Dieses A-PHiP hier

This A.PHiP here






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4 responses to “Dieses A-PHiP hier”

  1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar


    this alpha-PHiP powder à la Rechemco here

    a more than just slightly unpleasant yet typical phip smell that will still haunt you when doing laundry on Thursday.
    still, this substance is somewhat spectacular. even better than fx and trc’s rocks.

    get-rc say 80 x 5 grams left
    rechemco say 900 x 1 and 30 x 10 grams left
    ivolabs says limited stock

    i first thought they this was a marketing thing but with longlourishrc unlisting this maybe is the last.
    first appeared in summer ’22 if i remember correctly

    while phip would usually not make super alert, when I poured a tiny (!) bit into a cup of english breakfast tea, I was so awake, I almost got exhausted from it. I was gonna read the newspapers but couldn’t hold still… taste is terrible, don’t try that at home.

  2. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

    …WHO recommended Alpha-PiHP to be put under international control as a Schedule II in December 2022

    December 2022 – World Health Organization recommends screening seven NPS

    GENEVA, Switzerland – December 2022:

    Since its inception in 2013, UNODC’s NPS Early Warning System regularly provides scientific information to Member States and the World Health Organization (WHO) for the identification of the most harmful, prevalent and persistent NPS, in support of review processes for national and international control. WHO has announced revised control recommendations on psychoactive substances at the 45th session of the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (CEFD) held from 10 to 13 October 2022. In total, the CEFD critically reviewed nine substances, seven of which (four synthetic opioids, two synthetic cathinones, and one synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist) were recommended for control, as noted below, while two benzodiazepines—Adinazolam, bromazolam—and the drug Zopiclone were recommended to be kept under surveillance.

    Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, as amended by the Protocol of 1972 – (List I):


    Ethazene (Ethodesnitazene)

    Ethonitajepine (N-pyrrolidino ethonitanitazene)

    Protonitazene (propoxynitazene)

    Convention on Psychotropic Substances 1971 – (Schedule II):



    3-Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC)





    alpha-PiHP, alpha-Pyrrolidinoisohexanophenone, 4-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)pentan-1-one
    IUPAC name: 4-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)pentan-1-one
    Substance group: Synthetic cathinones
    Effect group: Stimulants
    CAS Number: —




    Annex 1. 45th WHO ECDD summary assessments, findings and
    recommendations, 10–13 October 2022

    Substances to be added to Schedule I of the Single Convention on Narcotic
    Drugs (1961)


    Substance identification

    Alpha-pyrrolidinoisohexanophenone (IUPAC chemical name: 4-Methyl-1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-
    yl)pentan-1-one), also known as alpha-PiHP, is a synthetic cathinone. It has been described as an offwhite solid, a white powder and a crystalline solid.

    WHO review history

    Alpha-PiHP has been under WHO surveillance but has not been formally reviewed by WHO and is
    not currently under international control. Information was brought to the attention of WHO that this
    substance is manufactured clandestinely, poses a risk to public health and has no recognized
    therapeutic use.

    Similarity to known substances and effects on the central nervous system

    Alpha-PiHP is an isomer of alpha-PHP, which is controlled under Schedule II of the Convention on
    Psychotropic Substances of 1971. Laboratory studies suggest that alpha -PiHP can inhibit the uptake
    of dopamine and norepinephrine more potently than substances with known abuse potential,
    including methcathinone, cocaine and methamphetamine. Studies in animals have shown that alpha
    -PiHP is a psychomotor stimulant, with effects comparable to those of cocaine and

    Online self-reports by people who use alpha-PiHP describe stimulant effects similar to those of
    alpha-PVP and alpha-PHP.

    Dependence potential

    No controlled studies of the dependence potential of alpha-PiHP in animals or humans have been
    reported. In view of its actions and effects on the central nervous system, it would be expected to
    produce dependence similarly to other psychostimulants such as methamphetamine.


  3. Daniel COUZI Avatar
    Daniel COUZI

    Wher can I found really 3 mmc

    1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar


      Curious myself, I googled, and I read, and I googled and I read a lot, and I have to say I wouldn’t see anyone anywhere able to offer actual 3-MMC any longer because the substance is illegal and long gone. In fact, it was already hard to acquire before the ban. Production stopped long before the ban. Lizard Labs had a funny hint on one of their sites, saying that 2-MMC won’t disappoint you because you might have been sold it for 3-MMC before. So much for the afterglow… 😉

      Turns out that even in Russia and Belarus, where they say that 4-MMC Mephedrone would still be a huge thing, no, even there, shitty 3-CMC replacement is being sold these days.

      Substances come and go and this one is gone for good I guess. New ones will emerge.

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