A new EU Vendor welcomes you with a 50% Discount on A-PiHP, 2-FDCK, 1P-LSD, Flunitrazolam and everything.

A new vendor shipping from the Netherlands kicks of their business Black-Friday-like with 50% off on all products.

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Frank and a friend used to sell NPS a few years ago and now want to know it again.

They are not the the best vendor I’ve seen, but their PiHP and 2-FDCK seem okay. Definitely better than with sketchy vendors as Funcraps or Designer Kems. They seem to source with a Dutch wholesaler and the quality is acceptable.

Frank seems a dizzy stoner and also handed me a “Free Samples Pack” that contains things like A-PVP, Etizolam, and the likes. I had not yet found the time to test these substances but did try their Methylone powder which does not mimick the original M1 so much but seems closer related to to MAPB.

They do not sell these rare substances, of course, but I’d still like to show you that some of which we had long forgotten about arestill available in decent quality.

Free Samples Unboxing Video. Music in the background: Blur – St. Charles Square (2023)

Frank ships to Europe and the UK. This vendor is remarkably quick and flexible and brand new which means he is still under the radarar. No hassle to expect with whichever mail carrier or express courier.

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This new vendor will not be added to the lists yet.

We can share our experiences with new vendors in the forum now (subscribers only), to discuss product and service quality. We will make happen what Reddit and the dirty rest does not seem to care about: We will share Authentic Reviews with photos and videos because no pic means it never happened…

Happy days! 🙂

Akne Kid Joe – Give Never Up a Fight (2019)

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25 responses to “A new EU Vendor welcomes you with a 50% Discount on A-PiHP, 2-FDCK, 1P-LSD, Flunitrazolam and everything.”

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  1. Anyone had the opportunity to analyze or test somehow the Methylone. I read Rene’s comment about being closer to mapb than the old material, but I’d be curious to know better.

  2. Congratulations Rene going build am entire community of like minded people who can come together and not feel so alone in the world

  3. Hello! It is possible get free sample a-vpv?
    And how to make ordrers to you?

    1. The a-pvp is very unlikely to be actual a-pvp. It’s just the label saying it would be…

      Send them an email if the web shop is missing compounds.

    2. Its most likely a-pvt.

      A-pvp you can get from duch.gold but they have a large minimum quantity from 10g 🙁

  4. I don’t mind supporting RC-Scene but it’s a bit disappointing that several days ago I registered, payed the subscription and got no access nor answer to my questions. I’m pretty sure this is some kind of issue with emails so I hope this could be a good way to point Rene’s attention to this.

    1. Hi Morgana,

      The bottleneck is me. I cannot automatically have finalize orders and whenever I am completely offline because out of order (which had been the case for ten weeks this year already) I have no backup updating accounts. Sorry for that.

      To compensate for the delay, your forum access will be prolonged to two or more years. Maybe for eternity. I hope that helps.

      As of now (Monday, 13th) all subscribtion orders have been completed unless the paymet didn’t make it. In case of issues, please use the subscribers-only contact form to hit me up on my mobile. It will take a while before I will have checked all regular emails.

      Sorry again.

      1. No problem and sorry for being dragged a bit. Just unuseful frustration. Anything I may help with I’ll be more than happy to help with some free hours a week I have available.

        Take care man.
        All my good vibes to you.


        1. Thank you.

          If you discovered a new vendor worth mentioning or ypu received an especially good or a sad bunk batch sample you could open a topic in the forum and warn against or recommend these samples. Ideally, with a photo attached.

          Especially with chem-cloud I received dozens of complaints and photos of the bunk batches users had received but I never found the time to share that information, With the forum, everyone may immediately opena new thread and upload a photo or video especially to warn others.

          If you would like to do a shop review, please send an email. Some vendors might offer discounted samples. I will do the online part, means compiling the blog post, but receiving words and photos would mean great help.

          If you think something is missing, something that other forums/sites cannot do becasue they are corrupted, a feature you would enjoy, please send an email. I will get back to you asap..

          THANKS :))

  5. Why are some of the products shown in the pictures not available in his shop? I dont mind supporting RC-Scene. You guys have been helpful but this is kind of dissapointing.

    1. Because the video already shows them all. In HD resolution.

    2. Research-ChemicalNL Avatar


      Some products you have so send a mail or add the telegram.


      1. How can i add you in telegram?

  6. Gallery (photos) and unboxing video addded. It shows regular produtcs but also rare products like A-PVP, Pentedrone, and Methylone ;- )

    You may discuss this new vendor in the forum now, I want AUTHENTIC REVIEWS with photos or short video clips. Everything else is fake reviews and shilling as we all know.


    PS: The two discount coupons really pay off: 10 Grams of acceptable A-PihP powder is only 60 Euros!

    1. Hi, hi, when chem.com and gr8 closed I struggled before buying from other serious suppliers, it was while searching on the internet that I came across your RC scene site, I was reading the comments accessible without being a subscriber , at one point you are talking about TRRC, the next day I made an order for 150 balls to see, incredible I said to myself, two days later, ups delivered my package, with chem or gr8 I waited 7 days sometimes 15 days by paying full insurance but I have always been delivered, I’m going to try this new provider, we’ll see, I don’t like bitcoins, it’s too suspicious, but if there are discounts why not, anyway my bank told me that even cryptocurrency makes it possible to identify buyers and sellers, in short, I will come back to give you news. ps: rené is french right?

      1. Hi,

        René is a French name, yes; I don’t speak the language, though.

        I am sorry I need to ask for subscriptions, but I cannot justify spending so much time and money on services that create a loss. RC SCENE is not a simple list, it has grown to an extend where I cannot even find the time to read all incoming emails. RC SCENE is the only site of its kind. I f you like it I ask you to help me with the site, if you find better alternatives, then I will have to archive it (make it read-only). The vast majority of content will remain free for all anyways.

        Bitcoin is not that suspicious. XMR are is considered sketchy in Europe and might cause you issues if you deal with it. No serious exchange offers to trade XMR. Bitcoin is anonymous but in case you’d get investigated, it might be possible to trace the way the coins took. BTC transactions are fast (~ 1hour to anywhere in the world) but their price is very volatile, it could drop by 60% over night.

        Have a happy day!

    2. Hey Im curious about you comparing the M1 to MAPB. You say the M1 is more like MAPB, what MAPB? And how can M1 be more like MAPB? It’s M1 or its not M1. So my question is, did a lab test proof it to be M1 or is it likely another substance? Looks a lot like the 3-MMA I have which should have similar effects.

      1. M1 used to be whitish, have a decent smell and taste, was a stimulant and fun, and its effects came in waves. The comedorwn was harsh, though, you would turn pale, and your nose tip turn cold.
        That was maybe ~ 2008.

        Later Methylone became an SSRI bomb, it made me sleepy and, worst of all, produced halliinogenoc effetcs. It hadbecome similar to 6-APB.

        Current MAPB is like 6-APB. They already manufacture and test an improved version. Hopefully one, that can compete with Predator’s former off-white 5-MAPB. https://rc-scene.com/2023/5m/

        No, it’s not as simple to say something was M1 or not. Substance testing involves a lot of voodoo and and assumptions. You cannot just send something in for testing and have a professional lab chemist determine the substance and sign with his name.

        Exactly. there is LL 3-MMA and Predator 3-MMA on the market. Both seem different things.

        1. You can just send the substance to a lab and get them to identify what substance it is and in some cases even the purity of that substance. Yes it wont always be 100% conclusive but thats far from “voodoo and assumptions”. Anyway, I will have this tested by a professional lab.

          M1 has certain EC50 values and that is that. I will have this send off to the lab because an M1 that feels like 5 or 6 MAPB can not just be M1. Thats technically impossible when comparing the same amount. That would mean its cut with something else or that its just something else completely.

          1. I was told that identifying substances for a court case could cost thousands of Euros and take a while. Some Drugsdata Chemists keep diary (blogs) and sometimes entertainingly describe how they only by coincidence and after trying for weeks managed to identify a formerly unknown substance.

            I think science always starts with having a problem and assumptions. And that experience is a strong factor here. There is no voodoo, of course.

            I am not a chemist; I used to think you would just x-ray a substance and have its DNA or formula. That does not seem to be the case. Only if a a sample is equal to a reference sample, this would work, I guess.

            That I still remember a substance dating back many years ago does not necessarily mean I had actual M1 that time. Maybe, that not disclosing formulas malpractice had always been a thing, we just didn’t know and the warners industry didn’t care because they think their job was warning to get pure MDMA and avoid M1.

            I am already cusrious what the lab test will show.
            Just in case: I tried to compile a list of substance testing units in Europe and North America here, and some accept samples via mail and won’t charge you money: https://rc-scene.com/#library

            Happy days!

            1. For court cases they dont juch check what it contains, but also the amounts/ percentages. Normal gc/ms detections are cheap

            2. I wanted to report a vendor for offering mislabeled substances. That would have cost a fortune and I had to give up on the idea.

    3. I cant open https://rc-scene.com/forum/forum/new-vendors-any-ecperiences/
      Its showing “you cant access this area”

      1. Hi Marco,

        I had been without internet access for a couple of weeks and could not finalize subscriptions. Meanwhile, all orders have been completed and you should be able to see the whoole forum (which is still a construction site, I am sorry.) I hope you will be happy to hear that your full forum access will be prolonged to two or more years to compensate for the delay.

        I am still working on the switch from the previous subscricption feature to the new one, as explained in you welcome mail.

        We habve volunteers moderating the Telegram group, but I remain the only site editor. I had to take a break for almost five weeks but am slowly recovering, Expect things up and running soon.

        As a subscriber you can always hit me up via the subscribers-only form respectively the email contact mentioned in you welcome email.

        Thank you for your much valued support!+

        Kind regards,