+++ USA +++ Perry is going to ship all open orders and will then be gone for good.

Perry was a pro. A blue-collar-vendor wo cared. No toxic waste on his menu. He had earned the hype, it was mouth-to-mouth propaganda that made him big.

Huge, even. Perry had become the by far most popular US RC vendor in less than a month!

It was not incredibly clever to mention a separate business on his Paste, even for a friend. It was not the wisest move not to have waited for Perry to reply to your emails but instantly contacting Kat instead – who had not only a different stock but was even taking orders for products he did not have at all, either.

Perry refunded some of Kat’s customers with money out of his pocket. He tried to save the brand, his name, his reputation. He was the verified vendor. 

Whatever happened then does not look good. Perry broke, of course, with Freakinkat and also lost two partners as well as employees; The skyrocketing operation took a sad ending. For now.


Näh! Perry knew what chance this meant. After only three (!) weeks, Perry already received twice as many orders as the bribing-forums-and-being-around-forever Paracelsus.

Of course, people did and do notice the difference!

He could have further up-scaled, but was clever: Perry and the team decided upon a (temporary) customer cap. The greed game, Perry left to the usual suspects, the toxic waste senders.

Freakinkat – not that this could be an excuse – has seen the sun shining brighter than in recent weeks and seems momentarily carried away, exhausted even, and yet, manically pursuing happiness outside a thing we would sometimes refer to as “reality.”

Why Perry and his team disbanded the operation is not clear to me; However, if you knew that Perry has no 50,000 USD for, e.g., a Surety Bond (think of it as a release-from-jail-joker in Monopoly, TX), you could take an educated guess what they argued about.


  • Perry will, of course, ship all open orders. The orders he accepted, mind you. He is going to delete his Paste soon, I guess.
  • Kat seems to stay in business. He might ship your orders someday, contact him and ask. He is even advertising his business on Twitter.

While this article is still a stub (my computer’s main drive, the router and a backup SSD died this week, #wtf) and will need some fine tuning tomorrow; instead of Death in Vegas’ Dirge, my first thought were Maximo Park. Why? Because a glass is always half full (unless your thirst for Belgian Quadrupel knew no limits.)

We might meet again. 🍻

Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure (2005)

You know that I would love to see you next year
I hope that I am still alive next year
You magnify the way I think about myself
Before you came I rarely thought about myself

What’s my view?
Well how am I supposed to know?
Write a review
Well how objective can I be?

What happens when you lose everything
You just start again, you start all over again
What happens when you lose everything
You just start again, you start all over again

Well, you just start again

Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure (2005)
(Archis Tiku / Paul Anthony Smith / Duncan Lloyd / Lukas Wooller / Thomas English)

Find gayperry / Perry / perinold – US Domestic Vendor of Research Chemicals here:
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  1. Kat scammed tf outta me, asshole

    1. I am sorry to hear. Maybe hit him on Twitter, could be that he some little money again and could refund you, but I don’t know.

    2. would you mind providing me with details? info@rc-scene.com, please?

      This idea of reporting scammers to the FBI is heading at three ~ five idiots who thought they could lay me and steal from you.

      DON’T WORRY, I am not going to file reports without your OKAY.
      My goal is to make them up for what they did.

      Before Perry/KAT, KRAMER, Sellkies, and hopefully KINO, come to senses, there won’t be any new vendors here. This is some heavyweight I carry around, I feel like I failed big time just because those heroin/crack pathetic trash junkie freaks screwed you and me.

      #SCAMMERS #AFRAID #OF #THE #FBI M.U.S.T be a success or I am outta here.

      1. don’t be a dick. [ .. ] If you don’t remember the emails perry send [ .. ] explaining the way drugs are adulterated in this nation of states, explaining state law and how it is different from federal law, causing so much fucking confusion, unnecessary incarceration, and death, you have little to no empathy. The man known as gay Perry was empathetic to the point he wanted to die rather than try and support his family under a new name, the one I’m posting under, off of his computer…… [ .. ] NOT crying because he made 100,000 USD in a few months and invested in a snake breeding business his [ .. ] girlfriend [ & ] father now have full control of….. those snakes were what he lived for. HE was stable, [ .. ]

        fuck you. fuck this business, your intentions were once pure, but yes, you saw things you didn’t want to. Criminals run the fucking world, as well as the companies you endorse [ Nobody endorses any companies here; Anyone reading about unknown possible toxic substances and clicking their way to links to vendors to maybe order such will most probably have to cope with a certain disposition. Healthy people do sports and would never order stuff that had never been researched. Healthy people seek a doctor. | ed. ] for people to poison themselves legally.

        Also, you should’ve just listened to him. I’m carrying on his work, NOT fucking vending, but fighting for harm reduction for people who are drug users. “crack heroin and meth junkies” as well as synthetic cannabinoid users and cathinone addicts, legal dissociative users, and fucking people who snort 4fmph instead of coke [ … ] thats 4 fluorine atoms attached to Ritalin which they give to 6-year-old children. [ Ritalin and 4F-MPH do not seem similar. Ritalin is also given to big children, afaik. Children and teenagers show adverse reactions to many medications like Ritalin, for them, it calms them down (?) I understand. There are many meds that children must not be given at all (psychoactive substances should not be given to people younger than 30 or at least 25 years old. The brain is said to grow and develop until the age of 30. | ed. ]

        I really hope YOU fucking come to your senses and shut this fucking website down in a few months……
        [ That’s not the plan. Less than a fourth of the content, part I, was published yet. Part II shall be portraits of friends and point out how the drugs-available-everywhere situation might have had a negative impact on their lives. We knew that the scene is about to disappear soon. Since there is nothing similar anywhere on the web, this is it. The plan is to publish less about vendors in the next weeks (most ignore questions anyway – or tell marketing lies, that’s disappointing). — Also, before you find here, you will probably have spent hundreds of hours reading the industry’s ads about new boring substances. A website discussing substances attracts many. Reddit and Google are about substance abuse and link to seemingly hundreds of vendors offering them. To find here, you might be an “end-user” (© guy in CAN forum) who enjoys photos. The US section will not reappear soon, not sure about Canada. The stress is enormous, the disappointments and the crazy emails are not worth it. We should have lost about 50% of traffic last month, so many articles and pages are offline. Didn’t work out, down by 6,4% only. Waiting for another service to provide figures. Did not check emails in a while. I think thanks to Trustpilot the traffic should decrease this month, finally. The idea is to remain only. At some point, RC SCENE will become read-only. | ed. ]

        a shit storm is brewing IN THE WHOLE WORLD, expect it to hit, come find me if you have a problem with it as I fully hope it opens the eyes of those in power as too what prohibition really creates, also try calling the DEA anon tip line as you once told my friend too, when he was trying to save a new generation from getting killed by over powered opiates from the same websites you endorse being put into heroin….. which in itself, is not even very harmful. [ That I am aware. In June, DEA already published a warning on 2-Methyl-AP-237 https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/dea_tox/announcements/2-Methyl_AP-237.pdf — The Nitazenes that will hit the streets, if not placed a temporary schedule first, no doubt about that, however, would ask for knowledge in that field. I don’t have such. With so many substances emerging recently, I usually find out about them only after a friend had already done too much of that shit and been hospitalized. If you want to push things forward and had and have an idea of how I could help the cause, please let me know. Access to (if such are available) papers on those substances should be possible. | ed. ]

        much much less so than goddamn random cannabinoids that made the owner of this domain cough blood, or the clonazolam, etizolam and the likes that so many people are desperate to find replacements for and are flooding American hostels with benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms, this site has killed more people than it has helped [ The only ones who got hurt were corrupt forum/sub/chatroom admins and Domestic drug dealers and Scammers | ed. ]. , you and your stupid britrock fuck [ The Dandy Warhols are a band from the US. | ed. ] believe think people enjoy being heroin addicts??? [ … ] IT WAS NOT EVER A CHOICE, NOR CONSIDERED “COOL” OR “ROCKSTAR LIKE” as it seems everyone over the age of 35 who used or knew users of heroin thought it was some awesome lifestyle choice… AMERICAN GREED TRICKED 3 GENERATIONS OF KIDS INTO CONSUMING PAIN PILLS AND ANTI ANXIETY MEDS FOR FUN, AND THEN TOOK THEM AWAY AT THE SAME TIME FENTNAYL ANALOUGES WERE STILL LEGAL TO ORDER ONLINE…….. IT HAS KILLED TOO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET WHO JUST WANTED A BREAK, WHO WANTED TO GO BACK TO THE FIRST TIME THEY WERE FED PAIN PILLS BY A DOCTOR AND FELT LIKE THEY WERE FLOATING, FREE FROM THE STRESS OF AMERICAN LIFE, USUALLY WAY BEFORE THEY COULD LEGALLY BUY ALCOHOL….. PLEASE SEND FUCKING HELP…. [ That US politics gladly accept millions from, e.g., the Pharmaceutical Industry, is bad. I agree. There is hope though: Since 2018 the Government funds research on, among others, non-opioid painkillers. https://www.nidcr.nih.gov/grants-funding/funded-research/research-investments-advances/oral-health-opioids Seems late, yes. Maybe think twice about who to give your vote. Maybe don’t support a party that is known for having close ties = being bought and hooked on money coming from certain industries. I wasn’t keen on Hillary, either. No one was. Bernie would have made a change. Sadly enough, a corrupt idiot and compulory liar trying to divide the American people somehow made that race. | ed. ]

        PLEASE STOP THIS SHIT [ I was given Fent in a hospital once. Not the first option, but the other one made me awake instead of sleepy. Anyone ever given Fent in a hospital and still thinking Fent could be a good idea is on Reddit tapping each other’s shoulders for being so cool. Forget the song. Read the interview. I think it is a good read. | ed. ]


        AND IF YOU TALK BAD ON HIS NAME COME FIND ME I AND [ … ] FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL FUCKING [ … ] YOU.- NOT KINNIE JUST A SAD FRIEND WHO NOW HAS ONE LESS PERSON TOO TALK TO ON A BAD DAY….. [ He always wanted to not have his private life discussed here, that’s why I shortened your comment. | ed. ]

        and the world has one less soul in human form too guide those too help if they want. if you are an admin on this website and think you’re above people who choose street drugs over chemicals made in china by slave labor more or less, then sold too dutch exporters who just slap a new label on it, (everything besides you know somewhat safe things such as amphetamine analogues and psychedelics that won’t cause seizures, comes from similar sources…), I suggest you do as [ … ] did, but I know for a fact that his closed casket funeral will be full of laughs and good memories among friends, and I hope yours is sad as you sound like an awful human at heart who maybe once had good intentions…. but those fell too pieces. fuck bankruptcy, fuck money, [ … ] always told me how much he hated the concept of money, and I was so happy when he started breeding snakes.. [ … ] your god damn business mentality, focused more on stopping people from getting scammed then helping them seek safe things too “study” while bashing things that if made correctly are way less toxic then anything reviewed, studied, or sampled by your hoard of drug addled American and over-seas cronies…….. the last time I saw him he gave me a beautiful ball python he bred, named lucky, a fire pied, look it up, they are beautiful……. like his life and soul was, but when you grow up not wealthy in America you either become a criminal or a statistic……… he was both and neither all at once. An enigma……. [ … ] He taught strangers about Krishna, about Ojibway migration stories, and in return ws told stories from people of all backgrounds, he lived a good fucking life. so fuck you for talking down on him because you didn’t know him at all, he used to call me on my birthday. every fucking yer, for a decade …… I never called him on his….. he loved humans, even killers, drug dealers, meth heads, and robbers, he was close to people of all backgrounds. why? I have no idea, he was fucking weird as hell, dressed like a hippy and a train rider k kept a gun at times, but would walk miles on foot to write his other fake name on a wall or a train, he could read the situation and tell someones intentions right away. He showed me and other people parts of the world we didn’t want to see, but needed too…. because we were all sheltered, he had a true lust for life. He did it because he loved knowledge, “any knowledge, gained through experience negative or positive, can be told and used as a tool to teach”, think about that….. [ … ] ….. goodbye.

        let people scam, if they are stupid enough to get scammed they should not be involved in ANYTHING CHEMISTRY OR DRUG RELATED, sheltered ass internet fucks, ignorant overseas people who put saving dumbfucks USD or BTC ahead of actually changing drug policy on a global level…… which this site once had the power to do so. [ I believe that US Border Patrol did a tremendous job. That so many Americans, especially drug dealers and people coping with things like Autism lost and still lose an awful lot of money is crazy. Everybody should have realized that you cannot place five orders within a week and expect not only the first one but also the four latter ones to arrive. I doubt that vendors mentioned here (unless stated otherwise) would be scammers. Sure, they are drug dealers, so better expect the worst. Then again, if order #1 arrived you are supposed to wait for quite a while before ordering again. This race for rats to die showed me a reality that still seems unreal to me. | ed. ]

        [ SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. Need to verfiry this, had no idea at all. You original comment was saved and can be restored anytime. | ed. ]

  2. Update +++ Freakinkat / KAT announced to make up for everything, will ship orders or refund and also compensate Perry.

    Contact him in two weeks if he should not have yet gotten back to you by then.

    Source: The comments (“notes”) here on Tumblr:


    That Handsome Devil – Adapt (2011)


  3. Damn, I just wasted 3 days researching the dissos I saw on there & was about to order when I saw no more orders!!! Seems like I’m always a day late & a dime short.