A-PHP 25% Discount on all orders paid with Bitcoin

This Weekend: 25% Discount on all orders Alpha-PHP paid with Bitcoin
25% Discount on all orders Alpha-PHP paid with Bitcoin

Coupon code: #btc25

Please consult a doctor if you feel like the image above would not answer all your questions.

The coupon code #btc25 will be automatically applied after you entered your address and selected BTC Cryptocurrency as a payment method.

No, they cannot accept orders from most parts of the US.

No, just because Canada, Finland, France, Germany, and Denmark are among the shipping options does not mean you could order from there and get away with it. In fact, you are more than likely to soon share a prison cell with Boris Becker if you still tried.


Here (Aimimi Alpha, EU vendor).


Something like this, I guess:

A-PHP rocks
Alpha-PHP powder & rocks

What else?

Walt Disco!

Walt – Disco – How Cool Are You? (from Unlearning, 2022)

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  1. […] guess they offer discounts on the weekends because that stuff won’t stay fresh forever. Better sell it late than […]

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