USA: Legit RC Refund Action

Legit RC Screen Photo of first paste with introduction
Allow me to introduce Legit RC to…

Last summer, Legit RC forgot their computer password, panicked, and ran.

Some of you complained about orders missing, e.g. here.

Well, they seem to have claimed back their email account. If your order from August 2021 is missing, please tell them.

Wait a minute…

Do we know it’s really them?

I don’t know these folks. It’s their original contact email address and has a valid signature created in February 2021.

Why wouldn’t they contact me???

I guess they had to reset the password. They used to use email encryption. That means all mailbox items are impossible to read because they are still encrypted with the original password.

Another explanation that comes to mind would be that clowns have hacked the account. Clowns would ask for your data only to later try to blackmail you. Please don’t send them money!

How to claim my refund?

You might best provide them with a screenshot or forward a copy of a payment and order confirmation.

I strongly recommend not providing personal details like your name or address!

Is WhatsApp an option?

Please stick with their email address.

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If you forgot their email address, just in case:

Firewater: This ain’t a joke, this is my life (2008)

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