+++ The Real RC (TRC) – What happened? +++ #AVOID!

Already in March, I placed a rather unusual expensive test order with The Real RC. Well, I think they did a Sellkies on me – there is a tracking number, but the parcel hasn’t moved for seven weeks. After telling the shop owner, a replacement was sent and arrived within 20 hours at my doorstep.

While the small test orders I had placed last year, after shop owner Alex had contacted me and explained that they had learned from their previous mistakes, turned out to be surprisingly good (1) and okay (2); The samples I ordered for the shop portrait/review, I would already have trashed, if it wasn’t for the sake of the blog.

I ordered different products than I would usually do:

  • I spent a fortune (300 Euros) to get a hold of as many different samples as possible.
  • Because I had received complaints about TRC (without providing any evidence, or details, a simple photo would have done; maybe next time?), this time, I tried substances that I am in no way familiar with or that I would never order with TRC, but expect others new to the game maybe not knowing better.

First reaction

  • This could be a one-in-a-million shot, but the whole order was contaminated with something that I react strongly allergic to. It took me four days to be able to get back to the computer. I think I have successfully isolated that thing (Shout outs to mefis.to for having provided me with a REALLY air-tight bag!) and could put it in the fridge. That thing will be tested.
  • Because of that contamination and because whatever they have sent for 2-FMA and Etizolam – I won’t touch those, they look ugly and do not smell or look anything like they should, and because I received a mislabeled substance (which in my book = the list design, makes them scammers, details will follow,) the shop was moved back to it’s old category: The Real RC is categorized under Avoid again.
  • Since I could not work, not all pages have been updated yet. I will stop the lottery game and reduce the Thank You banners to exactly one per site, Alex had never asked for more.

What’s next

  • I will work on a Trusted Shop Review which will be split in at least three articles. I thought of two gags, I find them very funny, and I hope I can make them into a video or a photo gallery to make you laugh as well. The third article will be a shop portrait as usual.
  • The interview with Alex will be published as planned. If time allows, there will, in addition, a satirical (non-fictional) interview published in a separate article.
  • Yes, The Real RC will make headlines in April. That had been the plan anyway, and I will stick to it, no matter what. I am not less than proud to be able to publish an interview with a player in the scene who is not just anybody, but one of the most exciting entrepreneurs in this industry of recent years. To me, he is without a doubt not just part of the history of our subculture, but he formed it, changed it, wrote it; some say, destroyed it. That he answered all questions while pathetic mini vendors like, e.g., the DutchCitySales franchise stops any conversation as soon as it would need brains to answer, might give you an idea about the people who sell you drugs. Those guys used to sell Hotdogs before they discovered a more lucrative business. Read the interview, think about and expect a surprise!
  • One more order will be placed to roundup the Trusted Shop Review. I think I know why some samples look like they died in car accident; I think he did not lie about the independent testing; His A-PHP was the best one you could get these days. You know me, I would never joke about A-PHP. A lot of work to do. If we are lucky, we might find out why even parcels within the European Union seem to disappear. I might report UPS to police for fraud to find out, we’ll see.

First impressions of Earth

  • A-PiHP: Underwhelming, damn weak
  • Etizolam: I am not going to touch that thing. Looks like a blend of various crystals/powders.
  • 2-FDCK: Looks okay, but already by looking at it you could have guessed: Seems inactive.
  • NEP Crystals: Looks like a mashup of various white and transparent crystals crushed to “powder-size”. It is a Pentedron, I am pretty sure. I, however, felt only one out of four dots on my tongue, which would indicate about 10% purity. Felt inactive after all. Now you know why it takes me forever to work on a shop review: I am not only hypersensitive, I also recognize substances by the color dots I see when trying them. Wine enthusiasts will probably know: That does not work two days in a row, don’t ask me why.
  • 5-Meo-DMT: I thought I had ordered a freebase, but it’s a salt. When vaping it, it disappears without producing smoke, which is interesting. Since the substance looks fresh and The Real RC’s customer base would usually be children, I think I will try it.
  • MXPR: Looks surprisingly different from what I expected. It’s a creamy powder with some solid pieces inside, you can even see those through the bag. That tells me that it’s something something basically. I would rather not touch that thing, we’ll see.
  • HXE: Same creamy powder with few solid “dots” in it. Might give it a try, it seems the only sample that has a smell. You heard right: Neither the allegedly Etizolam nor the allegedly 2-FMA received have a smell.
  • 2-FMA: I am not going to touch that thing. Does not look like a Flour-substituted-Amphetamine, does not smell like one. It’s creamy powder.
  • 3-Meo-PCP: Received a mislabeled substance. First thought it to be a typo, but it is definitely not 3-Meo-PCP.
  • Pink Star Pellets: Those I didn’t order for eating, I will have them tested.
  • Kratom: That thing is so going to be tested. Why? Because I am NOT allergic to Kratom at all. To this thing, however, I am – and not just a little. I had not even opened it, the bags are not air-tight sealed.


That was not the plan.

The lottery game will have winners. It’s on hold for now.

If more lottery games with The Real RC (TRC) will follow? I don’t know. I don’t want to feature a shop that sold me some shit show for Etizolam and charged me 70 Euros for it.

Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure (2005)

You know that I would love to see you next year
I hope that I am still alive next year
You magnify the way I think about myself
Before you came I rarely thought about myself

What’s my view?
Well how am I supposed to know?
Write a review
Well how objective can I be?

What happens when you lose everything
You just start again, you start all over again
What happens when you lose everything
You just start again, you start all over again

Well, you just start again

Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure (2005)
(Archis Tiku / Paul Anthony Smith / Duncan Lloyd / Lukas Wooller / Thomas English)

Find The Real RC here:
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  1. So much hate towards Americans. Have you ever been to the US? Where does your hatred come from? I’ve spent a few years in the States and find Americans to be rather pleasant.

    1. …hatred, shouldn’t it be hatred? ;-D

  2. I think the real RC has gone downhill over the last couple years. They no longer ship tracked packages to the US and don’t do reship without tracking. My fist order a year and a half ago came. After they stopped doing tracking I believe they just stopped sending out most US orders as they know most don’t arrive. I suspect this because I ordered twice more and never received order or a seizure letter. Plus I hear their quality went to shit.

    They are pretty much the only european vendor to ship to the US so they have a monopoly and can sell crappy product and scam people and there is no one else to buy from, but maybe rare chems

    1. Always used to be shitty. Got better for a while – that last year! I was happy that he seemed to finally have understood, but – NO….Now is back to the bottom of shipping trash again. That lying Psychopath is one the last people I wanted to change lives with – NOT FOR ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD ( which is basically what you send him for shitty quality that sometimes cannot even be identified)…

      Smokeyschemsite is a reliable partner for 15 or so years already. Not lying, not bribing forums, the quality is good.

      TRC does not care about quality. He bribes forums and has an army of people posting lies all over the internet. All, all night, since 6 already.

      Chemcloud is sometimes better quality, sometimes not so great – but always cheap.

      There are plenty still shipping to the states, actually. I do want to mention that so many ship to the US.

      PS: If it wasn’t for RC SCENE, I would ever in life have placed an order with Mr. Alex Super Cheap Freak.

    2. There are many legit other websites that ship to the USA

    3. US Department Of Justice: Report Fraud

      Report Fraud to the Federal Trade Commission FTC

      Internet Crime Complaint Center


      PS: If a company screwed you for more than 5,000 USD (even when paid via BTC), the FTC and others can assist you to get your money back!!!

  3. Nah, that is not your problem, that usually means he forced to stop shipping to certain countries again. I warned once, he laughed at me, a week later UK, Finnland and other forced him to shipping to their countries. While the Dutch do not know a law would make it illegal to export scheduled substances to foreign countries (it’s not allowed, but the law does not describe any sanctions.)

    DPD could up to 30 or 35 days sometimes.

    STOP WITH THOSE STUPID EXIT SCAM LIES. He will not exit scam, he is a registered company.

    If you live within the EU, a shop is legally obliged to DELIVER (shipping also is not enough) within30 days. After 30 days, you are supposed to send a reminder or explain that the order got lost. You allow the shop two weeks to reship (he is not allowed to charge a single cent for a reship, keep that in mind!).

    If, after 30 days + 2 weeks, the issue was not resolved, either read the article we prepare on that that will soon be published and just follow the instructions there. Long story short: You file a report to the EU Consumer Protection Agency (except you live in Denmark, they didn’t sign that treaty), they charge you about 80 Euros and drag the vendor to court. A Dutch court specialised in Consumer Protection will 99,999% sure rule in your favor. You don’t need to anything, the EU agency does the work, you don’t to fly to the NL and attend court, don’t worry about that.

    The vendor will be forced to refund you and will be forced to cover all costs involved in this court case, that includes your 80 Euros which you will get back.

    So, while I don’t know yet about CN > US, and CN > EU; EU > EU is a safe bet.

    We are no helpless victims.

    PS: I bet you just mentioning what I just described will make ANY VENDOR in EUROPE ship ASAP and not play stupid and ask for reship fee.

    Whatever the website says, he CANNOT OVERRULE EU LEGISLATION. Trust me on that.

    I will try this with a vendor who thinks he was clever by not providing an imprint. You will a judge doesn’t care, he order the police to find them. If I find them, a judge will definitely as well. Remember, you are at court.

    PLEASE STOP THOSE SILLY LIES ABOUT A POSSIBLE EXIT SCAM. Next idiot doing so will be blocked and renamed in “Gaylord James.”

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you so much for all the super useful information, my brother! I wish you health and happiness! <3 Much love !

      Lilly <3

      1. Oh, merci beaucoup :))

        Be my guest, little sister 😉


  4. It is important to realize if all the internet is speaking well of a vendor, and one person feels scammed, in all cases for myself, the internet was right

    1. It’s exactly the other way round. 🤮

      I know Alex for years already, he is interesting to observe since I am into communications, and even if I told you what he did and does and forever will, you would not believe because you are a healthy mind.

      The criminal US forums will rather not talk to me, but he controlled a couple of forums.

      This is not the time, but wait for it.

      I will ask him for long would be good, and I think I cannot only tell the story but will find people who will confirm that they did it for money.

  5. While I do understand the push to report scams to police, I sincerely hope those with the balls to go through with it, do so ONLY in the case of definite and undeniable scams.

     Many, many times I have seen reported inactive or otherwise disliked substances that Ihad been waiting on, and without any stims for a time have noticed activity and now know some people arent taking tolerance into consideration.  Coupled with being angry, they rush to assume they were scammed and wont be told otherwise.
    TRRC NEVER scammed me, one tine they had this APIHP that was very dark brown, but ratherthan smell like really bad cheese, but was potent, this was like cherries and useless..

    Alex immediately refunded me for 5 grams and took a coupon code cause i was ordering anyways..

    NOTHING from NL gets to me as of start of 2020, no matter which site I choose.

    It is NOT only TRRC, and they cannot control where parcels go once they are mailed.

    Please consider this before reporting,as youcan be just drawing attention to yourself and the packaging/other details of packs that many others in the US are getting. While I do not.

    Yes I am an American, but I dislike most Americans and the RC Scene is a disaster, aside from a single vendor who consistently maintains a high degree of professionalism, ships always reliably, charges fair prices, and is quick to provode and harm reduction advice, even though by doing so they possibly put themselves at risk but as this dude who runs this site said recently, NL & other vendors outside of US do not selective scam….

    Just NL customs takes em and tosses them.
    Essentially they are the scammers lol

    1. I can’t do the report, neither in the US, no in Europe. You got scammed. You wait for 30 days. You allow a grace period. You contact EU consumer protection who will drag scammers to courts.

      That mail from the NL would not arrive is BS.
      If your oder via regular mail you break the law. So does the vendor, btw.

      They destroy regular mail containing NPS without opening them. Of course. I think I repeatedly told to not oder untrackd a hundred times.

      If a EU-based vendor takes your money, he is not supposed to ship, he legally obliged to DELIVER.

      Tomorrow, I’ll explain in detail.

      I firmly believe that the vendor is also to blame if customs destroyed the letter. He cannot charge money for something he cannot make happen!

      Think about it: I sell concert tickets, I find no band to play, now who would guess would a judge specialized in consumer protection think to maybe have made a mistake, that I call fraud. That could also have worde sounding name, I am not a lawyer.

    2. Between 2003 and 2021 nobody scammed me.
      You need brains and start reading.
      You don’t listen to me, so try to find out yourself.

      It is illegal to ship chems untracked / via regular mail to another country since 01/2020.

      I had one loss because as well. But I use a so-called search engine, that you access via your web browser if your computer connected to a WAN commonly referred to as the Internet. And then I read 200 pages fucking local law, and indeed: This law is valid in the whole EU. You won’t easily find it, but I told you multiple times and I firmly believe that if there was anything a trading treaty between the European Union and that failed Fent state here, then it is not only obvious that the vendor broke the law and caused your loss. If you tell any consumer protection thing here, I will try to find out. And I am almost certain that a vendor breaking a law and so causing your order to be destroyed, was to blame for being too stupid.

      The p2it is not that strict. First, they are foremost caring about hard drugs, second, I had no problem anymore since I now know: Do not go with untracked mail, it will never arrive.

      If they don’t offer any “professional mail carrier”, take the next best thing which would be the most expensive insured and tracked option they offer.

      I never used tracked mail, but since January 2020, there is no alternative to it.

    3. Good point about idiots (Americans) and what they sometimes claim to be a scam.

      Scammers like Newbie/Berg offer a list that claims some reputable vendor to be a scammer since he allegedly would have sent some anonymous poster some MXE that he found to be too creamy, while RC Leon scamming five in a week, did not make to scammers section since he is generous briber.

      I checked this: If you are an empty shell without a brain, then 2 times annoying the FBI with your stupid ideas will lead to you being prosecuted for lying to the FBI.

      I think all of us here may easily report to https://www.ic3.gov because the discussion level here is fine with me. You are clever friends.

      Since PetraTHAjerk hides in his basement, I enjoy reading comments here. If I wouldn’t, then there wouldn’t be any comments approved.

    4. I don’t want to introduce vendors that ship overseas in shop reviews or by adding to the lists right now, but some make it. I have 4 in mind, that seem to know how to put a stamp on a letter. I

      will force funny Mr. P. to talk to me, b/c he is no guy easily giving up, has plans, but if he sells me some shit a-pihp with bacteria on it, I feel like I should explain to him that I do not like being ripped off and that it causes immense stress every time if sb tells me he/she had gotten scammed (which in 99,9% of cases is not true at all, I don’t know why people would order Saturday and belive they got scammed; I think Americans don’t are aware of what a weekend means, could that be possible?

      There are some and things will change, but greedy drug dealers don’t give up easily. There had been passed a law by the Nazi party maybe two or three years ago, and just like the funny Mr. P. does not believe the creepy Polish retards running the country to be of importance, local police and I both agree on that a law passed by the Nazi party is nothing one should even bother about.

      Many shops will disappear but politicians asking for taking responsibility of oneself’s life while at the same time acting like we were in fucking North Korea, will run against walls.

      I will be happy if opiates and noids and some other shit substances will be gone. I hope the Dutch 1a will be reviewed, b/c if I did 3-FMA or Speed DOES make a difference. The latter is considered dangerous for good reasons. 3-FMA is nicer than coffee. Politicians will need to try hard to explain to me why coffee, which is deadly psychotic for me, can be bought at a grocery store while 3-FMA suddenly is considered a risK? gimme a break…

    5. May I kindly request the nice vendors site you are talking about? I had a pretty bad experience with my boyfriend and the last rc we received from the nl…. we are lucky to be still alive I believe..

      Thank you in advance 🙂


      1. You are aware that all US vendors order with the very vendors mentioned on RC SCENE?
        (see the EU & ASIA pages)

        There is no NPS manufacturer in the states.

        There never had been US products on the market here. Already ten years ago, it was the Dutch who ran forums. Why would I know? Because there was this crazy US forum claiming that openly vending Cocaine would be covered by Freedom of Speech. Vendors promised free samples there. Out of curiosity about who they were, I asked for such a free sample. Seven months later, a Spice smoking blend arrived. It was shipped from Amsterdam. My flatmate had run out of money those days, nothing left for weed, and smoked that “bag” (it was a pretty generous free sample) since I don’t care about Cannabinoids.

        May I ask the substance name that caused issues? Thank you. (!!!)

        The “friendly” vendors’ site – you mean the US shitshow project? Depends on more people than just me. I won’t deal with it, I won’t talk to retarded fuck US scammers, I won’t open retarded fuck US customers’ emails anymore.

        What I did for the US in the past 18 months cannot be measured in gold or high decorations. Besides sketchy vendors all hooked on Opiates and selling cut stuff at ridiculously high prices, the friends who volunteered to maintain the site have no idea yet what to expect. I mean, Americans are just shit. Junkies are the worst.

        I plan to launch something a little later (this year?), and that is only because chemforum.org has retired. He shut down his forum when I announced to let the US be the US, and now I am fucked…

        The US vendors refuse to listen to me. They are stupid fuck American junkies, it’s not me, it’s them: There will be no ProtonMail. They will need to contact me via Threema or simply gimme a call. They must promise to not ever scam anybody. They must not offer scheduled substances. — So far, zero have tried to apply. Sure, some sketchy scammers constantly ask to be mentioned on RC SCENE. No calling me action, no mentioning action. They will find out soon enough how stupid they are to hesitate.
        The US vendors all cannot handle (or even imagine) the size of the RC SCENE community. That’s my problem. I won’t allow them to be directly contacted. Someone will need to forward a certain amount of questions to vendors. If a scammer undermines us, that Junkie could steal tens of thousands, just like, e.g., Kino did. That’s something I am still estimating possible scenarios on paper.
        I will be honest with you: While we would quickly become 50% plus of the US market, the more intelligent vendors I discussed the possibility with told me: Forget it, it can’t be done.

        So, again: RC SCENE mentions ALL reliable vendors which are exactly the same that vendors (even DN marketplace vendors) order with. It won’t get any better. It can’t.

        The only question is: IS it worth the headache to deal with US junkies again only to be able to portray them? I already pay for the website, it’s still empty, though. One of the vendors who said hello operates a webshop that accepts credit card payments. Maybe I will demand all to do so. Because trust me, NOBODY could or would want to deal with scam complaints. Credit cards are insured and allow reporting fraud meaning you receive your money back. That would be lovely.

        PS: Europeans are being told to not and never order from North America. US junkies import Dutch/Chinese products, add Fent and Meth and cutting agent and if you order with the US, you could get into serious trouble. Even EU countries tolerating NPS (more or less) must prosecute you for having tried to import Fent and Meth if you ordered with US vendors.