Youpi, Youpi, Yeah… RC SCENE is taking break.

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I’m free to be whatever I
Whatever I choose

And I’ll sing the blues if I want

RC SCENE died on 13/03/2021

We will not be missed.

+ – Safe NOT Scam was proof of concept that an honest, unbiased, non-profit project discussing the NPS / Research Chemical Scene was missing, possible, and: long-awaited. Responsible. Honest. Colorful. Funny. Irritating. Not making up (marketing) lies. Not selling anything. NOT DOING IT FOR THE MONEY.

I knew the community would notice. In less than 11 months you made RC SCENE grow to become the undoubted number one site discussing NPS / Research Chemicals AND vendors on the planet.

Again, you are #1. How cool is that? It’s actually liars and thieves like drugbuyersguide and Bergs and Sellkies who will soon be history.

Thank you!



Another dead junkie, so what?

I don’t care.

You don’t care.

Hopefully, you have been more clever than us and did not order toxic waste trash from bunk batch senders and therefore are still living a happy and healthy life.


It’s me who needs to take the break.

The Research Chemicals Scene in the US is just too much. Those criminals are not worth it. I am not the only one dealing with anxiety and health issues because scammers like Sellkies think it would be none of my business if he lied to and stole from you.

The threats, these few idiots; fear – are circling in my head all day long. I am not afraid of Mr. Sellkies. However, he knows that I won’t act unethical and share anything we talked about, so he unnecessarily heated up a simple discussion (to scam or not to scam) and many braindead drug addicts believe his lies, they start hating me without any reason to, even make up additional lies, and lies spread like forest fire in California. Last week, I spent 400 Euros on a basic backup plan, is estimate additional 800 USD to be necessary to at least keep RC SCENE safe.

I asked Mr. Sellkies to stop bribing drug addicts (with free, but banned schedule I analogs) and I hope he stopped it. I noticed that he now makes a new blog post out of every step I take (or my domain registrar obviously did, I had never heard of Tucows before), and since he is good with words (not just because English is his mother tongue and the only one he speaks, no, he can really write.) But writing is pointless, if you have no clue about what you are writing. So now, he might not pay junkies anymore but is spreading the lies himself again.

Because he does no fact-checks. A real journalist, so-called investigate journalists would already know everything before they interviews you. Mr. Sellkies writes nonsense, but his customers/victims are usually no bright lights and don’t understand anyhow.

It would actually be fun to answer his postings, to think of new running gags. etc.

However, time is running out, and recently happened something that is way too serious: I ruined my eyes. Answering emails all night is nothing I recommend. Working on a professional monitor, non-glossy display, IPS or better, 27 inch or bigger is a good investment if you sit in front of a screen all day. It sure causes less damage if you invested in (semi)-professional equipment. But it is still artificial light, small letters and the picture you think to see, is not a clear picture, unfortunately. There are empty spaces between two colored dots. A blue rectangle on a monitor is not blue. It is maybe 25% blue. The rest is the margins between the blue shining dots. Our eyes are not made for computer work.

I could not see on the left eye, the image was like split half and both halves showed the same; I could not not read anymore. There will never be anything like email support as has been, ever again (scams reports an contributions excluded.) You’re too many, I am sorry. I do no marketing, sometimes I wonder how you even find here.


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At this point, the US are dead to me.

Please see for yourself:

They had never been around. So, when will they return?

After a timeout due to this health issue and this unbearable Sekkhies disappointment (how much of a backstabber can a single person be???), we will never have been gone or been missed. We never existed. Hopefully, there will be no tomorrow, so we cannot not return.

Imagine psychopaths selling deadly methyl piperazine derivatives (e.g, 2-Methyl-AP-237) to teenagers in the middle of an opiate crisis. Would you want to wake up in such a place?

I am afraid you would and that you do. I think you would even order that opiate alternative shit, wake up in a hospital bed; and order it again.

You always do.

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There is something missing. Yes. But you cannot order it online.

A lie cannot die. It never existed.
That you nonetheless buy it is interesting.

They are playing with our hope, which is the only reason, we don’t end ourselves.

The community is the same everywhere. The vendors not. Asians and Europeans are no wannabe mobsters. THe bigger the criminal, the more fun to talk to usually. The US are a different culture.

That the US are dealing with an opiate crisis, costs the DEA almost all the time they have. And, yet:

Be cautions, think before you act.

The FBI recently stepped into action.
They ask you to report scammers, please.

The FBI is helping you with scammers now!


Although Americans hardly ever report scammers to police, there will always be integer people helping you.

A database containing names, addresses and money flow of about 2,000 criminal scammers, could be one of the reasons for the FBI to hold enough evidence in hands to finally tackle that issue. There are more honest people dying to put and end to lies and thieves than you would imagine.

I consider narcotics officers and state attorneys allies.
Not all of us share this idea, I am probably the only one to do so.

I need LE to protect my life. Also, where I live, those guys are cool.
I am lucky.

If someone steals from you, maybe wait for three months but at some point you have to report criminals/scammers. Otherwise, this nightmare is never going to end.

e-mails will be answered in April again.
Thank you for your understanding.

There is so much tension, too much hate in the air. (Only in America!)

I like penguins. I will visit them, go see them in the zoo. I won’t read another insult submitted by a pathetic braindead US criminal or shitfaced addict.
At least not today.



Please mind: e-mails will neither be read, answered, or painted in black. RC SCENE is NOT a service. Taking a timeout has become necessary.

If you want to kill yourself and have nobody to who you could talk, call ANY number that is stored in your phone. It might be a friend!

In case you were to be the only person in this world:
Visit and search for The phone number provided, is real, of course.

If I shouldn’t catch your call, then I am sorry, I might have been faster than you. We are #1 – of course, we have ended ourselves faster than anyone else. Once you are #1, you cannot help it, you make a race out of everything. 😉

I will call you back, don’t even think of doing anything that can’t be undone.
I will call you back, don’t even think of doing anything that can’t be undone.
I will call you back, don’t even think of doing anything that can’t be undone.



Thank you for all the love. 💚

Thank you for discussing, providing tips and feedback, for your critique, for everybody contributing; for your kind and motivational words, for the laughs, the arguments and the fun we had.

#1 signing out for today. CU soon! 😎

Enjoy the silence!

Youpi is French for Hooray (see dictionary)

Youpi ! Youpi ! Yeah…

Cornu – Youpi (KId Loco’s Space Spaghetti remix, 1998)

This is no official clip, these are scenes taken from the Movie Contact High (2009)
Cornu – Youpi (original, 1998)

Youpi = Hooray (see dictionary)

Comme c’est bon
Quand petit à petit
Tu sors de ma tête

Youpi, Yeah…

Comme c’est gai
Quand même à petit pas
Je m’éloigne de toi

Youpi, Youpi, Yeah…
Youpi, Youpi, Yeah…

Comme c’est Joyeux
On ne se verra plus
Youpi, Yeah…

Comme c’est Joli
Tes yeux qui pleurent
De jalousie

Youpi, Youpi, Yeah…
Youpi, Youpi, Yeah…

Comme c’est comme c’est
Comme c’est comme c’est
Comme c’est comme
Comme c’est bon
Comme c’est que

Comme c’est Joli
Tes yeux qui pleurent
Tes yeux qui pleurent
Tes yeux qui pleurent
Tes yeux qui pleurent
Tes yeux qui pleurent

Youpi, Youpi, Yeah…
Youpi, Youpi, Yeah…
Youpi, Youpi, Yeah…
Youpi, Youpi, Yeah…

Cornu – Youpi (1998)

I don’t like the drugs, but the drugs like me.

Dug references in pop culture. A compilation compiled to show that drugs are not everything. Movies & Music are 😉


👨🏻‍🚀 👨🏻‍💻 👩🏻‍🚀 👩🏻‍🚒 🦸🏻‍♀️ 👩🏻‍🏭 👨🏻‍🍳 👩🏻‍🌾 👩🏻‍🍳 👨🏻‍🔬 👨🏻‍⚖️ 👨🏻‍🎓 👩🏻‍⚕️ ✌🏻

With kind regards,
* * *

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  1. Chicago douche living with his parents Avatar
    Chicago douche living with his parents

    Just read didn’t even make sense.

    1. Of course, it didn’t make sense to you. I don’t write for idiots.

      Every insult posted here will be answered with Google Maps embedded showing the homes of your dear drug dealers. Fuck off, you are endangering drug dealers and scammers.

      How angry do you think are the many people that Sellkies has scammed?

      Better relax, dude.

  2. I finally got my order from selkies and the only reason I got it was because of the effort that you put forth on my behalf.

    Thank you René and the rest of your team that makes the great site that it is.
    I hope that you come back after your break bigger and stronger than ever.

    In spite of what you think. You WILL be missed.

    Stay Safe

    1. Glad to hear!

      And thank you for your kind words. 🙂

      I won’t be gone, just not available. My eyes are better again, but the US crime scene is too frustrating.

      To give you an example: Mr. Sellkies promises a schedule I analog for free to everybody who emails him proof that he/she has left a negative review, spread a lie, or insulted me. Same with Proximo. When a guy started sending insults, I put him on the blacklist. Guess what these pathetic junkies did then: They sent me a screenshot of the email I had blacklisted from another email account.

      And that is not a single experience I happen to remember; I deal with such shit every day. Every fucking day. And it is only the US.

      I try to help them, and they hate me for that. Also, the project costs me money.

      And what’s wrong with that Petro? OBVIOUSLY, some of Paracelsus’ stock is no more and that he was in jail is a fact. So why would this Petro be mad at me? I don’t get it.

      These ugly souls are not fun to deal with. There are only a few of them, but for dealing with those, life’s too short.

      After a short break, I will, together with (hopefully two, one is still sick) colleagues, build a harm reduction site. And I will play around with newsletters (that revue thing looks super promising, but, unfortunately, is buggy) and finally add all the articles that were sent in, and I will try videos.

      PS: If you were interested in maintaining the US section, let me know. It’s not about free samples at all, but I hope I can compensate you, and in summer, I will have more money left and can you offer more than just a gesture.