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2 years RC SCENE & an Emergency Response Plan Update

A candle light in the night; Headline: Countries that should be safe: Text: A list: Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Mongolia, Russia; Brazil is stricken through
Recent events make our plans to spend the summer holiday with The Real RC even more complicated. Down by one, Cuba, Iran, Mongolia, and Russia remain the only places with access to the sun not to have explicitly announced they would arrest Alex right at the airport.

Two years

Our dear web host remembers March 2020 as that time when 18 people discovered a tiny weblog, still in the making, with nine more or less empty pages published. They did not quite come in peace.

Good thing, I had been in contact with the web host before. I asked our dear industry leader in developing website apps and hosting them if they really believed they could protect my blog against hackers as long as I stick to the best practices their firewall app engineer had shared with me – or if they would say so because everyone does.

They told me that the vast majority of websites are powered by Automattic (WordPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, etc.) and often even hosted with them.

Later, I got a little concerned about some dude trying to irritate the Askimet Spam Filter by posting three comments full of script code every minute, and that for days. He must have somehow hoped to gain access to a part of the database if there only were a bug somewhere in the spam filter—an ambitious plan. Luckily, the Jetpack Askiment Spam Filter might be one of few to decipher script languages and discard that spam silently.

Moving to California was a good decision. Getting up in the mornings with this never-ending fear of criminals that could have hacked and destroyed my work (again) had become unbearable and almost killed it for me.

Here it is better!
To years and better, cheers!


Between March 2020 and March 2022, welcomed visitors from all over the planet. We call 164 different countries home.


Before Autumn, RC SCENE – to everyone’s surprise – had already become the most popular and influential site discussing NPS and vendors in North America.

Some must have managed to see beyond the lies whoever tirelessly campaigned. Some finally understood that we are for real.

I was not used to being called a liar, thief, blackmailer, or a greedy, insolent dumb person. I still cannot believe these crazy people could have meant me.

Thousands of hours of work meant getting to know you a little and resulted in health issues (one day, I woke up blind – yes, just like that), paranoia, panic, and growing distrust.

Until today, US vendors call me not to leave the slightest doubt about them planning to scam again. Motherfuckers from Denmark kept telling me that if random people insulted me for no reason and even called me a terrorist, they could not care less. One day, I got so angry I bit out a tooth.

[link cyberbullying article, Facebook vs. Glawischnigg lawsuit]

Dort sagen’s Falco, you are wonderful, kumm hobt’s me langsam gern. Wenn’s meine Records trotzdem kaufen tta’ ds, dann tt’ es mi net stören. America, wenn’s ihr ma glaubads, wie ma euch vermissen kann.

Falco – America (1985)


Of course, it was you again to finally help me get over that inner struggle, this feeling of guilt for blogging about music and drugs. Thank you so much for reminding me why giving up is not an option.

Of course, it was you who made this idea relevant and popular. Also, just like friends from Europe, you did not hesitate to support the project with your knowledge, time, and money – although we had never met before.

Our efforts paid off: RC SCENE is a hit!

Last month, 77.800 visitors spent an average of 8 minutes reading on (as estimated by the estimation professionals at similar web)

Someone appears missing

You might have imagined a project idle not to further gain in popularity. I, however, decided to play dead until happy with the site stats. 😉

Not really.

Of course, there had been real issues preventing new content from being published:

Don’t miss me; I was never really here
I was never really here
I was never really

Falco – Kill the bored (Track 2 on Nuance The Musical, 2018)

In the making

The clue: Everyone with an active 36 USD per year subscription will receive a perfectly anonymous email account supporting PGP-encrypted subject lines. No names, no email addresses, no phone numbers, no nothing asked.


I kept an eye on how Godfrey is doing, and he has been doing pretty pretty pretty good since we last spoke.

Godfrey believes in Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, and Privacy.

With his team, they developed THE service for exchanging emails without any government spying on you. Not even if your government was already spying on your computer, they could read the contents of your emails.

He will not tolerate anything illegal or unethical: No vending, no pornography, no conspiracy-planning on his watch. This is for journalists, refugees, whistleblowers, people who hate governments spying on taxpayers for no reason, and even for people like me who despise fascist governments spying on taxpayers 24/7 for no reason and even letting us pay for their ill-minded ideas.

If we remain sane, we may use a solution I had been trying to find for years.

Suppose any of us turns out a fucking criminal with no brains or respect for other peoples’ creativity, passion, and hard work, and imagine our email accounts gone.

I will provide you with the link soon; thanks!

Sad Lovers & Giants – 50:50
(from In The Breeze, 1984)
Badflower – Johnny Wants To Fight (2021)

Happy Days! 😀

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