A-PiHP vs. 4F-PiHP

last updated 2023-07-12

4F-PiHP crsystalline and A-PiHP powder rocks
4F-PiHP vs. A-PiHP 2023

In March 2023, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UNO/UNODC CND) made “α-Pyrrolidinoisohexanophenone” (α-PiHP, a-PHiP) a Schedule II means they added the substance to the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971.

The WHO is the United Nations World Health Organization but is not necessarily the world government.

NPS manufacturers do not produce A-PiHP any longer. As a manufacturer, you want to produce vast amounts and not ride a dead horse that could cause legal issues. Asian vendors discontinued a-PiHP in March and came up with 4F-PiHP as a replacement.

Quite a few EU vendors, however, still carry A-PiHP. They will probably do so until they either run out of stock or their local legislation receives an update to be aligned with WHO recommendations.

How do the two substances compare?

I ordered small samples of each with The Real RC and I liked the A-PiHP better.

A-PiHP comes in the form of small off-white rocks and is way more intense.

4F-PiHP comes in the form of fine, almost needle-like crystals. In terms of effects, it seems to be closer related to, e.g., A-PCyP rather than to A-PiHP.

These are all the Pyro-family stimulants, but I found 4F-PiHP almost dull, especially when redosing.

Update: July brought a new beige/tan batch

Since July, TRC are shipping a new A-PiHP recipe product that is not white but rather beige and produces different effects which Lygell describes as harsh, compulsive, and causing cardiac distress. In other words: Not that great. I also think it feels cheap and dirty.

Other Alternatives

OldschoolRC and LongflourishRC both offer 3f-A-PiHP, respectively 3F-PiHP, which is also described to appear as a crystalline powder. Maybe, this is the same compound as 4F-PiHP; I would not know. Maybe you would know? Please consider leaving a comment below; thanks. :- )

Update: T says 3F-a-PiHP sucks, so I guess 3f- and 4f- (a)-PiHP are the same lame thing.    

OldschoolRC also still offer A-PiHP rocks. A-PiHP rocas from Spain used to be fantastic.

A few thoughts about A-PiHP

A-PiHP has come a long way. When it first emerged, it received devastating reviews.

The substance felt oddly mild yet very caustic. I still tried it occasionally and have seen it as whitish or brownish powder flakes and in the form of rocks.

It took the compound a few years before it became a hit. They changed the recipe over and over again. I want to highlight FX Chem Labs’ and Rechemco EU Retail’s A-PiHP recipes which have been the most outstanding ones in my experience.

What is this substance after all?

α-PiHP is a synthetic cathinone and an isomer of the internationally controlled α-PHP. It has typical psychostimulant effects like methamphetamine. α-PiHP can inhibit the uptake of dopamine and norepinephrine significantly more than cocaine, methamphetamine and methcathinone due to having higher binding affinity at DAT and NET transporters.

A-PiHP was first discovered in 2016 and has been involved in 12 hospitalizations since. It was found to usually have been the main reason for the (poisoning) cases, and still, 12 people who need to see a doctor over a substance within seven years all over the planet (it was reported in 28 countries) does not seem a lot to me.

A-PiHP is a recreational drug with abuse and addiction potential, no doubt about that. I still find it interesting that some put so much effort and money into inventing new bans and crimes all the time. Especially when about a drug that does not seem to cause much harm. Thank god, there is peace on earth and the United Nations know how to set priorities.

Kapa Tult – Straßenbahn (2023)

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