Mad in Hollywood: The Best Drug Movie Scenes

Movie scenes under the influence.

Hollywood, just like RC SCENE, does not hide in a cave. We are not bunk batch sender Proximo, who would face up to five years of prison time if he got caught taking a dump outside his treehouse. We portray reality in our own different ways. We do not judge; we mirror society. We deliver our beliefs in between the lines.

While I will, until my last gasp for air, argue that mass media stick to false ethics by not portraying reality, but instead enjoying themselves in demonizing (refugees, solidarity), hiding (how to commit suicide), or advertising (gold investment pyramid schemes). And, as if that was not enough already, a motherfucker going by the name Zuckerberg started terrorizing us and leaving depressed with his Instagram and all those apes showing off there. At the same time, working-class people’s reality, real life, is hardly ever discussed, although we are the 99%, for god’s sake.

Poverty, inequality, a fucking day in the life of anyone who works for a living; racism, governments spying on us, cable networks killing our brains with phony comedy formats; people without health insurance, accepting to be a failed state that made complete retards like the Bushs and Trump presidents; a country cracking on Fent; Benzo and Meth addicts everywhere; gum rooms for teachers; military-grade weapons sold over the counter to the mentally impaired; tax cuts for the wealthiest 3%; a failed education system, a bankrupt postal service, sexual harassment, obesity, addiction – media try to hide that.

You don’t see starving children on Instagram. Ugly plastic people taking selfies on their yachts is what you get. Why? For the same reason, RC SCENE is not allowed to participate in advertising networks: Companies want their ads to be embedded in useless nonsense they cynically refer to as “family-friendly” content. The dumber the program you watch, the more effectively do ads become.

Why would that even matter? Because being spammed with all that plastic shit that has nothing in common with anybody’s life, makes us sad, depressed, and feeling helpless. Feeling useless. It makes us think we wouldn’t have what it took to live that fairy tale they call the American dream.

How do we react after 60 hours of work a week that do not even pay for the fucking rent? Some seek escapism. Some hope to improve themselves, and would read a thousand pages thick book about “How To Getting Things Done Quickly.” Some order pills; everyone in Switzerland snorts cocaine. Some do NPS. Way too many are on Fent or Tramadol, and everybody seems hooked on Benzos.

Does that shit improve our performance? Do drugs make us help make more money, which seems to be the only thing under the sun worth living for? NO! These motherfuckers who sell you drugs don’t sell you stuff that would be healthy and make your everyday routine become more convenient. They sell us cheap, quick kicks and cancer.

While Hollywood seems the world’s most successful manufacturer of baloney, if you only dug deep enough, you will find movies, though, producers, writers, and directors, that make our uncomfortable reality visible. They even have become an additional pillar, a widely acknowledged institution discussing society.

Hollywood is the reason why I wanted to try cocaine. Marilyn Manson was the kindred spirit that finally filled me with hope not to be the only one of a kind on this planet that felt so lonesome and degenerated. Do you remember Michael Moore, the guy who made you learn about politics by tricking you into buying popcorn and a ticket for some allegedly same ol’ comedy movie?

Just like Harvey Weinstein’s attitude (sexual harassment), had long been told in, e.g., HBO’s TV Series Entourage, years before #MeToo had become a hashtag: If you skip mainstream formats and seek for more elaborate productions, you will realize that Hollywood would sometimes pave the way for people rising to fight for change.

While Hollywood stars make obscene amounts of money and choose to live in gated communities or have their palaces built right next to some beach, neither of which places commonly referred to as to be home of the common people, some are not afraid of real people at all.

Marilyn Manson came to see my hometown to attend an exhibition by his friend Gottfried Helnwein once. Helnwein, by the way, is not a photographer. He happens to be able to paint photorealistic. If you didn’t ignore the rules and touched one of his paintings, you wouldn’t believe it. Jerry Seinfeld takes a road trip across the country every year. Musicians who entertain 90,000 people at music festivals happen to share a bad habit with me: We tend to be late for concerts and get angry at ourselves cos there was no reason not to have arrived in time. And although standing in the last row sucks, it would always be the same people coming late.

While some criminally rich people indeed try to avoid us and buy islands to live in isolation, some artists tend to be aware of what is going on. Bill Cosby even shares a small prison cell with a guy that got caught smoking weed. That’s what I call being down to earth. People with ears that function will remember Prince, the musician formerly known as Symbol, today known for overdosing on a shitty research chemical called U-4770. While I sent an angry email to my vendor of choice for even offering such useless shit, Prince, who had all the money in the world, for some reason, would buy it. When John McAfee was accused of producing the research chemical MDPV in his house in Belize, he answered to a journalist he would not be crazy and, of course, avoid such psychotic shit.

Hollywood likes to celebrate drugs. Although shooting a movie usually calls for over-the-top imagery, drug scenes in films might not be too far away from what you do on Thursdays.

Some drug movie scenes made in Hollywood have become iconic. They do not necessarily show happy plastic people, partying like there was no tomorrow. These movies might actually remind you of days you would have skipped if only had known in advance.

This is a collection of drug movie scenes that I consider being iconic. When I watched the movie Spun for the first time, I was fascinated, and I still watch this movie at least once a year. I hope you like it.


BLOW (Movie, 2001)

With: Johnny Depp

Blow – Cocaine Purity Scene

SPUN (Movie, 2001)

With: Jason Schwartzman, Mickey Rourke, Mena Suvari

Spun- Trailer
Spun – Intro, Crystal Meth
Spun – Doing Drugs. Crystal Meth Addiction.
Spun – Final Scene. Last Scene. Finale.

This video clip collection is not only an original piece of art but shall remind of iconic movies that younger people might not even know. Nobody paid to be mentioned in this list and RC SCENE covers the costs for a video streaming server. There are no ads or affiliate links in this article, it was done for pleasure and out of respect for movie scenes that touched me.

In case you were to think that using your video clips would be a bold approach to argue with by the Fair Use Clause that journalists are granted but rather falsely considered it copyright infringement as described in the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please explain the reason that would make you think to be sufficient to issue a DMCA takedown request via phone: +420 234 688 360.

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