A-PHP III (Furious Few)

A-HiP Research Chemical in 2023
Three bags of A-PHP Research Chemical analogue (on an art print by Furious Few) in 2023

A-PHP is an amphetamine of the Cathinone (β-keto-amphetamine) class. Cathinone naturally occurs as in the Khat plant. People would chew its leaves and usually experience stimulation and antidepressant effects because it acts as a dopamine releaser and as a serotonin reuptake-inhibitor in your brain.

It basically causes a higher concentration of dopamine and serotonin in your body and makes you think you were wide awake, horny, happy, tired, and dizzy all at the same time. Similar to caffeine, maybe, but usually less intense and longer-lasting.

Many shades of Cathinone

Mephedrone (Methcathinone), Methylone (bk-MDMA), Eutylone, NEP (Pentedrone), 2-MMC, and so on, I consider classic examples of synthetic drugs of the Cathinone family.

A-PHP, MDPV, MDPEP, MDPHP, A-PCyP, A-PHiP, A-PVP, and so on are Pyrovalerones and I believe that these are a thing of their own even if within the Cathinone family. They are very effective stimulants of which some make my heartbeat speed away in its own absurdly fast race, and, yet, they make me feel numb, as if they were filling a kind of emptiness inside my head. Filling the void inside my head is a mammoth task that most of the classic Cathinones are not capable of. 4F-MPH and Pyrovalerones I find more interesting.

I liked this new A-PHP better than ever

Alpha-PHP (PV-7) used to be a yellowish powder, active at 5 milligrams already, stimulating and euphoric, and, unfortunately, very moreish because these effects were very short-lived. If you felt wide awake for fifteen minutes, before the effects would wear off and leave you tired, you were likely to take another hit. Some even used to smoke the substance, although that felt extremely toxic with even shorter-lasting effects.

The A-PHP in the photos is off-white. It is an analogue of A-PHP which had been recommended for worldwide scheduling already in 2020. Never mind, here is why I think this new A-PHP is better than ever:

  • Active in tiny amounts and effects last for a few hours
  • No unpleasant smell which means you will still start sweating but at least not smell funnily
  • Increases your libido like hell, however, this effect wears off after a few days. I think you can get used to it. I edit this article without any urge to maybe switch over to YouPorn whatsoever. 
  • Doesn’t leave me a nervous wreck
  • Doesn’t make me tired
  • Cannot be smoked
  • Nobody has called me a “Pyro-head” i weeks!

Two vendors still carry it

The samples in the photos were sourced with Aimimi-Alpha. Aimimi-Alpha is gone, but the new Alpha-Outlet shop will still ship this product to a few countries. I recently discovered BOLChemist shop who also offers an A-PHP analogue; They say theirs is a fresh batch from January 2023.





Furious Few

Furious Few – Purity Gone (Recorded Live at the Golden Retriever Studio in Berlin, November 21, 2015)

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