3-CMC (Substance Warning)

3-cmc substance warning: Don’t fall for Diurch Garabged!

Dutch vultures have recently begun to aggressively advertise the problematic 3-CMC substance again. They claim that 3-CMC could soon become illegal and want you to send them money immediately (“before it could be too late”).

However, You never wanted any 3-CMC in the first place, a reminder.

3-CMC is concerningly toxic.

Acute toxicity

The adverse effects associated with the acute toxicity of 3-CMC include neurological, psychiatric, and more adverse effects like hyperthermia, altered mental state, aggression, hallucinations, psychotic episodes, seizures, anxiety, and psychosis.

  • The substance was discovered in 2014 in Sweden, and 15 acute poisonings were reported soon.
  • One acute poisoning with confirmed exposure to 3-CMC has been reported by Spain.
  •  A total of 10 deaths with confirmed exposure to 3-CMC were reported by Poland and Sweden between late 2019 and 2021. In at least five cases, 3-CMC was the cause or contributed to the death.
  • There is evidence in the scientific literature about Cathinones like 3-CMC being linked to suicides. A deplorable way of having committed suicide was 3-CMC users intentionally crashing into another car.
Substance warning: 4-CMC / 3-CMC sold as fake ecstasy. Users suffered badly. 3-CMC / 4-CMC: terrifying hallucinations, psychosis, unpredictable, sold under fake name, worrysome contaminations, memory loss, not good, ruined weekend, waste of money
Substance Warning: Research Chemicals (NPS) like 3-CMC and 4-CMC are unpredictable. They might cause hallucinations, psyhosis, and memory loss.

Earily Detections reported to EMCDDA


  • 4 samples associated with deaths, reported by Sweden (41);
  • 2 samples associated with non-fatal poisonings, reported by Hungary (42);
  • 27 samples associated with petty drug offences, reported by Sweden;
  • 21 cases of persons suspected of driving under the influence of drugs, reported by Sweden (16), Poland (3) and Hungary (2);
  • 15 samples analyzed for criminal justice purposes, reported by Hungary (14) and Poland (1);
  • 15 samples associated with abuse cases, reported by Sweden;

Availability and miss-sold under different substance names.

3-CMC was first identified on the European drug market in September 2014. It never gained popularity until 2021, when 4-CMC and 3-MMC were made illegal in the Netherlands, and 3-CMC has been sold as a replacement for previously banned substances. Some vendors still pretend to offer illegal 3-MMC until that day and sell you problematic 3-CMC without telling you. Chloro-Cathinones (CMC) are known to be very toxic, so cynical vendors would sell them to you under names like 3-MMC, which is considered less harmful.

Sad fact: The Netherlands put 3-MMC under control in October 2021. In 2020, however, half of all 3-MMC offered was already the problematic 3-CMC. That is why so many of you shared your disappointment with 3-MMC batches.

Organized crime groups sometimes use 3-CMC as a cutting agent to dilute their drugs. In case of reduced availability of controlled stimulants (such as MDMA), criminal groups and people who use drugs may use a range of replacement substances, including 3-CMC. That is dangerous because if you expect MDMA but receive underwhelming 3-CMC, you could do too much of the underwhelming 3-CMC hoping to feel effects at higher doses and will likely poison yourselves and suffer badly.

Screenshot of Mail Online website with article about fake ecstasy from August 19, 2021
Mail Online UK: ‘Fake ecstasy’ from China is flooding UK clubs: Dealers are selling synthetic substitute likened to METH that users say causes memory loss and terrifying hallucinations of ‘shadow creatures’ – Manchester charity testing MDMA have found the synthetic stimulant 4-CMC – Drug is part of ‘cathinone’ family, which are said to mimic sensations of MDMA – However, users have also warned of ‘meth-like’ sensations and hallucinations – Substance was discovered in 2011 and report says most is shipped from China – It is said to be flooding UK due to a shortage of real MDMA from the Netherland

3-CMC is no fun at all but produces undesired effects like hallucinations.

You most certainly remember “Nightmares to Manchester”: In August 2021, Dutch drug dealers shipped the recently banned problematic 4-CMC substance to the UK. The Dutch did not tell them; the Brits had expected XTC / MDMA as usual.

This resulted in dozens of users reporting memory loss and terrifying hallucinations; many had to be hospitalized. Avoid that thing!

NIghtmares to Manchester. Substance Warning 4-CMC and 3-CMC

3-CMC is illegal everywhere

3-CMC is already illegal everywhere; the Netherlands is the last country to finally ban that problematic substance.

A map of Europe showing that 3-CMC has been banned in the majority of countries
screenshot of Juklis Site

3-CMC is not available in decent quality and contains many impurities.

97% per cent of all 3-CMC is currently imported from India. It is then processed, packaged, and distributed in wholesale and retail amounts in Europe online or by street dealers. Indian manufacturers are a lot cheaper to source from, and Dutch vendors want to make as much profit as possible.

The thing is that labs in India are by far not as professional as Chinese ones. NPS from India suck.

Many 3-CMC samples recently tested contained iso-3-CMC, which is a synth residue. Synth residues are impurities you want to eliminate before selling a substance. Synth residues mean a substance is not pure and of poor quality; also, these synth residues can be toxic.

Combined with the high neurotoxicity of 3-CMC, such bad quality can lead to severe health-threatening consequences.


EMCDDA: 3-CMC Report on the risk assessment of 1-(3-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one (3-chloromethcathinone, 3-CMC

Rex The Dog – Change This Pain For Ecstasy, 2023

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  1. hello friends, where to get what to do tests on NPS? There is a Polish shop that still offers 3 mmc, I bought a small batch and to tell the truth, the effects are far from those felt with the 3 mmc that chem supplied under the “syntacaine” label Mwhat do I regret about chem.com and gr8, they offered interesting mixtures that I can’t find anywhere, if in capsules, I refuse to buy capsules, I don’t have confidence. Politicians ban products without realizing that they put us in danger because of rc shops which still strive to enrich themselves on our addictions.

  2. 3CMC is extreme trash. It’s true that they (the vendors) feed on the addicted carcases of they’re ravaged clients. What a world we live in… DAMNIT !
    Redditors are an amry to fight againt post warning against this TOXIC stuff.
    It’s crazy how addiction can revert minds. That crap is so toxic, a gram left me destroyed. Neurotoxicity is real ! Redditors are liers that defends they’re chlorinated cathinones addictions. Eventho there is plenty of reports to justify it’s dengerousness. Beware of deceitful marketing strategies.
    Thanks René to finally do a complete report on that JUNK !