Type Alpha-PHP Positive (Aimimi Alpha RC Vendor, EU)

White chunks of A-PHP rocks on deep blue background.
Alpha-PHP rocks

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Social Distancing

My girlfriend keeps telling me I was annoyingly anal about that social distancing thing. In 2017, I caught the flu, and I sure keep distance since – but for all the good reasons.

I maybe should mention that I have lousy smoking habits. I do not smoke; my body would not tolerate it. And yet, whenever UPS delivers things looking and smelling funny, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed by curiosity: I want to find out if I can smoke it.

I crush one of these UPS rocks said to be A-PHP and dip a cigarette in it. Not sure what was going on there, I felt relaxed yet excited; and I came in my pants. It felt awkward but with me relaxed.

It was nothing like that time I tried Meth and called you while being live on YouTube. I trust UPS. They are good people. Those fourteen hours are still on YouTube, but you seemed somewhat agitated last time we spoke, so I followed your advice and changed it from public too private.

I am thinking about getting in touch with Christine again if you know what I mean. I am over social distancing. It’s not worth the mess.

Powder vs Rocks

UPS sent a bag of powder and one with rocks. I prefer the powder. The rocks do not feel healthy; it’s hard to explain. Bad for the belly. The powder seems okay.

Weekend Discounts

I guess they offer discounts on the weekends because that stuff won’t stay fresh forever. Better sell it late than never.


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4 responses to “Type Alpha-PHP Positive (Aimimi Alpha RC Vendor, EU)”

  1. With Marc’s bit on Social Distancing, this Trusted Shop Review is complete. 🙂

    1. Dont Order there, they are big Scammers, Look in Trustpilot, why do you say they are legit?

      1. 100% delivery success rate is good enough with me. 😉

        Our Justice Ministry would meanwhile drag such organized crime trolls like Trustpilot (based in Denmark!!!!) to court for me. For free of charge. Cyber-Bullying and mobbing and defamation campaigns, spreading hatred etc…. Had always been illegal in Europe.

        I told when used to begging them to at least delete the worst defamation (me an obvious nut, ugly, greedy, blackmailer, liar, murderer, thief, fraudster, terrorist…. Now, I finally have a website where a single click drags Danish asshole zombies to court to compensate me for the horror they caused.

        Coudl be a super interesting topic for next year.

        And, of course, the Trustpilot Scam will become an article and I will never again mention that POS site.



        This is RC SCENE, dude! Don’t you understand t hat this is it. There is nothing like us.

        PS: US means you and you and you and you and me this year. I kinda fit again, but I can’t work day % night anymore. My eyes are becoming a real issue…


        PS: IF any issue with a vendor mentioned here ,please consider https://rc-scene.com/contract

        Then again: I told you and time prove me right. This is outstanding because a present to you folks.

        That said: Homelessness is coming closer and closer, drop me a line if you got ideas, or time, or money, or know a really funny gag.

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