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6 responses to “Sign up for the new RC SCENE NEWSLETTER and win T-Shirts and other giveaways!”

  1. […] Newsletter geht raus sobald wir wieder so jung wie nachher nie wieder zusammenkommen sind. Ende August, danke […]

  2. Frozen Avatar


  3. chemgrv Avatar

    It’s an honor to share great information. I am looking forward to the first issue.

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      I’d feel honored to hear from you!

      Questions, suggestions, tips, whatever bugs you, things you are uncertain about, something you read somewhere and are not sure what to think about;

      I want this newsletter to be you: your concerns, experiences, fears, recommendations.

      Tim ordered 1 gram of 4F-MPH and got scammed. He reported that fraud to the police or the FBI, and then…. – WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? I think many would love to know.

      The thing is, I reside outside the US, so I cannot try that for you and then tell you what the FBI or whoever would have done. Did they treat me like a criminal? Had they been friendly, was there anything to fear about?

      If somebody shared such experiences, that would be a treasure for many.
      You will remain anonymous. No one will judge you. No one will ever read your story other than I. You call me if you wanted to. Or use self-destructing messages if you are scared.

      Whatever you read in forums is BS.

      Those drug dealers try to isolate you from reality by inviting you into private chatrooms on Discord and promise you access to exclusive Discord servers with better drugs, establish a kind of hierarchy system they would sell you drug addiction as a promotion. The more you buy, the more servers you may be invited to. They call it social engineering. It is an unethical approach to manipulate people by pretending to be friends, experts, something special. Criminals use this. The Darknet is full of instructions on influencing people to scam them or make them repeat your lies, or send them money. They lie to you. They take all your money, and you look up to them. Our community is prone to fall for such crooks, that will become topic for sure. We are already dealing with it. Some scammers work according to what Psychology found out to work and although I am super cautious, I chatted with scammers that were perfectly prepared. Things are getting worse.

      Things like these could be interesting for many.

      A scammer like Sellkies tells me he is mad about the victims that would complain in forums. They would ruin his business. While he found people that adore him and spend hours each day chatting with him on Discord and believe everything he says, outside a gated community he does not stand a chance. But he is not as dumb as one might think, he will study these instructions and make people send him money without expecting him to ever ship anything.

      That people orders knowing they will probably get scammed and even place a second order with that scammer – I am not making this is up, this daily routine in the mailbox – is something I have for.

      The mailbox is full of questions I cannot help with.

      H. did A-PiHP and experienced a transient psychotic episode. Once H. realized he was not himself, whom did he call?

      K. spent a night in jail because he was caught with a bag of 4F-MPH. Police did not even test the substance. They assumed it to be cocaine and handcuffed him.

      S. is aware of his drug addiction and the mental health issues that come with such. He is divorced and afraid to see a doctor because if his ex found out, he thinks he will not be allowed to see his son anymore.

      P. got scammed by someone pretending to be The Real RC. I read all these emails, and I don’t know how I could help you. Why would anybody fall for an impersonator who registered a mail that resembles a well-known vendor’s name and send him money?

      I cannot seriously answer or provide advice.

      If someone was aware of, e.g., social workers I could contact if I need help and would share his/her knowledge, I would love to compile lists of people you can ask if in need.

      I am good with logic, languages, technical stuff. When I track back a death threat and look up the address on Google Maps, I find myself in a world I have not the slightest idea about.

      My interests are so specific; I doubt that too many of us would want to find out how the same substance tested differently in two different labs. This is not about recreational drugs anymore; it has become a spleen.

      But that’s me. The newsletter is for you.

      The first issue won’t reach too many people. Don’t expect too much. It’s more of a test run. As soon I have the photos together, and a funny idea for text comes to my mind, I will send the first issue. A new vendor and a cozy t-shirt, it’s more of a test run. This newsletter service is brand-new. If all the emails land in spam folders, I will seek another provider.

      Newsletter issue #2 will already reach 500 or so people, and give away two t-shirts 😉
      But foremost will feature a topic described by links to various sources with different views.

      Again, I’d love to collect experiences to provide tips that will help you in real life.

      I remember I was nervous, even scared about ordering NPS. For years I was not if this was legal or not. Ordering from China, I remember being worried about customs. And what would happen I customs seized a letter. I know that many of us are nervous about ordering. I see emails reading. Sorry, I was so excited, misspelled my own name. ;-D

      If no one comes up with anything, I will sum up discussions and emails.

      If you wanted to give shout-outs to your crew or wish somebody a happy birthday -shoot me a line. This is your newsletter.

      If I receive no feedback, I will blog about music.
      You’ve been warned. ;-D

      Have a happy day!

      Kind regards,

  4. aa7747 Avatar

    I think this news letter is a great Idea. I am looking forward to the first issue.

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