Scammers, I.: It’s expensive being dumb. Rolling the red carpet for thieves.

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Look, the water mirrors your face

Thinking about the US market is not so much because I was afraid of handicapped people from Texas; I am pushing criminals to a high where the snow never melts. Even the scammers mentioned on the US page win new “customers” because of RC SCENE. I know, because two of those scammers I am myself. No, I did not scam you. I erased two scum identities from the internet and took their place. I added a warning to make clear this WAS a scammer and IS a warning sign now — nonetheless, I receive order requests from people so desperate in their urge for drugs that they would send money to a scammer. Dear god, I hate myself and want to die.

How can you legally take down scam identities? The question is not how, but when: If a scammer uses online tools provided by companies that are no crooks themselves, then you can. Why would criminals abuse legal services for their activities? Because they are dumb. Welcome to my world, lesson one.

Think about it: How many drug dealers do you know? How many of them would you make your phone joker for a TV quiz show? Now we are talking.

The disinformation downward spiral

Before RC SCENE was launched, parts of the lists of reliable RC vendors had already been shown to what I thought to be an experts audience. Boy, was I wrong! All those forum admins that seem to have been around forever had no clue. Some called certain shops scammers (without any evidence, only because they had read so on Reddit!), one guy issued a warning to not blindly trust the list – I felt like I was surrounded by idiots. Those wise guys, even the ones who are not corrupt, hide in gated communities, so-called online forums, to gather with their disciples that hang on their lips. Discussing issues is not their thing. Critics are usually being mobbed or banned from forums. Since those wise guy admins have no clue – or got paid to by Paracelsus or The Real RC, they pass on disinformation.

You know who knew that the lists were for real? The scam industry. They immediately started a defamation campaign making RC SCENE look like blackmailers. This is the reason why you cannot easily comment here. 90% of all comments end in trash, I do not even get to see them. The remaining 10% are split into three categories of which I check the first column from time to time.

That the community discusses ordering from a new vendor that I, five minutes ago, pulled out of my magic hat, is (a) not making me look good, and, (b), a marketing pattern that RC vendors use since day one: You basically write about doing something until some idiot joins in. Once, real people started imitating you, your job is done: You have entered the watercooler show stage. Those real people have real friends who have real friends who have real friends who, even if they warn against substances, become nonetheless promoters for your cause.

You can flip the coin as often as you want to, having launched RC SCENE (the website) will always remain an ethical stunt. Of course, it would do less harm to have people placing orders with scammers than discussing real toxic waste vendors. To get back my FDA-approved halo, next thing on my to do is list is launching a scam shop.

Nobody used to order cancer online

Cancer vendors created multiple, seemingly competing, identities to push sales (think of Blur vs. OASIS which both are Britrock) and created dozens of, let’s say, Reddit accounts that would share their – often times disappointing (!) – experiences with toxic trash that guarantees cancer in online forums until the first real person offers his beloved ones one last chance to save him from harm by posting: “Curios. I think I will give them a shot.”

“You are too stupid to realize yourselves.” (Queens of the Stone Age, 2002.)

Until a year ago, I could not prove my observation. After launching RC SCENE and by the reactions I received from vendors, however, I finally know it for sure. Paracelsus, the former exit scammer, asked me to stop posting lies about him. At first I did not realize, but by the time, I understood: Those crazy fuck allegations some of you confront me with, you indeed believe to be true – because that’s exactly what you do. You think of me as your mirror. I think both sides (me and the US criminals) will agree that it is a disturbing experience to meet someone new.

Scientists across all fields are certain that communication is a basic human need. To break it down: You are born into a world that you have never seen before. Empty, useless space, that, just like a foreign movie, seems to never come to an end. You can run as long as you want to, there is no escape; you are stuck here and it itches and hurts. There is neither a map nor a manual, and the sun does not shine all day long, she would disappear and leave you alone with darkness and terrifying noises. Is this forever?!

Meeting other people usually eases the pain. Communication allows you to collect feedback. Mommy smiles when you smile, so smiling must be a good thing. We are getting closer to a manual.

The criminal case

You long for communication to reflect yourself and, unless a psychopath, will always try to find yourself in the other person. You expect a mirror. You cannot help it but feeling disappointed if you didn’t. That’s why you are not befriended with the whole world but try to shape your environment to make this the-sun-suddenly-disappearing-thing feel more comfortable. Before I met Sellkies, I had never exchanged a word with a criminal. I was super nervous. That he tried to bribe me was a surprise. That I would say thank you but cannot be bribed without a doubt was a surprise to him as well. He will get his money back.

How diverging expectation and result can be cannot be better described but by, yet another Sellkies, anecdote: Over the phone, he complained to me about scam victims suddenly reporting him. Comedy is tragedy plus time (Woody Allen.)

That you are no criminal but expect to meet a mirror when talking to a stranger who is offering drugs is a serious problem. That you would place two (!) orders with a known scammer and let me know that neither has arrived makes me gasp for air. Maybe, the problem is you? Maybe. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

=> Maybe don’t go all in all the time by sending a thousand dollars to a stranger.

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14 responses to “Scammers, I.: It’s expensive being dumb. Rolling the red carpet for thieves.”

  1. I intend to fulfill every obligation! I didn’t ask for their money! It was just there! Like I’m fucking Amazon or something! I tried to payback everyone but o one got back to me! You know R’ene I’m NOT LIKE that!


    1. Funny thing: When I asked somebody if they wanted their donation back, they told me to keep it. According to Sellkies (2020), would a real American just take the loss? I think everybody is afraid of those unpredictable fees – I for sure am. No, donations are not a scam, of course, but if I cannot come up with something by Spring, or, already this year, produce and send postcards.

      The donations said you would receive something non-digital, the PlugIn was not configured correctly; So I either have some presents ready or will refund all. Wouldn’t be able to find sleep sleep if I didnt.

      Thanks for checking by, good to know you are around. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the heads up and now I know I have messed up and I don’t know why I did that. I fill like I’m on the verge of greatness but I do need to keep my mouth shut when it comes to you

    1. Don’t even think of blaming yourself, please!

      That those shit faced motherfuckers at the DEA are corrupt as hell and that next year, no matter what, because those pieces have gone too far already, and will have some director to having step back, just like last time, when photos of the DEA agents together with hookers and loads and of cocaine, everything paid for by a Columbian drug cartel got published, is just little detail proving the world to be an ugly place, corrupt, dumb, filled with hatred and if people enjoy anything than seeing you fail. That makes them happy. Haha. Haha.

      I spend quite a lot of time investigating and explaining corruption cases, and, e.g., using a DN service to trying to hide you traces definitely does irritate allegedly specialists like Europol, but not me, because I don’t care about that money. I hope it makes you happy and kisses you goodnight and is fun to talk to, because I would not want to go to prison ever, but you you are.

      A scammer offering both NPS and Crystal Meth, clever! Well, I report a Meth dealer for non-delivery-fraud as well. If you had not lied to me, you could still be free. Because I don’t follow the money, I remember you and ask myself: What made you become a criminal? Why would you tell me everything? Why??? Why would you always leave a hint to show this is you? Not the police found you, I spent a week finding you. It was so obvious. I found you because I like care about people and focus on you and not your stupid money.

      There a a couple of 4 TB HDDs that I should to browse through, and what I have seen in the past 15 months is soo much, I have homocide, tax evasion, corrupt feds, lying DEA agents, coin mixing services, a finance scandal that will make headlines soon, school children ordering opiates from Prooximo, the fucking DEA and fucking cops desvere to be mentioned twice.

      That is so terrible, I don’t even know where to start. Every single case is a disaster that makes me wanna die.

      The older I become, the more corruption cases are about people I know in person. They work for the government, or used to live here, before they started bribing governments for the war industry. Funny thing, they remember as well, and although I sometimes start taking notes and ending up being the number one info source on that topic with Google news, at about 5am, because I I was tired of MS Word and registered with some free blogging service.

      That is no reason to hide. Last week, I met someone who went to school in the city I used to live for a while, and we sat down and chatted for a while.

      There are definitely more people you can trust than should avoid. I talk to everybody, and even if few poor souls were criminals or corrupt DEA agents, hardly anyone will lie to you if talk to him/her in person. It’s the normal thing to do to trust people since yourself are one of them.

      Never think there could be something wrong with you because you are an honest person and the DEA is corrupt as fuck, just like many NPS or drug dealers are psychpoths, that business partner of Joel’s is so stupid and aggressive, in 30 or whatever years, I had never before stopped an email conversation because that dude is a jerk second to none.

      That he insults me, thanks me, insults me again, and then in detail explains why and that he does not even dream of paying taxes, while Joel does, but Joel does not make all the money, he cannot not pay taxes since he has staff to pay for;That was too much, emails got archived unread.

      Luckily, that is not the usual case. Not even close 😉


      If you sent a fortune to a stranger, you should reflect a little deeper:

      That you have so much money in your pockets is only because you have no health insurance. Unless you moved to Vermont, I think that criminal that you used to call That president that is a Trump, lowered taxes for himself and made sure that, if you should get sick, you will die lonely on the street. I think he first lowered taxes for himself, and already the second thing was stopping Obamacare.

      You can only lose because of the inflation, I know it sucks, but I would still try to have a little on the side all the time. You realize that US doctors might be the only ones on the planet not swearing an oath to help people no matter what?

      That money thing is a lie, you have no money to spend. What are the odds you could always remain healthy? The longest I didn’t consult any doctor was for maybe eight years. Last year, I was in the hospital three times. Your money is no safe bet. Placing expensive orders with strangers is too optimistic for people living in corrupt countries like the US or the UK. That is maybe a problem that lies deeper than being naive.

      I would never send a stranger more than a hundred USD, think about it.

      Have a happy day!

  3. There is a Reddit user called bleetherlove promoting another scammer called “freemashop”. They claim to be selling DCK and 2fDCK. They will take your money and then ghost you. Reddit user bleetherlove posts leading things about buying chems inside the US and hints around that he will share his source in a DM. Do not trust anyone sharing sources on Reddit or other forums.

    1. We know who this guy is, have plenty of evidence, know his friends, etc.

      While I am not up to date if he has moved to Florida yet, I swear he will be remembered. And if he thinks he can scam people (together with Platzmotech at Plants4Foods) and still dream of being hired as an IT security expert, he will wake up.

      I was so angry that I didn’t finish the article last year.

      Right now, there are few things I consider to be more urgent to be done but THANK YOU, and maybe take screenshots if you find time, you know the email, don’t use the Proton, though.

      I have too many things on the desk today, but you will be compensated in December (20~25 USD coupon I think). Promised.

      That boy is dumb and dumber. Such an asshole. I think we might even create a separate website dedicated to him, to become number 1, 2, 3, and 4 on Google if you look him up.

      Dream on asshole, Google won’t grant an active (!) criminal the right to be forgotten.

      You are dead, bleetherlove. Dead as a dodo.

      ~Around November

      ~Every tip or screenshot will be rewarded. I have no budget right now, and I don’t argue with vendors who do not understand that they can donate but not advertise, but newspapers pay good money for exclusive stories, and even though I am fine 20% of whatever because there are people worse off than myself, I think I will have money in late summer.

      Everything will happen. And if have to, I pay for it myself.

      If you don’t like to donate, please provide screenshots and tips. In fact, I can ask people for money, philanthropists wouldn’t say no, even though the topic seems weird at first glance. But the concept is far more, I stopped everything because I was afraid somebody could get hurt again. They can’t touch me, of course, but you live in a failed state and my solution is working with Europeans only, for starters. Once the DEA director was forced to step down, I think everyone will be safe, but last year, I could not do it.

      Today, I know how and why and that we will succeed.

      If you do not donate, and I know you won’t, then a payment wall will cover the loss. And not myself again.

      I promise you that stupid asshole scammer’s portrait will make Merriam-Webster have to update their definition of “doxxing”. ;-D

  4. I had to look up Blur vs Oasis. I do remember vaguely hearing of Oasis before, though I couldn’t name a single song they did. Never heard of Blur. When I think of British rock, that’s Yes, Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Beatles. Kinks, Who.

    1. I thought that “Blur vs. Oasis” had become a synonym describing how to create a media hype about 2 bands that are said to (!) not liking each other. It was about more than just boosting sales; it was super talented young musicians vs. the same old that might be boring 80% of the time but would sell like fresh bread. I am too young to have experienced this play live in the UK in the 90ies as well, but I read and heard about it, and not knowing Blur is not an option. Not an option.

      If not in April, then in May, expect a music class dedicated to Britrock and why Pop culture is educational. #note to self: Perry mentioned that music clips in the super stupid US mainstream would glorify Xanax bars.

      Something tells me that text will write itself 😉

      Blur are artists in the best possible way. Singer Damon Albarn is the main guy behind the Gorillaz, and his other side projects stand for themselves. He did an opera not too long ago. He tries to entertain himself and likes to play around. He doesn’t care if it sells. Graham Coxon did the OST for a BBC production lately. I always give them a shot because I listen to music a lot; I don’t own a TV set; TV is just dumb most of the time, it leaves me depressed and anxious. I listen to music instead, and I find it super interesting to hear or recognize new fads in this, let’s say, hm, avant-garde mainstream ;-D

      This is song 2. I am sure you have heard it before:

      live (watch this one, it’s amazingly done)

      official music clip

  5. Erratum: I cannot call Paracelsus an exit scammer, I cannot prove it for sure and he denies it. Not Joel, but his doppelganger used to scam you before he started bribing the dbg forum. Funny coincidence, you will see.

    Other than Sellkies and Berg, dumb enough to scam me even though knowing that I blog here, Paracelsus is no scammer. It was his doppelganger.

    1. In Sellkies defense: He forgot about the parcel, so had I, and when I years later asked him about the order, he told me he does not have the product he collected the money for – BUT offered me to decide between two substances that you might know under the name knockout drops. So he forgot, and I did not want knockout drops; he is not really a scammer. It’s a memory issue.

      Berg, however, indeed screwed me and ignored my emails since.

      1. SicamousSwitch Avatar

        “he is not really a scammer. It’s a memory issue.”

        LOL, of course

  6. humboldtnational Avatar

    I haven’t had a chance to read the entire article you wrote but there’s a name that keeps popping up on here as a scammer. Look when I was hanging out in the TL(Tenderloin) in San Francisco, the guys down there, who I consider my friends, absolutely hated when their neighbors would scam, or rip off the “whities” coming up and down the block. It’s bad for business. It’s bad for everyone. So my suggestion to everyone in the vending space : do your customers honestly, do the math and the recipies honestly, and don’t scam or rip people off. You are not only costing yourself $ in the future but costing your partnersnwho work in the same bio-chem field of work. I know everyone is hurting for work, cash, whatever, but short term gains are not worth the karma, the money, the community you will create by being honest. I won’t even order anymore from any RC Vendors listed on here. I know two that are extremely honest and use the best ingredients to make sure their products are pure and affordable. They didn’t ask me not to list them as good vendors on this site, but I won’t either way because they would prefer to work without drama. It went from maybe 8-10 “honest” vendors, to one that decided to take time off, to a number that were either poisoning customers or just not sending paid for products. It’s too bad I wish I could help but there are at least two vendors out there that have too quality RCs. Do some research and I am sure you can locate them. They are StateSide, shipping times are very quick, and products extremely pure. Good luck and say no to scammers.

    1. If you allow, I will get back to you, maybe in a month Thank you! 🙂

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