Chem-Casino Shop Review

(Tested 3-FPM, DCK, DMXE, and O-PCE)

An unusual Dopek Franchise

The internet domain was registered in 2019, and the shop first appeared in late 2021 as a Dopek forum franchise. I remember Predator liked the new shop template a lot, but I didn’t take a closer look then because I assumed the Casino was basically Predator without the need to register an account.

Turns out I was wrong. While both shops indeed offer a few identical products – for example, Predator and Chem-Casino both sell a relatively mild and whitish 3-MMA variant while the original 3-MMA is brownish and a powerful stimulant – Predator has some exclusive products in stock and Casino offers a greater variety of products, like Dissos, Shrooms, Trip Stoppers, etc. in addition to the Cathinones you would usually expect from Dopek franchises.

When Chem-Casino store manager Dirk offered free samples via Telegram, I asked for 3-FPM, aka 3-Fluorophenmetrazine, a mild stimulant. The batch was advertised as fresh and less caustic (softer on the nostrils) than previous ones. A bunch of vendors – including a German one – a country in which this substance is definitively illegal – sourced and distributed a ton of it, hoping to find idiots buying it as an alternative for the banned 3-MMC.

One more thought on NPS shops operating in Germany: Avoid those nutcases! Authentic-L**, to provide an example, is undoubtedly a mental case endangering and even insulting his customers. That cynical asshole is selling products he is not even able to stock means he sells you mislabeled shit. He is also aggressively promoting XTC and Cocaine “alternatives”, which he cannot find a manufacturer for. These things do not exist, so he started offering banned substances…

Back to Chem-Casino

Dirk sent me remarkably tiny amounts of DCK and O-PCE, and while the DCK was the same old batch (from last year, not fresh anymore) that Predator is also offering these days. The O-PCE, unfortunately, turned out to be basically inactive semi-transparent crystals, just like with TRC’s batch. He added a little more DMXE, and that thing gave me a hard time concentrating, reading and talking; I felt impaired.

Nothing I plan to order again. Dirk told me he would try to find a proper source for O-PCE, so not all hope is lost. 😉 Then again, he is not too fond of trying possibly dangerous NPS, so his quest for the holy grail of proper O-PCE will be a hit-and-miss at best.

The powders and crystals seemed clean and dry and came in as shiny as solid plastic bags.

The vendor ships worldwide, also overseas but cannot guarantee delivery success to exotic countries like the USA.

Thanks to Chem-Casino for the free samples provided.

Sample Photos

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The Orwells – The Consumer (2023)

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  1. Interesting review ! So bad the O-PCE is fake, I got a half gram left in the closet which is powerful AF and I’m not even touching it in dreams (never again, holy grail !). How in the world it is an idea to fake products like this one.
    By the way : The JWH-210 from TRRC is real ! Disolves and works wonders ! At -70% it felt suspect.

    1. Where did you find that O-PCE?

      I used to be a fan of SI’s O-PCE and that one is my reference, that thing I want again. When TRC returned after their arrest, they even offered money for hints to find a supplier and so I learned that TGC Chemicals is a scammer. TGC scammed TRC, this is how desperate vendors are trying to source the proper compound.

      I believe that Predator’s last years’s powder batch was pretty close to that original O-PCE ( but it seems depleted and was replaced by odd crystals recently.

      TRC sellls odd crystals for 70 per gram these days ( Before, they sold PCP/PCE-like substances for
      O-PCE if you asked me, but I had not tested those, could be wrong here.

      PS: Keep in mind that such substances do not seem to stay fresh forever. Once exposed to air/oxygen, most of them lose their magic. Some store compounds in a deep freeze but I do not own such. Some vacuum seal them an put them in the fridge. The combination fridge and baggy definitely does not the trick. Even if in two bags ans Tupperware, the powders seem to get clumpy. Last compound I wanted to stock up was Rechecmo’s A-PiHP and that thing did not like my fridge at all. 😉

      1. Yeah mate !
        Thanks for answering by the way.
        The AiPIHP I got from Planet two years ago didn’t liked my fridge neither, et absorbed humidity and the stench went en everything ! Damnit, Pyros soaked in water are even more hellish than they are already when dry X)
        I also did store every chems in the freezer, thighted in a box and individually in small jars. That was the time when I collected around 50 RCs to use and keep, good times…
        Indeed this is good to take in account but now all my chems are only for collection are friends giveaways so it’s not really important. Still I’m persuaded that the O-PCE I’m talking about is having a full potency even right now, at 0.5mg I was gone last time I checked. It came from RealChems : good prices but free massonic style newsletters indeniably.
        Funny to learn that even vendors themselves get smammed, the biggest shame is that they don’t throw the garbage away : they sell it still ! Especially TRRC I’m sure. Last time I ordered (beggining of November) everything was fine, I got away which an incredible discount -> minus 70% on the JWH.
        They’re discounts sound excessive everytime : -50% and all; how desperate ?!
        I can send you my leftover O-PCE and more with great pleasure : contact me by email 😉

        1. I recently found out about Pyros soaking water myself, you are totally right. They should not be exposed to air or water but I have no vacuum sealing solution at home, either. I stick with smaller orders. I actually trashed that PiHP on which I had spilled a dring by accident.

          Thank you for the tipp regarding the Realchems O-PCE. Realchems are a fantastic vendor but unfortunately cannot ship to my country any longer. If their O-PCE is that good I still want it. I will ask around and maybe reallly get back to you, thanks so much!

          TRC suspended shipping to quite a few countries, some customers fail to bypass their Cloudflare Cloud-Protection IP filter, more and more vendors seem to pop up, and the Netherlands discuss a partial blanket ban. That update would ban whole substance groups. Cyrillo (the Dutch Reddit Mod for the RC sub) recently posted that he does not believe that law will be passed as strict and exhaustive as currently discused, but maybe they are trying to empty their warehouse just in case. Dunno, heard about that proposed law only recently.

          Have a happy day!

          1. Thanks for answering René !
            So I guess you are also residing in France; doesn’t hesitate to contact me, I’m more than ready to give it whole to you plus some other chems we can discuss about by email, you’re welcome !
            Very very interesting informations, didn’t knew that, probably because I fleed reddit months ago. So, damnit, they’re finally trying to do a big blanket ban, it was impendant for sure !
            But the netherland’s governement is so corrupted they MUST have a feet or two inside of the RC drugs market so it’s certains they couldn’t go too far and ban everything, probably just the best ones and they’ll be done : like a ban on NEP, all Amphetamines and even some good dissos like 2FDCK and they will leave only the crap behind (like the times of etizolam and 3MMC and clonazolam) but the newcomers will still buy eventho it’s ship due to them not knowing the good old stuff. Governement could still be making and laundering money anyways on the back of innocent, willing to take drugs to alter they’re consciousness youngsters.

            Otherwise I can connect and bypass as you said the cloudflare protection of TRRC but not Planet nor Casino since nearly a year, it’s certainly a good thing for my overall health.

            So you explained that it is cause of the probable ban that they are doing such incredible discounts, desiering to diminish they’re stocks to the strict minimum and avoid huge losses like the precedent bans did I guess. Smart they are and little lot evil also.
            Finally the JWH is real but it’s garbage effect wise, I would prefer CBD instead 100% !

            Also bougth some Kratom and it is good but laced with a MAO inhibitor (pendulum test and effects confirming multiple times), everything they sell is corrupted, it’s against they’re will in the end, or maybe not, you can’t change a mindset : stole people and transform them into junkies.

            Come forward and contact me by email please ;