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ÆMERICA! Shall we get the GÆNG back together? USA 2.0 projected for 02/02/2022.

On old Black & White photo of workers leaning on a truck. There are names next to some persons, this is irony, of course, the names say Perry & Joel, Legit, and Moon which used to be reliable US vendors with the RC SCENE Community. No later than February, we will bring the old gang back together and re-open the US section.
KØMPRØMÆT GÆNG USA, back in the days, taking a breather from work to crack a smile for a rare group photo.

Every given Sunday, we would gather after church and do charity work.
At construction sites. Were silently involved in building an Orphanage,
two Roads, three Children’s Playgrounds, and even a Public Hospital.

Unfortunately, Scammer Sellkies seems missing.

In fact, he happened to be the first one to grab a shovel and the last one to get tired.
However, he said, quote, “I must not be seen with that thing,”
pointing at the truck in the background,
which he had managed to organize for little money.

Promise is promise, an eye for an eye //
We’ve got something to reveal //
No one can know how we feel.

(Josh Homme / Nick Oliveri: Queens of the Stone Age – The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, 2000.)

Queens Of The Stone Age – The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
(from the LP “Rated R“, 2000)

But…. WHY???

Leaving would have felt like breaking a promise. We already showed them it can be done better. With Season 2, I want to show you what I consider not only better but acceptable.

RC SCENE remains the one and only project of its kind: I do not take money from vendors or even scammers, so I can afford something that is still unique in the scene: Unbiased reporting and a zero-tolerance policy to prevent scammers.

Some vendors, however, have already explained to me that “everyone would follow their own moral compass” and that non-delivery fraud (scamming) could be “part of the game”. Some vendors might find out that we report thieves to

We’re only Making Plans for Nigel //
Nigel just needs that helping hand.

(Colin Moulding: XTC – Making plans for Nigel, 1979.)

XTC – Making plans for Nigel
(from the LP “Drums And Wires”, 1979)

I was gonna say something like choice, but, I am sorry, no. The quicker you hit the subscribe button, the quicker I can hire and train an editor dedicating his life and health to your US section.

Please make sure to have read the information provided on the donations/subscriptions page before you proceed!

All other RC/NPS forums/sites serve you sponsors only, lie to you, and even worse: You are the product: Admins charge scammers a fee before they allow them to scam you; Remember Plant4Foods/RCVP? Exactly!

My goal is to create something that is of value to you. Tell me what you want, please, because I really need you to subscribe, please. Thank you.

Agitprop (/ˈædʒɪtprɒp/) from Russian: агитпроп, “agitation” “propaganda” [maybe also “pop”] refers to intentional promulgation of ideas as seen with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. (Wikipedia)

And it’s always been the same //
It’s just a complicated game

(Andy Partridge: XTC – Complicated Game, 1979.)

XTC – Complicated Game
(from the LP “Drums And Wires”, 1979)

This article will receive further updates.
Stay tuned. :- )

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