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Let’s turn back the wheel of time

Remember the Rechemco EU Trusted Shop Review?

I did a video/slideshow then because what Rechemco had sent me was quality stuff that was not only fresh but manufactured by the best of the best. What I had held in hands is not comparable to anything you might have seen, especially since they do not ship to the US.


Freshness is definitely a thing with Research Chemicals, and Rechemco live a different philosophy than The Real RC: The Real RC ships same day and answers support tickets almost immediately. Rechemco might let you wait three months before they ship your order and if you place an order with Get-RC you might not even receive updates. The product could arrive within a week or in three months. Why? Because the product you ordered might not have been synthesized yet. Their lab offers custom synthesis starting from 3 grams. That makes them the kings in terms of quality.

That is not always the case and some of their products are not worth the money at all, in my eyes; Still, if you are good at waiting for something you would usually be rewarded with outstanding quality. Sometimes, especially if you order with Get-RC, you could also be super disappointed. I remember that they used to offer the same bad batch of U-4770 that also SI had had in stock. I think I had never written a complaint to a vendor before.

Rechemco try to be kind of an NPS boutique with exclusive products (if you get a chance to, try their new 4F-MPH; they reinvented it and it is non-caustic and has got nothing to do with whatever boring powders Dutch vendors want to sell you.) The Real RC, on the other hand, tries (or actually, tried) to offer as many products as possible.

Both have their fans. You might have noticed that some people would go to a restaurant and expect everything on the card to be already ready to be served. Those folks will definitely go with The Real RC. For Americans, who are used to junk food and tend to not to care about taste or ingredients, not even The Real RC is fast enough. They order trash from Paracelsus or Proximo, ideally via overnight express, and flood me with complaints about LegitRC, because he does not ship daily. I tend to like restaurants that offer good food and if I have to wait for an hour for my meal, I enjoy the ambiance and a glass of red wine. There is a market for everything.

Rechemco, by the way, pay a high price for having access to the best labs exclusively: Their profit margin is probably the lowest of any RC vendor on the planet. They a) had to register a company together with a Chinese company (that’s how it works in China: Foreigners cannot start a company unless they team up with a Chinese company. That way, China gains access to Western technology/knowledge.) And, b) their partner labs know that they are the best and charge Rechemco more than other Chinese labs would charge me if I placed a small retail order.

Philosophy in real life

Not my problem. Still, I knew that those Rechemco products were of outstanding quality and their 2-FDCK was active at 50mg already. The 100mg sample was enough for two sessions.

And now, please take a closer look:

If you compare the fresh Rechemco product (below) to the (also just recently sourced) The Real RC’s one (above), you will notice that Rechemco’s crystals do not look that transparent. They look less like glass (“crystalline water”), but rather whitish or “milky”.

Why would that matter? Well, while 50mg of the Rechemco product would liften your mood and make you feel good, a whole gram of TRC’s 2-FDCK did nothing for me.


If you want your order to arrive in less than 20 hours, then The Real RC is your vendor of choice. I have not seen any vendor shipping that fast in the past ten years. I used to live next door to a vendor but even that one would sometimes take two days to deliver.

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To be continued. I will try find out what that strange orange-colored coating/patina is supposed to be.

Find The Real RC‘s shop description and address here.

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  1. inminecraftofcourse Avatar

    Sorry to double post, my comment is still pending approval, could not find option to edit, if it exists.

    I decided to take the leap. I put in an order and it’s paid for. No automatic email, the order confirmation screen was not in English so I missed the order instructions.. I used the contact me and it connected me to a whatsapp that I reached out to. I will report back.

    1. Tip: Don’t change the language of a site, use Google Chrome or MS Edge Chromium instead to automatically have all pages translated into English.

    2. inminecraftofcourse Avatar

      10 days, nothing yet. Just some 1P blotter, so hoping it makes it through. Vendor said 15 to 25+ days so still holding onto hope it isn’t stopped.

      I’ll submit an email with pictures etc should I receive, and after testing will share results as well.

  2. ItaintmineitsmycousinsIswear Avatar

    Not sure if this has been announced already, but Real RC’s site says no more shipping to US. I’m considering smokies but not sure about their delivery rate and concerned of customs watching me. New to the scene, looking for tryptamines, lysergamide, mipt/moxie. I’ve read comments on here for weeks to do recon for my first order. Have to say, big fan of your work. Thanks for what you do, responding and answering questions even when on break.

    1. Hi,

      That was announced already for February, I think, only b/c the Dutch change in drug legislation (the addition list 1a in the Opiate Act) was postponed until next year, and, also, because they hold elections this year. (if I understand that press release correctly, then it’s even a budget issue, somebody will need to control the new law,) Alex decided to prolong worldwide shipping until 04/31/2021.

      A news article is coming soon. There is more: There have recently been certain substances proposed for worldwide banning; I think if you follow https:///, there it should everything be mentioned, no article though, everything just too sad at the moment…


      VIENNA, Austria – April 2021: At its 64th regular session from 12 to 16 April 2021, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs decided to place eight substances under international control. Following recommendations by the WHO, eight substances were added to the relevant schedules of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 as amended by the 1972 Protocol and the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971.

      Added to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, as amended by the 1972 Protocol:

      Isotonitazene – (Schedule I)

      Added to the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971:

      CUMYL-PEGACLONE – (Schedule II)
      MDMB-4en-PINACA – (Schedule II)

      3-Methoxyphencyclidine (3-Meo-PCP) – (Schedule II)

      Diphenidine – (Schedule II)

      Clonazolam – (Schedule IV)
      Diclazepam – (Schedule IV)
      Flubromazolam – (Schedule IV)


      So, 3-Meo-PCP, Clonazolam, Disclazepam, and Flubromazolam will soon disappear.

      Who cares about TRC anyway. First he sells me something making me sick for a week, then I find about an inactive, b/c mislabeled substance, another one that poisons me, and finally, he calls me an “unprofessional investment”, fuck that douche.

      So, don’t tell anyone, you heard it from me, but these guys here are legit, they even created some artwork for RC SCENE, I think, a YouTube clip, how kind ist that :))

      They offer a real imprint, already checked; They seem to not sell anything that looks like it had died in an ugly car crash already twenty years age, like some investment douche does, and, they ship worldwide for only 5 Euros (including the UK, the USA, Finland and & Australia) and I think their TOS say a free reship is already included in the price, since what TRC did is illegal: If a letter insured, you definitely do not have to not slightest fee for a reship. They know, he a profession, he told me. Sure… Whatever_ If you letter should not make it, they will send 50% of your original order for free. AGAIN, ALSO THE US and the UK, worldwide.

      I am way behind with some professional investment douche’s shop reviews, but I guarantee you those new friends are good and a shop review will follow. I have so many unread email, I have not even said thank you yet for that video clip, but the will be added to the list as well. Just allow me some time, please.

      This is them:
      RCT – The Research Chemicals Team:

      Have a happy day!

      Kind regards,

    2. My work is not so much about making you waste your money fucked up greedy lies (and oh-so-clever professional douches), but Tryptaimes are not likely to create addiction, and thank you for the kind words 🙂

      1. inminecraftofcourse Avatar

        I created an actual WordPress account.

        I do follow you on Twitter, just at a distance, I don’t have an alt for that so best kept off my public follows list.

        What a response. The vendor you provided sells some of the LSD analogues I’m interested in, but no tryptamines unfortunately. Any possibility I could have another peak behind the curtain reccomendation? (:

        I’ve read nearly every review, but few still in great standing, deliver to US reliably, and carry the typtamines I’m interested in (the classics + moxy, in particular).

        I am chemically interested broadly, but for the sake of my self preservation, I draw lots of hard lines.

        Substituted Cathinones and Sythetic Cannibinoids and their like are too keen to causing psychosis or compulsive redosing, both of which historically clash spectacularly with my personal issues. I have bad general anxiety, depression, and PTSD, so uppers in general tend to leave me panicking and lose benefit. I have a prescription for clonszepam as needed, so I like using those and want to avoid making my tolerance insane with the triazole ring benzo’s. I could be persuaded on the benzos if I find a trusted vender. I don’t do needles or op’s. Speaking of, watch out for their O-DSMT and especially the 2-ethyl-AP zines, very dangerous stuff.

        I’ve been through withdrawal thrice, once from morphine 100mg ER + 30mg hydrocodone daily for a year, once from the coke I binged with a buddy because of the void that left, and then when I broke the years of alcoholism to fill that void, seeing the pattern and how unhappy I was on an accidental heroic dose of psilocybin turned sideways made me realize it was time to stop regular use of anything and adopt a more utilitarian and opportunistic outlook. I’m amazed I managed to beat it all those times. Not up for it again!

        [ Sorry, I’d prefer to not have advertised new substances discussed here. This is not Reddit. | edit, K. ]

        1. “I am chemically interested broadly” – what euphemism for I do drugs. ;-D

          canada, predator, smokeys, chem_eu come to my mind. Make sure to ask them about delivery success rates before you order. Also, make sure that tryptamines are not controlled in your area.

          K’s Choice – Not an Addict (Belgium, 1995)

          1. This is beautiful

            Concert at SEA, 2010: K’s Choice – ‘Not An Addict’


            “The address of the festival site is ‘Brouwersdam 1, Scharendijke’. Turn off your navigation when you see the traffic signs “P Concert at SEA” and follow the directions of the traffic controllers at all times.”

        2. Hi,
          I don’t know how I kept that tab for more than a month, however: Smokeys should offer Psychedelics, they have a section dedicated for US customers now and although I forgot again about that name of that thing I believe Smokey sticks to rules like no other vendor offering to ship states. There are two trade treaties that I am not sure if they were written with NPS shops in mind, but they exist and Smokey should do quite well as long you don’t go mental and full-in, order the XXL-coke at McDonald’s and refill it and then refill it again and, in the end, you wonder and wonder why the letter would not arrive. Greed is the thing that kills the scene for four or six years already.

          Speaking of: I have not yet found time to talk to them, things are escalating and I am really tired and I couldn’t care less who ships what to where because I spent a month compiling lists that contain links that I didn’t even plan but when I saw how quickly stupid fuck US scammer would steal my content and use it to describe their stupid scam schemes and that asshole US IT companies like Wixx and GoDaddy are such unbelievable shit people making a fortune by providing criminals with a safe haven and will not even have a look at the site I reported but let me know for the twentieth time that stupid US government agreed on a law that guarantees IT companies that they do not need to care what their customers do and that they – if ever – would move a finger only if the police told them that taking money from a hitman who advertises his services on their servers is not quite yet what Donald Duck meant when he said, “Ich bin ein Berliner.”

          Those guys above are The Real RC. I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys, TRC never stopped shipping to Finland, the UK or the US. In the FAQ, there has always been this link to RTC of wahtstheirname and that they ship everywhere. Why? Because they in their are young and know that they could face two years in prison, but since TRC sources the cheapest possible shit that can technically be done (you need a special cheap shit lab, of course, with a real lab you won’t be able to produce such cheap shit), the profit margin is like 99.9% and things seem to run good, so they did a quick calculation: Do two years in prison feel that bad if you know that when you will be free again, you have 2,5 million Euros available since hidden from the taxman and not found by police, and they go full-in, just like Jacob did for Lizard Labs, which also made him even richer than he had been before, so while I can’t provide details, let me allow to briefly sum up the story they repeatedly told me thinking I would believe it and add to their shop description:

          There was a time when Alex was really sad. He had nothing, even his Fent addiction had gone after having spent so much time in prison. So those boys met Alex at the Electic Six Gay Bar and Frankie noticed that Alex had tears in his eyes but didn’t know what to with them. He offered the tears for 120 Euros per eye and so, they became friends.

          It said Danger! High Voltage” and Alex said he can’t, he was just released from prison and he had this weird feeling that Finnland still hates him for having shipping so much Fentanyl to their country, because one day he came home and there was the head of a dead Moose, wrapped in newspaper, lying on his bed. Also, although having spent ages in prison, he was awaiting the court date, the trial, and his employees which he paid under the table, already had let him known they would all claim to not have known that those powders and pills (cocaine, thousands of XTC pills, …) that Alex told them would be a profitable honest business and that he at the same time cannot cope with not maxing out profit by not daring to ship the UK and Finland. So the boys offered their help. The Fentanyl that they shipped in a transparent envelope, to make sure no one would become suspicious because what a silly douche would one have to be to use those transparent envelopes that, seen from a business perspective, would be the perfect choice because they had been on sale those days. The probably not ever having killed anyone Fentanyl arrived, now Alex thought that seen from a business perspective, it would be the thing to do to let them shop and register a company so the police can find more easily and leave them a generous share of 60% of the profit, which to him felt like a defeat, but according to his calculator, 40% would be more than 0, and the business perspective demands to go for anything bigger zero. What would be the point in not killing people and losing money? If he hadn’t killed the people, someone else would have done.

          So this is the story of RCT – The Research Chemicals team.

          That Alex’s TRC banner referred him thousands of visitors every month he found helpful, but since I obviously did not go for the business perspective glasses, neither he nor the boys could understand that I never saw their email because it must be somewhere in the middle of those 2,000 emails (I think I am down to 1560 unread ones actually, es geht voran!) and so I spent time with people who deal with severe issues caused by toxic trash NPS and after that month when I went basically blind because of answering emails all night, I somehow never managed to effectively reduce the number of unread emails because while he makes millions, I deal with the other of the coin and that coin are people describing obvious poisoning symptoms because his 2-FMA, or myself not able to leave the bed because he does not believe in air-tight baggies and so this shit he sold me for Kratom knocked me out although I never opened it. There is a thing about a lie that I will not publish before I have it double-checked because while I know that Rechmco does not sell their exclusive products to other vendors, that Troparil does not look like that dark powder on the TRC site, and that a test order confirmed “I don’t know what it is. It’s worthless shot and tastes strange, (..) is nothing the product Rechemco offer, but I forgot about it, and last week, geniuses thought it would be a good idea to go after the best and most exciting vendor on the planet, a company that maybe uses two PhotoShop apps and has only one licensed, but the license allows it to install on two computers anyway, I forgot to tell him, I was busy browsing a price list that screamed “René, if you can’t convince him to waive on that handling fee, you can maybe dream of their products, but certainly not afford them,”, while Dutch tax evasion masters, some of the own their own payment interface, I am not kidding, have to deal with Grapperhaus, who obviously had made the same oversation that I did, and that led to postponing the 1a to the Dutch opiate act to next year’s, because, and I must I really value Grapperhaus’ fine irony, signing that law, that is already ready, would be too expensive this year, while everyone NPS vendor will find out that registering a shop front and claiming it to be banrupt after less than a year to save taxes, that for Dutch companies do not even exist in the sense of somebody could end up paying taxes, and was super funny fould by their minister, who is known for not necessarily being the biggest fan of fraud and organized crime and few psychopaths getting rich in no time while the country suffers from the immense danger that Research Chemicals are, meaning, mental health issues, cancer and whatever else the few psychopaths think it would be okay for taxpayers to pay for while they have all made plans of which some are so stupid, I can’t write abou it because nobody deserves prison, especially when there is an obvious defunct in his or her brains.

          Well the boys also the community work Alex was sentenced to and they told me to order 2 times 10 grams of whatever and work endlessly on a shop review, for is no time right now, and which is not the tone that I consiider worth to reply to;

          However, there are many Americans who tell they definitely got scammed by the Real RC because why would a single gram be confiscated? And that they think that guy went mental charging them 70 Euros to reship an order of 1 gram thar had cost less.

          So, the boys could get actually get a nice article, they told they were good boys, maybe they help the scam victims and a headline could be “Heroes making up for pschopath’s mistakes: We are human, of course we helpded when we were asked to.”

          I don’t know about Psychedelics because I took one for many years it helped with depression, but someday it stopped working. And I meanwhile found out that there are almost no products available anymore that I could afford and feel an effect. Turns out the something-DMT “freebase” that more than one vendor claims to be freebase although it definitely is a salt and I strongly recommend not to smoke it because I do not smoke, so I put a little on a cigarette with a filter and everything, and heating up that salt causes the exact definition of poisoning oneself. Why do I think I could a salt from a freebase without being a cheap Chinese lab that obviously does not the differene themselves?

          Well, a freebase is for smoking. It wil not like killing you, but vape or burn smoothly and have a stronger effect than if you ingested it. A freebase is also likel to not look like a salt and neither to work best insufflated while trying to smoke it will kill your afternoon. A serious poisoning is nothing that you would recognize but move like nothing had happened.

          Will the boys be heroes? Don’t know, we’ll see.

          Before I see a sign of life, I decided to not add any vedors that could possibly ship to countries that do not go by the name Netherlands. I think I would not do them a favor right now. I will not ask anyone about anything because I think it is obvious that the recent raids are not about NPS but about tax evasion.

          I think Alex this time killed it for all and maybe forever. This my honest opinion because it his fuckung manipulated payment provider that causes problem in the US, in Europe and in China.

          But, hey that’s me. All three companies I asked to provide with basic understanding of what the hell acrtually offer refuse to either help me with anything b/c Dutch customer services always tell they cannot help you with anything, like it would make happy that somebody picked up the phone already, the Brits/Germans/Americans/Austrians – nobody seems to care because they are all the same fucking organized crime ring.

          Again, that’s me. I have no proof, no secured information, not yet talked to anbody, and, to be honest, other issues, real-life, is killing me right now.

          Maybe, I will post the two articles I was was alreay working on over the weekenad, later today.

          That UK-NL based scammers and Meth- and Ketamin dealers, according to good people from New York, used the wallets that I describe in a 20 pages report that was accepted by the state attorney and seems to have made it, about the same time, I got accused of of money laundering because I ordered with Alex three times in a row. Alex thought, that, seen from a business perspective, it would save me time and nobody would noticce, if I simply had published those low-res photos that show anything but deftinitely not the products available and look like they were twenty years old. We tried with cameras and phones as old as fifteen years and that old phone is my private phone, I love, it’s handy, it fits the pocket, looks good, does not display Tweets from strangers all the time, but is a mid-level or even budget phone ans stil shoots better photos than what Alex tried to sell me as “these are the originals”. I will publish them, because nobody would believe if I didn’t. Those photos are PNG files and tiny in dimensions. RC SCENE photos are no 4K either, but like six times larger. Also, what would need to be wrong with you to not understand that the photos here are masterpieces? Try to take an interesting picture of some flour in a plastic bag and then emai me again.

          I know, not all photoso look good. But not only I, many of us worked hard on those photos because if the photos are not good in 9 ouf 10 cases I say no way in hell I would publish those shitty photos.

          And what did expect me to write about things? We talked repeadly about him not havin anything to order or ask for, this us, an not one of his corrupt forums that he even provided with manuals on how to proceed with users that share their positive experience with, e.g., Smokeys. That that illegal Russian dbg forum and that illegal German headspace v1 forum would exactly react the same way is no coincidence and the reason, sorry J, I shoudl have told you the longest time, Mr. corrupt forum admin is afraid of me, was probably questioned by police and behaves so silently since, that I will wait a while just to be on the safe side. For him. There is no doubt about my integrity.
          J., if you read this, I pay so much money for software licenses (that does not even incluse Web hosting), if you would like to help people and we build the only harm reduction site that will ever have been visited by anyone twice or maybe weekly: If we found an NPO, I would immediately save about 1,500 Euros each year for software licenses alone. My email will be short, check that link and tell me when ;-D

          There a few things that I wanted to make a news article, but who cares:

          In April 2021, a new anti-money-laundering law, I assue EU-wide entered into force. To me, a surprise, I had not noticed anyone discussing this.

          Crypto-ATMs, DarkWeb like the register-only TRC web shop, mixing services even if decentralized, and one or two things more have suddenly become illegal. This is might be interesting for everyone in the US: I you were to donate (not that you ever would, but provide an example) using a BTC-ATM, you do not do me a favor. This will become one the two articles after entertaining ones. I found out something about European legislation, that I will proudly present in a French forum (psychonat), together with French drugs legislation, that no one in that French forum was able to find, but Sellkies asked me a detail about French legislation, and it’s not so much that I would speak French, but I didn’t want to disappoint Sellkies, maybe the only guy here who recognizes that I constantly play with my French heritage and therefore deserved that I don’t let him him down. I did not think, fuck that sucker got me, no I first checked the two French forums, that are populated by nice people that, however, other than Sellkies, cannot become my friends, because it feels like a nightmare talking to dumb people. I value their input a lot because Frenchmen eat frogs and have different perspective on things that I do not necessarily share or see but are more hepful than any other feedback I collected. Well, Joel’s rant, those ten emails that came within in an hours and describe what a disgusting traitor I am for being a spy for Russia and which he would not stop after explaining to him that the KØMPRØMÆT signature is not Russian but Icelandic alphabet. I hope he will someday calm down, b/c I would like to help him leave the DEA friends at the illegal dbg forum, b/c I think it does not make you look good when you bribe/pay a fee to forum with ties to Mexican drugs cartes and Russian money launderers.

          What else?

          The newsletter is more than due, will definitely be sent this week. If to a hundred or a thousand friends, I am not certain yet. Since I am too lazy to compile a test email, maybe it will be 200 who can win 4 prices.

          The contact page will change. 300,000 visits, zero donations but 200 emails each week tell that if I make the contact page premium content that you may use as often as you want to if your are willing to donate 2 Euros (about 2,20 USD) once, make me certain to not receive a single email ever again.

          There is also credit card processor called Stripe advertising to be a good solution for microtransactions, but I think they are from Canada and I don’t speak Canadish, but I can tell for sure that “litle” in Canada is a synonym for “Are you nuts? 4 USD fees per transaction?”, so PayPal might be a good idea.

          What eles else?

          The US project will happen. I have not spoken to too many yet and my man who offered to fund it for the first year if he had a chance to get that money back someday, recently discovered a website promoting a premium escort service, so-calles hookers, and those are that expensive that he within only 6 days spent his all of his tremendous income which like three times of what I make. So, there will be a slight delay. But by the end of the months it will be ready, I asked few friends test provide me feedback, because the sheer possibility of a change in legislation I think is too risky for anyhing like a forum. We will have 50% maybe real and 50% maybe not so real people, dolls and plush animals there, we will not break laws like by e.g. using Potonmail (who have offices and infrastructure in Switzerland, Germany — AND IN THE US) and do not tolerate drug dealers. The site will neither discuss drugs, Seinfeld episodes, vendors, or the weather because I expect the DEA friends who run the American scam- & NPS-scene to become aggressive. If you was an illicit of 200,000 USD per year in Russia, or if Para and Alex leave it and Mexican drug carels and coicaine dealers will be the only income left for drugbuyersguide, because nobod would stupid enough to even pay membership fees to those liars, because, AND NOW LISTEN: That dbg forum is obvioously illegal. If you send them money, you finance organized crime and if somebody should not accept the fact that we will end that scam shit show and this illegal forum, then there might be people having collected over the years, bitcoind wallets, transaction histories, forum member names that are indicated as paying members and will not want to be reported to police for funding organized crime. Goodbye.

          Proximo project was added an interesting option, I could not yet decide what would be more fun: Prison or a broken nose? Turns out, those guys all are not anything like anonymous, just like me. Well, I don’t seel drugs to children, I never really saw a problem with that. That unforutnate asshole that reported multiple NPS vendors to have them lose their email accounts, however, will slowly become a superstar. He hosts his opiate shop with a huge company that receives a fortunate by the government each year for hosting school- and Univeristy websites. The company was informed about it, there bulletproof evidence secured by a honest US company, that makes it impossible to edit or fake this evidence. I love such stories, becuse even if toxic opiate trash, because the lawmakers a stupid, might be legal – If I were a company depending on publuc funds, I would think twice about ignoring an opiate dealer that I also make money with. The broken nose would need 2 albis of people who do not each other but both happen to be haven on the phone or in a meeting with Mr. Surgeon aorund 3 pm, when somebody claims to have been hit in the face without a prior warning, how, how, how could find so many people that hate bunk batch sender Proximo and his pathetic junkie girlfriend Melissa, who sell opiates to school children. I did not even know, some of you seem to know everything starting with Perry’s prescrition, going further to greeting me by my name although I had used the wrong phone for the call, and definitely not ending with doxxing a criminal each and every time anybody thinks he could threaten, blackmail, hack, or otherwise attack anyone of us.

          I won’tbe involved in this thing, I think there are plenty of honest friends around who will make a change. That there will always be people ordering from scammers, is nothing one could about. Burrying scammers alive, however, is already in the making? Berg had a heart attack? I hope he recovers soon, he still owes me money.

          And then?

          In July, Germany will ban everything. Germany is the by far biggest market for NPS. We think a third of Dutch vendors will return to selling hotdogs already this month. In Spring, the Dutch NPS scene will find out that the 1a is not about banning drugs. “Hineni, hineni, I’m ready my Lord.”. This change in Dutch legislation allows arresting Dutch vendors for shipping scheduled substances to other countries and more. I don’t think that Alex would survive a day without making a fortune by selling inactive substances, XC will soon be active again, same I assume with Rechemco. Vendors like chem_eu will ship certain substances from Spain. I don’t know yet how they think they bypass the new law, they will probably use stawmen. Guys like Egor who used to sign for the MSDS for Lizard Labs / RareChems without being a chemist, will probably be rewarded for taking the risk. Jacob already in January changed his stock to be in compliance with the new law. Smokeys woudl be a loss, but I doubt that they move to Spain, do Brits learn Spanish at school? Rechemco will hopefully make a comeback soon. Lizard Labs and few cheap Chinese labs speculate with the US market, btw. I already had a spy contacting me who I actually want to work with but if his job was to provide US vendors with NPS that sourced from India, then I must say no, I think.

          Oh, India: Some you already today try to order from India. Forget it. In India, elections take half a year because elefants carry the ballots from village to village. China is the country that manufactures the majority of meds available in Europe and in the USA. They say USA, but they had only been packed here. India lacks the know-how and I had argument with customs last year because of a small order that was not as promised sent from Singaore but from fucking Mumbai. They told they woudl prosecute me. I told them they can forget that. We agreed on not to exchange letters anymore, they kept my order but didn’t charge import taxes. Most shop claiming to be from India, are scammers.

          I hear the Polish scene was hit hard. Back in darker days, the Polish organized the restitance against Nazi-Germany in Austria. They do not give up easily, still, he used the word “dead” to describe the market. If he does not call me back to answer urgent questions, we cannot do anything. There would be interesting-looking vendors on Dopek forum, two or three, I tihink. But I am not going to touch them if Europol is bored and counting inexistant criminal orgnizations in Poland again. They had done so a couple years ago, but from what I understand, they caught all of them. Poland is an interesting place. People are very friendly (even the drug dealers) and helpful and they are hard-working people, who would often leave Poland (government and church there are unbearable, the guys we see are artists) and although many speak perfectly English, German and Polish, countries like Germany exploit them for chear labour. They don’t give up and think in generations. One day, their children might be recognized and treated fair, but in the DACH region you woudl usually get a well-paid job only because your neighbour is a manager and you live in the Tony hills.

          Reddit has something about France mentioned, I think they banned many Acrowhateverdissociatives and also Lysergamides like 1-P-LSD and 1-B-LSD. The enemy of the French scene is Germany, which lies between the NL and France and the mail mail hub in Central Europe. This promise of open borders between EU member states is dead as dodo.

          Somebody might need to save Mr AHP from himself. But not today.

          We have a Relachems sample sold for 3-MMC tested for less than 67% purity. There might follow few articles in which we describe how easy it is to sue people within Europe for fraud.

          Anyone who would like to donate, please send an email. I swear I have zero budget available. To sue three companies I would only need 250. That I can afford. The fucking substance test however, is so expensive that police recommended begging the state attourney to make me an offer or to think of something that would justify such a test. 50% in the office thought I was mental, 50% think the Netherlands could not be easily tackled. I, however studied the alignment of EU consumer protection laws and I am a 100% certain that I need only 81 Euros to have a Dutch judge convict Realchems for fraud, to refund us, and to cover the costs for court including the 81 wihch I will get back. A judge who is specialized in consumer protection and bound to EU legslation will definitely not rule in favor of the scammers.

          This one of my two last ideas to win you to report scammers.

          I am about 1,600 emails behind, somehow, nobody picked up the phone but I won’t call anyone back, if you need something, just call again.

          I would like to have friend of Joao’s share the mailbox with me. No sensitive data will be shared, I will only forward everyday stuff. I need help becausee it turns out none of you knows how to set up a website and if you want that US thing, I again invite you to please leave a small donation. I want to compensate contributors, of course. It’s a gesture but better than nothing, I believe. BTC, Litecoin are on the page, don’t kow about current fees. Paypal I provide you with if you ask for it. It might become the only option to donate. Haven’t treid it yet, but it is a great tool because I can make income and costs transparent. The BTC blockchain is transparent in theory, but the bils ask for CHF and the figures in the Blockchain are not accurate.

          Thank you!

          Kind regards,

          PS:This my fav song right now.

          Fedde Le Grand, 22Bullets – Bang Bang

    3. I recently ordered from smokeys and it got here in two weeks exactly, 50 flualp blotters.

  3. Has anyone gotten a pack from rcc past week or 2? I have orders from Feb that still not here or get a letter of confiscation! I have multiple orders to different addresses and still nothing….are they exit scamming or what?

    1. USPS destroys mail from overseas that does not declare its content. Look it up, it’s intended to stop fent coming via mail.

    2. The European Union and the US have signed trade treaties that include consumer protection rights. An example: Eu consumers rights got aligned four years ago, every member state except for Denmark signed the treaty. I used to be pissed b/c that aligning of local legislations meant lowering standards in many counties..

      I hindsight, the idea is brilliant. I was wrong. If a Dutch NPS vendor does not deliver(!) – they are legally obliged to deliver, shipping is not enough, then you will not have lost money.

      If someone thinks he wouldn’t need to care cos he does not offer an imprint and no one will ever find out who he is, he is a poster boy idiot drug dealer.

      Remember the argument between René & Jacob for posting the imprint he had forgotten about? Remember that I don’t speak Dutch but found the paragraph in Dutch legislation that finally convinced Jacob’s lawyer and Chem Collective today ships with the real sender name- and address and promised me to add an imprint respectively company and owner information, address, trading name and a phone number to their terms of condition?

      Well, the EU consumer protection agency works differently than I used to think they would. They provide you with a form, and you report that scammer (if you don’t know the company name or the owners, mention their BTC wallet and their webshop address) – that is all you need because for a fee as little as 81 Euros consumer protection will forward your complaint to a court, in this case, a Dutch court. You do not need to attend the trial.

      Here is the thing: It took me 40 minutes to help Jacob understand that he should not hide like a criminal.

      A court reads your complaint and then will rule for LE to find that scammer. A court does not say: Oh no, the shop has no imprint, we will never find him. BS! He will order LE to find that scamming scumbag.

      A judge rules. You are at court, and the judge will take your complaint seriously. It does not matter if a vendor” failed” to deliver (!) a 19 USD order or a 5,000 USD order: Fraud is a fraud and serious crime.

      LE will find that stupid fuck, and the judge will convict the scammer, make him refund you and make that sucker pay for the whole court case. This means you will also get your 81 Euros back.


      If you could connect me to whoever defines consumer protection laws and a vendor’s duties, I still don’t know about the treaties China -> EU and the Chine -> US. Neither could I find a crystal clear definition of consumers’ right regarding US -> US transactions.

      In Europe, a shop must deliver within 30 days, then you contact them, offer a short grace period, and then you send 81 Euros to the consumer protection agency, and you cannot lose such a trial.

      Unless you ordered untracked, I guess mail does not arrive 100% of the times. Also, it is against the law to order or ship abroad chemicals using regular mail. So act clever and never order untracked. That is the law in the EU union since 01/2020, and there is a similar law in the US.

      I will ask the press speakers, investigate myself, be on the safe side, and finally publish an article again that you won’t find anywhere else and that will be accurate and true and be helpful for all of us.

      So, If you know anything about customer protection in the states, especially about trading treaties with China, please assist me. We could co.-author that article. You will be compensated in July and receive an XMAS present in December.

      Then, I will do a stunt and drag a vendor to court for selling me a mislabelled substance, which is fraud. That I will win ar court, be refunded and get my 81 Euros back shouldn’t leave any doubt that this is no idiot reading dead paper here, but business as usual. Such a judge processes dozens of complaints every month.

      NPS may or may not be a grey area, but you are not buying cocaine on the street. You are dealing with a registered company.

      I hope you will understand that consumers are no helpless victims and follow my example if necessary.

      I am soo looking forward to that court article. It will be great fun to write


      Kind regards,,

  4. About basics would not allow any one to be affected or violate the mods .

  5. Would like to talk more

    1. They not scam, they do send empty letters, they do not fake seizure notes.
      Don’t trust a delirious scammer, follow the news. It is all on the internet, I am just lazy to provide the link again. I think I did here. Or that the Twitter account retweeted that new article.

    2. be my guest. This a comment section. If you want to talk a lot, best copy your comment, click post, see an error message, hit back, paste your words and click to post again.

      If you want to share something that I definitely do not want in the mailbox in the database, please call me tomorrow. I have only a short appointment and will call you back in case I missed your call.

  6. Anyone got a pack from them within last week? and is this reachmco place legit? They have scheduled shit!

  7. Anyone got a pack from them within last week?

  8. Hi,

    I enjoy your work and taking the time to provide these reviews/information as well as resources is seriously admirable stuff. So thank you for that.

    I know that this question is irrelevant to the review above, but I have seen you discussing Benzodiazepine derivatives in one of the previous reviews – unfortunately, I couldn’t find it, so I figured I’d leave this comment here.

    But in the comment, you mentioned that you’ve used Smokey’s in the past as a source. If you don’t mind me asking, were you referring to blotters or pellets? I figured pellets were probably the safest option, although neither option can be guaranteed as “safe”.

    I’ve used blotters in the past for Lysergamides, but have always opted for powders for anything else – in order to get the most precise dose I possibly can, cutting agents or adulterants aside. But one of the primary benefits of blotters is that the success rate for delivery is far better than pellets.

    So I’m a bit torn up here about this. In the interest of harm reduction, pellets seem like they would be the “safer” option. Especially regarding things like Benzo derivatives, when even the slightest fault in accuracy could lead to dramatically different experiences. Or due to lack of experience with Benzo derivatives, am I potentially exaggerating the risks of blotters? If you can answer in the case of Smokey’s specifically, do you believe they care enough to properly measure doses as advertised – in the case of pellets or blotters?

    If you could provide any thoughts recommendations on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your work. I’m looking forward to your response.


    1. I order pellets. They told me that pellets and blotters would stay fresh in the fridge, but I am not so fond of eating paper, and some say that “professional blotters” are not the common case. FX press their own blotters, so do other vendors as well. I don’t know how that works. My guts tell me that a pellet would rather be likely to always contain the same amount of a substance. The pellets are not always the same, though. They vary in strength since they depend on Chinese manufacturers as everyone else does. I think that Lizard Labs presses them, they might be the same as, e.g., or Rarechems stock:

      Those pellets are tiny and make no noise since they are not separated in blister packs like (fake) prescription meds.

      The last order I did with them was declared as containing NPS. Also, there was a yellow sticker saying: “Goods that do not comply with the conditions laid down in articles 9 and 10 of the Treaty establishing of the European Economic Community”.

      They still arrived.

  9. Yet my pyrazolam showed up in 9 days

  10. From a distance, but also from a professional in this field (University, additional certifications, manufacturer of NPS), the first idea that came to his mind was:

    2-FDCK should NOT look like this. That orange color is not okay.

    A wild guess: The lab did not manufacture 2-FDCK but some cheap substitute. That cheap substitute has different properties than real 2-FDCK. So the manual for manufacturing 2-FDCK does not fit the cheap replacement, and it looks like they “overbaked” the cheap substitute.


    To give you an idea what “baking” means:

    While Dutch vendors like RareChems (Lizard Labs) would indeed sell you insanely toxic trash from time to time, every cheap lab in China would bake substances to finish them. This clip shows baking MFPVP. Baking at around 60 degrees Celsius is necessary to get rid of heavily toxic synth residues. I think they bake it for something like 12 hours.

    (c) The People’s Republic of China, 2020


    RareChems last year offered that compound in a fucked up version that only full metal retards would offer for sale: Unbaked. RareChems added to the product description that they advise customers to put the substance in the oven, bake it at 60 degrees for about six hours, leave the oven open so that the toxic synth residues can exit through the opened oven door and all the windows and the door of your flat.

    They charged 30 Euros per gram for that shit and nobody arrested them. That’s the Netherlands.