traffic and is still growing, which goes along with way too many emails. We don’t need more traffic, since I cannot handle loads of emails. By taking offline all shop lists, I expect the traffic and the Google ranking to drop big time.

    1. gayperry / perinold / perry / fuckinperinold etc. is gone for good and out of business. It was his descision.


      AGAIN, #AVOID !

  5. I think I got scammed by gay perry

    payed him on oct 11th, still no delivery. usps informed delivery says no mail today either

    previously the longest he ever took to deliver was 5 days

    he as always sent me a tracking number after shipping, he never gave a reason why their wasn’t a tracking number and I have been asking questions about that up until the 15th

    he has ghosted me since the 15th and I have been trying to contact him

    1. He currently sleeps at a friend’s, afaik, and therefore is rather slow in response. The friend is poor, they have lunch at McDonald’s to have access to the internet.

      He planned to resettle, but I rather thought about moving to a better flat than that, when I heard about it. Not sure what has happened.

      Please wait for a week and contact him again. I think he has no phone at this point in time, stick with email, please. I currently have had delays in communication with Perry of almost 30 days. Phone calls have not been returned at all.

      Sad story. He was not quite born on the Tony Hills, which is rather unique in the US NPS scene. The average vendor, e.g., Paracelsus, Proximo, or Sellkies are pretty loaded – either born that way or have become rich by recklessly scamming you. Perry, however, is a survivor, I expect him to get back on track again – like he always does.

    2. Please delete my post, my package was delivered that same say

      1. He scammed the hell out of me. Tons of excuses, claimed he is “fucking “gangsters” in the ass for money” and “saw a dog get electrocuted in raw sewage” amongst a bunch of other insane rambling, DO NOT order anything from gayperry

        1. Please email to, I need some proof that you indeed have placed an order. paint your name and details black but I need to see that you have placed an order, only then a vendor will be moved to the scammers’ section. I am sorry, but this rule applies to everyone.

        2. They don’t call him gayperry for his fine clothes and ability to coordinate colors.

          1. He came up with that pseudonym, that’s his kind of humour.

        3. Hi Jesse,

          Especially for you, I added even THREE DO NOT ORDER WITH THIS VENDOR GONE FOR GOOD info to this very article. Do you think that would be sufficient? In other words: Can you see and read and understand what the info says???

          If not, then please let me know asap, thank you.

          I still have to come up with something for the shop lists.

          1. I feel so damn gangster today as well…


            I’m a gangster for real, I feel so damn gangster
            I’m a gangster for real…
            I’m a gangster for real, I feel so damn gangster
            I’m a gangster for real…

            [Pigeon John]

            Check it, hmm
            It’s just one of those days, I feel the sunrise around me
            All the clouds ran away, huh something funny’s going on
            (Okay) Okay, now where’s all the traffic?
            (Hmm) Is someone trying to clown me?
            Why do I feel fantastic? I’m used to things always going wrong
            But now…

            I’m a gangster for real, I feel so damn gangster
            I’m a gangster for real…
            I’m a gangster for real, I feel so damn gangster
            I’m a gangster for real…

            Sitting in my backyard, looking at a little squirrel
            I’m drinking some coffee, feel like a whole different world

            Plus I got the bomb rhyme skills
            I got Hawthorne backin’ me up

            (Hmm) Plus my wife looks good
            I got butter-soft seats all up in my truck!

            Yup, yup, I’m banging some Depeche Mode

            (Pigeon John – So Gangster, 2010)


  6. Gay Perry is the best here in the USA. I’m just just hoping for a come back.

    PS We all love you Perry, you never did any wrong to anyone and if you did you always manned up and took care of the situation!

    1. Last time we spoke, he was concerned about people ordering benzodiazepines like crazy. They start with a bottle, and the next time, want four already, and so on and on and on.

      He decided to waive on benzos because he didn’t expect that all. So, he decided to waive on benzos but instead try to source and offer interesting substances that you could try once or twice before being sold out and not restocked.

      Perry and I are not in the creating-addicts-biz.

      We might be clowns, the last ones standing of a seemingly dying species that many here laugh at and point fingers because they assume we would be too dumb to make money. Sure, it is easy as pie to become rich by killing you slowly. Ethics show that morals are a selfish agenda. I would never consider myself to be a moral person. I stick to ethics;
      Whatever, don’t listen to me 😉

      Perry cares. He would not have stopped offering benzos overnight.
      He instead sourced Diclazepam to help you taper-off.

      Then this stupid incident with a team member happened.

      Today, Perry is back again and available!

      I think it will be his last sale. He doesn’t want to be responsible for harming you and even making money by doing.

      I won’t talk him back into vending.
      I certainly don’t want to see him exploited in some McJob cage, either.
      I need to think about it.

      He might have tiny stock of few things left, but, definitely has plenty of Diclazepam available.

      His last sale will be a fair-priced offer to anyone struggling with a benzo addiction. Some customers he used to especially be worried about, he already sent some Diclaz for free.

      No, he can’t afford to give it away for free.

      His Paste should still be up, or his email, or WickR; I don’t know you used to reach him. Make sure to contact Perry and Perry alone.

      He doesn’t answer immediately? Whatever happened to patience?

      Take the offer. We put a lot of thought into it.

      PS: If you reach him, please be so kind as to keep us updated. Thank you.

      Have a happy day!

      Kind regards,

      1. I won’t update any US vendor description unless there was a scam incident or some asshole started offering opiates. I am sorry. You heard it, maybe spread the word.

        This Julian Casablancas with The Strokes: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!

    2. It’s been 8 days since my order, I payed on the 11th and it’s currently the 19th, still haven’t received my order. I have usps informed delivery and check my mail everyday, the information I got from informed delivery was that there will not be mail or a package for me today either. I’m getting kinda suspicious, consider this

      Mail usually took 3 days to be delivered from previous orders, 5 at most

      he always sent me a tracking number after he shipped on the 12th yet he still hasn’t give me a tracking number or a reason why he isn’t giving me one

      I have been in contact with him everyday up to the 15th asking about tracking number, he has ghosted me since

      I’m hesitant to say it but he may be scamming people now, I’m not sure who I could send my concerns to so here it is

      1. If you forwarded your complaint to me he would after 30 or so days reply and tell me everything has been taken care of. Wait for a little, and send him a reminder like every Friday. He will get back to you.

    3. I was one of the first to order from Perry, but I don’t remember how to get ahold of him, after all the stuff with Kat & him going down.

      1. Stick to his email which is shown in the shop links & descriptions on this page.

        He’s very busy, so be patient.

      2. Regarding the Perry situation


        • Please mind that he is categorized under “UNKNOWN STATUS” on the US vendors page. He is not busy, he is a wreck.
        • I dealt with a health issue in the past two weeks, still have high temperature and cannot concentrate, no idea what this was/is supposed to be, but one of the last things I read from him did not look good at all.

        • He would say things like “gayperry is dead” and that he does not want to be “the clown” on RC SCENE anymore. There is more, but I think once he gets back to senses again, he will realize what BS he confronted me with.

        I strongly recommend to not just send him money but to first agree on a time window in which he will be able to process your order. Again, he is NOT busy.

        If he should let you down, please update me asap, THANK YOU!!!

        I will call him next week, and, if necessary issue a warning. There has been a devastating exit scam lately, that had started similar… 🙁