Echten LSD Trip direkt in Deutschland bestellen mit Chemical Collective und Deutsche Post

1V-LSD Blotter enthielt echtes LSD. Chemical-Collective versenden solche Blotter von Deutschland aus
1V-LSD Blotter tested positive to contain actual LSD Acid.
Chemical-Collective operates an office in Germany and ships these blotters directly from within Germany.
Deutsche Post delivers within 1 to 3 days.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf Deutsch übersetzt hier verfügbar.

In April, CheckIt! Vienna (Austria) issued a surprising substance warning: The 1V-LSD Blotter they tested contained actual LSD Acid.


Astronaut walks into a psychedelic bar with 1V-LSD blotters
An Astronaut walks into a bar…

1V-LSD -> LSD -> Dry Cardbaord

Dutch vendors introduced 1V-LSD as a legal alternative for the German market to replace previously banned 1P-LSD (in 2019) and 1cP-LSD (in 2021).

Dutch vendors usually want to sell as many drugs as possible. They made a hysterical fuzz about 1cP-LSD soon to be banned, claiming this would be the end and last chance ever to stock an LSD analogue in Germany legally.

The day after 1cP-LSD was banned, the same Dutch vendors already started advertising the new seemingly legal replacement in Germany, going by 1V-LSD.

Why would I stress their bad habit of constantly violating civility and the law in their ill-minded greed-driven ways of using unfair marketing practices against their customers, who happen to be a remarkably vulnerable group?

Because there will always be something new replacing something banned a minute ago. Please do not fall for their lies. There is no need to hurry for whatever ever.

Camel Caravan in the desert, we see seven camels each carrying one person, their clothes are red and blue; A person dressed in red and one dressed in black seem to lead the caravan without riding a camel
Camelcal Caravan sure goes long ways.

Chemical Collective opened a warehouse in Germany. No more waiting for drugs: Deutsche Post means next-day delivery.

In this story, 1V-LSD does not even seem worthwhile. Hardly any vendors stock it. Why should they? Being legal in Germany obviously does not prevent things from being a disappointing waste of money. Most vendors still ship 1P-LSD to Germany.

Of course, it is a nice gesture of the Chemical Collective drug trafficking organization to offer something seemingly less illegal for their dear friends in Germany (who happen to spend more money on NPS (Research Chemicals) than any other country on this planet.)

I know, renting an office in Germany to make sure nobody stupid could by accident steal/lose your mail at the former pre-European-Union border is quite cool.

Screenshots of Chemical Collective web shop with details about legal in Germany LSD trips they ship domestically (they operate an office in Germany) to be delivered by Deutsche Post.

Whatever. The idea of this bit is not to make you wonder about disappointing 1V-LSD. If anything, the chance of surprisingly discovering actual LSD Acid could be worth a closer look.

Again, please do not break the law, especially if legal alternatives are available, like Valerie 1V-LSD from and for Germany.

Psychedelic Art: LSD Trip brought to you by Deutsche Post
Deutsche Post Trippin

LSD analogues like 1P-LSD or 1V-LSD interact with oxygen and change over time.

1V-LSD blotters first turn into illegal LSD blotters, only to later disappoint everybody by having become pointless dry cardboard and a waste of money.

In April, CheckIt! Vienna (Austria) published a surprising substance testing result: An 1V-LSD blotter had tested positive for containing actual LSD Acid.

CheckIt! Vienna publishes test results only when necessary to issue a warning about samples tested. CheckIt! Vienna drug checking group analyzed this sample and issued a warning because it contains a drug other (LSD) than the one it claims to be (1V-LSD), which makes it a mislabeled drug/substance.

LSD Acid could be illegal in places other than Germany, and LSD is not an NPS (Research Chemical). The latter is a Plus because LSD Acid has a long history of human use. It is a well-established problem, a so-called common drug, and might bear fewer risks than its obscure NPS analogues.

LSD and psychedelics cause relatively few drug-related fatalities (deaths) compared to other well-established problems like heroin or benzodiazepines. Also, 50% of drug deaths associated with NPS stimulants or NPS psychedelics reported to UNODC turned out to have been suicides, with hanging and gunshot a popular choice among drug abusers planning to escape from here under the influence.

Stimulants and Psychedelics account for 4% of NPS drug related deaths
NPS stimulants and tryptamines like LSD seem unlikely to end you for accidentally having overdosed. According to UNODC NPS Threats Report 2021, they seem more likely to hurt you in a way, making you commit suicide.

The 150mcg 1V-LSD Blotter tested two months ago contained 45mcg of actual LSD Acid.

LSD blotters would usually contain up to 100mcg LSD Acid. 150mcg is too much already and likely to cause horror trips, long-time impairment, anxiety, psychosis, injuries, etc.

45mcg of LSD might be a proper dose if you cared about statistics. LSD blotters always claim to be stronger than they are. People want stronger and stronger drugs but are, in fact, lucky that their drug dealers put less Acid on the cardboard than they claim. So much Acid would be challenging to handle and could cause permanent damage due to trauma or injury.

The 45mcg LSD was accurately measured at the Medical University of Vienna. They do not advertise drugs; they have no reason to lie.

1V-LSD blotter trip tested to contain real LSD
checkit! Wien Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna warned about 150mcg 1V-LSD blotters containing 45mcg of real LSD Acid

Will I really receive a real LSD Acid trip?

Maybe. Not likely, though.

What do we know?

  • There is no doubt about 1P-LSD, 1V-LSD, etc., interacting with oxygen and becoming actual LSD Acid at some point before disappearing and leaving you as empty as dry cardboard. LSD Acid is illegal, so European police found out about 1P-LSD becoming LSD when exposed to air. People got arrested, and some had to step back and miss out on their large-scale CEO wages from, among other things, smuggling Opioids to the USA. It was all over the news. Dutch vendors collectively shat their pants, proofing them as being stupid and posing a severe threat to the community. checkit! Wien Vienna’s warning issued cannot be a surprise to anyone.
  • German authorities seem to have already decided upon LSD being okay — as long as responsible vendors hire Deutsche Post to transport LSD trips. Germany still holds about 24% of the shares of this mail carrier.
  • Chemical Collective is well-remembered for causing health-threatening issues that involve mislabeled substances. LSD Acid instead of 1V-LSD sounds like them. 😉

Looks promising so far.

Then, again:

  • Chemical Collective has a sad history of selling empty cardboard. Since nobody ever complains, getting away with fraud could mean less risk than getting caught with and arrested over thousands of illegal LSD trips in Germany. Maybe, they found out in April and switched back to empty cardboard to be on the safe side.
  • Two months have passed since April 19, when a 1V-LSD blotter contained actual LSD Acid. I don’t know how many weeks the LSD remains before vanishing into the air. Maybe, it is still there.
  • Chemical Collective is so aggressively promoting their drugs I would not wonder if they had poured real LSD onto one of their empty cardboard blotters only to be featured on RC SCENE again for free.

The lesson is clear: It could be dry cardboard again, could be 1V-LSD, or could also be 45mcg of actual LSD Acid. It does not matter because the prices they charge are outrageous no matter what.

Risking your (mental) health might not be what you want anyway.

I will be honest: I am more than happy with empty cardboard. The sheer idea of possibly killing my brains forever by eating an aggressively advertised piece of tainted cardboard stresses me out. You gotta be a complete wreck if aggressively promoting drugs.

Not for human consumption means any retard may poison you.

Illustration shows two astronauts sitting on the moon crescent playing with the stars in their hands. Somebody put three red-colored 1P-LSD pellets there and took a picture.
Astronauts are sitting on the moon, playing with the stars in their hands and 1P-LSD pellets floating in the sky.

Not for human consumption means any retard may poison you.

Chemical Collective Jacob added an imprint to their website. They do not seem to fund organized crime anymore, switched from fake to the actual sender address, and said they were surprised about more than just one customer now complaining about their empty-cardboard rip-off.

For a while, they had me almost made believe there could be something wrong with me for not celebrating their empty-cardboard scam.

I could not know if dumb or violent, but the Dutch mafia is a bunch of highly aggressive retards. Even some of their business partners (vendors) seem sceptical, if not wary, about their forceful ways.

Refusing to delete a paragraph about their empty-cardboard scam meant weeks of diving through intimidation, stupid discussions, and idiots stealing my time (they are many and have even more social media accounts).

Chemical Collective first attacked me with emails, then mentioned something about money and later even threatened to sue me. I understand they have a guy who could help me with my writing. To know whom to praise and whom not ever to mention again would be profitable.

Fun fact: Everybody agrees that dealing with the US scene is the horror because impossible to handle the headaches, making them a severe risk to our health. Lucky me, huh?

The Hives – I’m Alive (from Good Samaritan / I’m Alive, 2019)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – That Life (2021)
Quilt – Tie Up The Tides (from Held in Splendor, 2014)
Sportfreunde Stiller – ’94 (from So Wie einst Real Madrid, 2000)

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