THE LAST SALE ON EARTH: Edition 10/2021. 3 Shops that lowered prices big time. Viva La Droga Electronica! 10 Euro discount coupon code for Rechemco. 40% off on Hexen at Labsense. Free 4F-MPH with Predator-RC – Download NOW!

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The Last Sale On Earth: edition 10/2021.

Dutch motherfuckers want you to waste money on their shit substances. Had always been like this. Even the as fake as hysterically insinuated urgency and the dystopian crying LAST CHANCE EVER you will all have seen before. 😉

You see drugs, sense some urgency, and order them. I know.

If you can also read, you might save some money today: I found three shops that indeed lowered prices big time!

Dutch drug dealers pound the panic drum like the world was going to end.

The world might survive the Dutch government about to ban a few drugs on December 7, 2021. No, this is not even the long-awaited Dutch 1a yet. Grapperhaus seems to think of something really mean. Good thinking takes time, which we will gladly allow him. It will be a good laugh for the countless victims of Dutch export tomatoes, finally.

Dutch motherfuckers – What’s the deal with those creeps?

They are Brits. Nobody can see inside the heads of those island apes.

The current hype

Since July they tell you to better order now – or never. The Netherlands will ban certain substances as decided by UNDOC Vienna in April already.

Who gives a shit?

  • First of all, most Dutch creeps have not even lowered prices for any substances! All they see in you is money. Told ya.
  • Superbrain Alex P. from The Real RC (former Research Group Netherland) even limited the maximum order amount of A-PHP to 25 grams. Suppose customers would order 50 grams at once. In that case, Alex P. might make 5 Euros less, so he decided to not offer discounted bulk amounts for this product anymore. He has plenty of that thing left. But just like a rat, he can only see forwards. Whatever happens around him, he cannot feel. Poor bastard.

Fun fact

  • Some of the Hexen sold at affordable wholesale prices these days was freshly made not long ago. Of course, they will sell it to/from Spain (where they already opened shell companies).
  • Alex P. from The Real RC used to keep selling banned substances on the Darknet, but something tells me he won’t do that again. Or at least not under his real name. Or at least not advertise how great that banned substance used to be in a chat room. We have all grown in the past two years.

So, should I panic? Better learn to never trust a drug dealer.
The best advice I was given this year. Came from a drug dealer I used to trust. 😉

Which substances will be banned in the Netherlands on December 7?

These are substances that UNDOC / WHO have recommended for scheduling already a while ago.

The list contains some prominent names:

  • A-PHP
  • 3-Meo-PCP
  • 3-MMC
  • 4-CMC
  • 4F-ADB
  • 5F-MDMB-2201
  • Diclazepam
  • Etizolam
  • Flualprazolam
  • Flubromazolam
  • N-Ethylhexedrone (Hexen)

The updated list with all NPS scheduled (either as II or V) in the Netherlands:

Download the PDF with the soon-to-be-banned NPS in the Netherlands

Now, let’s save some cash 😉

For the first time ever, Rechemco are EU-Retail only. They nonetheless offer a 10 Euro discount coupon code on every order. Just use “HALLOWEEN-2021” to save 10 Euros. During checkout you are asked twice if you got a coupon code. Make mommy proud. Oh, Rechemco seem low on stock already, but see for yourselves:


Rechemco Shop Description & Links
(always up to date)


The very funny Mr. Predator, who I almost thought to have lost when he considered sourcing inactive but super cheap shit substances from Alex P. from The Real RC, is back to senses. The Predator webshop seems more Russian than ever.


Predator-RC Shop Description & Links
(always up to date)



LABSENSE Shop Description & Links
(always up to date)


Don’t be stupid. If you saved up the money you waste on drugs, you could buy a new phone or that red dress that is the only reason for you to go for walks in the evening. Just once in my life, I want such a dress. I would do anything to be able to afford that dress.

Oh, would you? Really? Then better stop wasting your time with greedy drug dealing motherfuckers too cheap to even offer discounts and keep an eye on those greedy drug dealing motherfuckers who lowered prices and offer discounts.

Just for starters, of course. In the long run, we gotta get sober. I know because I want that dress, too.

UFO – Doctor, Doctor

(1974 | 2007 Remaster)

Doctor, doctor, please
Oh, I’m going fast
Doctor, doctor, please
Oh, I’m going fast

It’s only just a moment
She’s turning paranoid
That’s not a situation
For a n-nervous boy

Doctor, doctor, please
Oh, the mess I’m in

Doctor, doctor, please
Oh, the mess I’m in

But you look so angry
As I crawl across your floor

She’s got the strength
And I can’t take any more

Living, loving, I’m on the run

(Michael Schenker & Phil Mogg: UFO – Doctor, Doctor. 1974)

UFO – Doctor, Doctor [live]

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  1. Any Americans gotten anything through?

  2. Already got one letter from DHS. Don’t intend risking another one. Screw Dutch shops.

  3. A seemingly impossible to escape sponsoring contract with Alex P. from The Real RC (= RCT Scammer) demands TRC (part-time scammer) be valued with original artwork.

    Sometimes, I feel lonely and sad.

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