A series of Polaroids showing 2-MMC crystals. There are notes on the Polaroids saying "2-MMC", "Pointless", and "Garbage"
2-Methyl-MethCathinone is pointless garbage

So, I bought this 2-MMC. It’s rubbish, of course.

Just because a substance has a similar chemical structure and a name similar to a popular drug does not tell you anything about it.

4-MMC (Mephedrone) was a hit in the early years of this millennium and is undoubtedly a recreational drug. 2-MMC, on the other hand, does not produce any (noticeable) psychoactive effects, so I would not even call it a drug.

2-MMC used to be an impurity in some 4-MMC batches. It’s what made some 4-MMC batches feel underwhelming. Only in 2014 a Swedish vendor began to offer 2-MMC as a product. Swedish lawmakers are remarkably quick with banning substances, so vendors there would sometimes be among the first ones to launch new products.

While one would imagine that impurity says it all and assume that nobody could ever be that stupid to waste money on such a thing, you and I still know that we both did.

How does it make me feel?

In my experience, 2-Methyl-Methcathinone does not produce any noticeable (psychoactive) effects. There is nothing positive I could say about this compound. It did not come a surprise that it is inactive and a waste of money. I had already been aware of that when I ordered it. I am still disappointed because the crystals look cheap and dirty and do not make nice-looking photos. 2-MMC had one job, which was not to look cheap and dirty, and it still fucked up. That was yesterday.

So much for me. Let’s hear what others say.

Swedish user Hög Chaparall describes that she poured 150mg of 2-MMC (which is supposed to be a stimulant) into a cup of coffee. Then she did small lines of both 2-MMC and Amphetamine. She says she “felt nice on these” but would not go as far as giving credit for that feeling to either substance because she had already felt fine when she had gotten up and out of bed that day: “can be placebo [effect], etc.”. That was in 2015, eight years ago.

Silly situation

I have two pieces à 300 mg left. I would already have trashed them, but I thought I’d offer to whoever unbelievers still be curious about getting ahold of that disappointing thing. There is only one thing between me putting garbage into an envelope and you happily trashing it for me, and that is silly people with guns.

Believe it or not, 2-MMC might be considered a controlled substance in many (European) countries. The Swedes used to confiscate 2-MMC back in 2014. The Swedes also claim that the French would have seized some 2-MMC in 2015. I am not sure what the Swedes are trying here, but the French being silly does not make any Swedes look smart. Also, everybody hates a snitch. ;- )

According to the European Drug Monitoring Agency (EMCDDA), as much as 156 kilos of 2-MMC had gotten confiscated in 2015 alone. EMCDDA also seem to wonder. 2-MMC is obviously inactive and was not considered a scheduled substance back then. EMCDDA assume the confiscated 2-MMC might have been sold as Mephedrone and could have been mislabelled “4-MMC”. In other words: The police maybe stole 156 kilograms of your perfectly legal garbage only because a tiny sticker inside the envelope said “4-MMC”.

RSAC – ВЕЛИКАН ИДЁТ (The giant Idiot), 2023

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