3F-a-PVP crystals.
3F-a-PVP crystals

A-PVP, 4-MMC, MDPV and 3-MMC have been banned many years ago. They are gone for good and will not return. If you sell A-PVP, you could as well sell Heroin; both mean prison.

You would have to be stupid to take a risk only to offer a shitty NPS that nobody could want. A-PVP was such a terrible substance; I ordered it only once and disposed of it in the garbage can. MDPV caused terrible psychosis and made people lose their minds. That includes me.

3-MMC sucks and never gained popularity until a few greedy freaks recently advertised it like there was no tomorrow. When aggressively marketing substance abuse, no such thing as sanity is involved. All those shitheads in the industry would repeat marketing slogans. These folks are nutcases.

3F-a-PVP crystals
3F-a-PVP crystals.

Unfortunately, you fall for them. You know you are silly: You read about the zombie drug A-PVP (again, a terribly disappointing substance) in the media: Zombie Drug, Alex arrested, Cannibal drug – and now you will order 3F-a-PVP because its name seems to ring a bell.

It gets even worse: 3F-a-PVP is nothing like A-PVP. It feels like a random Cathinone, does not even remind me of a Pyro. It tastes like Predator’s cheap Cathinones. You won’t like it.

Now you know.

Better products will emerge again. I am optimistic. 🎈

(The sample was sourced with TRC.)

Such A Surge – Schatten (1994)

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