Happy Birthday! News for End-Users #1 On The Air 🎈

RC SCENE Newsletter: News for End-Users #1 On The Air feat. Music (Wax Tailor - The Shadow of their Suns, IDLES - Crawler), Clown Craft (René), Research Chemicals (NPS), 3-FMA, etc.
RC SCENE Newsletter
Artwork #1 On The Air


L’arboratoire (Wax Tailor – The Shadow of their Suns LP cover)


RareChems (Lizard Labs – 3-FMA sample)

# tired of winning?

I saved up my pocket money for six long months, and today I can finally confirm that that newsletter idea will happen, so you will ultimately win the long-promised T-Shirts. 🙂

RC SCENE Newsletter #1 Teaser Image with T-Shirts to win
Black & White; Sunny.

# how

Issue #1 will air 🎈 this week.
Expect between 6 and 18 emails per year.

You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.

If we had been in touch before (maybe you sent an email to which I replied), I might have already added you to the list of subscribers. I do not want to spam you, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Still, the more we will be, the sooner I might find friends offering prizes for you to win.

# what

The newsletter is a thing of its own and not a marketing tool to make you visit rc-scene.com.


  • Music
  • Solid clown craft
  • Brief thoughts on research chemicals (NPS), vendors/webshops & scammers, changes in legislation, emails in the inbox, etc.
  • Substance warnings
  • Prizes to win

# English & other languages ✔

The newsletter will be in English.

Please don’t mind. The email client Microsoft Outlook 365 (desktop version) allows you to translate emails into your preferred language. Alternatively, please see the newsletter archive newsletter.rc-scene.com. Web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, or Mozilla Firefox with a Translation PlugIn activated will translate the archived issues into the language of your choice.

To win a prize, you must be a subscriber. You need to reply to the newsletter if you want to be drawn a winner.

# also:


  • News & timeless links to tweets, scientific papers, various websites, etc.
  • Heroes of those Days
  • Movember has an agenda: Suicide
  • Early-Bird access to updates and newsletter-exclusive content

# finally,


  • Announcements & calls for action (I might need help with a few ideas)
  • Newsletter Artwork (do the maths)
  • Whatever & As you like it. Your Feeback is more than welcome.

Wanna subscribe to the newsletter?

Happy Birthday!
RC SCENE News for End-Users Newsletter
#1 On the Air – teaser video

Parlez-vous français ?

Wax Tailor – On The Air
(from The Shadow of their Suns, 2021)

Reichst du mal den Rettich rüber?

Thank you. 🙂
Merci ! Danke!

(p&c) ®©-scene.com, 2021

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