Scammers, I.: It’s expensive being dumb. Rolling the red carpet for thieves.

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Look, the water mirrors your face

Thinking about the US market is not so much because I was afraid of handicapped people from Texas; I am pushing criminals to a high where the snow never melts. Even the scammers mentioned on the US page win new “customers” because of RC SCENE. I know, because two of those scammers I am myself. No, I did not scam you. I erased two scum identities from the internet and took their place. I added a warning to make clear this WAS a scammer and IS a warning sign now — nonetheless, I receive order requests from people so desperate in their urge for drugs that they would send money to a scammer. Dear god, I hate myself and want to die.

How can you legally take down scam identities? The question is not how, but when: If a scammer uses online tools provided by companies that are no crooks themselves, then you can. Why would criminals abuse legal services for their activities? Because they are dumb. Welcome to my world, lesson one.

Think about it: How many drug dealers do you know? How many of them would you make your phone joker for a TV quiz show? Now we are talking.

The disinformation downward spiral

Before RC SCENE was launched, parts of the lists of reliable RC vendors had already been shown to what I thought to be an experts audience. Boy, was I wrong! All those forum admins that seem to have been around forever had no clue. Some called certain shops scammers (without any evidence, only because they had read so on Reddit!), one guy issued a warning to not blindly trust the list – I felt like I was surrounded by idiots. Those wise guys, even the ones who are not corrupt, hide in gated communities, so-called online forums, to gather with their disciples that hang on their lips. Discussing issues is not their thing. Critics are usually being mobbed or banned from forums. Since those wise guy admins have no clue – or got paid to by Paracelsus or The Real RC, they pass on disinformation.

You know who knew that the lists were for real? The scam industry. They immediately started a defamation campaign making RC SCENE look like blackmailers. This is the reason why you cannot easily comment here. 90% of all comments end in trash, I do not even get to see them. The remaining 10% are split into three categories of which I check the first column from time to time.

That the community discusses ordering from a new vendor that I, five minutes ago, pulled out of my magic hat, is (a) not making me look good, and, (b), a marketing pattern that RC vendors use since day one: You basically write about doing something until some idiot joins in. Once, real people started imitating you, your job is done: You have entered the watercooler show stage. Those real people have real friends who have real friends who have real friends who, even if they warn against substances, become nonetheless promoters for your cause.

You can flip the coin as often as you want to, having launched RC SCENE (the website) will always remain an ethical stunt. Of course, it would do less harm to have people placing orders with scammers than discussing real toxic waste vendors. To get back my FDA-approved halo, next thing on my to do is list is launching a scam shop.

Nobody used to order cancer online

Cancer vendors created multiple, seemingly competing, identities to push sales (think of Blur vs. OASIS which both are Britrock) and created dozens of, let’s say, Reddit accounts that would share their – often times disappointing (!) – experiences with toxic trash that guarantees cancer in online forums until the first real person offers his beloved ones one last chance to save him from harm by posting: “Curios. I think I will give them a shot.”

“You are too stupid to realize yourselves.” (Queens of the Stone Age, 2002.)

Until a year ago, I could not prove my observation. After launching RC SCENE and by the reactions I received from vendors, however, I finally know it for sure. Paracelsus, the former exit scammer, asked me to stop posting lies about him. At first I did not realize, but by the time, I understood: Those crazy fuck allegations some of you confront me with, you indeed believe to be true – because that’s exactly what you do. You think of me as your mirror. I think both sides (me and the US criminals) will agree that it is a disturbing experience to meet someone new.

Scientists across all fields are certain that communication is a basic human need. To break it down: You are born into a world that you have never seen before. Empty, useless space, that, just like a foreign movie, seems to never come to an end. You can run as long as you want to, there is no escape; you are stuck here and it itches and hurts. There is neither a map nor a manual, and the sun does not shine all day long, she would disappear and leave you alone with darkness and terrifying noises. Is this forever?!

Meeting other people usually eases the pain. Communication allows you to collect feedback. Mommy smiles when you smile, so smiling must be a good thing. We are getting closer to a manual.

The criminal case

You long for communication to reflect yourself and, unless a psychopath, will always try to find yourself in the other person. You expect a mirror. You cannot help it but feeling disappointed if you didn’t. That’s why you are not befriended with the whole world but try to shape your environment to make this the-sun-suddenly-disappearing-thing feel more comfortable. Before I met Sellkies, I had never exchanged a word with a criminal. I was super nervous. That he tried to bribe me was a surprise. That I would say thank you but cannot be bribed without a doubt was a surprise to him as well. He will get his money back.

How diverging expectation and result can be cannot be better described but by, yet another Sellkies, anecdote: Over the phone, he complained to me about scam victims suddenly reporting him. Comedy is tragedy plus time (Woody Allen.)

That you are no criminal but expect to meet a mirror when talking to a stranger who is offering drugs is a serious problem. That you would place two (!) orders with a known scammer and let me know that neither has arrived makes me gasp for air. Maybe, the problem is you? Maybe. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

=> Maybe don’t go all in all the time by sending a thousand dollars to a stranger.

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