Jacob aka “Jack” aka owner the of the Chemical-Collective NPS web shop (AlphaChain BV, NL) said to soon be investigated for funding organized crime and money laundering.


On 24 July 2019, the European Commission adopted a Communication entitled “Towards better implementation of the EU’s anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism framework” accompanied by four reports.

The European Commission adopted on 24 July 2019 a report which assesses recent alleged money laundering cases involving EU credit institutions.

Since 2019, is has become illegal for citizens living in the European Union to finance organized crime (which usually goes along with money laundering.)

Jacob financed, among others, the obviously illegal organized crime ring commonly referred to as the DEA’s dbg-forum which is well known for money-laundering and its Russian ties (the dirty coins need to be washed somewhere.)

Paying via BTC does not help you cover traces. Using illegal BTC mixers is like admitting any crime.

But a cat has nine lives

I could not verify if the term “EU credit institutions” also refers to BTC wallets or exchanges yet, so this article is a stub so far. However, since money does not grow on trees and Jacob will have needed to buy the BTC he sent the criminals to be deducted from his bank account, which without a doubt is a “EU credit institution”, there is nothing to discuss, I’d say.

But Jacob lives in the Netherlands where you can bribe away any obstacles

This is certainly true. However, there is no such thing as Dutch legislation: 80% of laws are valid EU-wide. Also, Europol gives a shit about where in the EU you live/operate.

Should I avoid Chemical-Collective?

After the exciting times Alex (TRC/RCT) caused us, and knowing that such investigations might take years (!!) – I would think twice, but would not avoid him. As a customer, how should you have known that a seemingly legit company is funding organized crime???

Then again, better be prepared to defend yourself if anyone should accuse you of allegedly fund Jacob who forwards your money to criminals.

I bet there is like zero chances you could face trouble.

Maybe could be questioned, but that’s it.


This is not a warning!

Just a reminder that the EU’s Anti-Money-Laws are badass. ;-D

Further reads

(future articles might remain stubs, just use Google, as we do)

My 2 Cents

Lizard Labs had find and found a naive greedy guy who has no clue about nothing and breaks the law all the time (no imprint, fake sender address, bribing/funding organized crime rings).

Hiring a lawyer that finally must give in and admit I had been right all the time, by providing him the respective legislation, although I don’t speak a syllable Dutch.

He can afford it. You can’t have more money than more money. And if anything, then Jacob has more money.

Alex also sends quite a sum to this very forum. I don’t visit it, still, I doubt anyone else not to be stupid to.

The Kinks – Sunday Afternoon

The tax man’s taken all my dough
And left me in my stately home

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

And I can’t sail my yacht
He’s taken everything I’ve got

All I’ve got’s this sunny afternoon

Save me, save me, save me from this squeeze

Save me, save me, save me from this squeeze

And I love to live so pleasantly
Live this life of luxury

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Help me, help me, help me sail away
Well, give me two good reasons why I ought to stay


The Kinks / Raymond Douglas Davies

Raymond Douglas Davies, Composer, Writer

Dave Davies, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar
Nicky Hopkins, Keyboards, Piano
Ray Davies, Producer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Writer, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Mellotron

Shel Talmy, Producer
Mick Avory, Drums, Percussion
Pete Quaife, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

(© 1966; 2020 Remaster licensed to Sanctuary Records Group Ltd. / BMG)

Find Chemical-Collective here:
Shop Description & Links &Discussion

PS: I am not going to mention this obviously illegal dbg forum and explain how and how much of illicit income they transfer to Russia every year. This will become a separate article.

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  1. all i gotta say here is fucking LOL. this is unreal stuff right here

  2. @Admin Rc Scene

    Why do you spend time harassing Jack?
    Did he trigger you? Are you easily triggered?
    You seem like an immature Crackhead [.. | no lies! ]. You are the criminal here. [ yeah, sure…. ] Stalking Jack and posting his address. [.. | no insults! ] Get a life

    You will only get what you put out there. Seems like a miserable existence of yours

    1. Funding Organized Crime, Not Providing an Imprint, Fake Sender Address even with mail sent within the NL, Possible Money Laundering, raving his tits off instead of caring about his cheap shit substances (highly caustic 3.FPM, mislabelled substances); Bribing not only obviously illegal forums but also scammer-enabler Platzmotech’s RCVP/PPlants4Food sub on Reddit, hiring a real criminal to set up a Discord for him, being kicked from TrustPilot for being caught manipulating the reviews…

      Boy, funding organized crime is nothing you & I do on an average Monday!

      RC SCENE portrays the scene. That those freaks are all greedy corrupt fucks – well, I had no idea. 13 years ago, things used to be different.

      BTW: Solidarizing with a criminal… What’s that supposed to be???? The information is real. It was not me who funded organized crime etc…

    2. A company is legally obliged to provide its address. I did not stalk anybody, I googled for it.

  3. Hey Rene! Hope you’re well – I’m Cookie and I work for Chemical Collective. Big fan of your site!

    This “story” seems a bit extreme just because Chemical Collective had an advert on the well known DBG forum for a few months, which we then took down LAST YEAR in good faith after speaking to YOU about it! Also you know very well we have a lovely legal imprint, proper return address and are a legitimate, publicly listed Dutch tax paying business.

    While we may not be perfect and as informed as you seem to be (sadly we don’t have time for the same top class investigative journalism) we DO listen and always strive to be better and improve, often with the help of yourself! We thank you for that <3

    It’s sad to see your anti Dutch sentiment out in the open – The Netherlands is actually one of the most bureaucratic countries in the EU (for better or for worse)! The rules are very clear here on the law, business and tax and we’re very proud to follow them all, paying LOTS of tax and supporting our fine country.

    In the interest of transparency for your readers, I was wondering how much tax do YOU pay? Do you declare your earnings/sponsorship you get from Research Chemical vendors – many of which you call criminals…publicly accusing them of supposed criminal acts with one hand, but happily taking money in the form of “donations” from them with the other. Would you consider that being financed by criminal organisations?

    How about advertising these vendors with banners on your site or running competitions for them?

    I wonder what the Austrian rules are on this? Remember, RC’s and what we do is perfectly legal here in the Netherlands – this sadly can’t be said for Austria, where you reside and operate from.

    I’m genuinely interested in the answers to these questions and look forward to your reply! If you’re not able to answer, could you kindly point me in the direction of the relevant Austrian authority to ask?

    As always, have a wonderful day!


    1. Hi Cookie,

      That some Dutch assholes (LiteBit._eu) tried to make me look like I was involved in criminal activities turned out to be a boomerang for them. In June/July everyone is on holiday, but Europol is on it. That you funded organized crime, which is illegal since 2019 – well, that’s you. That is spectacular, especially since it is considered a crime since 2019 I describe reality.

      Some things I find too hot to publish right now (suspicious mail is already opened and checked and repacked in Belgium, everything DN is taken care of by Germany, and our local customs are no one you wanted to mess with, try to find a DN vendor who would dare shipping to my address). But they will be published. I am not good at handling stress, so many articles are waiting in the drawer. Spoiler Alert: You will find out, not a single Dutch company is not corrupt. – Again, that is nothing I came up with, that’s the way it is.

      I very much appreciate that you react to the feedback given!

      But I am not a lawyer either, and if I learned one thing then that you better read and know the law BEFORE breaking it. I took two lectures in law and read newspapers. The rest is Google, more or less happens to me. If customs threaten you with prosecuting you for whatever (Modafinil obviously is prescription medicine here, I had no idea), then you better know a little about local legislation before you send them a letter basically saying: Forget it. I refer to detail in our constitution, for the next ten years they won’t send me any stupid letter again 😉

      That story does not seem “extreme” — it will happen. Tell the judge his views on funding organized crime would be a little extreme, maybe you will make him smile…

      You paid for advertising and a thread, to be more precise. That a forum openly selling cocaine and advertising illicit pharmaceuticals provided by South American drug cartels could be a bad idea never came to your mind??? Call me extreme, but I think one would have to be extremely greedy to not see.

      Do you know why Grapperhaus decided to wait with the 1a until next year? Almost every NPS shop had registered another front shop company right after the first announcement and claimed that one to be bankrupt. To save taxes. If I know you can bet he knows as well and I wouldn’t say he was “Anti-Dutch”, rather “Anti-Assholes”. They cannot register another company this year and claim that one also has gone bankrupt again.

      Regarding taxes: I think 30~40% of my gross income are deducted automatically (this includes social insurance and taxes) which makes my monthly net income lower than your hourly profit 😉
      I can’t tell for sure, as long as I can buy food, I am fine.
      I assume I pay 800 in taxes per month, but maybe it’s 1,100, I really don’t know.

      RC SCENE makes a loss of about 2,000 Euros per year. What you see here (this website) is just a part of the project. Next year, I hope we can register RC SCENE DE as an NPO in Germany, which would save me almost 1,500 Euros in licenses per year.

      I accept anonymous donations from everyone, that is correct. Jacob offered to help me out, but only if the shop review would be rewritten. Alex is the second biggest donor after me, and that somebody who gets screwed for 30,000 Euros by another Dutch vendor (we know for a couple of years and I think there is not a single email in which he would not mention that he just has gotten scammed again) makes me look like I would talk to criminals indeed. FX sent a few hundred because they liked their shop introduction so much. They have not yet gotten their registration papers; Besides that, I think they are fine and definitely not into funding organized crime.

      Everything else is below 100 USD, I think, and anonymous. RC SCENE is a portrait of a dying scene. I did not expect the scene to be that extreme, but it was always clear to me that I will have to talk to criminals. Does that make me a criminal? NO! A journalist talking to a priest is not considered a pedophile, a journalist writing about politics is not considered to be corrupt, etc.

      RC SCENE must not sell anything. At the moment there is not a single banner to see. These are Thank-You-Banners and no paid for advertising, btw. None of the vendors is charged any fee, and if someone should receive a Thank.You.Banner or not is solely my decision. You cannot ask for a banner in exchange for a donation, that would be selling ad space and can not be done.

      Here is where your Whataboutism runs against a wall:

      If my man Vlad Putin would anonymously donate (maybe he does, how should I know), then it had ZERO influence on reporting. I cannot be bribed, bought, whatever.

      If you knowingly finance organized crime with the intention to sell more of your overpriced trash substances to the US, out of pure greed, so to say, then – call me extreme – but I’d say that’s a different story. ;-D

      So, no I do not declare “income”/donations since RC SCENE makes a loss all the time. I work for free, not a single cent goes into my pocket, so there is not necessarily anything to declare. I would no know how to declare the loss that a hobby makes to the finance ministry. My grandmother is into knitting. Also, a loss, the wool, etc. costs money, the income is zero. If everybody would report the loss his private hobby makes to the finance ministry – call me extreme – but wouldn’t that be weird?

      BTW, it’s donations, not “donations”.

      If you want to contribute to RC SCENE or offer some freebies, be my guest! I do not accept everything, but seen from a time is running out perspective, I am likely to say thank you 🙂 Fun fact: The newsletter that goes out next week will give away two of your t.shirts.

      What you do is actually not perfectly legal. Remember, your customers are children and teenagers, you are classic b2c commerce. Advertising an HCL as being at least 99,9% pure is fraud. The common customer cannot know how an H NMR works and that it does not indicate the actual purity, which, which an HCL cannot be 99%, since the HCL is like a molecule added to the substance. Only a freebase could be pure.

      Austria is the headquarter of the WHO UNDOC, there is a tree in front of the building and next to it a stone engraved that does not say no to drugs but to addiction more or less. You might be too young, but we used to be the scene and still keep an eye on it.

      If you think I would be considered a criminal, then you underestimate me: 1 4 ) RC SCENE is part of a scientific paper 2) It’s journalism 3) It’s art. 4) All three would allow me to order XTC from the darknet. Problem: I could not find a single vendor who would ship to my address. So, I gave that idea up. – You are supposed to tell authorities before you place an order, but I am not going to talk any shithead from the people’s party. They would not know what NPS are, anyway. That Lizard Labs lost a huge amount of illicit money hidden in a bank in Vienna during the SI bust, was because they thought if they would ask a ministry, the ministry would provide them an answer. This not how Austria works. The SI admin (sarms-supply-guy) should have known. The law is two paragraphs long and may a 4minutes read. The thing is, drug dealers are not clever. Also, your only chance is to read a good newspaper and the law yourself. ;-D

      I hope to make RC SCENE DE an NPO in Germany next year, a different concept, not a 1:1 copy of the international site. That would save me 1,500 Euros in-licenses and if we found a sponsor, I could make up to 500 Euros a month for working on it. Which I would course declare as income, meaning the 500 would become something like 250. But 250 are still a fortune for me.

      The head of the local narcotics department is Mr. Jürgen Eistel (Wattgasse). He is a busy man, though;
      This link could be more of help if you are curious: https://checkit.wien/

      Also, RC SCENE is not a one-man-show… I until today cannot believe that some people would think so. It is unbiased, honest, it none of those fucked up junkies-for-junkies forums like Bluelight, where the “harm reduction expert”, a sad junkie, gives tips to wannabe-junkies. That this shit forum receives money is so crazy.

      PS: Please take a photo when you ask the judge if his view on financing organized crime would not be a little extreme. THANK YOU!

      A wonderful day to you, as well! 🙂

      Kind regards,

    2. Good morning Cookie,

      I stumbled upon your website and, uh-oh, found out that you openly advertise breaking the law.

      Would you please provide me with the respective authority that will tell you that being dumb is no excuse for breaking laws?

      Thank you & have a wonderful Sunday!


      PS: RC SCENE has an imprint now (it is not possible to provide complete personal details, too many death threats)