A-PHP (FX Chem Labs) in 2023

A-PHP Research Chemicals Powder im 2023
A-PHP sample photo, 2023, samples kompliance

I had not heard from FX in quite a while and was more than surprised that it was Terry having a technical question:  He wanted to become a subscriber but somehow ran into an issue and was hoping I could assist with a workaround.

Well, I couldn’t help him then. Credit Card issuing banks do not seem to be fans of RC SCENE, and I could not even subscribe myself for the longest time. I do not expect you to contact your banks over declined payments. I will have that issue fixed soon anyway, and we will have PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit Cards and maybe some fancy options like Apple Cash.

A website is never done; work is always waiting to steal your weekends. Terry had also been busy lately, as usual. FX Chem Labs and OldSchoolRC split and are operated by dedicated teams now. FX remains British Tourists, and OldschoolRC has become a joint venture with a third country involved. Their legendary store for enthusiasts with unusual hobbies also received an update lately. Last week, Terry finally announced going on holiday: Veni, Vidi, Vici, CU soon, suckers.

Unboxing Video

The test order arrived in time and the products left quite an impression :

How is the product, is still worth the price? (Premium*)

In a nutshell (Premium*)

Access to exclusive content, a fun newsletter with goodies to win and a priority contact form. Subscribers get it all. Thank you for sticking with RC SCENE!

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What else needs to be said

I have proven that many vendors remain reliable for years and have no reason to leave us sad by exit scamming. Selectively scamming is what idiots do. Even bigger idiots tip vendors for selling them overpriced products. The most elaborate idiots would order with scammers over and over again. But that’s them, we are in RC SCENE land.

We care. Welll, at least most of us seem to still have faith in humanity,

Some of you would chew up your grandmother to get change for a quick hit. Some of you try to blackmail vendors and even me. Some try to scam vendors by claiming their orders would not have arrived. There is no place for you here. RC SCENE land is full. Look around; it’s packed in here. Go find another place.

I knew that Ryan and Terry had been doing their thing for years. I sure had noticed their struggle with delivery success latetly. My test order didn’t make it either. A friend lost two larger orders. I never put them in the scammers category because I think they are decent people. Yet I told you not to order with them until they managwed to resolve that issue.

When Terry asked me to promote his leftovers of A-PHP, some of you sent me emails so concerning I was close to believing your silly exit scam theories myself.

The test order arrived, of course, within 30 days. I felt stupid. Of course, they had shipped it. They always do.

In a nutshell (Premium*)

Access to exclusive content, a fun newsletter with goodies to win and a priority contact form. Subscribers get it all. Thank you for sticking with RC SCENE!

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These are excerpts of complaints and wild theories  you provided me via email or posted in forums:

  • Collin: Fxchemlabs im pretty sure has gone rouge now! I think someway they’ve been able to hack into USPS Postal Service. Tracking number seem legit tracks it all the way to the door then all of a sudden it’s back at the post office back to states away then back at the post office for delivery. This is happened in the last three times I’ve got from them although this time they said they were going to resend it and I didn’t pay anything. I think they’re just trying to scam me so I send more money. They have been good for years. I don’t know what’s going on now. Beware they’re able to create legitimate tracking numbers somehow but the last three packages track all the way to the door then all of a sudden they’re back somewhere else.

    Five hours later: I stand corrected. Everything came through as promised, so maybe there’s issues with the tracking FX chemlabs was a winner today
  • Chris: Yea I think something is up again because my last 4 packs was a rip off

    Everything came throug, so maybe there’s issues with the tracking
  • Jamie: I have contacted them. I have forwarded the emails onto you. They replied to my first email telling me they have sent it but never bothered replying to my second email. Scammers, especially judging by the comments made by some other people in various countries.
  • Kevin: I wanted to report a scam by FxChemlab.  I made a 800 euro order of clonazolam blotters and only received 300 euros worth.  The package included a hand written note that said “900 sent 1300 on the way.

…my job is no fun, I tell you that.

Kim Larsen & Kjukken – This Is My Life (Gasolin’e’ cover live ar (Smukfest, 2018)

All the samples were sourced with FX Chem Labs

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  1. What an awesome service. Thanks so much!!!!

  2. Réne I’m send Bitcoin to

    chemcloud.nl ,and nothing

    Exit scam _RC people

    Save not scam

    Forever RC Scene

  3. Yes but they never send free sample to test to clients. WHY?

    1. Didn’t received any sample yet too. Stopped waiting. Stopped checking the mail box.

  4. I had been happy with FX but now I’m at a loss for words. I had to cancel the order in October of last year. The day I did it and paid for it I sent the email saying it was canceled and the transaction ID number. Generally, after a few days they fix it and it’s corrected and they send the email it was completed. I did not get this so I emailed again and again I sent to three different emails since they kept changing and working on things. Made other orders put notes in those comments. It wasn’t until May of this year. Terry got back to me, verified my transaction ID and said my emails were going to spam, apologized and then said if I gave him an address, he would send it immediately. So I did and I heard nothing back. So I asked for confirmation or if it had been shipped or if I could use the tracked shipping and then they started the door-to-door shipping and I placed another order and put another note. It wasn’t until now, terry’s gone and they have ANOTHER email, so I send the same information to them and I got an email back from “the boss” telling me he isn’t doing anything with it, insulted me, and literally said no. He said, “October was a lifetime ago make sure i tell people that when i moan about this online!!!” I know it is and I’ve been trying since then to get what I paid for. Not to mention terry verifying everything in may but he won’t even look at that. He said I should’ve done my job and I said I have the whole thread showing all my attempts, terrys responses and then lack of, the transaction ID. Everything they need and would ask for. This is not a reship, there are no favors being asked, this is an order that got canceled in their system that I paid $2000 for and have not received, this is stealing!! I remember awhile back, Rene u posted some thing about getting a refund or reship when a company isn’t cooperating or being legit. If you could possibly help me or direct me to that article I’d appreciate it. It’s funny they get my orders and can email them but once i demanded my 100 grams of alpha -php or my money – nothing. The last thing he told me today was he wasn’t reading what I sent and they’re in the bucket… way to do business. I haven’t recouped from this and the fact they are literally just brushing me under the rug is absolutely unacceptable and makes me think the rumors that they’re not actually shipping everything or they’re working with the feds, possibly closing up shop like cool ChemS did may actually be a real thing. I don’t really care. I just wanted what I paid for and that is owed to me. I didn’t ask for anything more, and I have spent thousands of dollars and Reffered other people to their site for the last 3 years and this is what they decided the proper thing to do with my canceled order. Even though they know they’ve had issues and can verify everything i say is true. I was happy to finally hear from terry and accepted the spam email error but then to not follow through…. Terrible business practices. I was a subscriber Rene but times have been beyond tough right now but I will say you do an amazing job here. I’ve followed you and you’ve helped me multiple times with the information you provide and I will
    Subscribe again when I get back on my feet. Honestly you deserve more. Just figured you should have this info to go with your current post since it happened today as well.

  5. Great post mate ! How can you say you aren’t influencial ? 😉 You are.

    How was the stuff ? Was it similar to the beige APIHP from TRRC in some ways ?
    I am curious to know. Thanks René !

    1. Kindly sign up with the new “1 Year Premium Membership” plan on https://rc-scene.com/shop. You can pay via CC, PayPal and Bitcoin and some more to see additional content and how the substance performs.

      I think the photos already gives away a hint, this products is special, even if prices are through the roof.

      If you should already be a subscriber, you will receive a discount coupon.

      This is the first article testing the more advanced and flexible new subscription feature. Soon, all subscription methods will use the new system.

      Thank you for your support!

  6. My order of Hexen never showed up but I took a chance and ordered some A-iphp. It never showed up either so I sent a message to Terry and asked how they ever got a Trusted Vendor status on RC Scene. Then he asked for an order # and I found that I screwed up by not using my account when ordering and the Bitcoin payment got lost in the shuffle. Terry sent me some A-iphp to make up for the Hexen and finally found my Bitcoin payment for the second order and shipped it too. Terry went out of his way to get this straightened around. Both packages were packed REALLY carefully so that they got through perfectly. I am going to order again and I’m sure it will get here just fine.

    1. Very weird how 2 customers receive such different responses. I was nice in my formulation when i spoke about 2 lost packages gone missing and was told shit happens.

      1. The problem with their responses I think stem from people taking advantage and scamming them for product they didn’t pay for. I got a not so kind response when I finally was able to reach someone and honestly pissed me off and I was ready to go guns blazing but then I took a minute and emailed again and stated what’s what and while my issue wasn’t resolved 100%, the owner did make an effort to help me with something and make sure things are corrected here on out. Terrys no longer there but I think with their new shipping options and someone staying on top of new orders, the scammers won’t be able to mess shit up for the rest of us who do pay for what we order. I think he probably tried to make things right for people whether it was correct or not. Hopefully it’s on point from now on

  7. Ordered a-PHP twice from FX, a year between the 2 orders. They never arrived, nor did I receive any customs letter. What kind of conclusion would you draw here?

    a-PHP is illegal in my country, but so is a-PiHP and those orders have kept arriving these years so my address isnt flagged or anything.

    1. Terry tzold me he was working on resolving that poor delivery success issue. Oldschool (same shipping agenst) even want to offer additonal shipping options. I lost a pack last year, this year both made it.