para-Aramid: A fibre defining reason [presented by Kewlr™]

Kewlr evolving with them
Footage Leistungsschau Deutsche Polizei (c) Freistaat Sachsen via YouTube

As threats continue to develop


And KEWLR™ is evolving with them

Dog Waldorff sitting on his yellow sofa with his glasses on and wearing a brown cap
Waldorff works long hours. Kewlr got that covered.

Meet Waldorff

Waldorff believes that thinking was work. He’s been busy working lately and long hours. If it wasn’t for the material of his head that for reasons unknown tends to run hot after about 20 hours, he would not have wasted time trying to find out if your head heating up should even bother you (but it should!) Don’t worry, Waldorff, your Kewlr sofa cover is a working-class hero just like you. Fire doesn’t matter to p-Aramid fibres.

Girl in yellow dress dancing around
Melissa is flipping. No wonder!

Meet Melissa

Melissa is jumping from side to side as if she were still in her twenties. No wonder! Her Kewlr dress is a lightweight compared to conventional full-body amors made of steel. Also, who would have guessed we have a corruption case here and nobody could be disappointed (not even if they had been cynics in the first place) especially when all your emails and comments and calls leave no doubt about nobody suffering alone because corrupt government bodies terrorizing taxpayers is a global pandemic.

Meet p-Aramid: A fibre defending reason

Recently bought something that I sure hope to last for a while and ever. Still, I could not help but wondering if a certain manufacturer (best-known for having a sad streak with cables and connectors dying all the time) might have a little exaggerated when claiming there would be p-Aramid fibre “supporting” a headphones cable.

p-Aramid is what bulletproof wests are made of. A common brand name goes by Kewlr. This fibre stops a bullet with its weak side (flank).

I browse the manual again and discover a detail in the Chinese translation. They claim they had added a feedback element to the cable. According to Chinese Google, this could be what they use in factories: No matter how huge a machine could be it will stop together with the fibre.

I check the warranty. 2 years to go before calling them and asking for a replacement cable for free. It does not state that it was impossible to destroy anything. Of course, it doesn’t. Why would anybody attack try to destroy a cable? We all know it must look as if it had been an accident.

Turns out they are not lying about that Kevlar.

Standing up to blind aggression

That fibre left quite an impression on me. I have never met anything/one so not believing in my blind violence, ill-minded anger management issues, and desperate aggression. It almost feels insulting when the fibre says no., I realize I will have to stop and make use of brains if I wanted to detach it.

Spoiler alert: You might not succeed detaching the fibre with raw power (no matter if with limited-warranty-everyday-use limitations in mind or not.)

Once separated, the fibre seems vulnerable. Also, it consists of a few even thinner fibres.

Currently not being legally allowed to handle heavy machines, means I could not test if it would stop 200 tons (from driving off the bridge and into the sea,) I still assume that this fibre is Kewlr because it does what I imagined it and I could not think of a more poetic description of the bulletproof-west concept than the idea of reason over force.


In dark centuries, the Church would tell us to go die somewhere else. Knights used to war full-body amors. Why? Because the church might have spared out a little detail, that part about human beings like you & I on the other side of the battlefield.

Today, we know out about people like you & I everywhere. Some still hide in full-body amor when disarming mines; they will know about their skills better than we could ever assume.

Wearing a bulletproof west, signals that we prefer to live in peace. It is a de-escalation strategy.

Think about it: They could send a missile or try to poison everyone. In China, suspiciously many planes crashed lately. Russia tried to poison a British agent and his daughter in a restaurant (in Britain) not long ago. That’s them. We found out that violence bounces back and right in your face, so we pretend to be peace-loving humans these days.

Is it a monster?

You can always surrender. You could also shoot me in the head but that cannot be achieved by being stupidly aggressive. You gotta think and aim.

Most people with amor wests might not have murdered anyone ever. According to news coverage, it seems a lot more fun for bosses of Columbian cartels to surrender, pose for the photographer, wonder about who could have come up with a silly idea like I would have hidden in a box somewhere in the jungle, impress everyone with your fashion sense, and, finally, get rid of those hand-cuffs and enjoy quality time with friends who all share similar interests and hobbies: Have a jolly-good time discussing maps and how we found out about each other and, also, got away from there in time. Why they had been so close last time, but, haha, should better have also checked hard-working people in the field when landing with their helicopters and demolishing my front door.

Some photographs and videos do not seem to remain online forever. Interesting.

Back to that west

In South America, they have one bulletproof west per 40 police officers. Again, it is about the gesture.

In Europe, Selenski used to wear a bulletproof west when visiting soldiers in cities under besiege. In April, he made a face leaving little doubt about holding back tears. The second photo (May) shows him pale and a face leaving no doubt about cannot believe what stupid fuck shit terrorists Russian soldiers have done. On photo three, about ten days ago, he is not wearing a bulletproof west any longer. His facial expression could be interpreted as, maybe, angry, and, maybe, about to punch someone in their stupid faces. (*)

( (*) Do not trust Hollywood, take a look around and decide for yourselves.)

What did we learn today?

  • The biggest ever number of appropriate experts has already begun to document war crimes (most[?] of them committed by Russian military against civilians) in Ukraine.
  • Poland thinks it would be a little odd to worry about Putin’s ego these days. When you find out about Hitler, you check back with the rest of the world, just in case, and then, you kill Hitler, pretty much could sum up what Poland replied to Frenchman Macron’s repeated efforts to preach solidarity.
  • A certain manufacturer’s sad streak continues. Even worse: They made me pay for the replacement cable.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California [from Stadium Arcadium, 2006]

Why don’t you smile?

Graham Coxon – You & I [from: Love Travels At Illegal Speeds, 2006]

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