1P-LSD 150MG Pellets, three pieces, red, with a break notch
Three 1P-LSD 150µg-dosed pellets rollin on green paint

1P-LSD is a nicely designed trip with no considerable body discomfort. It made my room feel friendly and calm.

It altered my vision in a way so that edges on the computer screen would look rounded, and as if it was a glossy Apple display with extra high resolution (respectively high pixel density). When looking into the mirror, my face would look different; I reminded myself of a toad. Happens with psychedelics. I did not notice negative thoughts and I when I went to bed, I fell asleep. No headaches.

Set and Setting

I ate a pellet when home alone. Not sure if I wanted to try psychedelics in a club or at a festival again. With all the lights and people and smells and noise, a psychedelic trip can become very strenuous since psychedelics make you more sensitive to all kinds of stimuli, sometimes causing you to experience sensations so strong feel as were unbearable. All alone and at home, I call a safe setting ;- )

You never do psychedelics when feeling anxious or uncomfortable. This is what they call “Set and Setting”. If you already feel anxious, you are a lot more likely to experience a so-called “bad trip” with fear and negative thoughts multiplied. “Set” refers to your mental state and “Setting” to your physical and social environment.

Empty cardboard daze gone

Hard to believe that only three years ago many of the blotters sold in NPS shops were nothing but empty cardboard with no psychoactive susbstance on them. I remember an angry email from Canada in which somebody blamed me for having made her to try 1P-LSD blotters, which turned out inactive and a waste of money that time. They sold empty cardboard. Screwed customers would usually stay silent but we were one of few blogs to actually complain. If there is something wrong, you better say something. That’s what we did, but, today, won’t because all 1P-LSD samples tested lovely.

I tried three variants of 1P-LSD in early 2023:

  • 1P-LSD 150 MCG Pellets in red. The tiny round pellets without a logo but with a break notch appeared the strongest.
  • 1-P LSD 100 MCG Blotters in Standard Design (ST). Standard Design means the blotters are off-white and say “1-P LSD” on one side. There are also Art Print (AP) blotters available which would usually show paintings (or pieces of a bigger painting) or random stuff like, e.g., cartoon characters.
  • 1-P-LSD 20MCG Blotters were off-white with no design/print whatsoever. So-called “micro-dosed” blotters have less of a substance on them but will still make you feel under the influence, and you cannot steer a car or ride a bike under the influence, thank you.

The trips were sourced with Predator Cafe. I guess they have the same tiny red 150µg-dosed 1P-LSD pelletes as everybody else.

That new De La Soul got some swing, huh!

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