2 years RC SCENE: Candle Night with The Real RC

2 years of RC SCENE: Happy Birthday. Two photos show a birthday candle in form of a "2" on a Blueberry Muffin. Also, there are Fluclotizolam blotters on the photo
2 Years of RC SCENE Happy Birthday Candle Night (2022)

Alex is good-looking, you cannot deny it.

His secret? Thursday jour-fixes at Le Coiffeur in Boxtel (Hair Grooming for 600 Euros.) You can’t go wrong with Le Coiffeur and their timeless interpretation of the sleazy used-car salesman look.

The Real RCC already informend us weeks ago about their goal for 2022, which is nothing less than not wanting to receive hundreds of negative reviews and complaints again.

Unfortunately, things are not going well all the time. More on that in the Smalltalk section below.

But first, enjoy the video impressions of the Candle Night with The Real RC! (Please click the video to make it play.)


That Strawberry Muffin is a delight.

What happened? Nobody replies to my emails. I don’t know what is going on. I start to worry. I call at the airport; Nobody got caught there. I call at the office; They hang up on me. You know you cannot leave me alone with my sorrow. You have no idea what I went through; waiting for three hours, all on my own.


Here. For you.



Don’t you wanna open it?

No. I am good.


Who is that bird?



Why I taped it? Well, you know… It took a while, but I think I finally understand why that clip went viral. I could be wrong. I have not discussed my findings with anyone yet. You know how hard I try not to let show.

This is how far I have come so far:

  • Train departure. Vučić waving to people on the outside.
  • Cut. We are on the countryside now. We can see through the window. Nobody there. Vučić still waving.
  • Orbán Viktor notices Aleksandar Vučić waving. He is a friendly guy and joins in. He can see through the window. Nobody there. He stops waving.
  • Vučić still waving. Orbán, he is a friendly guy, wonders if he might have missed something. He starts waving again and takes a closer look this time.
  • Everybody can see through the window and that nobody there. Orbán stops waving, and, finally, realizes.
  • He is about to crack a joke but can resist.
  • That is not healthy. We need to talk about it, and now. Also, we have a situation here: That Vučić bird could hurt Orbán Viktor’s brand badly.
  • Orbán is a friendly guy. He turns towards the camera and shares his impressions of Germany: Weirdos, very strange, unique people; Surrounded by jerks, feels like an alien nation to me.
  • Why Germany? Because this is TV Serbia.

Vucic, an ultra-nationalist turned pro-European, has rejected claims that he has become autocratic.

AFP French Press Agency: Thousands protest against Serbian President Vucic
  • 2 years of RC SCENE: Happy Birthday. Two photos show a birthday candle in form of a "2" on a Blueberry Muffin. Also, there are Fluclotizolam blotters on the photo
  • 2 years of RC SCENE: Happy Birthday. Two photos show a birthday candle in form of a "2" on a Blueberry Muffin. Also, there are samples of A-PiHP and 2-FDCK

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4 responses to “2 years RC SCENE: Candle Night with The Real RC”

  1. Leo Avatar

    is the real Rc a reliable store [edit, … ] ? if you order from him, do you risk being part of a full criminal investigation?😂 I’m waiting for an answer, thank you.

    1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

      Last week, the TRC site was offline for a night and two complaints arrived. On my mobile, exactly. Am I complaining? I sure will. 😎

      1. Boskiprototyp Avatar

        Domain is seized by DEA, both owners and all their company are now on US sanction list. source: https://www.bijzonderstrafrecht.nl/home/nederlandse-personen-en-bvs-op-ofac-sanctielijst-geplaatst
        Shop with new domain was operate as usually at least week or two ago when I received my last order, just shipping methods and sender are now different than were, rest seems to be ok. If some one have more recent info or more details, please share.

  2. Tim Avatar

    Hier ist einfach der Zusteller Franz gekommen und hat die Ware gebracht.

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