CTEMPLAR Email service shutting down in May

Screenshot of CTEMPLAR.com website with the lighthouse and the sea. I added a Goodbye and thank you for all the love and ideas your CTEMPLAR Armored Email baby shined/S with. THANKS!
CTEMPLAR Armored Email. Because privacy is a human right worth fighting for!

Godfrey & Team offered the only privacy-concerned email service I was aware of.

We are at war.

Ukraine defending against the Russian army? More like NATO vs. RUSSIA meeting in Ukraine to shoot things at each other’s heads.

Macron was the first to tell Putin and the whole world that we are live on camera and will not fucking duck. Macron warned Putin to better prepare a fresh pair of underwear because this will be a long war. German journalists joined their and the US government’s Anti-Kaspersky propaganda. Netflix kicked their subscribers in Russia, and so did VISA and Mastercard. Nike does not want people in Russia wearing their sneakers any longer…

War opens doors for stupidity on many levels.

Anonymity doesn’t dance here anymore.

It’s not only the US. The European Union, Saudi Arabia, Iran, you name them: Enter the Idiocracy of your choice here; they are all haunted by sick thoughts and stupid ass ideas like wasting taxpayers’ money to spy on taxpayers.

Frank can’t go for a walk in the park and rest on a bench as he used to. If he happened to have a phone or smartwatch with him, the governments and the advertising industry would RATHER BITE THEIR OWN HEADS OFF THAN NOT record Frank’s steps. Coordinates, time, date. They want to know. They do not seem to understand that collecting data is not the goal. Them stupid. So stupid that Europol recently tried to silently discard some of too much fucking pointless data because it endangers their budget.

Funny story: Denmark outsourced their mass surveillance to Europol. In Denmark, they are legally obliged to delete their spying-on-taxpayers data nonsense after a while, but Europol stores everything forever. Europol is not a country, so they do not need to care about things like laws.

Think this further: Europol suddenly needed to securely store pointless spying-on-taxpayers records of an average of 850 Gigabyte in Internet Traffic per month and Frank – of which there are close to six million in Denmark/Greenland/Faroe Islands.

Six million Franks with internet access demand six million Samsung SSDs à 1 TB per month. Europol is an army of experts, of course, and has set up a failsafe RAID, of course, so let’s calculate with something like +30%, which would make 6,000,000 x 12 x 1,3 = 94 million TB of pointless spying on Danish taxpayers’ data every year.

Being stupid is damn expensive.

Godfrey’s vision

Screenshot of Ctemplar.com Email service website with the lighthouse and the sea
Because privacy is a human right worth fighting for!
Screenshot of CTemplar.com email service website announcing to discontinue operations.
Dear users, CTemplar is closing and the last day of operation for this email service will be on May 26 of 2022.

Godfrey’s vision

An email solution as sophisticated as CTemplar (anonymous, zero-knowledge encryption, open-source, Icelandic law protecting freedom of speech and privacy because not bound to any spying alliances and/or MLATs, an HTML framework allowing to access the service without the need to shovel unencrypted data into your local device’s cache, …) does not seem likely to ring our doorbells soon.

That Godfrey disabled my paid-for account for no reason and without contacting me or replying to my emails makes him look like yet another US Feds honeypot anyway. Life’s too short, so let’s just forget them. I am not going to ask for a refund, it’s not worth it.

While Godfrey & team are busy trying to hinder me from sending emails (this joke never gets old, ha?), the Swiss-based cloud storage service Tresorit recently presented their idea of encrypted email: It’s an Outlook Plugin and it works like a charm. It does pretty much exactly what Godfrey and I happened to discuss on Reddit once, a long time ago.

No, we don’t know each other, we never met. It’s just that there are not too many around excited about technology, concerned about what history books share about Metternich, and not planning to get away with murder.
Do the maths. 😉

Email encryption with Tresorit

Tresorit have my details and show them to everyone I securely share information with, which means I will need to update the billing details. So, no, not anonymous at all.

Tresorit host with Google Ireland because whole companies moving to the cloud demands a little more than a small server farm in someone’s garage. Good: Ireland has no data retention law. Also, Tresorit use strong encryption and stick to a zero-knowledge philosophy (I and only I have the key) which is good enough for me.

Tresorit encrypted email screenshot 2022
Email encryption Add-On from Tresorit
Screenshot Tresorit.com Encrypted Email 2022
GDPR Compliant
Screenshot Tresorit Encrypted Email Website 2022
Secure your email in the familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook, using your existing email address

They want our IP addresses and timestamps.

Well, it is what it is. Fuck them.

It’s not a secret that I like to exchange emails. I’d go as far as even admitting it: I send and receive emails. What these emails could be about is none of your business and will never be.

CTemplar.com Armored Email. (Iceland, Europe)

Tresorit Encrypted Cloud Storage (Switzerland, Europe)

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