Inside RC SCENE – The team behind the White Trash Junkie Crowd Magnet [ René ]

Who is the team behind RC SCENE?

It’s René.

Why don’t you share your personal details so we can send you a hitman?

René ist not afraid of dying, but has some fun ideas he would like to make happen before his next birthday. Also, he does not need your contract killers, he can do this on his own. Death threats, blackmailers and identity theft could also be a reason to not publish his detailed whereabouts in Copenhagen.

What does René do? What he is notorious for?

  • Getting up late.
  • Blackmailing criminals.
  • Being a weirdo.
  • Being involved in some 6 USD fee scheme.
  • Hating Americans.
  • Being an insolent dumb person.
  • Was always told to move to a larger country, but could not afford moving, then discovered the internet and now change is coming. We will end that scam shit show.
  • Can read Dutch and French but not speak or understand it. Uses professional software to make his English sound at least a little authentic.
  • Being too political and making a fortune out of it.
  • Answering emails, reading and listening to music.
  • Being late, very late with answering emails.

What’s his daily routine like?

  • Gets up at 5am.
  • Reads a lot.
  • Depending on the next shop review to expect, he travels between Copenhagen, Den Haag, Vienna, Athens, FloriDada, San Francisco and Quebec.

Why do you do this for free?

  • Whenever I find an example for a greedy irresponsible idiot selling toxic waste to children who can neither read, nor has any clue what dangerous trash he/she is selling, I believe these greedy fucks should be remembered. RC SCENE will remain forever.s

– René

RC SCENE offers worldwide exclusive original content. Unbiased, reliable – and involves a lot of work.

The content is not 100% up to date. Test orders cannot be afforded. And so on and on and on… RC SCENE is more than you think to see. Nobody wants to provide budget since I insist on mentioning real vendors instead of only warning against scammers. RC SCENE is the by far most discussed, influential and popular site discussing the NPS/RC/Scammers/Toxic Waste tragedy on the planet. We are the #1. If you don’t want to donate via Bitcoin, then try Paypal, please. RC SCENE is completely legal. We do not hide. We host with Automattic ( – the best and most reputable web hosting provider there is. My credit card is maxed out. So, either you show a little love, or RC SCENE will leave you with your scammers and never return. THANK YOU! – René & Friends

CHF 8.00

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