1cp-LSD micro pellets

A bag and two pieces of pinkish 1cP-LSD micro blotters as available in 2023
Two pieces of pinkish 1cP-LSD micro blotters as available in 2023

1cp-LSD does not feel like a drug but like somebody had drugged you.

Tried 1cP-LSD from two different sources to find out it is a shitty substance everywhere, no matter if on a blotter or in form of a pellet.

It overstimulates your senses, makes you see colors and makes sounds appear as if they came from a distance and/or were distorted. There is no euphoria, the scene feels as violet as the pellet is. I had to turn the lights down because they appeared too strenuous to me. After these effects wore-off, I felt awful and exhausted but couldn’t find sleep for hours.

No, I am not describing a “bad trip”.

You would most certainly get exactly the same pointless experience. Experiences are not that different, after all. I suspect many trip reports slightly intimidated by the violent NPS industry who mercilessly offers money in exchange for “well-written” reviews.

1cP-LSD does not remind me of LSD a bit and is nowhere mood-lifting as 1P-LSD and AL-LAD (to some extend sometimes) are. Psychedelics like 4-HO-MET, 4-ACO-MET, 5-MEO-MiPT and 5-MeO-DMT seem less awful to me.

At a glance

  • 1cP-LSD is not worth trying.

What are your experiences like?


Feeling B – Schlendrian

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