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Let’s turn back the wheel of time

Remember the Rechemco EU Trusted Shop Review?

I did a video/slideshow then because what Rechemco had sent me was quality stuff that was not only fresh but manufactured by the best of the best. What I had held in hands is not comparable to anything you might have seen, especially since they do not ship to the US.


Freshness is definitely a thing with Research Chemicals, and Rechemco live a different philosophy than The Real RC: The Real RC ships same day and answers support tickets almost immediately. Rechemco might let you wait three months before they ship your order and if you place an order with Get-RC you might not even receive updates. The product could arrive within a week or in three months. Why? Because the product you ordered might not have been synthesized yet. Their lab offers custom synthesis starting from 3 grams. That makes them the kings in terms of quality.

That is not always the case and some of their products are not worth the money at all, in my eyes; Still, if you are good at waiting for something you would usually be rewarded with outstanding quality. Sometimes, especially if you order with Get-RC, you could also be super disappointed. I remember that they used to offer the same bad batch of U-4770 that also SI had had in stock. I think I had never written a complaint to a vendor before.

Rechemco try to be kind of an NPS boutique with exclusive products (if you get a chance to, try their new 4F-MPH; they reinvented it and it is non-caustic and has got nothing to do with whatever boring powders Dutch vendors want to sell you.) The Real RC, on the other hand, tries (or actually, tried) to offer as many products as possible.

Both have their fans. You might have noticed that some people would go to a restaurant and expect everything on the card to be already ready to be served. Those folks will definitely go with The Real RC. For Americans, who are used to junk food and tend to not to care about taste or ingredients, not even The Real RC is fast enough. They order trash from Paracelsus or Proximo, ideally via overnight express, and flood me with complaints about LegitRC, because he does not ship daily. I tend to like restaurants that offer good food and if I have to wait for an hour for my meal, I enjoy the ambiance and a glass of red wine. There is a market for everything.

Rechemco, by the way, pay a high price for having access to the best labs exclusively: Their profit margin is probably the lowest of any RC vendor on the planet. They a) had to register a company together with a Chinese company (that’s how it works in China: Foreigners cannot start a company unless they team up with a Chinese company. That way, China gains access to Western technology/knowledge.) And, b) their partner labs know that they are the best and charge Rechemco more than other Chinese labs would charge me if I placed a small retail order.

Philosophy in real life

Not my problem. Still, I knew that those Rechemco products were of outstanding quality and their 2-FDCK was active at 50mg already. The 100mg sample was enough for two sessions.

And now, please take a closer look:

If you compare the fresh Rechemco product (below) to the (also just recently sourced) The Real RC’s one (above), you will notice that Rechemco’s crystals do not look that transparent. They look less like glass (“crystalline water”), but rather whitish or “milky”.

Why would that matter? Well, while 50mg of the Rechemco product would liften your mood and make you feel good, a whole gram of TRC’s 2-FDCK did nothing for me.


If you want your order to arrive in less than 20 hours, then The Real RC is your vendor of choice. I have not seen any vendor shipping that fast in the past ten years. I used to live next door to a vendor but even that one would sometimes take two days to deliver.

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To be continued. I will try find out what that strange orange-colored coating/patina is supposed to be.

Find The Real RC‘s shop description and address here.

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